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Hail hail, it didn’t happen here, and the Feed

Fortunately for us the baseball sized hail that hit north Texas bypassed Casa de El Poeta in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. All we got was a big breeze and a few more branches lost from the trees in the neighborhood, than have not fared well this winter/spring. We have some people who are just now finishing up clearing the debris from the December ice storm, and now we have further storm debris to clean up. And as you may have read we had another shooting at Ft. Hood, a long bike ride down the road in Killeen. I feel for my brothers in green, and wonder what can be realistically done about the situation. I mean we spend months teaching people how to kill, and knowingly send them into situations where a significant number of people are going to be psychologically damaged, then bring them back home and toss them back into the rest of society with no treatment until they snap. The shooter in this case had already had a minor break and was getting treatment, but it was a case of too little, too late.

Up first is more on that brutal hit-and-run in Boston. Cyclist Involved in Serious Hit & Run Accident in Charlestown More in it does appear to be a right hook, and where an earlier report said they had the driver and weapon vehicle it now says they are still looking. Still they know at least that it was a garbage truck and they don’t have many to look through to find it.

Just a few miles west (Texas “few”) we get another MA hit-and-run. 17-year-old bicyclist injured in hit-and-run in Easthampton Location and debris suggest a hit-from-behind wreck, hopefully LEO will have enough debris to use micro tags in the paint to identify at least the make and year of manufacture of the vehicle if the part had factory paint on it.

A CA report on a driver charged with murder after leaving a social media message that he was going on a “death ride”. Pleasanton teen accused of murder in fatal crash was tailgating, witness testifies I hope the driver never gets out of prison. If he does I hope that he is never allowed to use any motorized transport for the rest of his life, unless he’s being transported to a hospital by an ambulance. Since this is in CA I suspect he’ll get 20 years, serve 10 and be eligible to apply for a new license as soon as he gets out of the prison gate.

A poorly-worded wreck report from the state that is once again most deadliest place to walk or ride a bike in the US. Driver apprehended after fleeing hit-and-run scene The Street View Shows a very bicycle-unfriendly route that is the only crossing of the freeway for over a mile to the south and 3/4 of a mile to the north. If the cyclist was a gutter bunny or sidewalk rider then he would have been in the actual offramp while crossing.

Also from FL comes a suggestion of why not being inside a building or car is so dangerous for people living in or visiting that state. Doreen Landstra, Elderly Woman Who Killed 3 In Car, Gets Suspended License That’s right, no prison time, she gets to keep the car and in a few months she can drive again after killing 3 people in the second time she “mistook” the gas for the brake pedal.

More on the drunk driver getting 8 years for killing a cyclist in Jolly Olde. Drunk, speeding, hit and run van driver who killed cyclist sentenced to eight years in jail and Drunken van driver jailed for eight years after killing Folkingham cyclist I think the sweetest thing about this is the 10 year driving ban doesn’t start until he completes all of his period of incarceration, and can not be reduced via “good behaviour”.

Also in the UK a cyclist “wins” a door prize. Cyclist injured in crash It isn’t often we get a report on a wreck like this from the UK because of their media laws. Since this wreck happened very close to the intersection I suspect the cyclist was trying to avoid getting hooked and rode in the door zone to escape.

And a speeding police car with lights and sirens going must still wait until it is safe to pass a cyclist in Jolly Olde. Injured cyclist wins his damages action and Injured cyclist wins damages action From what I’m reading the cyclist was hit at a pinch point where the cyclist would have had to get on the sidewalk to avoid getting hit because the actual road surface was too narrow to fit a car and a cyclist together without overlap, and the cyclist was hit as far over (to the left because they drive on the wrong side of the roads there) as he could get. Had the driver been going the speed limit or slightly faster than the limit the cyclist would have been able to get to safety but at the speed the weapon vehicle was travelling the cyclist did not have time to clear the pinch point.

That video of a cyclist getting hit from behind at a traffic light that went viral from Oz has resulted in quick retribution from the legal system. Woman fined over cyclist crash I’m just disappointed I had to find this in the comments section of another link instead of the day after it as put up in the Feed folder.

Today’s link from BikingInLA. Morning Links: It’s bike video Friday, Fig4All finally gets a hearing, and meet the real star of Breaking Away

I am still praying for the day when the last of these goes up because that was the last cyclist to ever get hit with a car. ‘Ghost bike’ reminder of cyclists’ danger As I recall the cyclist was hit because the vehicle driver failed to pass with enough room while trying to pass a line of bicycles.

Infrastructure! news from the next town over from WoaB World HQ. Richardson Gets Safe Routes To School Every school should have safe routes as the default condition, because every route would be safe for kids to travel. I still don’t know why this has not been in the “plan” until now.

