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Bean Day with Mrs. the Poet, and the Feed

This is an unusual day, a Bean Day with the person held responsible for removing the flavor from the food for an entire Junior High looking over my shoulder as I cook. One thing in my favor is the “salt” I’m using is low-sodium and replaces the sodium with a mineral we in the US don’t normally get enough of, potassium. So I can use as much as I think the dish needs. Add to that my beans recipe is naturally low in fat and that the spices I’m using are naturally high in essential trace nutrients and I’m golden. Throw in the other side-benefits from the fact that this dish is a complete protein and meat-free (most of the time) as well as being an excellent source of fiber and low-glycemic carbs (the long-distance kind of carbs that keep you going and going synergistically with your fat storage) and even the assistant manager of a Jr. High cafeteria is happy. And Mrs. the Poet has reminded me that she doesn’t take the flavor out of the food herself any more, that’s minion work. ;) She just tells them what food to take the flavor out of these days. :evil:

There was just so much weird “stuff” out there today that I had a hard time concentrating on “just bike” stories. But I think this report from the UK deserves top billing. Cyclist dies after collision with pedestrian in St Andrews I keep trying to tell people that cyclists are just as vulnerable in collisions with pedestrians as the pedestrians are, and I keep getting told I’m either nuts or lying. Well Aunty Beebe doesn’t tell fibs (other than on 4/1), and this rider died after hitting a pedestrian. As the pedestrian left the scene there isn’t a great deal to go on about this story, a version I can’t link to because of a paywall restriction says local LEO think the collision was in the street meaning the pedestrian was walking in the street at the time of the wreck. But really, this is another reason to “Don’t hit the pedestrians!”

A possibility of real justice in a TN wreck. Charges pending in cyclist’s death Since the 3-foot passing law went into effect in TN there have been many more prosecutions in cases where a cyclist has been killed or injured in a wreck with a motor vehicle. The wreck was a hit-from-behind that happened because the cyclist was on the fog line and the driver tried to pass in the same lane. Since there is a law stating that if you don’t pass with at least 3 feet of clearance you are wrong, hitting the cyclist is now seen as more serious than it had been in the past. Protocols to avoid or reduce injury, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A wreck literally in my old stomping grounds as a teenager. Bicyclist struck by car in SLC The wreck was near an intersection, not sure if intersection protocols apply or something else, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that since intersection protocols cover everything else plus what can go wrong in the intersection use them to avoid or reduce damage and injury, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. Also WTF is with running away from the wreck on foot and abandoning the car?

An AZ wreck that doesn’t make much sense. Bicycle rider killed in collision with semitruck The cyclist was dodging a telephone pole when he was hit by the truck?! Seriously if the route is so uncomfortable that cyclists are that far off the main lane of travel that telephone poles are an impediment and moving over enough to clear the pole places you in traffic, that is some seriously screwed infrastructure. Protocols will avail you not in these circumstances, the only thing that will keep cyclists moving and also safe is getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”.

A CA cyclist is hit-and-run. Cyclist critically injured in Oakland hit-and-run and Bicyclist Critically Injured In Oakland Hills Crash; Driver Flees Nothing on the mode, but the wreck was at low speed because the cyclist was not seriously injured according to the reports as I read them now. Since intersection protocols pretty much cover everything (again) I’m going to go with that to avoid or reduce damages and injury, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A wreck in MA that is just, Keystonian in grandeur. Cyclist struck by convertible in Cohasset, ends up in backseat Again a magic foam hat is given far more credit than it could possibly deserve. Left cross and likely at very low speed given the limited damage to both the car and the bike (not to mention the cyclist), so intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damage and injury, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. One thing I suggest immediate adoption for is the Dutch law that makes violating a cyclist’s right of way a crime with degree of severity of the crime proportional to the degree of cyclist injury… And they can get pretty harsh about a driver that does something stupid and kills a cyclist.

Something to make you mad from NYC. Cyclist Killed By Hit & Run Driver In Queens Hit from behind wreck, protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and as (almost) always get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. Might I suggest crushing all vehicles used to commit hit-and-run as a deterrent? Ideally crushing and shredding so as to remove any hope of recovering the vehicle.

And while this does not directly involve a cyclist it does demonstrate one of the many hazards we face while trying to get from A to B. UPDATE: Truck Driver That Hit Tracy Morgan’s Limo Hadn’t Slept In 24 Hours Note that the “limo” was a small bus in excess of 10K pounds GVW and that there were 5 casualties inside the vehicle, one fatality and 4 seriously injured. That was while they were surrounded by literally tons of steel, and we ain’t got zip surrounding us. So sleeping drivers are even more of a hazard to us. And aside from segregated infrastructure I have no clue what to do about this, because obviously getting hit by a semi while riding a bike has a low survival probability no matter what you do so most of the protocols are pretty much useless.

