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Happy “We Kicked Out the British” Day, and the Feed

Yeah, not many people seem to remember that what we are celebrating on the Fourth of July is one of the first steps to kicking out the British from the original 13 colonies. Not that I object, seeing as how that led to my nativity in a circumlocutious way, but still, we began as a nation as the product of anti-government violence. Is it any wonder we have cuckoos of similar stripe trying to “run” the government now? Or did I leave an “i” out of that somewhere? ;) So anyway, enjoy your hot dogs (german), apple pie (dutch), and fireworks (chinese), today while you complain about all the “immigrants” and “illegals”. And while this might sound “cynical” I’m just basing this on what I have been reading coming out of Texas and Arizona in the news lately, and a particularly bad incident in California. Let’s just say that there are times that I’m not very proud of my fellow Americans. And that I have been very much in agreement with the bumper sticker that states “I love my country, it’s my government I fear”.

Up first is another link to the travesty in CO. Driver Sentenced In Deadly Hit & Run That Killed Cyclist I’m sorry but a year’s work release is not enough punishment for killing a human being and leaving the corpse like so much litter…

Hit-and-run in NC. Cyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run The narrative is indicative of a hit-from-behind wreck with a law-abiding cyclist, because if there was anything the cyclist could have been found doing illegal it would have been reported by this media outlet. So lights and/or reflectors in use, riding with traffic in the correct lane position, the whole nine yards. Not enough evidence to say that the protocols would have helped, so that only leaves getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent a similar wreck.

Update on a CA wreck. Sad news, as 15-year old Canyon Lake bike rider declared brain dead; 50th SoCal cycling fatality this year I’m still trying to parse the wreck, as it appears the cyclist was blocked from entering a highway after he had reached a speed that he could safely do so, and hit the other vehicle hard enough to trigger the airbags. So, intersection? maybe the protocols would help. Infrastructure “up to Dutch” so that you don’t ride bicycles at highway speeds for motor vehicles to prevent.

Still in CA a wreck that could have happened to anybody, including a cyclist. Clovis driver admits to drinking, but says fatal collision was accident Driver with multiple DUI convictions kills someone while driving drunk (again). There is only one sure way to prevent repeat drunk drivers from killing, and that is to never allow them to own or operate a motor vehicle again. I favor doing this after the third DUI conviction lifetime. I do not think there should be a “shelf life” for DUI convictions that allows them to be discarded after a while. There are other convictions that stay with you for life, DUI must be on that list for people’s safety.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Have a great, safe 4th, looking for a bike riding stickup man, and LiLo crashes Citi Bike — literally

Stupid is as stupid does. Busted!

More about the guy killed riding Alp d’Huez. Daughter’s tribute after cyclist killed in French Alps crash

And this little thing looked like so much fun. Bicycle Therapy Yep, I could use a therapy ride myself. Ahh, the stress relief.

And that appears to be all the links I have today, fits or otherwise (although the “Busted” link was a lot of giggles.

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Slowly getting Francis/es whipped into shape, and the Feed

In case you were wondering Francis/es is the name for the new cargo bike, named for Donald O’Connor’s costar in a series of comedy movies in the ’50s. The is/es is because this bike has not expressed an identifiable gender to which the spelling can be corrected for. So until the bike expresses a preference it gets its name spelled is/es. And yes I’m being silly, a bit, but I spend too much time around people who define their gender differently internally than the world had externally to not be sensitive to the same thing with the bike. Just because it has a step-through frame aka “girl’s bike” does not mean the bike is feminine. It might be, but don’t forget that it also has a quarter-ton load capacity, so roughly me and 300 pounds of stuff. That’s not “girly” or “princess” by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyway getting off the name of the bike, I have been adding things that are needed to make the bike useful on a daily basis, like lights and a computer (a rear fender too, but that looks like it’s coming much later). The computer I bought has one major problem, and that’s a mounting kit that lacks reach. Seriously the mounting kit will mount to the left side of the stem and maybe get as far down the fork of a 700c wheel to get to where the spokes cross on a cross-2 lacing pattern. This is not going to work on the new bike, where the cable has to go down the handlebar steer tube, at least a foot and a half if not 2 feet, under the cargo box which is a shade over 2 feet again, back up the frame to the fork steer tube so at least a foot more, then down the fork for another foot of cable. The distance is slightly shorter to the rear wheel, but not by much. Maybe only 4 feet to the rear wheel instead of 6 to the front wheel. The cable on the mounting kit that comes with the computer would make it about halfway down the handlebar steer tube. So either I need to find a rear wheel mounting kit for this computer (Cateye Velo 7) or spend more money on another computer.

Up first is not a bike wreck, but almost was (moped instead of a pedal bike), just a long day’s ride south of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. 2 Dead After Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Into SXSW Crowd [Updated] and Car Crashes Into SXSW Crowd In Austin; 2 Fatalities Reported OK the updated report says one of the deceased was riding a bicycle, so now it is a bike wreck. No earthly clue how to avoid this and the infrastructure was clearly marked as non-car with reflective barriers and everything, so that didn’t help either.