Article on why cycling feels so unsafe in Oz. Australian journalists wage war on cycling and as an example of that “war” A plea to all cyclists and drivers The driver in the second link is blaming the cyclist for his changing lanes into a lane he could not see clearly was empty or occupied.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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A nice easy day, and the Feed

I have another easy day with little to nothing to do except write the blog post and maintain life support (gotta remember to pay the air and gravity bills…) :twisted: Tomorrow will be a bit busier as I need to get some bike parts from the store that I bought a while back, and I have been invited to join another RPG group and either bring back the original Sparrow, or roll up another character at 7th level. And then on Sunday I get to have my head shaved so that everyone will know that it is Spring (which usually only lasts 3 or 4 weeks here in TX).

Up first is a cyclist injured in an infrastructure related wreck. Cyclist injured in county bike path fall Slimy mud can be more dangerous than ice to a cyclist, and the problem is you can’t tell what the traction will be like until you are already rolling the hazard. And even if you are wearing a helmet there are other things that can be injured in a fall that are not protected by a helmet. Oh and for the technical wonks out there the traction of a mud-covered pavement will be a complex relation of the surface roughness of the pavement, the grain size of the dirt portion of the mud, and the water content of the mud…

You can get away with murder in CA, as long as you use a car as the weapon. Friends of killed cyclist say hit-and-run driver getting off easy This was the same person that Ted Rogers reported on yesterday…

The daily link to BikingInLA: Santa Monica police blame the victim in a new bike safety video, two better videos and your Morning Links I will have to ask Ted about his search strings to see why he gets things my Feed does not.

Amalgamated data from bicycle and motorcycle wrecks in one GA county where LEO doesn’t particularly like either group shows that cars are the problem. Drivers more likely to be primary factors in causes of bike-car accidents About 1/3 of the wrecks were caused by the cyclists when judged by a LEO that has a significant degree of “windshield bias” which means that in many of the cases the cyclists’ “fault” could have been “riding in the road”. I can’t state that was the case in all the wrecks, but still the fact that 2/3 of the wrecks were the fault of the driver as judged by a group that has a significant bias towards drivers and against cyclists.

A bike thief is caught in NE. UNL Police Bring Down Bicycle Thief Bike thieves should be shot, hanged, drawn, and quartered. Not that anyone has ever stolen any of MY bikes (just 3 in the last 13 years).

More on the UK cyclist who sued the local government when he hit a road surface defect that caused his bike to go down. Cyclist badly injured in pothole crash wins £70,000 payout from council and County council ‘disappointed’ with High Court judgement I wish that we could do this in the US without the “sovereign immunity” dodge. Roads are (part of) the business of local governments and failing to keep them maintained for use is a failure of the government to do its job.

Infrastructure! news from MN that is applicable most places in the US. Who Pays for “Free” Park-and-Ride Parking?

More infrastructure news from Portland OR, America’s Copenhagen. New fire bureau policy could allow speed bumps on more commercial streets

And one of the counties that Portland occupies. New Washington County bike map worth a look This bike map has symbols that show the relative traffic density, road surface conditions in the area of the road where bikes travel, and bike lanes. Until we get a nationwide network of bike paths like the Netherlands this is about the best alternative.

And those are all the links that gave me fits or giggles today. I just do this for fits and giggles anyway ;)

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Time to get the groceries, and the Feed

Today is a light day for groceries as all we really need to get is some TP, a loaf of bread, milk and replenish the yogurt supply (eating 4-6 oz. of yogurt a day makes my tummy work betterer). And of course I need to get my salty snacks refilled. The only thing I wish is that the salty snacks were not also the crunchy snacks, because those are a bear to eat when you don’t have any molars left.

Today’s Feed folder was infrastructure-heavy and (fortunately) wreck-light.

Before the bicycle stuff I often get asked why I describe my location as the suburbs of Hell. At Least Austin Traffic Doesn’t Look Like This Any other questions?

Up first they caught the driver that left a cyclist to die outside Houston. League City police arrest, charge woman in hit-and-run that killed cyclist The cyclist managed to stay alive long enough to get to hospital, but died in the ER. I’m still not getting anything on the mode of the wreck directly, but what little I have gotten seems to indicate a hit-from-behind wreck so use those protocols to avoid, and of course get the infrastructure right so that (possibly drunk) drivers are kept away from fragile cyclists.

And this has to be the most often e-mailed story I have ever gotten, there were about 5 different links to the same video, this was just the last one. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS: CYCLIST HIT BY PICKUP TRUCK, MATTRESS CUSHIONS HIS FALL I wonder if this cyclist was Irish, because he certainly was lucky on St.Patrick’s Day. The mattress appears to have come off the back of the truck just as the truck passed the cyclist, reducing the force of the impact considerably and also providing something soft to protect him while sliding across the road surface. If you want to get a good look go to YouTube, set the replay speed to 0.25, and start the video at 0:20.

A CA cyclist gets clobbered by the road (only) in this wreck. Moraga cyclist critically injured after crash in Oakland hills Something made the rider go over the handlebars and as witnesses said there were no other vehicles involved that leaves rider error, bicycle malfunction, or road surface defect. Unless one of the “witnesses” actually did something to cause the rider to flip over the handlebars…

Some slightly good news via Ted Rogers in BikingInLA. Breaking news: Wendy Villegas accepts plea in September hit-and-run death of cyclist Andy Garcia The plea gets her about 20% of the sentence she deserves which means about half of that actually as a guest at the Greybar Hilton. Still better than nothing.

