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I’m trying to track down which Deity I have annoyed lately, and the Feed

I’m getting a [insert adjective for extreme] bad run of luck, but so far nothing damaging to life or limb. Just consumptive of my time in the extreme. With today’s example we had another visit to the chiropractor to get Mrs. the Poet and I well adjusted. Because this is Spring Break Mrs. the Poet has no little customers to feed so she’s off from work. That meant I could leave the house 45 minutes later than usual for Neck Cracker Day as I didn’t have to stop and gather up Mrs. the Poet from her job, we just went straight on through to where we met the lady we share appointments with. Since I normally stop for a bite where I pick up Mrs. the Poet I ate like I usually do, which means a big cup of coffee with lots of milk and nothing else until I do that stop to get Mrs. the Poet. Only today, no stop as we were just going to go straight through. That meant I was getting a might peckish when we got to the C-store where we rendezvous for the rest of the trip. I dropped in to grab something edible and ran into our ride as I exited the store, so far so good. We get to see the therapist early and get done quickly because the therapy is starting to show results, slowly but surely. We got done so fast our ride was still on the table when we got done, something that has never happened. On the way home we decided that instead of fixing a fast dinner when we got home it would be better to stop for fast food since I had a coupon good for a free sandwich when I bought another sandwich of the same kind. BTW the sandwich was very tasty and filling. Back to the trip, we got our food and piled back into the vehicle to get the rest of the way home, the driver turned the key and nothing happened, repeatedly. Since we were at the intersection of two freeways and a major cross-town arterial street nobody could hear anything, so I stuck my head under the hood to listen closer to the engine to see if there was any aural clues about what was going on. Well, it sounded to me like the solenoid was tripping but not making contact. I felt the battery cables and they were not getting warm so the starter was not shorted out, also none of the lights on the dash dimmed when the key was turned except the radio dial, which always went out when the key was turned since before this fault showed up. To make the rest of the story short we were dead in the water in a 30 minute parking zone. We ended up getting home more than two hours later than normal, but at least we had a chance to eat dinner first…

Up first is a cyclist that came within a couple of inches of departing this plain, shuffling off this mortal coil, singing with the choir eternal, you know dying. Luciano: Cyclist sore after pickup driver’s hit’n’flee Salmon driver cutting the corner to widen his arc on a narrow road with sharp turns almost takes out the cyclist, the cyclist was extremely lucky. He did about all you can do when a motor vehicle coming the opposite direction tries to apex the turn where you are riding, lean into the turn harder to stay away from the vehicle. Properly designed infrastructure would have had this driver on a completely separate piece of pavement from the cyclist in this rural area.

When you leave a swath of loose gravel across a road you have to pay the piper when someone comes a cropper because of it. Capistrano man gets $15 million in bike-accident settlement They were lucky it was just a small group of cyclists that hit that gravel first, instead of a group like the Hell’s Angels. They have a tendency to take out their compensation in the blood of the responsible parties.

Update on a serious wreck. Morning links: Arraignment in the Phillip O’Neill case, and a preview of this weekend’s Donut Ride And there is obviously a whole batch of other information there.

“Some assembly required”. ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’ bicycle fetches $36,600 Talk about appreciation, this bike went from $10K less than 4 years ago to $36.6K. In vehicle terms that’s like Hemi ‘Cuda 4-speed convertible appreciation.

I wouldn’t recommend the IPA that I drank after dinner as a recovery drink, but someone is working on a beer that will work as such. Beer As A Post-Workout Recovery Drink? Not As Crazy As It Sounds This is not your average beer, so continue to avoid Bud and Miller except as something to go with dinner. But not Shiner, you can drink as much of that as you want. >:) (what is the character combination that gives you a smiley with horns in WordPress?)

Another article on the phenomenon of the Ghost Bike Movement. Ghost bikes honor dead cyclists around the Twin Cities There are many reasons but few explanations. And I say leave it at that.

OK explain to me again why your car is so good? Ethics on Wheels

If your city doesn’t know what to count, how can they make improvements? A wiser way of counting

OK even I find this at least a little bit inspiring. Bicyclist to finish ride after losing leg in hit-and-run Unlike my wreck where I lost consciousness at the first impact (thank [*Deity] for small favors) this guy was awake for every insult and injury he suffered. So yeah, he “wins”. Mrs the Poet read this link during filtering and says we need to get together and go on tour or something to combat hit-and-run. We both survived for a reason, and I for one would love to have a reason to keep on keeping on besides, “it’s cheaper than dying,” because that one’s starting to wear a bit thin.

Infrastructure! from Canuckistan. Remove a lane to improve traffic? Expert explains his Calgary cycle track proposal And the comments to this article perfectly illustrate the arguments against cars in the paragraph above.

Last link is another example of entitled drivers. A solution for slowpokes That’s right some drivers can’t stand when people drive the speed limit, either. Put a cyclist on the same road and they blow a blood vessel.