A cyclist on the eastern side of the Great White North survived getting hit by a pickup truck. P.E.I. cyclist injured after being hit by pickup truck First of all let me extend a welcome to the newest member of the “I survived getting hit with a truck” club. No mode or accurate location given so I can’t say how to avoid this kind of wreck, but preventing it is as simple as buying the CROW manual for €90 and following it to the letter…

Moving a “little” west we find this wreck in East Canuckistan. Hamilton cyclist killed in St. George crash Obvious hit-from-behind wreck, the impact site on the weapon vehicle show classic buzz job signatures, but I would have to see the remains of the passenger side mirror to be certain. Protocols to avoid or reduce injuries, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Our Daily Ted has damning evidence that something was not entirely kosher about the cancellation of a road diet and bike lane installation. Morning Links: Is this the smoking gun? Leaked email behind Koretz’ 2013 veto of Westwood Blvd bike lanes Just one quibble on this, the email was a public document obtained by a FOIA request, not a “leak”.

Infrastructure! news from the Delmarva region. Hints for keeping bicycles out in highway traffic Notice that’s “in” traffic, not out of it. The article then goes on to describe what is commonly pawned of on cyclists as “infrastructure” fit for the purpose. If the “purpose” is wasting money so they can then complain about how cyclists are not using the “infrastructure” provided then they have succeeded, but if “purpose” is getting safely and smoothly by bicycle from A to B then they have fallen light years short of the goal.

More infrastructure news from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Florida is a hazardous place for cyclists and pedestrians Didn’t I just write that? FL kills cyclists and pedestrians because their infrastructure has been designed entirely for and about motor vehicles for more than 5 decades, their drivers have a collective IQ not much higher than their European shoe size, and the victims just can’t figure out how to use the existing environment without getting hit. Even when pedestrians and cyclists are doing everything exactly the way they are supposed to, the other two factors lead to massive casualties and deaths relative to the number of people in the state. Just look at the number of cyclists killed riding in the “bike lanes” that look like shoulders on the roads (because that’s what they really are, they just have stencils painted in them every so often to make them “bike lanes”).

And back to Canada as an injured cyclist agrees to participate in experiments to find what happens to people’s memory when they get brain damaged. Brain injured Ottawa cyclist investigates memory You might remember this wreck, as there was considerable discussion over the sobriety of the driver at the time of the wreck because of the evidence that drinking had been taking place in the vehicle prior to the wreck, and more discussion over how much was “accident” and how much was deliberate. But anyway, good for the victim to be putting the injury to use to extend the reach of science.

Well those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles today. Fortunately I no longer feel like digging up the buried light cannon in the back yard so local drivers are safe for now. I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with my current allergy situation anyway.

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Slowly getting Francis/es whipped into shape, and the Feed

In case you were wondering Francis/es is the name for the new cargo bike, named for Donald O’Connor’s costar in a series of comedy movies in the ’50s. The is/es is because this bike has not expressed an identifiable gender to which the spelling can be corrected for. So until the bike expresses a preference it gets its name spelled is/es. And yes I’m being silly, a bit, but I spend too much time around people who define their gender differently internally than the world had externally to not be sensitive to the same thing with the bike. Just because it has a step-through frame aka “girl’s bike” does not mean the bike is feminine. It might be, but don’t forget that it also has a quarter-ton load capacity, so roughly me and 300 pounds of stuff. That’s not “girly” or “princess” by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyway getting off the name of the bike, I have been adding things that are needed to make the bike useful on a daily basis, like lights and a computer (a rear fender too, but that looks like it’s coming much later). The computer I bought has one major problem, and that’s a mounting kit that lacks reach. Seriously the mounting kit will mount to the left side of the stem and maybe get as far down the fork of a 700c wheel to get to where the spokes cross on a cross-2 lacing pattern. This is not going to work on the new bike, where the cable has to go down the handlebar steer tube, at least a foot and a half if not 2 feet, under the cargo box which is a shade over 2 feet again, back up the frame to the fork steer tube so at least a foot more, then down the fork for another foot of cable. The distance is slightly shorter to the rear wheel, but not by much. Maybe only 4 feet to the rear wheel instead of 6 to the front wheel. The cable on the mounting kit that comes with the computer would make it about halfway down the handlebar steer tube. So either I need to find a rear wheel mounting kit for this computer (Cateye Velo 7) or spend more money on another computer.

Up first is not a bike wreck, but almost was (moped instead of a pedal bike), just a long day’s ride south of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. 2 Dead After Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Into SXSW Crowd [Updated] and Car Crashes Into SXSW Crowd In Austin; 2 Fatalities Reported OK the updated report says one of the deceased was riding a bicycle, so now it is a bike wreck. No earthly clue how to avoid this and the infrastructure was clearly marked as non-car with reflective barriers and everything, so that didn’t help either.