A cyclist is killed by a truck in PA. Bicyclist struck, killed in Monroe Township The cyclist was riding the through street on a 2-way stop when the truck violated his right of way. Nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck, and infrastructure that doesn’t mix bicycles and semi trucks towing tanker trailers to prevent. Looking at the street view it seems very obvious that the truck driver is at fault in this wreck for failure to yield.

An act of road terror in Bermuda? Fishing line road hazards warning There was some public speculation this was set specifically to rob cyclists as there are a large proportion of the population that use cycling as their primary mode of transportation.

Oz has been dealing with a lot of road mayhem directed at cyclists. VIDEO: Riding on after an ugly week for cyclists Lots of wrecks in there.

Be careful of this link, there is an auto-playing video in it. Sydney cyclist loses function in hand after collision with car Her problems with her arm are strikingly similar to what I have with my leg, except she’s getting nerve surgery to repair the damage and I just get to suffer with mine :evil:

What appears to be an entirely infrastructure caused bike wreck. Byron Bay cyclists injured in crash If that was the road they were riding in that picture it appears to have a surface similar to the “baby-head” chip seal we get around here to discourage bicycling on quiet roads. I don’t know what to do about wrecks caused by roads not fit for the purpose, but I see that as becoming more common in the US as state DOTs divert more and more of their budgets from maintenance to construction, leaving existing streets and roads to turn into rubble.

Good luck getting prosecution when you get hit on your bike in Oz, unless you have a camera recording it. Bike riders told to buy cameras to help enforce new laws and protect themselves on the road Yeah, people who get hit by cars should not be the ones that have to prove their innocence when they are the victims.

First of a bunch of lifestyle and infrastructure links as we go back to BikingInLA. LA-style cyclist anti-harassment laws continue to spread, but there’s a catch; plus your Morning Links Some of the links are the same as I put up near the top of the post because we have similar searches going to find them.

Good news from America’s Copenhagen, Portland OR. The Orange Line might secretly be Portland’s biggest bike project ever Sneak a few million $ of bicycle and pedestrian improvements into the “mitigation” portion of a transit project? BRILLIANT!

Big bike projects are cheaper than big car projects for the same capacity, but “cheaper” =/= “cheap”. $60 mil Federally Funded Bike Bridge to Break Ground in Rahm’s Chicago This project has been in the planning stages since the last Daley was in office, Rahm just gets to preside over the ground-breaking.

This is not new, but people are still amazed it exists. This “ski lift for cyclists” helps you get up hills As I understand it this is the only route to what’s on top of the hill and the slope is such that only the most fit cyclists riding the lightest bikes could surmount it consistently.

Historical infrastructure. How did bicycling take over the Netherlands? Their reaction to cars killing large numbers of children in and out of the cars was to make cities and towns suitable for children. Our solution was to make cars into battering rams and add additional armored pods inside to further protect the kids in the cars, and then blame the parents of the kids killed and injured outside the cars for not putting their kids in cars where they were “safe”.

And as the victim of bike theft myself this story just makes me angry. Thieves steal vintage bikes collected for Houston Bicycle Museum

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles.

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A quiet day, and the Feed

Not too bad today. I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything aside from posting to the blog and the usual day-to-day stuff. I don’t even have anything to do tonight, except read comics and watch the tube. I wonder what’s on TV on Wednesday night?

Up first from a rather sparse listing is this hit-and-run in FL. Police ID bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash on the Westside Nothing on the mode has been released yet, but the witness description of the sounds of the wreck indicate that the driver probably knew he hit someone as the victim would have been unable to make any contributions to the shouting heard after the wreck as he was pronounced dead at the scene.

On the other side of the country at about the same latitude we get a similar wreck as the driver again leaves the cyclist to die in the street. Bicyclist Injured in Midway Hit-and-Run Crash Hit-from-behind wreck, so maybe the protocols would have been useful in avoiding or reducing the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. They should give the driver a ticket for failing to pass 3 or more feet away from the cyclist… along with all the other “stuff” that goes with hitting a cyclist in the road and leaving him or her there.

From Oz we get a rather blatant door prize caught on camera and denied by the perps. Police urged to charge passenger after cyclist car-doored in CBD What those cab riders did was hit-and-run, and it was caught on camera.

A cyclist in Jolly Olde files suit after hitting a pothole and sustaining life-altering injury. Cyclist sues council for £100,000 after pothole crash The follow-up in the comments section reports the suit was settled for £70,000.

SF decides to put in some Faahbyuluhs! infrastructure. San Francisco’s Castro district is putting in rainbow crosswalks At least drivers will know there’s something there and hopefully be a little more careful about barging through.