Another DWI brings a rarer than hen’s teeth murder charge in NYC. Murder Charge For Suspected DWI Driver Who Killed M14 Bus Driver

Bike on bike insanity in CA. Seriously, don’t be a two-wheeled Jerry Browning jerk, and your Morning Links And a lot of decent links to be found there.

Crazy drivers driving crazy in Bermuda. These drivers don’t care about life

First of several infrastructure links from CA, is the SF transportation department spending more money on office supplies than bicycle infrastructure? Is the MTA Spending More on Post-Its Than Bike Projects?

A problem that is especially bad for cyclists but crosses all modes of road users gets significant attention in CA. Bill Suspending Hit-and-Run Drivers’ Licenses Passes Assembly Committee Left off that headline is the word “unanimously”. As I wrote, everybody is a potential victim of a hit-and-run driver.

Navigating the legal infrastructure in OR for recovering your losses when your bike is damaged or totaled, in two parts. Get legal with Ray Thomas: How to fight for your property damage claim (Part 1) and Get legal with Ray Thomas: How to fight for your property damage claim (Part 2)

Another “fun” time in OR. Bicycle that tumbled off car and fell onto Interstate 5 spurs $49,000 suit That settles it, next time I put my bike on a bike rack I’m using extra tiedowns.

A national Infrastructure! story. State DOTs Let Roads Fall Apart While Splurging on Highway Expansion You can’t have any more roads until you take care of the ones you already have…

More infrastructure from NYC in this last link. Hoylman: State could be roadblock to safer streets The Lege won’t allow automated camera enforcement, and there just aren’t enough cops to protect the streets without interfering with the important job of doing stop and frisk on brown people… :P

And those are the links I found today that gave me fits, that were transportation related. Transportation safety is not a bicycles-vs-cars thing, it’s a human rights thing, the right to travel freely and safely.

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I’m back from my peregrinations, and the Feed

The headline is just a fancy way of saying “trip over”, but the trip did feel like a 1 day marathon travel session. My business took about 0:40 to 0:45 total today, but I left home at 11:12 and did not return until 17:22. The time not spent conducting business was either walking to a bus stop, standing waiting at a bus stop, sitting waiting at a train station, or riding a bus or a train. And except for the one train I missed by a few minutes in Downtown Dallas which required waiting 20 minutes for the next train in that direction I did not spend a whole lot of time waiting to make transfers. All other transfers took 10 minutes or less. And I still have to go back to both places to get the stuff they did not have in stock at some later date. And beyond all that now my feet hurt, and so do my back and neck. When I build my car I’m going to make doggone sure the damn seat FITS me so I don’t get the shoulder support hitting about 6-8″ below my shoulders and no support above that as I’m trying to keep everything balanced… That’s a big reason why I have neck and shoulder pain on these trips.

Ted Rogers got it right this morning. Morning links: More ghost bikes needed, watch out for drowsy drivers and a call for historical women on bikes If you see a driver who looks like he or she might be nodding off this week the recent switch to daylight savings time might have something to do with it. And the concept that there are so many cyclists getting killed that the raw materials for ghost bikes are getting scarce from too many needing to be built at the same time is about as horrifying as it gets.

Still in CA a cyclist apparently either did not see the red light, or they had some kind of massive brain fade that made them disregard it. Cyclist Killed After Running Red Light and Update: Red-light running cyclist killed in Glendale collision Sunday morning All I can say about this one is to have that first cup of coffee before you leave the house, and don’t start your ride until you feel it kick in, so you can PAY ATTENTION to what the infrastructure is telling you and you don’t run reds.

In CO it has been revealed that doing cocaine for 2 days solid and then driving to the sentencing hearing on your DUI conviction might not be a particularly wise thing to do. More charges after cyclist killed in W. Colorado I think the problem may have been more related to the lack of sleep causing brain fog and fuzz than the actual cocaine intoxication as stimulants are supposedly good for staying alert, but after a while there’s “awake” and then there’s “functioning” when it comes to using stimulants instead of sleeping. In my experience the cutoff point is 36 hours without sleep, and that was when I was 19. As I got older that cutoff point has creeped shorter.

A hit-from-behind wreck in RI. Warwick bicyclist seriously injured after being hit by car I’m still boggled that of all the vehicles that you can hit from behind a bicycle is the only one that is as much at fault as the motor vehicle that hits him or her. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And it’s a small state, why such a big hurry? I mean even the MS 150 does a longest axis ride and still winds up in MA after less than 75 miles, and Wikipedia says doing the longest axis ride and back isn’t even a century ride (close, at 96 miles total round trip).