Another DWI brings a rarer than hen’s teeth murder charge in NYC. Murder Charge For Suspected DWI Driver Who Killed M14 Bus Driver

Bike on bike insanity in CA. Seriously, don’t be a two-wheeled Jerry Browning jerk, and your Morning Links And a lot of decent links to be found there.

Crazy drivers driving crazy in Bermuda. These drivers don’t care about life

First of several infrastructure links from CA, is the SF transportation department spending more money on office supplies than bicycle infrastructure? Is the MTA Spending More on Post-Its Than Bike Projects?

A problem that is especially bad for cyclists but crosses all modes of road users gets significant attention in CA. Bill Suspending Hit-and-Run Drivers’ Licenses Passes Assembly Committee Left off that headline is the word “unanimously”. As I wrote, everybody is a potential victim of a hit-and-run driver.

Navigating the legal infrastructure in OR for recovering your losses when your bike is damaged or totaled, in two parts. Get legal with Ray Thomas: How to fight for your property damage claim (Part 1) and Get legal with Ray Thomas: How to fight for your property damage claim (Part 2)

Another “fun” time in OR. Bicycle that tumbled off car and fell onto Interstate 5 spurs $49,000 suit That settles it, next time I put my bike on a bike rack I’m using extra tiedowns.

A national Infrastructure! story. State DOTs Let Roads Fall Apart While Splurging on Highway Expansion You can’t have any more roads until you take care of the ones you already have…

More infrastructure from NYC in this last link. Hoylman: State could be roadblock to safer streets The Lege won’t allow automated camera enforcement, and there just aren’t enough cops to protect the streets without interfering with the important job of doing stop and frisk on brown people… :P

And those are the links I found today that gave me fits, that were transportation related. Transportation safety is not a bicycles-vs-cars thing, it’s a human rights thing, the right to travel freely and safely.

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Near deaf and with numb hands after mowing the lawn, and the Feed

I delayed mowing the lawn until this morning because of back issues after carrying the gas back from the gas station last night. While I was mowing I saw the codes guy drive back and forth in front of and behind my house 4 times. I might be paranoid, but that’s a bit much. And I couldn’t get the neighbor’s fence out of my yard because it was too heavy and floppy (as in not rigid enough to get the whole thing up by pushing or lifting in one location) to do it by myself. I fear I’m going to get a ticket for allowing the neighbor’s fence to sit in my yard.

What infuriates me about this is I’m down: 3 stolen bicycles, one wrecked bicycle, 2 cars, a fence, and somewhere above $250K in expenses from either inaction or direct action of the City but I can’t get any law enforcement in my favor. Every action of law enforcement I have been subject to has been against me, even when the laws were in my favor and written to protect me. I still to this day have not gotten a full report on my wreck from 2001, just preliminary reports with the identity of witnesses redacted. So I have been unable to interview witnesses on my own to establish that I was hit by someone driving a City vehicle. Not to mention the cop that told me I wasn’t allowed to make a left turn from the street while riding a bicycle this June…

A NE cyclist appears to have run a stop sign. Bicyclist, 23, critically injured in Omaha crash Intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And don’t run stop signs.

Not much information in this MN link as I post it now. Teen injured after truck hits bike in West Duluth No mode or precise location yet, the good thing I’m taking from this is they are not blaming the cyclist.

More on that wreck on the PCH that was breaking news as I composed yesterday’s post. Bicyclist Critically Injured After Being Hit By Truck On PCH The wreckage is horrifying, but puzzling. The frame is crushed and in pieces but the wheels appear to only have minor damage, leading to two possible conclusions: The wheels are insanely strong and rigid and the bike was hit from behind as originally reported or The wheels are insanely rigid and strong and the bike was hit from the side and carried/dragged from the point of impact to the current scene some distance away. I don’t see any of the protocols helping much in this wreck without adequate infrastructure to back them up.

Also from CA is this SWSS. Cyclist, age 70, badly injured in collision The Street View of the scene shows a bike lane moving from the far right to the left of the right turn lane that motor vehicles must merge across. So intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right, including driver education and the loss of license for drivers who fail to merge correctly, to prevent.

Update on another tragic wreck in CA. Organs donated by Livermore nursing student killed by alleged drunken driver help three recipients

We get a rare cyclist-on-pedestrian hit-and-run report from WY. Highway Patrol seeking information about cyclist involved in hit and run crash near Cheyenne The cyclist left the scene with a bloody face, indicating a possible concussion. That’s the thing about a cyclist/pedestrian wreck, the cyclist is usually injured as bad or worse than the pedestrian.

A cyclist is hit-and-run in the Great White North. Arrest made in Thunder Bay hit-and-run Glad they caught the driver, that wasn’t the case when I first filtered the link. This was not the kind of wreck that a human cyclist could have avoided and as the driver was on the wrong side of the street and reported to have aimed the vehicle for the cyclist, I’m betting infrastructure would not have helped much either. Treat this case as an attempted murder and make drivers know that targeting cyclists with a vehicle is exactly like targeting them with a gun.