A little acerbic infrastructure news from CA. Avid cyclist to newbies: It’s your fault we can’t have nice things

Even Ted Rogers gets a little testy about bad infrastructure. Hermosa Beach allows LA County’s first cycle track to dangerously deteriorate; and a fresh batch of Morning Links What have they been doing to that bicycle infrastructure to cause it to deteriorate like that? Bicycles didn’t do that amount of damage.

And the ones I didn’t get to yesterday. Morning links: Your Tuesday morning bike reading list

Legal infrastructure from the Great White North. Will Ontario’s tougher measures against distracted driving, ‘dooring’ and passing bikes too closely make us safer? Whether this works will depend on the last “E” of Enforcement. You can pass all the laws you want but unless and until they are enforced they are meaningless.

Even in Jolly Olde they get it wrong frequently about infrastructure. Do we ban all pedestrians or just all men? Not the article, the report to which the article is referring.

Don’t let a little thing like it being almost 5 years since the last pedestrian was killed in NYC by a cyclist stop you from blaming them for creating mayhem… Oscar Health Insurance: “Bike Messengers Can Blindside You”

A new e-assist bike hits the streets. The New High Tech Stromer ST2 Electric Bike! [VIDEO]

Last link is infrastructure news from Springfield, home of the Simpsons. Inside The Simpsons’ Springfield Subway System It ain’t about bikes all the time, sometimes it’s about having a little fun.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today. I must say I much prefer giggles. ;)

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Going off-air again tomorrow, and the Feed

As you can see in the headline I will be away from the computer again tomorrow on church business, pretty much all day. I won’t be in any mood to do a post when I get back, either, because it will be after 2000 and I will need to consume food and also get up early to ride the bus to Sunday services. That, and I think cutting back to a 6-day schedule is better for my head. Get all the death and destruction out of my head for 2 days, and stay off the keyboard for at least 24 hours and I should look at the world with a less-jaundiced eye. I’ll still be the same grouchy curmudgeon at the keys I previously was, just (slightly) more sane and better able to hang onto that level of sanity. I’m still toying with the idea of dropping the wreck reports (and I recalculated the number of wreck reports I read over the 8 years this blog has been on various services, it’s more than 12K not the previous guess of 6K) to get a better toehold on sanity, but dropping back from 6 days of mayhem to 5 with one complete day away from the blog should do it for now. Saturdays are my slow day, click-wise. Apparently y’all have other things to do on weekends, whodathunkit?

Up first Houston is in media paroxysms over the drunk driver arrested for hit-and-run against a cyclist. Houston woman arrested in cyclist’s hit-and-run death and Woman accused in fatal hit-and-run of Houston cyclist appears in court also this commentary on the situation Can we just agree we are terrible at operating all vehicles? Apparently being an above-average driver in Houston is not jumping a high hurdle… as is true in most of TX from watching the news the last couple of days.

More on the cyclist hit wearing clothes on his bike (instead of the glow-in-the-dark clown suit) in CA. Killed Cyclist Identified At least in this article they did not mention the regular clothes instead of the GITDCS. And since nobody ever claimed the bike itself did not have at least rear-facing reflectors I think it’s safe to assume the bike was legally lighted and reflectored.

Also in CA more information about the wreck between a cyclist and a Tesla luxury car driving on the wrong side of the road. Tesla Motors named in fatal bike crash suit in Santa Cruz My opinion is this is a tactic to prevent the driver from using the “new car smell put me to sleep” defense in the criminal trial.

More on the MN cyclist run through a snowbank by a drunk driver in a van. He is dead: it doesn’t matter that he was a “careful” bicyclist and Organs of Bicyclist Killed in Mpls. Donated to Girl in Need What hasn’t been pointed out by all the people complaining about the cyclist not using the Greenway just a “few blocks” away, the driver was also not using I94 which was just a “few blocks” away…

In Jolly Olde someone finally got dinged for using the universal get-out-of-jail-free card. Jail for South Wales driver “blinded by sun” who killed cyclist The driver had a list of priors as long as my arm, and also left the scene without waiting for LEO or leaving proper contact data, but was not punished for either of those offenses. Also only a £120 fine? WTF the driver killed a man and then left the scene!

A bit of UK infrastructure that doesn’t get enough credit for reducing the death toll in London. London hospital that saved 668 cyclists: ‘Do more to prevent crashes’ That’s right, without quick transport to this level of care there would be another 7 deaths per year on average. But preventing wrecks is so much less expensive than treating the injured, so…

Speaking of infrastructure, it doesn’t do much good under lines of stationary cars. Gridlock

I love it when people reject bicycle infrastructure because there are no bicycles already using the non-existent infrastructure. City collects feedback on proposed cycle track system

A bit of Lifestyle from America’s Copenhagen. Freak Snow Can’t Stop Cycling in Portland and ‘Worst Day of the Year Ride’ cancels 45-mile route; 15-mile route still on So, snow can’t stop people who have to get to their destinations by bike, but it will deter people from riding for “fun”.