Last wreck link is from the UK where a cyclist with no brakes almost got hit once and then did get hit by the next car. Driver Malcolm Moaby not to blame for crash which killed Chatham man Leon Edwards in Gravesend Road, Shorne The bike was missing a brake block but nothing on if the holder was on the bike or if it was one of the cheapy kind that puts a bolt inside the mold when the block is molded and the block and everything gets tossed when it wears out, they sometimes fall off the bike when not tightened properly Better quality blocks have a separate holder that the brake block slides into, and installing them backwards or upside down can cause the block to slide out in a few days to weeks if the locking pin gets left out. Don’t ask me how I found that out.

We’re going to stay in Jolly Olde for our first Infrastructure! link. Council sued over cyclist death They had five weeks at least to fix this hole after being notified by police that the hole presented a danger, and a week after the cyclist died the hole was still not fixed. I think barring criminal prosecution the best that can be done is to sue those responsible personally for most of what they have.

Moving all the way from Jolly Olde to 3 day’s ride from WoaB. Ellis, Payne: Roads need room for cyclists and pedestrians and Cyclists are being killed with disturbing regularity If our streets and roads were as dangerous for the people using cars as they make it for those of us that don’t, only the criminally insane would buy cars.

A faint glimmer of hope for the former most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. In legislative session, make the cross-Florida bike trail a reality Oh pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pretty please… Don’t veto this tiny scrap of real bicycle infrastructure.

And a nationwide bodyblow to the rails-to-trails movement. Supreme Court ruling delivers a major blow to bike paths

Not the kind of wreck that anyone can avoid, I’m just glad this trained person was first on scene when it happened. Manatee deputy honored for helping save bicyclist hit by golf ball The cyclist had a brain injury and a broken hip from the incident.

Last link, finally a e-assist bike priced on costs to manufacture, not on “what the market will bear”. B’Twin launch £420 e-bike Start with a sturdy but cheap-to-build regular bike then install a small hub motor and ancillaries to power it but not over-power it and voila cheap e-assist bike.

And those were all the links about bicycles I could find after I got home.

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Flash ads are a plague and a pestilence on the Internet, and the Feed

I’m working here and I’m having to type slowly because there are so many Flash ads in the tabs open in the search window that my normally zippy computer has become a tortoise. Sometimes if I don’t wait for the on-screen action to catch up to what I’m currently doing, keystrokes get lost in the transition and I have to go back and re-type, and re-typing seldom turns out as well as the original thought. Even if the original thought was a run-on sentence. Those I can fix in post, usually with a little judicious application of punctuation. Recovering the original thought and re-typing is next to impossible given my brain damage. And I have to go back and recover my thoughts because of excessive flash ads miring my computer in overhead. This is why I consider then to be a plague and a pestilence.

Opening today’s news is some sad but not really sad news from MS. Mississippi man responsible for the 2009 death of a Dutch cyclist dies in federal prison The sad thing is he died in prison, the not-really-sad part is he died from natural causes, not from a brutal prison yard beating. Unlike the person he murdered he died a peaceful natural death.

A cyclist in CA is dragged by a pickup truck. 70-year-old bicyclist struck by pickup truck in Whittier The cyclist was thought to have been riding salmon which means the driver was driving in one direction while looking in another. The usual school of thought is riding with the flow of traffic will avoid these kinds of wreck, as if not looking where you are guiding a ton-and-a-half or more of lethal weapon is OK to do. But until LEO start charging drivers in cases like this that’s really the best advice. Infrastructure to get cyclists away from idiot drivers to prevent. And that is only if the cyclist was riding salmon in the road, if he was hit riding on the sidewalk this was entirely the driver’s fault for failing to yield to traffic on the sidewalk.

A plethora of links from BikingInLA. Morning Links: Killer Chula Vista driver had multiple priors, faces up to 15 years; and not so fast on Olin case I’m always “WTF were they thinking?” when I read about an impaired driver with multiple previous convictions killing a cyclist…

NYPD almost gets it right. Crackdown On Drivers Not Yielding To Pedestrians Means Lots Of Tickets In Park Slope Sixty-one tickets in 2 months is a crackdown? That’s what they should be doing all the time! Actually about twice that, since that is exactly the way most pedestrians die in NYC.

More on the cyclist clotheslined in the UK. Cyclist injured after hitting rope strung across cycle path in Merseyside and Cyclist could have been killed after yobs stretch rope neck-height across path I hope the perps they caught are charged with acts of terror and sabotage, because that’s what setting a mantrap across a cyclepath is. Reading the updated link I find that this is so, preliminary charges do fall under the UK anti-terror statute.

Still in the UK more on the cyclist killed by getting thrown off his bike in front of a car after hitting a pothole. Wife of cyclist killed by pothole criticises council and Coroner: “No doubt” that pothole caused crash that killed cyclist 10 cm is a pretty deep pothole and could have been fatal depending on the shape of the edge. The description of the location makes it sound very likely the edge is extremely steep and abrupt.

I see this as the foundation for an epic cargo bike. Fat little kids’ bike from Wal*Mart I have built many bikes based on Mongoose hubs from a Wally World bike, the hubs are nearly indestructible after a rebuild to get rid of the crappy bearings. The price is right as I can normally pick up Wally World bikes from the curb on trash day because the owners did not know how to change a flat, or discovered that it was cheaper to buy a new crappy bike than to replace worn-out tires and a bad chain.