A cyclist riding an assisted bike in Oz hits a guy wire to a power pole. Cyclist hurt after hitting wire The cyclist had an assist motor so he should have been OK riding the street so why did he hit the guy wire in the sidewalk? Actually from looking at the closest guyed power pole in Street View he had to have been considerably off the sidewalk to have managed to hit that. More Cyclist critical after motorised-bike crash in Camillo

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Day 3 of what’s going to be a very busy week, and the Feed

Thanks to a tight schedule at church this week I’m going to have a very busy rest of the week. I have a class on ethics tonight, a session helping a widow woman get over her dead husband on Thursday, a church board meeting on Friday that I need to attend because as the last person left on the Social Justice committee I am the de facto chair of the committee, and RPG on Saturday. So, I have lots of bike trips into Downtown, at just over 7 miles per trip. Last night I had Ritual Planning and of course service on Sunday. And I just remembered we are going back to two services on Sunday this week, which means as a ritualist I have to ride in twice on Sunday, until we get back to summer and the AC bill starts getting astronomical again. Wheee!

More links about the NYC hit-and-run. Cyclist killed in Bushwick hit-and-run Nothing new, just another report of the same information. More Brooklyn drummer riding bike struck and killed in hit-run accident

For some reason jurors in NM have a problem convicting a driver that left the road to kill a cyclist on a nearby but not really adjacent bike path. Suspect in fatal bike crash in court This bike path was separated from the road by a hill that the vehicle had to climb after it went off the road. As far as I’m concerned that fact alone makes this a criminal act, when combined with the fact that a motor vehicle is a deadly weapon (which is why you have to have a license to operate one). If you leave a road you have lost control of a deadly weapon that can kill at many times the rate of a machine gun…

More on the LA woman killed hit by a drunk driver. Allegedly drunk driver hits bike; rider knocked to pavement, dies Again the article refers to the cyclist not having reflective gear on when she was killed. Not blaming the drunk for driving drunk (again!) and hitting the cyclist from behind, blaming the cyclist for not wearing a glow in the dark clown costume. Also they now seem to be blaming the road for killing the cyclist, somehow. She didn’t die because the cars hit her after she fell, she died because she hit the pavement. THEN the cars ran her over coming from the other direction.

A ninja salmon in NV. Man on bike struck by vehicle That’s right, riding at night, without lights or reflectors, and salmon. Hello, Darwin Awards? It wasn’t mentioned if the rider was wearing all black and a head cover to hide his face. This one definitely earns the Stupid Cyclist tag for this post. I mean usually there was something a cyclist could have done but didn’t that makes me add that tag to the post, but this one deserves to be called out for it and mentioned in the paragraph.

Back to NYC for a celebrity texter riding a bicycle. Valentine Hurt After Reading Text Message on Bike Reading a text instead of watching the road and almost hits two pedestrians (don’t hit the pedestrians!) and then slides off the road. BRILLIANT!

A wreck in OR. Bicyclist crashes into curb avoiding car Other than the fact that the cyclist was avoiding or run off the road by a car that was not described or otherwise mentioned, I have nothing on the mode of this wreck. That front wheel looks like toast, but replace the rim and it should be usable again, perhaps even with the same tire. But how to avoid a similar wreck, I haven’t a clue. The cyclist appeared to be competent so far as appearances go, so I can’t say what you should do with the current built environment. I can say that the current built environment has to go and infrastructure needs to be rebuilt to accommodate all modes of travel.Or in fewer words, get the infrastructure right.

A CA cyclist injured in a single vehicle wreck. Pasadena cyclist injured in crash in Sierra Madre I much prefer wrecks like this to wrecks involving multiple motor vehicles and a cyclist in the middle. To avoid just ride slower.

Slight Justice in the Great White North. Road-rage cabbie who hit cyclist jailed 2 years This was the cab driver that backed into a cyclist and pinned him against a concrete pillar causing the loss of one leg more than 4 years ago.

More reports on that wreck involving 3 cyclists in the GWN, but no new information. Cyclist killed in Mariposa Township crash and Mississauga cyclist killed in Mariposa Twp. |UPDATE LEO! The driver hit THREE cyclists, killing one of them. This was not an “accident”, this was either an assault with a deadly weapon, or this driver needs to be kept off the roads for everyone’s protection. Just the mere fact you can’t immediately blame the cyclists for their own demise means this was at the very least the fault of the driver in a civil sense. It could be much worse than that! Exclamation points! CAPS LOCK!! INTERNET EMOTIONS RUN AMUCK!! GAHHH!

A MO Ghost Bike. ‘Ghost bike’ marks wreck site RIP cyclist. I have to say this is one of the nicer ghost bikes I have read about.