It seems like every day I need to link to something Ted Rogers puts out. Today is no exception. An open letter to cyclists from the Rock Store photographer, and a warning about a dangerous NELA bike lane

And those were all the links that gave me fits, or not, today.

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Just about the time we warm back up it gets cold and precipitative, and the Feed

The back yard here at Casa de El Poeta does not drain well and has been a swamp since last week’s Icepocalypse here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell (does that mean Hell froze over? I’ll leave that discussion to y’all) and had just about dried out enough that I could get enough traction to actually start on the remains of the live oak. But today I awoke to the lovely visage of freezing fog and drizzle, meaning the drying out process in the back yard was halted and most likely reversed. So I still have a back yard full of downed tree limbs that I can’t move enough to get the chainsaw to them to haul them away… Oh, and during the week when it finally warmed up a bit the ice didn’t just melt away and run off as water, it separated from the trees and buildings and bridge superstructures in large chunks. Some of those chunks were big enough to crush cars and cause casualties among pedestrians on sidewalks. Fortunately because nobody walks here pedestrian casualties were minimal, and because our LEO were actually on the ball streets and highways that were under areas of falling ice were closed until the ice cleared. So, except for the first few people who were in the line of fire when the falling ice began civilian casualties were minimal among the automotive group as well.

On the personal front this weather has been playing hell with my injuries. Specifically the cold has triggered “phantom pains” in my injured leg. I’m talking 8 on a scale of 10 pains in my foot that nothing I did made them go away except suffer through them. I have hydrocodone pills to deal with actual residual pains from the wreck, but opiates are useless against this kind of pain. Things like this are one reason why I was so upset to not get on the study of medication that specifically treated this kind of pain. What they had been giving me before I couldn’t wait until the onset of the pains to start taking the meds and the side effects of the meds we awful, from strange and disturbing dreams to altered senses of taste and smell. I couldn’t live with the side effects so I have to live with the pain.

Up first is a disturbing update about the Milt Olin wreck. Sheriff handling own investigation into cyclist’s Mulholland Highway death No way this could ever be a cover-up. These guys have no reason to hide any information from the public, like how the cruiser that hit Olin “just happened” to not have a dashcam even installed, much less functioning at the time of impact. Like how there are no skid marks at the scene aside from the one in the bike lane where Olin was hit. Like how the cruiser was at high speed in a residential area without the lights and siren going. Like exactly how fast the cruiser was going (I have seen pictures from the scene, and some show roof damage to the weapon vehicle and some don’t). And an editorial on the subject from the same media outlet. Cyclist’s death renews controversial debate

Update on a door prize in L.A. CA. Cyclist Critically Injured After Clipping Opened Vehicle Door in Brentwood Clarifying that presenting a door prize to a cyclist is a against the law, with possible fines and loss of license.

A blotter report on a bicycle wreck in PA. Sentinel police log for Dec. 12 The report is the second one after the “Middlesex Township Police (249-7191)” headline. Nothing on the mode, but since the driver was given a ticket we know who was at fault here. Infrastructure to prevent.

A hit-and-run in NC has a quick resolution. Woman charged in hit and run that injured cyclist They found the weapon vehicle and arrested the driver before the first media report could come out. Hit-from-behind wreck by a driver that left the road to hit the cyclist, reasons for leaving the road not yet published. Since the driver left the road protocols are mooted as the driver was using the cyclist’s escape route. Not sure if infrastructure without some kind of barrier would have helped here either. One thing that would have helped is making sure drivers are capable of driving in all conditions and that vehicles are capable of responding to emergency changes of speed and direction to avoid obstacles i.e. legal infrastructure changes.

Sort of infrastructure-ish news from NYC. Citi Bike Still Popular In The Cold Go CITIbike.

Lifestyle from CA. Mourners pack service for San Jose teen killed while riding bike

And another helmet article (that looks like a copy and paste from last year’s article) from west of the WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Planning to give a bicycle for Christmas? Don’t forget the helmet for goodness sake! >sigh<

And those were all the links that gave me fits, or not, about bicycles today.

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Things are getting weird, and the Feed

OK things are getting a little flaky around Casa de El Poeta lately, and I don’t think it’s entirely my fault. I know the weather is not my fault, but some of the things that people in the house are doing are just bizzzzzarre. Moving things from one place to another, that don’t belong to them. Crying, you would not believe the amount of sobbing I hear around the joint. And moving the thermostat. Every morning I get up and the thermostat has been bumped up a degree or two. Moving the thermostat makes me angry, because that costs me money, and money is one of those things that we never seem to have enough of around here.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, they put another notch in their steering wheel. Bicyclist hit, killed in western Hillsborough County and Bicyclist killed along Sheldon Road The truck driver failed to yield to the traffic on the sidewalk with fatal results, but because the bicycle did not have a headlight that’s OK. And this is another reason why FL kills more pedestrians and cyclists than any other state.