This e-assist bike shows the benefits of pedalec control over throttle-demand control. 2014 A2B Alva+ Electric Bicycle Test Ride And Review: Charge Ahead Max speed with throttle only, a hair over 15 MPH, max speed with pedalec control, 30 MPH (on the same road?). Human and electric combined is really the best way to go. My best experimental results with e-assist used a motor connected to the cranks and required the rider to pedal to get assist.

Infrastructure news as we have a slight slowdown in killing pedestrians. Pedestrian Deaths Edge Down, Following Unexplained 3-Year Rise I don’t know if they are thinking to correlate VMT to pedestrian deaths (not in actual numbers but trends, when VMT trends up do pedestrian deaths trend up also, and was there a decrease in VMT, or a flattening in VMT growth to accompany the down trend in pedestrian deaths.

More infrastructure news from OR as changes made to the driver’s license tests begin to promulgate to the hinterlands. Oregon’s bike-friendly driving test at work The big problem with changing laws and testing new drivers is all the old drivers that never get tested after they get their license at 16 no matter how old they are.

A blip about a possible bike share down the road from WoaB? Bike Sharing Coming to Dallas Apparently the light rail is too expensive ($5/day) for quick trips and something cheaper that also allows more stops to shop along the way would be better.

And I normally never cover races but this is just amazing, race or not. Iditarod Invitational cyclist rides fat-tired bike to mind-boggling race record He would have finished mid-pack with the dog sleds had they been running together? 100 miles a day +/- on a MTB for more than 10 days? That’s freaking amazing.

Ever have one of those days when riding a bicycle? Now you can share the joy (nsfw but who gives a rat’s…) FUCK OFF, IT’S MY LANE TOO The most visible colors are the lemon yellow and the gold.

Last link is to a cute reminder that operating a motor vehicle is probably the most dangerous thing you do all day outside of EOD. Friday Afternoon Cartoon: T-Rex Nails It on Auto-Centric Urban Design I’m not going to say Ryan North is a genius, just that he’s insightful.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today…

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I feel better now, and the Feed

A little time off away from the mayhem and gore has been quite rejuvenating. I still think I need to change focus here in the blog, but I can move that date back a bit from when I was planning for last week, on Valentine’s Day, to probably some time next year. Seriously folks, I have been doing the wreck coverage and analysis since late 2006, it is long past time for me to move on to other subjects. But Not Right Now.

Up first is an update on a TX wreck that didn’t make any sense when I first read about it, and makes even less sense now. Family seeking answers in bicycle death The location of the impact, the path of the weapon vehicle, the location of the impact on the weapon vehicle, none of that makes sense in any way shape or form except as a deliberate act of aggression against the cyclist.

Still in TX we have a hit-from-behind wreck behind a paywall. Rosharon cyclist killed Just from what little escaped redaction from the paywall this looks like a blind driver placing blame for his blindness on the cyclist he didn’t see, what with the “dark road” and the “Huffy bicycle”.

Still getting lots of links to the “good cyclist” killed in MN. Mourning bicyclist killed in Minneapolis and Minneapolis man charged with vehicular homicide in cyclist’s death also How a “safe” cyclist can still end up dead last link Memorial Bike Ride Honors Cyclist Killed in Uptown Accident I find some of these articles I have been reading and linking to this past week as offensive as describing a rape victim as “modestly dressed”, as if only “modestly dressed” women deserve not to be raped. Conversely, all cyclists deserve to not get hit riding on the roads no matter if they are out training, or commuting to work, or hauling stuff home from the grocery. The issue in this wreck was the driver that was more than 3 times the legal limit for BAC%, 0.27% on a legal limit of 0.08%. Not that the cyclist had a helmet on, or not.

A CO driver is charged in the hit-and-run death of a cyclist. Fort Collins woman arrested on suspicion of causing fatal hit-and-run crash with cyclist As much as I hate hit-and-run and DUI, this woman is still considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. She deserves a fair trial and a decent hanging.

A MA cyclist is hit and LEO are sitting very tight on the details of the wreck. Bicyclist hit by vehicle, injured in Amherst Seriously tight, as in the wreck was as the cyclist was crossing an intersection and LEO are not even saying what road she was using, much less things like direction… As of right now it’s “commie bicycle” and “redneck pickup truck” in a death match :P

Why is this not being investigated as a homicide/murder? Bail set at $25k for Keene woman charged in friend’s hit-and-run death She LIVED WITH THE VICTIM! Hello? She was familiar with his route, bicycle, and kind of clothes because she LIVED AND WORKED WITH THE VICTIM! I don’t know if this was his route home but at any rate a good portion of it would be on the street/highway he lived on. Not knowing the actual site of the wreck I can’t say much about avoiding it, but it looks like a good portion of the route home could have been on segregated infrastructure.