LifeStyle about a bike movie filming in CA. Filmmakers visit site of cyclist’s death on Highway 1 as part of their cross-country journey examining bicycle safety

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Light on links with a heavy social schedule, the Feed

Yes, I have few links in today’s Feed. I also had a class this morning and a RPG game this evening, so here goes…

Up first a minor injury wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist injured in collision with car on Southern Boulevard Causeway The cyclist wasn’t hurt too bad and the bike can be repaired. This looks like a wreck that would fall under the FL 3-foot passing law, but I don’t see the driver getting a ticket. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid with the built environment, SBR to prevent.

More on “OMG a cyclist hit a pedestrian!” in SF. Attorney says bicyclist in fatal crash believes he entered intersection lawfully and Bicycle groups condemn ‘reckless’ behavior following posts about fatal crash I really don’t see what the noise is about. This is only the second pedestrian killed by a cyclist in over 8 months, there was another pedestrian killed by a car that day, and the day after that were barely mentioned. The cyclist in this wreck was injured trying to avoid the wreck (he actually laid the bike down and slid on his side into the crosswalk). I have only read one account that had the cyclist actually “running” the red, all the other accounts agree with the cyclist’s statement that he entered as the light turned yellow and it went red after he entered the intersection.

Hit-and-run in SoCal. Witness a Hit and Run at Brooks and Lincoln Today? Not much to say about this one as the cyclist had little chance to react and to avoid this wreck. SBR would prevent the wreck.

Bike hate in America’s Copenhagen, Portland. Driver arrested after confrontation with cyclist This is very unusual, not that there was a confrontation, but that the LEO actually paid attention to someone other than the driver (like the other witnesses) and arrested this guy for assault and leaving the scene of a wreck. If you read the comments you can see why I find this unusual, all kinds of bike hate there…

NYPD just can’t seem to get away from cyclists. The NYPD Starts to Track Bike Accidents for Trends and NYPD Now Tracking Cyclist Accidents No, this doesn’t mean they are now going to pay attention to cyclists getting killed by cars, just when cyclists hit pedestrians. Of course they’re probably still going to ignore when pedestrians get hit by cars.

“Interesting” discussion up in the Great White North about infrastructure as two entities battle it out over who has to pay for a cyclist injured by a road defect. City, Britannia Yacht Club in dispute over roadway The cyclist was injured when he hit a drainage grate that trapped his front wheel, and now the two sides are fighting over who was responsible for the grate… In the meantime the injured cyclist has to pay for someone to wipe the drool from his chin since the wreck on his own dime. Both sides are claiming the cyclist hit the grate on purpose (!) but that the other side was responsible for the defective grate that nearly killed the cyclist.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Busy day planned after I post the blog, and the Feed

I have to deliver the mortgage check to the thieves people servicing the loan today, and hope the tax check has cleared so the mortgage check doesn’t bounce. The $$ we would have used to bounce-proof the mortgage check went into paying for a month’s worth of food yesterday. Such is life lived on the edge. As the saying goes, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.” And that would be rude.

It looks like I might fall behind pace for completing 2400 miles this year due to a lack of places to go. As my regular readers know, I ride to get to places that are too far to walk to in a reasonable time, and that are not served by transit, or that I would have to carry more stuff on one or more legs of the trip than I could manage on the bus or walking. IOW I ride to get where I need to go, and lately that hasn’t been to enough places that are far enough away to meet my mileage goals. And part of that has been due to a lack of $$ more than a lack of places to go. I need to get some stuff, some of it from quite some distance away, that I haven’t gotten because I can’t pay for the items once I get to the store. Now that I have my tax return that will change a little.

Up first by reason of “WTF?!”. Suspected drunk driver hits five teens on bikes The driver hit 5 people on bikes, dragging one bike for an extended distance, then got out of the car and tried to hide in trees after driving as far as his damaged car would take him. To prevent this wreck as a cyclist with current built environment there’s nothing you could do, and even SBR wouldn’t help against a drunk driver unless there were car-proof armored bollards capable of taking out a large vehicle guarding all approaches to the Bike Roads. More links in chronological order. Mount Carmel Teens Hit By Vehicle and Police Say Teacher Was Drunk When Teens Were Hit another More Reaction From Mount Carmel After Hit-And-Run Crash also Shamokin Area teacher suspended after allegedly running into teens not done yet Police Continue Investigation While Victims Of Mount Carmel Hit And Run Remain In Hospital That was a lawyer’s take on the subject 3 still in hospital another link Police: Teacher Hits 5 Teens With Car and last link Teacher Accused of Drunk Driving, Striking 5 High School Students

Still in PA, a slightly less violent wreck in the police blotter. Friday’s Sentinel police log The incident is in the paragraph that begins “Lorrie A. Shaner, 50, of Carlisle was charged with vehicles turning left“… IOW this was a classic left cross intersection wreck. To avoid with current infrastructure apply intersection protocols, and again SBR would prevent this entirely.

