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If I ruled the world, and the Feed

If I ruled the world shareholders would get paid before CEOs, more people would ride bicycles because they wanted to not because they were made to, the air and water would be cleaner, corporate profits would be up dollar-wise but down as a percentage of revenues, a single person could actually afford to live alone on minimum wage without having to pack 5 people in a 2-bedroom apartment, and you could actually trust the government to do what was best for the country, not for a small group of already-rich-beyond-counting people. Vote for me!

More links on the cyclist doctor killed in KS. El Dorado doctor killed in bicycle accident Thursday Except that was no “accident” El Dorado optometrist killed when his bike was struck by a car Again, there was no reason for the cyclist to have even had a close call, there was another lane to the left going in the same direction of travel, plus two more lanes for the car to move over. This was a conscious decision of the driver to not move over to pass the cyclist, which makes it either assault with a deadly weapon or murder.

A single-bike wreck in WA. Tacoma businessman and civic leader Steve Albers hurt badly in Mount Rainier bike event AFAIK this was a case of the rider losing control of his bike on a corner and dropping the bike, which makes this wreck easy to avoid by just riding slower. Also, bicycle helmets are of little use in a wreck like this but are about the only thing we have to prevent head injury, so wear one anyway.

Although the article doesn’t come out and state it a cyclist is hit-and-run in GA. Barrow County cyclist injured in crash on rural road I wasn’t able to determine mode of wreck because the article did not admit there had been another vehicle involved, so I can’t say how to avoid this wreck, but it could be prevented with proper infrastructure that physically separates cyclists from fast-moving motor vehicles.

Infrastructure! news from an unlikely source, an online e-bike magazine that I read regularly. Americans with Disabilities Act Revisions Open Bike Paths and Rails-to-Trails to Cyclists with Disabilities Con I just say that this really came out of left field for me (for non-USAian readers, this means “out of nowhere”). I was aware of this provision of the ADA, I just didn’t think it applied to anything except powered wheelchairs.

A study in Oz gets it mostly wrong by asking the wrong questions. Study prompts safety precautions for cyclists You ask the wrong questions you get the wrong answers. The questions in this study pre-suppose that there is nothing that can be done about the actual cause of most serious bicycle injury, the motor vehicle with a driver that fails to see a bicycle and rider. As a result they focus on things like HiViz, lights, and helmets that will have only a temporary impact on crashes if any.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Between errands and meetings, the Feed

I just got home from Qigong class and Quill Questers meeting, and in a few hours I need to go take a class on using and maintaining the Nook for Mrs. the Poet, because while it was bought for her, I’m the one that’s going to get to do all the downloading and other maintenance on it. After that we have the regular game for the RPG group, where my warlock is now up to 3rd level and finally starting to kick some butt.

Up first is an important helmet recall, as there are a bunch of Chinese helmets that don’t even meet the pathetic CPSC standards. Product recall: Bicycle helmets Check to make sure your helmet or your kids’ helmets aren’t part of this recall because these are really, really, ineffective helmets.

Our first wreck links today are 2 links from the Great White North. This is their slow period for cycling, what with the roads being covered in snow and ice (not impossible to ride in but experience and special equipment are needed to do so safely). The first of those links is a report on a man who downed 4 oz. of straight rum and then went driving and hit a cyclist back in 2008 finally getting sentenced for the crime. Impaired driver gets 2 years for injuring cyclist The cyclist is deaf and vision impaired and has been unable to work since the wreck, basically making him retired prematurely (boy do I know how that feels) and because of Canada’s social safety networks will not be uncomfortable, but he would really rather be working and doing the things he used to love, like riding his bike.

Second link is to the second trial to sentence the guy that ran over 5 cyclists riding in the bike lane back in 2009 (AKA the Kanata 5). Crown wants 4-year sentence for driver All of the victims have had diminished quality of life since the wreck, with one having to use a walker to get around and an eyepatch to combat his double vision when he reads. Fortunately for the guilty driver, I am not on the jury that decides his sentence, because I would stick his butt in prison until all of his victims recover from their injuries.

Timeline of a hit-and-run bike wreck in L.A. CA. Scanner Report: Hit-and-Run Incident Reveals Personal Angle [PHOTOS] This was an article Joe Friday would have loved, as it was “just the facts” as they appeared on the street.

As 2012 starts there was a wreck in TX out in the Panhandle (which is about as close to WoaB World HQ as Memphis is). Cycle fatalities uncommon, officials say If you look at the crime scene pictures they have a thin strip of good, non-chip sealed pavement where the bikes were hit as a “bike accommodation” with gnarly, “babyhead” chip seal on either side, plus another lane that cars can use to pass (one way on either side of the freeway) and this was a hit-from-behind wreck. LEO is excusing the driver by claiming the sun was in his eyes.

Another wreck in TX, a solo crash in Ft. Worth. Cardiologist killed in bike crash left a worldwide legacy The coroner’s report indicates the cyclist died of a broken neck sustained in a solo wreck. There is no safety equipment in the world you can wear riding a bicycle that will prevent this kind of injury. There are such devices for motorcycle riders, but they would cause severe overheating if you tried to wear one while riding a bicycle, and they are only minimally effective against cervical injury caused by rotation of the skull in relation to the rest of the neck, so while it might have kept the cyclist alive in this wreck it still would not have prevented either the wreck or the broken neck, it just would have made the broken neck survivable. That is if he didn’t die from heat stroke first.

And there are more links to the lawsuit against NYPD for botching the investigation, and then trying to hide the results, of a hit-and-run bicyclist death. Bike-mowdown kin vs. police and from the WSJ Lawsuit against NYPD in bicycle fatal Umm, yeah. I think the general consensus is as far as bicycles are concerned anything the NYPD does is scuzzy. At best. As was proved in the Dershowitz case, even when they get it right they do so only at the point of a gun, sometimes literally.

And this link from Oz. Injured Dixie cyclist flown to Alfred Another hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid.

And that’s about it. I will have news about the Sam’s Club MS ride in tomorrow’s post, drop in for that.

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