A fatal wreck in CA. Cyclist hit, killed during Tour de Palm Springs and Update: Tour de Palm Springs rider killed in Thermal collision LEO are sitting hard and tight on this wreck, also. Nothing official about the wreck, just stuff from ordinary people on the scene. At this point it is an intersection wreck with a 2-way stop in the cyclist’s direction and a possible “waving through” by a stopped driver and the weapon vehicle striking the cyclist after passing the stopped vehicle.

Also from CA is this report that the accused DUI hit-and-run driver that killed a cyclist was released from one jail only to be put in another. Accused OC DUI hit-and-run driver stays behind bars, and an ever-expanding list of local bike events

Up in the land of Rob Ford, a cyclist is hit but not killed. Cyclist injured in Vaughan hit-and-run, police seeking witnesses The bike was severely crushed in the wreck so I would call it a hit-from-behind even without a LEO report. The snowbanks on the side of the road moot the hit-from-behind protocols because there was no place a human could go on a bicycle except where he got hit, so I place some blame on the existing infrastructure. Getting the infrastructure right would prevent the wreck.

I think the culture is starting to change in Jolly Olde as witnessed by these two links. Racing driver jailed for Lancashire cyclist’s death and Racing driver jailed over cyclist’s death That’s right, nearly 2 years for killing a cyclist. I think perhaps a rising percentage of the judiciary cycling for transportation has crossed a critical mass, or just people whom they know, so that this has a personal resonance for the judges now.

A LEO in Spain is killed while riding his bike. Fuengirola policeman killed in traffic accident Hit-from-behind by an impaired driver, the narrative of the wreck does not appear to allow much time to react to the situation, but get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure news from the UK. Cyclist collision database could save lives & reduce injuries, says medical charity – but it needs funding

I’m not sure how to classify these links other than appalling. Cabbies Keep Driving Despite Their Roles In Fatal Crashes and 95% Of NYC Drivers Avoid Criminal Charges After Fatal Crashes

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Things are “interesting” and the Feed

The Feed was light on links but heavy on the “personal interest” stories. I like those better than the reports of people getting maimed and killed. I almost didn’t need to do my daily web comic crawl to keep my head from exploding.

Up first is someone I haven’t written about for a long time, because he has been in prison. Unconfirmed rumor says Dr. Thompson may be back on the streets soon; LA BAC meets tonight I even made a special tag for him back when he was still in the news on an almost daily basis: TTTWLAMWAMD for The Thing That Walks Like A Man With A Medical Degree. I just could not believe an ER doctor could use a motor vehicle as a weapon when he had to deal with broken bodies from motor vehicles almost daily. As I posted to the article I hope a condition on his release is he never drive again.

A link that brings back bad memories of Chip Seal fighting the neanderthals in Ennis. Delaware Cyclist Ticketed for Riding His Bike Is Arraigned The cyclist was riding in a 9 foot wide car lane that was barely wide enough for a car, much less a bike and a car.

Sad news from the Emerald Isle. Female cyclist dies five days after crash in Kerry

Infrastructure! news. Sheriff releases two-year report on analysis of wrong-way drivers The scary part is they are trying to make the roads Drunk-Proof.

Transit strike? What transit strike, I ride a bike. Bike the strike! Let’s get London to work on two wheels

Comparison of costs of cycling to costs of motoring. My Carfree Story

It seems Anthony Weiner has had an epiphany. Anthony Weiner rides a bicycle This was the guy that just a couple of years ago was calling for the destruction of all bicycle infrastructure in NYC.

A participant in extreme sport says wear your helmet when attempting to defy gravity. THE HELMET ARTICLE

Last link is a fellow blogger with a lot of perspective. A frozen water bottle, a crisis of identity – and why winter cycling keeps winning me back

And those were all the links that I found interesting about bikes today.

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Insert witty, funny, and/or ironic headline here, and the Feed

Yeah, I’m just not feeling “teh funny” today. Also not very ironic or witty either. Mostly what I’m feeling is cold. It got down to 16°F this morning which left Casa de El Poeta a bit on the chilly side as houses here are simply not designed for those kinds of temperatures, simply because we don’t see them that often and they never hang around. Back in the day they might have lasted a few days to a week, but these days we never see more than 2 or 3 days with temperatures that cold all day and rarely do we see them that cold in the mornings more than a couple days in a row. As I have pointed out before this is because The Beautiful Suburbs of Hell are at the fuzzy boundary between a coastal climate and a continental climate giving us some days of mid winter weather and some days of bitter cold winter weather. With Climate Change our summers are more continental than they used to be with longer periods of dry heat, but the coastal mild winters seem to be more the rule now than in the past. The problem is the rapid turnover between the two that we’re getting now as we get a couple days of really warm weather (highs in the 60-70F area) followed by a couple days of cold (lows in the teens-20s) and back to the warm weather again in a seemingly endless cycle.