An OH driver that deliberately hit cyclists and then got out of his truck to punch the one he missed in the face gets a fine. Road Rager Who Punched Cyclist Apologizes in Court

More links to the story of the cyclist getting hit by a Sheriff’s Cruiser in the bike lane. Ex-Napster exec fatally struck by sheriff’s patrol car while biking and one of the first links Cyclist fatally struck by LA County Sheriff’s car in Calabasas and the updated link Cyclist fatally struck by sheriff’s car is ID’d

Also from CA is another “winner” of a door prize. Breaking news — 37-year old cyclist critically injured in Westside dooring

More on that IL drunk driver that killed a cyclist. Bail set for DUI driver accused of killing cyclist

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Barclays to discontinue its sponsorship of ‘Boris Bikes’ as cycle deaths on London roads increase

A sort of infrastructure-ish article. Bike helmets are less effective than we think That being said I still wear a full face hard shell helmet (as safe as a bicycle helmet can get) every time I ride, except when I need to ride with my ears unencumbered to diagnose a malfunction or impending malfunction.

Here’s a chance to ride away on a high-end e-assist bike with good climbing capability. Win a ProdecoTech Outlaw SS Electric Bike! I’m already entered, but I’ll be (almost) as happy if one of my readers gets the bike.

One of those “Dumbest Stuff on Wheels” videos turned out to be useful besides as an object lesson (don’t do this because it hurts). Video Of Brutal Bicycle Accident Allows Doctors To Link Impact Forces To Specific Facial Fractures Yeah, don’t do that, and wearing a helmet won’t fix stupid.

I need to find wheels as strong as these seem to be. This Is The Greatest Cycling Video Of All-Time

Schadenfreude. Tourist Maimed By Cabbie Sues City For $27.5 Million Go get ‘em Sian!

Last link is a fun video for a really big toy. Sorry about the delay

And those were all the links about bicycles (more or less) that gave me fits today.

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Another mule day that I don’t need to haul groceries, and the Feed

Well it’s grocery shopping day again, or what used to be known around Casa de El Poeta as Mule Day as I packed the week’s comestibles home from the store on my back or bike. Sadly, that is a thing of the past as I don’t have the bike or safety gear to do that any more. Instead we depend on our son to take us to and from the store in his hybrid. And it’s not even a plug-in hybrid, just one that uses a tiny ICE for cruising supplemented with an electric motor and KERS for short bursts of acceleration. But it meets Mrs. the Poet’s criteria for a “good car” i.e. a windshield, roof, and doors with roll up windows and climate control.

Up first is a “breaking” NJ report that never got updated. Accident with car and cyclist leaves one injured in Hackettstown Other than a rather broad location there wasn’t anything about the mode or geometry of this wreck.

Update on a hit-and-run in NYC. Report: Cyclist Killed In Williamsburg Hit-And-Run Was Popular Record Store Staffer LEO are now positively calling this a hit and run.

Update on a NY cyclist death that caused me great anger. Family of Cyclist Killed on Sound Avenue Reacts After Driver Arrested Again That’s right they couldn’t prove impairment so he got off scot-free to kill again, only this time he did something else illegal. For those whose google-fu is weak, this was the guy that crossed a major highway in a van full of children and hit the cyclist head-on on the cyclist’s side of the road. And in spite of two drugs in his system the DA could not press any charges because NY has an impossibly high hurdle to prove impairment by drugs other than alcohol.

A cyclist in MA is hit-from-behind. Cyclist injured when hit by car in East Falmouth Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

The last word on a VA bike wreck. Lawyer: $100,000 settlement following bicycle death ‘woefully inadequate’ At fault wreck with criminal charges conviction and the most they can get is the limit on his insurance policy. TANJ!

A drunk cyclist is lucky to be alive in MT. Bicyclist cited for crash with pickup truck in Great Falls Intersection wreck that likely would not have happened if the cyclist was sober, but protocols anyway, and infrastructure that protects drunk and sober cyclists alike from interactions with killing machines to prevent.

CO is still looking for the goombah that left a kid at an insurance office and stole his bike after a wreck. Search continues for hit-run suspect If you see the guy, slash his tires so he can’t get away and call the cops.

Update on a MO hit-and-run. Cyclist killed in hit and run ID’d They found the weapon vehicle as well, driver soon to be in jail. Still an intersection wreck in a residential area that needs traffic calming (not stop signs).

Hit-and-run “door prize” in WA. Seattle cyclist injured in crash asking driver to come forward I’m still trying to work out the geometry of this wreck, as this is the only “door prize” wreck I have heard of that the cyclist hit the same car twice.