By TX standards this wreck was right next door to the preceding one. Bicyclist Hit, Killed in Smith Township I know the OH and the PA wrecks were hundreds of miles apart, I was making a TX joke. This wreck appears to be hit-from-behind, the standard protocol applies.

Another OH fatality, this one a SWCC. Sylvania bicyclist killed in collision on Greenbelt Not much meat in this report. If true then don’t run red lights to avoid, otherwise intersection protocols. SBR would prevent such wrecks, of course.

An almost-appropriate sentence in IL. 10-year prison sentence for hit-and-run driver The driver was drunk and suspected of also being impaired by pot when she was arrested a short time after killing the cyclist, and has been arrested for DUI and possession more than once since the wreck. IMNSHO 10 years in prison would be a good start at proper punishment, but there needs to be more, like making driving a car equal to felony possession of a weapon. Also mandatory payments to the cyclist’s surviving dependants for life or until age 21 for the minors. The article did not mention if the cyclist had any dependants to support in the nearly 2 years since the wreck that killed him.

Trouble in Paradise as a motorcycle crosses the centerline and hits a bicyclist head on. Motorcycle and bicycle collide; 2 men injured, 1 critically There’s little doubt about whose fault this wreck is, as well as how to avoid a similar wreck. To avoid fade right when a motor vehicle crosses the centerline. To prevent make SBR.

Stop the presses, a cyclist has hit another pedestrian in San Francisco. Pedestrian injured in collision with bicyclist expected to survive and Pedestrian, cyclist injured in SF Castro District collision also 72-Year-Old Castro Pedestrian Struck By Cyclist Expected To Survive and SF Media’s Double Standard on Traffic Crashes Rears Its Head Again OOOhhh are they ever not kidding about that one! and final link Pedestrian, cyclist injured in crash in Castro

Infrastructure! news from NYC. The ‘Hipster Highway’ is still a speedway: advocacy group says two-thirds of drivers speed on McGuinness Blvd. With drivers routinely exceeding the speed limit by twice the posted limit, and big rigs seriously compromising their stopping and reaction distances by going 75% over the limit, this road is in serious need of traffic calming.

Also in NYC Infrastructure. Councilman Stephen Levin Proposes Bill Requiring NYPD To Investigate Serious Bike Accidents Just another law for NYPD to ignore like the laws requiring investigation of serious injury wrecks. Unless they put Ray Kelly in jail for every uninvestigated wreck the law requires to be investigated nothing will be done.

A little jab at the legal infrastructure in the UK as regards to “cars paying for he roads”. I agree with David Cameron “I want to give the motorist a fair deal.”

And local LifeStyle as a bicycle culture develops just 40 miles to the west from WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell. Big wheels turning: Bike culture in DFW Bike culture in DFW, whodathunkit?

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, sorry it’s so late, real life intervened, again.

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I finally got that image I was looking for, Wreck-Free Sunday

Now I have to figure out how to get that image out of the library and into this post.

How a pedestrian crossing feels Incidentally, image © Winston Rowntree, 2012 http://www.viruscomics.com.

Now how the preparations are going for the Bike MS, I still haven’t been getting much in the way of long rides but I have been working on my climbing skills by riding in my 20 MPH gears all the time. This increases my low cadence power immensely, in fact it upped my average speed by over a full MPH to just under 13 for the church round trip. Apparently my endurance cadence is in the high 90 to low 100 RPM range but I make the most power under or around 70. Whodathunkit?

The other Bike MS preparations are in slow more at the moment as we have until April to get things really rocking and the $$ collected. Our web mistress is trying to get the code to install the button to send donations to a separate account in our PayPal account so that we can keep donations to Bike MS separate from donations to our church (hint: Do both). Our artists are still learning how to draw on jersey material, and we have some incredibly talented artists so I am expecting to have the best looking custom jersey at the event. I don’t know how long it will last after the event, but I will look good during the event.

In grandbaby news, the due date has been refined to September 6, 2012. The balance bike project is getting refined as the rake and head angle are being set to give a zero trail so the kid has quick handling to teach how to balance on 2 wheels. The tricycle is still in concept stage as I try to decide what kind of trike would be best for indoctrinating my grandchild into the recumbent lifestyle. A tadpole trike would be better at growing with the grandchild, but a delta would have significantly more “cool” factor as it would look more like other kids’ trikes. Not to mention that a rear-steer delta could “spin out” or “drift” by using the pendulum effect to break traction on the rear wheels. Now for adults that would be a problem, but for kids that would be a positive thing. It may have been more than 4 decades since I was a little kid, but I still remember that I wanted to do the handbrake 180 like the commercial for the original Marx Big Wheel. The trick for that was you needed to have really short legs to do that as the rear wheels had to be lightly loaded for that stunt to work, and by the time the Big Wheel came out my legs were already too long. To be brutally honest I was outside the size range for the Big Wheel by a standard deviation or more, as my butt would just fit on one if the backrest was completely removed. “Butt” for my grandkid I can make the trike to his or her specific size, or make it grow to fit the child so they can do bootlegger turns to their heart’s content. Actually for a rear-steer trike it would be a reverse 180 facing backwards. I could “grow” the trike by turning the seat around and moving the pedals forward from what had been the front wheel that is now the rear wheel, and the steering is now in the front instead of the rear, et voila what had been a front-drive rear-steer delta for a toddler is now a tadpole trike for a 4-6 YO. Good enough until I can make a mini-StratusXP clone that will grow through their tween years.