Up first is more from CA about the bus/cyclist wreck. Foothill Transit bus and cyclist in fatal collision in Pomona I can’t tell which end of the bike took the brunt of the impact, but the condition of the bike does not lend itself to a hit-from-behind wreck scenario. But the impact site was described as being mid-block and there seems to be a substantial up-grade at the scene and the bike does not appear to have multiple gears so the cyclist could have been weaving back and forth trying to fight the grade on what appears to be a BMX bike. Long story short, I can’t figure out what happened here from the little data I have to work from. I would need either a clearer view of the scene, the bike and the bus, or access to the forward-facing camera recording on the bus.

Also from CA, the case of the deadly deputy has gone to the DA’s office. District Attorney’s office to review deputy-involved crash that killed cyclist The main question I want answered is how this guy got hit by the only LA County Sheriffs’ Department Cruiser without a working dash camera. Seriously, how did that happen? And I know the tin-foil hat brigade has been all over this wreck precisely because of that single fact, but just because the tin-foil hat guys are on it doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. And I’m sure a few Angelenos want to know why the tax dollars they gave to the county were not used to equip all the cruisers with dash cams.

Moving WAAAYYYY south to Oz, a cyclist is hit in an unusual wreck in Sydney. Cyclist injured in Sydney CBD after collison with truck Yep, the geometry of this wreck just does not make any sense. There is obvious impact damage to the truck on the driver’s side (for Oz) and slight damage to the front of the bike, and the truck was making a turning movement of some kind. The question is how did the cyclist hit the front of the truck on the driver’s side? And how did the cyclist do that much damage to the front of the truck while doing so little damage to the bike? I mean if you watch the video from the scene the bike has the handlebars twisted to the side and that’s about it, while the whole corner of the windshield is bashed in… OK I think I have it and it doesn’t look good for the truck driver. The cyclist was proceeding through the intersection and taking the lane because of traffic turning left in front of him (remember, ride on the left side of the road in Oz) and the truck driver tried to turn right immediately behind the left turning vehicle. The truck crossed the centerline just as the cyclist came through the intersection at a fairly high rate of knots because of either a down hill run or monster quads on the cyclist or a bit of both. The cyclist’s front wheel was almost past the truck but the handlebars got hit and then the cyclist’s body hit the truck. This happened because the truck driver ignored the presence of the cyclist behind the left turning vehicle when making his turn. When the video started the cyclist was already bare-chested so I don’t know if the cyclist was wearing hi-viz or some other color, not that I think it would have made a particle’s difference. If things are as I surmised then there was nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck as he was well past the point of no return before the truck moved across the centerline. Add his speed to whatever speed the truck was carrying into the intersection and you get a smashed truck windshield and injured cyclist. And if you look close you can see a headlight on the handlebars of the bike, but I don’t know that having that lit would have made any difference.

Still in Oz, a cyclist blown into a guardrail by a passing truck was refused aid by not just one but several people. Injured cyclist’s help cries ignored by passers by “As soon as I hit it I heard my bones break; I knew I was in trouble as I couldn’t breathe,” Ouch! At least in my wreck I don’t remember the sounds of my bones breaking on impact with the weapon vehicle, this has got to be a severe psychological trauma for the victim.

Horrors! as a teenager is hit in Enn Zed. Injured teen cyclist didn’t wear helmet Yes the horror was not that he was hit by a car and seriously injured, but that he was riding without a helmet! Somebody crossed the centerline on this one so they’re blaming the kid without a helmet (because who knows what else he could be capable of if he did that!)

Now to brighter happier stories starting with this bit on turning a 2 car garage into a 12 bike storage area. Short on storage space? Portlander builds her own bike hooks

Want a slow, but comfortable ride? Here’s your bike. ‘Couch bike’ attracts attention online With attractive pink cushions no less.

Political cartoon from Enn Zed that is pretty much universal to Anglophone countries. Cartoon: Two ways to separate cyclists from vehicles

Imagine if cars had the same problems as bicycles… If driving in Britain was like cycling in Britain

The other way to convert a bike to e-assist. 10 Mid Drive Kits for DIY Electric Bikes A little more work to connect the motor to the crank and takes a more complex controller to be 50 state legal in the US compared to hub motors, but when the road slants up it uses much less battery power than a hub motor.

And a good place to use an e-assist like the previous paragraph is commuting in Portland. Surprise! Typical Portland bike commute is shorter than driving

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Grocery day will soon be car-free again at this house, and the Feed

My new bakfiets is getting closer to reality as the new frame was modified so I can swing a leg over the top tube without having to bend my knee too far and still get a rigid enough frame to not fail under load. The top tube is roughly the same height on the seat tube as the cranks and there is a brace that runs from the bottom bracket to the intersection of the top and steer tubes. The flex in the frame has been moved from the top and bottom tubes and where they intersect with the seat and steer tubes to more the middle of the seat and steer tubes. This means more flex without binding the steering, so a little better ride and better fatigue resistance for the frame, a win-win…

Up first, I will be making a personal appearance showing the new bike at the Dallas Autorama on Valentine’s Day Weekend.