A cyclist is killed JRA in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in northwest Toronto Intersection “near” the wreck but they still don’t know anything about the mode. Until I get more information I can’t say what would avoid this wreck with the built environment, or what changes in infrastructure need to be installed to prevent it. More Cyclist struck, killed near Sheppard and Allen

Another cyclist hit in Oz. Man charged after hitting Pinjarra cyclist Nothing on the mode, just that the cyclist was hit and severely injured and the driver left but was caught later.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Boris Johnson considers rush-hour lorry ban to save London cyclists and Outcry over 6 cyclists killed in London also Police promise ‘zero tolerance’ for dangerous drivers as 6th cyclist dies in 14 days

Good infrastructure news from Austin. IN AUSTIN, A BUS-BIKE ALLIANCE PAYS OFF

Ghost bikes. ‘Ghost Bike’ memorial erected in remembrance of cyclist Cyclist killed in Austin, TX. And Ghost bike memorial emphasizes bicycle safety for riders, drivers Cyclist killed in CO.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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Excited about the new bike, and the Feed

I’m about to run to the bank to get the check for the new bike. Tomorrow I exchange the check and the soulless BSO in the garage for the chance at putting the bike on the jig for delivery on 2014/01/15 or thereabouts. I’m practically giddy with excitement. What’s the emoticon for almost sorta kinda jumping up and down? ;) Because I’m jumping up and down on the inside but diligently typing on the outside… :D And in a few minutes I’m going to stop typing and get on the bus to the bank to get the check for the bike.

Up first the annual statistics are out on people killed in traffic for 2012 and we cyclists came out on the short end of the stick again. 2012 Motor Vehicle Crashes: Overview More people died overall, with most of the increase coming from cyclists and pedestrians. And this in spite of VMT holding steady during the economic “recovery”. Drivers are getting complacent again since they discovered that somebody really has to screw up royally for someone to die in a motor vehicle wreck inside the car, for cars made from 2008 on. Also Traffic deaths rise for first time since 2005

More on the “Is it OK to kill cyclists?” meme from the LA Times. Killed or injured cyclists had it coming? Get a grip, motorists. and from the UK If We Talked About All Road Users The Way We Talk About Cyclists

The “big story” today is the filing of charges and naming the suspect in an OH hit-and-run. Charges Filed In Fatal Hit-And-Run Involving DeSales Teacher and Woman charged in hit-skip crash that killed DeSales teacher also Woman Charged In Hit-Skip Accident That Killed DeSales Teacher this too UPDATE: Delaware Co. Prosecutors File Charges in Fatal Hit-and-Run not done yet Charges Filed Against Woman In Delaware County Hit-Skip That Killed Teacher last one Ohio driver charged in cyclist’s hit-and-run death Some links indicated the driver will be pleading guilty to the charges which carry a 6 year prison sentence.

A MN cyclist is hit in an intersection. Cyclist Struck, Injured By Vehicle In St. Cloud There is a traffic control there but no word on which vehicle had the right of way. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate injury, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another MN cyclist is hit in an intersection, but I can’t find the wreck scene in Google Maps. Bicyclist killed near Parkers Prairie The narrative indicates the cyclist ran a traffic control, but as I can’t find the intersection I can’t say for sure. Intersection wreck implies that intersection protocols to avoid, the rural area suggests that a segregated bicycle highway would be needed to prevent a similar wreck.

More on that PA cyclist killed by a freight train. Pa. cyclist struck, killed by freight train The interesting thing is the cyclist was not trying to cross the tracks in front of the train but rather somehow got caught in the works and sucked under the train. The problem is the bicycle was shredded by the train and the cyclist didn’t fare much better…

A GA cyclist gets hit from behind, commentors blame the cyclist for being in front of the motor vehicle. Cyclist hit by car on West Broad St. Since the cyclist’s lights and reflectors went unmentioned it can be assumed that both were at or above legal requirements, so hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

An SC cyclist is hit from behind. Updated: Orangeburg bicyclist dies after crash Nothing on the cyclist’s state of lighting which probably means the cyclist had legal lights and reflectors and the driver just was not looking for a cyclist on the road. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A CA cyclist and a pickup truck had a head-on collision on a foggy road. Cyclist injured in Aptos crash CHP does not know who was on the wrong side of the road in this wreck (yet). This is one of those wrecks that I can’t say how to avoid, but it seems pretty obvious that had the cyclist been riding on segregated infrastructure that was appropriate for the area the wreck never would have happened.

A CA cyclist hits a car in the bike lane. Bicyclist hurt after crashing into parked car Even though the bike lane was plainly marked “No Parking” that doesn’t mean you can barrel down it without looking…

A cyclist is assaulted with a deadly weapon in S.F. CA. S.F. driver arrested for attack on bicyclist Not a good thing to try to run over a cyclist you’re having an argument with in front of witnesses and cameras…

A driver looking at the brown leaves and bare branches of a Utah late fall runs into a cyclist. UPD: Teen distracted by autumn colors when she hit bicyclist For everyone that believes this story I have a bridge I would like to unload, cheap. This wreck is very much like the previous wreck in that there is little to nothing a cyclist can do when confronted with a vehicle at any speed in your lane, there’s just no reaction time. Infrastructure to prevent.