And now I need to veg out with some comics and a cuppa, before I have to help with evening services tonight.

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Still working on the new tail light, and the Feed

I had to use my pencil torch to solder the cell interconnects last night because my regular soldering iron doesn’t have the BTUs to get the tabs hot enough to solder, but the tiny tank ran out when I was less than half done so I have to get it refilled and do it some more. I did get enough cells connected that I have a good idea of how well balanced the pack will be and also what my final voltage will be when the pack has reached the end of its rated capacity. I think this is going to work out just fine from the discharge side of the equation, but I’m still working on the charging side of the equation. I have a wall wart to use but I still need to do the bridge and filter to make it work. Even with all that it will be a C/10 charge rate, how will that work for NiMH batteries?

Up first a cyclist waiting at a red light is a victim in a pinball wreck. Cyclist Injured in Two-Car Crash This is one of those wrecks that is just impossible to avoid for a cyclist. First of all the cyclist in this wreck was standing with the bike, not riding it, which meant there was no mobility to avoid the wreck. Second when 2 cars collide and one is directed at you by the collision that path is unpredictable because of the fact that tires are not frictionless. They have drag and can regain rolling traction at any time, changing the direction of travel in any other direction (except backwards). So by the time you are certain which way the car is going to go you have no time to react, much less actually get out of the way.

Another bike/ped wreck in NYC, cyclist came out the worst. Cyclist Strikes Another Prospect Park Pedestrian From what I can find on and off line the cyclist hit a pedestrian outside the crosswalk and fell and broke his hand. The pedestrian was transported as a precaution to be checked out better in a hospital. To avoid I suggest an air horn, like the AirZound, or a car horn and a small 12V battery. More Another pedestrian struck by a cyclist in Prospect Park

More Infrastructure! news from the UK. Cyclist death roundabout safety plans proposed because of Cyclists bring junction to standstill with rush hour protest which actually they didn’t, rush hour traffic brought the cyclists to a standstill most of the time. Except for that one guy with the bus.

And that’s all the bike news I have today.

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Making sure the lights stay on, and the Feed

One of the major problems with being an impoverished bicycle blogger is keeping the lights and other electricals powered. The money that comes in doesn’t always match the expenses going out, usually because of a timing issue. Well, that’s the situation I’m in again today. I finally have the $ to pay last month’s electrical bill, which I will do promptly after finishing the blog post.

Up first is an international story, an Australian Professional cyclist is killed on a training ride in Europe, with multiple links. Cyclist dies after being hit by car and Carly Hibberd Dead: Australian Cyclist Dies After Being Hit By Car that link was sent to me by FaceBook, in my Feed, and forwarded by one of my Internet friends Australian cyclist Carly Hibberd killed during training ride As of composing this post what is known about the wreck is there were 2 cyclists and one car, the other cyclist is alive, but there was nothing about if she was hit too or just there when it happened, and there is nothing about placing on the roads or directions of travel for the 3 vehicles involved. IOW there is a pro cyclist dead in a road wreck and that’s all anyone is saying at this point.

Moving to more domestic concerns, it looks like a dangerous driver isn’t going to skate by in IL. Prosecutor says he’s still weighing charge in crash that killed cyclist in Jersey County The cyclist was hit from behind while making a left turn. Witnesses say the cyclist didn’t signal until right before the intersection at which time the SUV was already trying to pass. I don’t know if the bicycle involved had hand brakes which require both hands on the handlebars for safe stopping like most road bikes, but passing in an intersection is wrong anyway, plus IL has a 3 foot passing law for cyclists. There was just so much wrong here I can hardly type… To avoid, well that would require the driver in the back to be able to avoid hitting a cyclist making a left turn.

More on the cyclist knocked over a railing on a bridge by a person driving in the shoulder. UPDATE ON CYCLIST KILLED: Fellow doctor comments on Dr. Hollon’s death Not much to add to the previous reports, cyclist still hit from behind while riding on the shoulder, still died of massive blunt-force trauma, still no way for the cyclist to dodge this wreck…

After all that it is actually a relief to have a link where a bike wrecked and no second vehicle is suspected. Bicyclist Suffers Head Trauma in Fall in Glendora Yeah, watch for loose trash on the road surface that might make you fall, and wear a helmet. You don’t have to go as far as I do with the full-face but you should get one with a hard shell that will slide on the road so as to not cause neck injury while it prevents breaking your skull. I wear a full-face helmet because I don’t want to get my face sewn back on, again. Once was more than enough, [elvis voice]thenkyewverraverramuch.[/elvis voice]

A hit-from-behind wreck in Denver CO. Cyclist Hospitalized After Being Hit During Rush Hour The cyclist hit the windshield of the weapon vehicle such that the entire windshield was shattered, which implies some amount of angularity in the impact. Aside from the picture of the windshield and knowing there was a wreck I don’t have anything more I can say about this wreck, but that didn’t prevent people from making comments about why wasn’t the cyclist on the sidewalk (hint: not legal in Denver).