From CA we get another cyclist riding around the crossing gates and getting killed. Breaking news: Santa Fe Springs rider killed in collision with Metrolink train Why? It is so easy to avoid this, so why does it keep happening?

From WA a cyclist is hit crossing an Indian Reservation. Bicyclist struck by car, seriously hurt in Tulalip No mode or location as of the posting of this blog. Lots of stupid things in the comments. Really, asking for a $60/year tax on cyclists to use the roads?

A IA driver is convicted of killing a cyclist. Iowa driver who struck, killed cyclist but thought she’d hit deer pleads guilty to traffic violation Kill a cyclist with a motor vehicle and then leave the scene, all you need to do is claim you thought the cyclist with all those lights on the bike was a deer and you get off with only a $500 fine. I had to go to my calendar but it appears from the report the cyclist was on the side of the road for over 24 hours after the wreck before his body was discovered. TANJ! Where was the hit-and-run charge?

Christmas and New Year’s were deadly on the roads of AL. Holiday driving results in 17 dead in Alabama Sixteen were killed inside cars, plus one bicyclist who wasn’t doing anything wrong except to get in front of a bad driver. Note that of the people in cars bad behavior contributed to 12 of the 16 dead (no seat belts).

A NC driver is convicted of killing a cyclist. Man pleads guilty in Durham bicyclist’s hit-and-run death The driver swerved into the cyclist, slowed for a second and then hit the gas to escape. The only person legally using the roads was the guy that got killed as the driver had a revoked license for a prior DUI, but only got 12-24 months in the killing.

In the UK a cyclist is swept off a path by floodwaters. UK weather: Elderly cyclist killed after falling into floodwater Need I remind people that bicycles and floods are a bad mix?

Another link to that cyclist killed in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed in Auckland collision named Still the same thing, intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another article on the turn signal gloves on Kickstarter. Attention Cyclists: This Pair of Gloves Has Turn Signals Built Into Them Once again these would work if drivers actually would look where they are going on the road, but since they don’t a tiny flashing arrow on the back of your palm won’t help much.

Another electric assist bike that’s more style than substance. Derringer Cycles seek funding for vintage-inspired eBike Nice bike, but it looks like pedaling will be less than optimal and that the bike will be used mostly for “styling” instead of being a first choice for transportation, but you never know.

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Still trying to get caught back up, and the Feed

I’m still not caught up with the Feed and my e-mail, and what is worse I have a court date tomorrow morning that will put me even further behind and I really need to mow the grass after all this rain we have had and PERIODS! I need to remember to use periods after completing a thought. Sheesh, you would think I hadn’t written anything since high school with all the “ands”. Periods are much easier than “ands” so why expend more effort than required and at the same time reduce readability?

The court date is for the fence that we had partially disassembled at the order of the city a few years back, turns out they didn’t really want partial disassembly, they wanted it either gone or replaced. Well they should have mentioned something earlier than 4 years later. And they should have specified remove or replace instead of the notices about our fence leaning. What we had standing was a section of chain link that supported our grape vine for many years (back before the Great Crash of 2001) and what amounted to a privacy screen that prevented people on the street from seeing into the back yard. It didn’t do anything about people in the back alley, but the fence never did that even when it was complete.

A wreck a long way from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, but still in-state. Police: Cyclist killed on Price Road Hit-from-behind wreck by a drunk riding a motorcycle, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A salmon cyclist is hit in GA. Man On Bicycle Killed By Drunk Driver Given the reported speed of the weapon vehicle the direction of travel for the cyclist would not have made any difference one way or the other in this wreck, a car moving over 80 MPH is going to be nearly instantly fatal no matter which direction you’re going.

Update on a wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist killed last week identified This kind of wreck is why it’s more dangerous to ride against traffic than with it. Another link Cyclist killed last week identified

A cyclist is injured in a UT wreck where the narrative makes no sense. Cyclist injured after hit by car in Cottonwood Heights The cyclist was truck as he pulled behind some cars waiting at the light, according to the narrative, which makes no sense as there was nothing to cause cars waiting at the light to hang over the active travel lanes of Wasatch where the cyclist at the back of the pack would be exposed. Somebody is making “stuff” up.

A CA cyclist is hit-from-behind. Bicyclist Killed in Forestville Car Accident Identified Another blind driver making the streets dangerous to anyone not driving a car. Use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A road hazard AK cyclists have to deal with that we in the Lower 48 don’t. AK Beat: Another moose shot, killed in Anchorage’s Kincaid Park Nearly as bad as a road-raging cager, only slightly less smart.

A cyclist is murdered (police term, not mine) in the Great White North. Police seize truck connected to cyclist killing Not avoidable by a human cyclist and I don’t think changing the physical infrastructure would do anything to prevent it either. As deliberately pursuing and killing people is already against the law changing the legal infrastructure would not help either.