A CA newspaper gets it all wrong. Editorial: Everyone can make roads safer All of the wrecks cited in the article had cyclists following the law and wearing helmets and with bright colors and lights and reflectors in the dark for those hit in the dark, so what do they suggest? Wearing helmets and bright colors and using lights and reflectors or IOW exactly what the deceased cyclists were doing when they got killed.

Lots of links to stuff outside North America today. Like this from Enn Zed. Cyclist lost consciousness in road rage attack The driver admitted to deliberately attacking the cyclist then tried to invoke a fictitious “other” pickup truck driver when he went to trial… Can we add “not a Mensa candidate” to his CV?

The Infrastructure! problem from the UK. London cyclist deaths: Met warning over HGV ‘killing machines’ When one kind of vehicle is responsible for 8 out of a total of 13 fatal wrecks, there is something wrong with that type of vehicle in that environment.

Another of the kind of infrastructure articles you hate to read. Death spike: why cyclists are dying twice as fast on our roads Oz hasn’t been “bicycle friendly” lately. The quality of driver hasn’t been helping, especially with the never-ending drumbeat from Media that cyclists don’t belong on the roads. More Uneasy riders as cyclists rattled by steep rise in deaths

Infrastructure from Copenhagen. SNAP-ON TILES LET CITIES TEST OUT BIKE LANES [PICS] Bike lanes that can be assembled by a kid (actually a crew of kids) at the rate of a km a day.

More infrastructure in this death report from Enn Zed. Coroner cites road layout in cyclist’s death That road was changed to eliminate that pinch point within 6 months of the fatality.

Lifestyle from WI. Silent ride honors killed bicyclist and Silent tribute: Bicyclists remember colleague killed in hit-and-run crash

Lifestyle from S.F. CA> Public memorial this evening for Cheng Jin Lai, bicyclist killed in SoMa

And those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today. You wanna see something that didn’t give me fits? Go over to SFist and read the BatKid coverage. I just dare you to not like what they did for that 5YO.

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Late post tomorrow, and the Feed

I have to go testify at the EPA meeting tomorrow near WoaB World HQ that won’t get done until about 3 PM (1500) which means I won’t get home until 1700 at the very earliest. I’m testifying about climate change and the human contribution to that. I’m not a climate scientist, but I have eyes, and a memory, and I pay attention to the weather and weather trends. Here in TX we are in a prolonged drought, with 5 of the hottest years on record coming in the last decade. To quote a meaningful song lyric, “You don’t need to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.”

Down south a ways from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, a 17 YO dies in a very violent bike/SUV wreck. Teen riding bike dies after being hit by SUV near Spring The “darting” description from the driver is disproved by the physical evidence at the scene, with the impact squarely in front of the driver’s seat recorded in the broken windshield. So, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right so people riding bicycles don’t have to share space with semi-conscious drivers not watching where they are going.

Big Story today is a special prosecutor being assigned to an OH hit-and-run. Prosecutor Provides Update In Hit-And-Run Crash That Killed DeSales Teacher and Special prosecutor handling Ohio bike fatal also Special prosecutor handling Ohio bike fatal I’m not up on the local politics of the area, but it seems the driver in this case is seriously politically connected to the point that LEO are afraid to prosecute, or even investigate seriously.

Another OH hit-and-run, Cyclists React to Recent Hit-Skip Injury This is an update to the bike blogger report from earlier this week.

More on the “sleeping” CA driver that went completely off the road and hit a cyclist head on when the weapon vehicle returned to the pavement. CHP: Dozing driver struck, killed bicyclist north of Santa Cruz and CHP: Dozing driver struck, killed bicyclist north of Santa Cruz Ignore user “lilith” in the comments sections.

Another CA link tries to blame cyclists for wrecks in spite of video evidence to the contrary in the report. I-Team gets street view from cyclists In spite of several recorded incidents shown in the report they still somehow manage to shift the blame back to cyclists.

CHP is “trying” to find the weapon vehicle in a hit-and-run. <a href="CHP seeks driver of minivan that struck cyclist (UPDATED: 5:37 p.m.) I don’t see why finding a wrecked vehicle is so hard. This one should have right rear quarter panel damage. Right hook so intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A NY report that has zero information beyond “no criminality suspected”. Police: Syracuse bicyclist dies after collision with car; man hit at city intersection Intersection protocols to avoid assuming the driver wasn’t running a red light, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A GA cyclist is killed in a SWSS. Marietta Bicyclist Killed on Powder Springs Road and Police identify bicyclist who was struck and killed by cars in Atlanta suburb of Marietta Hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid (including a daylight-visible red blinky on the back) and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I would have filed following too close charges on the second vehicle as well.

Update and closure to an IL wreck report. Injured Vernon Hills man awarded $700,000 in bike accident The cyclist won the “door prize” and was hit a second time by a passing vehicle before he could hit the ground.

A rare UK story as a driver guilty of hit-and-run maiming of a cyclist can’t (legally) drive for 3 months. Sunderland cabbie banned after hit-and-run wiped out charity cyclist I’m sure a 3 month vacation is going to be a severe imposition on the driver that permanently injured the cyclist.

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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