Up in the Great White North, people are getting all bent out of shape because a cyclist hit a pedestrian and got a typical fine for hitting a pedestrian or cyclist. Cyclist fractures pedestrian’s skull, gets $400 fine Seriously, the $400 fine is more than most drivers get for injuring a cyclist with a much more deadly vehicle, and where was the pedestrian’s helmet? Didn’t she know it’s dangerous to walk the streets without head protection? Getting really serious here, DON’T HIT THE PEDESTRIANS!

Interesting Infrastructure! report about TN laws from a CA perspective. Streetsblogger Report: “Give Me 3″ Law Gets Empowered in Tennessee I’m going to be visiting TN next week, I’ll ask my friends what they know/think about the new law.

Still in CA with the closure of one of the bike/ped crossings on the Golden Gate Bridge the congestion has gotten so bad that cyclists are looking for anything that will get the tourists to stop standing in the middle of the path gawking at the view. Cyclists Need Air Horns, Not Bells, to Clear Crowds on Golden Gate Bridge

Last link, a missing cyclist has been found alive and apparently uninjured after dropping his cell phone. Missing cyclist spotted uninjured in Roseville You can stop looking now.

And that’s all I have today.

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Blue is almost back together, and the Feed

Yes, poor old Blue is currently sitting upside down in my garage awaiting installation of new tires after an all-day battle to fabricate and install a new front fender. I used a rear fender identical to the one on the back as a starting point, made mounts for the fender stays that cleared the quick-release, and cut the fender for ground clearance and installed a mudflap made from milk jug plastic to catch the crud that had been going under the old fender and also provide something less jarring when it catches the curbing leaving what qualifies as “bike parking” in Garland. The new fender also covers more of the top of the tire than the old one did, reducing the spray that used to come off the tire and into the headlight (and my face :P ). While Blue was down I went ahead and charged all the batteries on the lights and trued the front wheel which was a touch out of true after almost 2200 miles since he rolled into my life.

Up first is not a car on bike wreck but a trend that was disturbing in the Feed today, bicyclists hit-and-run against pedestrians. The first is from a Portland OR sidewalk. Sandy sidewalk collision raises issues There is some contention that the section of the law that allows cyclists to use sidewalks unless prohibited also negates the need to share contact data in a wreck (the law gives sidewalk cyclists the “rights and duties” of pedestrians while on the sidewalk, and pedestrians are not required to share contact information when they knock each other over) but still, when they take someone away in an ambulance you should provide the victim with a way to get in touch about the bill.

Second one was this one from a CA parking lot. ESCONDIDO: Police seek teen cyclist in hit-and-run This was a kid-on-kid wreck, with the cyclist as young as 13 (maybe) so I see less culpability that for the adult cyclist in the Portland case, but still, you hit someone and hurt them you stay on the scene. It’s common courtesy that I guess isn’t all that common any more.

Our first actual cyclist injured report is from TX where a driver blinded by the sun hits a cyclist from behind. Cops release more information on unidentified bicyclist Notice that in spite of clear-cut fault in this case (driver failed to reduce speed when visibility was impaired) there were no arrests or tickets in this case, because it was a cyclist and they can’t find her ID. This is the reason I wear custom dog tags with my name, address, phone number, and blood type on them. If you have more money than I do (and if you have more than 2 dimes to rub together you have more than I do) that you should click over to the BikeJournal.com Store and get yourself and loved ones RoadID. Anyway to avoid use hit-from-behind protocols and apply a clue-by-four to the forehead of the driver as required for sense to appear.

Final link is from the Beebe where a driver admits to killing a child cyclist in the road because he was driving like a twit, and without a license or insurance either. Taunton crash: Driver admits killing Amy Hofmeister, 13 My cold and cynical mind suspects this is a ploy for lenient sentencing rather than a true feeling of remorse. But, the driver admitted guilt and the victim isn’t even buried yet, I feel a small sense of pyrrhic victory here. A dangerous driver has been removed from the roads, and we only lost one soldier (cyclist) in the process. The fact that the “soldier” in this case didn’t even know there was a war going on and was completely unarmed in the conflict, well… I’m tempted to say something along the lines of “Sacrifices must be made” but honestly and truthfully this is a conflict that has gone on far too long and has been unequal from the start.

And that’s all I have today.

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