A wreck that again has some puzzling aspects in the Great White North. Cyclist, 60, seriously injured after being struck by car on Finch Avenue Looking at Google Maps there are several driveways to shopping and dining near where the cyclist was hit that would have required riding in the passing lane to get from the bike lane to the access point for the retail. Since lights and reflectors were not mentioned it can be assumed the cyclist was at a minimum legally equipped, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A really stupid driver in Canuckistan. Driver stops to blame injured cyclist Driver crowding or crossing the center line hits a cyclist head on and demanded he get out of the ditch to remove his bike from under her vehicle, then leaves the cyclist laying in the ditch to drag the bike under her vehicle until she found someone to ask for a hammer to beat the bicycle out from under her vehicle. She gets arrested for DUI and hit-and-run but is on probation from a drug conviction… And it keeps getting better and better.

A cyclist in Oz is killed when a piece of equipment comes unsecured on a passing truck. Woman dies from massive head injuries after being knocked from bicycle in accident with truck I have no idea how anyone could have avoided this wreck or prevented it as the safety catch that was supposed to restrain the stabilizer failed to work properly.

Hit-and-run in Oz. Cyclist injured in what’s believed to be a hit and run Other than the bare facts of the wreck happening I don’t have enough to tell you how to avoid or anything.

Lifestyle in Oz. Lost cyclists rescue Wedgetail eagle and the first-person account THE RIDE OF THE YEAR

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Garfield was psychotic about Mondays, and the Feed

For those wondering about the headline, you are probably unfamiliar with American newspaper comics and I really can’t help you in this space. Google “Garfield I hate Mondays” with the quotes and come back, I’ll wait… Has the cultural illiterate left yet? :P ;) Anyway, as Garfield was a cat and did not work he had no reason to hate any particular day of the week over any other day of the week, hence the psychotic diagnosis. As I wrote in my last post I had a bad weekend, they can’t all be zircons.

Up first when you ride on a highway through a national wildlife refuge in TX during the shutdown, you get a ticket for trespassing. Cyclist gets citation for riding in national park I see this as a potential entrapment charge, no sign and people in civilian clothes telling him the road was closed.

Moving to NYC we get a wreck that drives me crazy even though it isn’t a person on a bike. 2-Year-Old Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver In Queens killed walking in a crosswalk with his mother…

From PA, if someone can’t see something as big as a small car in the road in front of them (with a slow-moving vehicle triangle on it), what chance does a cyclist have? Lancaster County Amish family of 4 treated, released after crash All I have to say is I’m glad I don’t share the road with that driver.

Similar news from AZ. Steller: In Tucson, lives of walkers, cyclists are cheap

An OH wreck where they can’t figure out which way the cyclist was riding… Bicyclist seriously injured in crash and Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Crash I think the reason they can’t tell which way the cyclist was riding is related to the reason they towed the weapon vehicle away from the wreck, the crash was too violent to leave much evidence intact on the bike. I’m going to go with a hit-from-behind wreck as it is most consistent with the limited information I have until they pull up video of the cyclist riding salmon. So protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Still in OH. Police Look for Driver in Cyclist Hit-Skip As a victim of a deliberate assault by a driver, this does not sound like a “loss of control” wreck to me, more like “bicycle rider, 100 points!” Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid if that was even physically possible, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A PA cyclist literally crashed a Columbus Day Parade. Columbus Day parade marcher injured

They haven’t found the driver in this hit-and-run update from AZ. Motorist who dragged AZ bicyclist 108 feet still missing

I’m absolutely positive “bad decisions” are the reason why so many people have been killed in ID by people driving in motor vehicles. A string of ‘bad decisions’ behind run of pedestrians and bicyclists accidents in Boise Except they weren’t “accidents” and the common thread is someone driving a motor vehicle.

A CA wreck involving a cyclist and a deputy hitting head on. Officials: Investigation into fatal crash involving deputy expected to last several months Several months, long enough for the report to fall off the front pages and into the deep round file.

Still looking for the driver in this hit-and-run from Enn Zed. Police renew appeal for help in cyclist’s death Wreck was 4 years ago.

A little good Infrastructure! news from CA. Mike Gatto’s Hit-and-Run Legislation goes to Governor Brown in the Wake of Recent Tragedies This is a bill that benefits every road user, not just us on two wheels. Anyone on the road can be hit-and-run…

Another link to that quarter-million dollar payout for bad infrastructure in Tacoma. Tacoma ordered to pay $242,000 to cyclist I think what won the case for the cyclist was the cones directing traffic around the road defect had been removed so the cyclist though the defect they were directing people around had been repaired. And sovereign immunity does not apply for things government is supposed to be doing… (hmm, suing Congress for not doing their jobs?)

Sometimes you have to tell the cops about the laws, some don’t get the memo. Gina’s Story and “The 3 Foot Law” This is MD infrastructure, but it could be anywhere with a passing law.

Last link, since a big part of the problem with bike shoes is the cleat makes the heel lower than the toes making high-heeled bike shoes would be a no-brainer. Bringing Sexy Back to Biking: High Heeled Cycling Shoes

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