And those are all the links that gave me fits, or not, today.

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I’m back from my peregrinations, and the Feed

The headline is just a fancy way of saying “trip over”, but the trip did feel like a 1 day marathon travel session. My business took about 0:40 to 0:45 total today, but I left home at 11:12 and did not return until 17:22. The time not spent conducting business was either walking to a bus stop, standing waiting at a bus stop, sitting waiting at a train station, or riding a bus or a train. And except for the one train I missed by a few minutes in Downtown Dallas which required waiting 20 minutes for the next train in that direction I did not spend a whole lot of time waiting to make transfers. All other transfers took 10 minutes or less. And I still have to go back to both places to get the stuff they did not have in stock at some later date. And beyond all that now my feet hurt, and so do my back and neck. When I build my car I’m going to make doggone sure the damn seat FITS me so I don’t get the shoulder support hitting about 6-8″ below my shoulders and no support above that as I’m trying to keep everything balanced… That’s a big reason why I have neck and shoulder pain on these trips.

Ted Rogers got it right this morning. Morning links: More ghost bikes needed, watch out for drowsy drivers and a call for historical women on bikes If you see a driver who looks like he or she might be nodding off this week the recent switch to daylight savings time might have something to do with it. And the concept that there are so many cyclists getting killed that the raw materials for ghost bikes are getting scarce from too many needing to be built at the same time is about as horrifying as it gets.

Still in CA a cyclist apparently either did not see the red light, or they had some kind of massive brain fade that made them disregard it. Cyclist Killed After Running Red Light and Update: Red-light running cyclist killed in Glendale collision Sunday morning All I can say about this one is to have that first cup of coffee before you leave the house, and don’t start your ride until you feel it kick in, so you can PAY ATTENTION to what the infrastructure is telling you and you don’t run reds.

In CO it has been revealed that doing cocaine for 2 days solid and then driving to the sentencing hearing on your DUI conviction might not be a particularly wise thing to do. More charges after cyclist killed in W. Colorado I think the problem may have been more related to the lack of sleep causing brain fog and fuzz than the actual cocaine intoxication as stimulants are supposedly good for staying alert, but after a while there’s “awake” and then there’s “functioning” when it comes to using stimulants instead of sleeping. In my experience the cutoff point is 36 hours without sleep, and that was when I was 19. As I got older that cutoff point has creeped shorter.

A hit-from-behind wreck in RI. Warwick bicyclist seriously injured after being hit by car I’m still boggled that of all the vehicles that you can hit from behind a bicycle is the only one that is as much at fault as the motor vehicle that hits him or her. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And it’s a small state, why such a big hurry? I mean even the MS 150 does a longest axis ride and still winds up in MA after less than 75 miles, and Wikipedia says doing the longest axis ride and back isn’t even a century ride (close, at 96 miles total round trip).

Last wreck link is from the UK where a cyclist with no brakes almost got hit once and then did get hit by the next car. Driver Malcolm Moaby not to blame for crash which killed Chatham man Leon Edwards in Gravesend Road, Shorne The bike was missing a brake block but nothing on if the holder was on the bike or if it was one of the cheapy kind that puts a bolt inside the mold when the block is molded and the block and everything gets tossed when it wears out, they sometimes fall off the bike when not tightened properly Better quality blocks have a separate holder that the brake block slides into, and installing them backwards or upside down can cause the block to slide out in a few days to weeks if the locking pin gets left out. Don’t ask me how I found that out.

We’re going to stay in Jolly Olde for our first Infrastructure! link. Council sued over cyclist death They had five weeks at least to fix this hole after being notified by police that the hole presented a danger, and a week after the cyclist died the hole was still not fixed. I think barring criminal prosecution the best that can be done is to sue those responsible personally for most of what they have.

Moving all the way from Jolly Olde to 3 day’s ride from WoaB. Ellis, Payne: Roads need room for cyclists and pedestrians and Cyclists are being killed with disturbing regularity If our streets and roads were as dangerous for the people using cars as they make it for those of us that don’t, only the criminally insane would buy cars.

A faint glimmer of hope for the former most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. In legislative session, make the cross-Florida bike trail a reality Oh pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pretty please… Don’t veto this tiny scrap of real bicycle infrastructure.

And a nationwide bodyblow to the rails-to-trails movement. Supreme Court ruling delivers a major blow to bike paths

Not the kind of wreck that anyone can avoid, I’m just glad this trained person was first on scene when it happened. Manatee deputy honored for helping save bicyclist hit by golf ball The cyclist had a brain injury and a broken hip from the incident.

Last link, finally a e-assist bike priced on costs to manufacture, not on “what the market will bear”. B’Twin launch £420 e-bike Start with a sturdy but cheap-to-build regular bike then install a small hub motor and ancillaries to power it but not over-power it and voila cheap e-assist bike.

And those were all the links about bicycles I could find after I got home.

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Well, moving on, and the Feed

I got a little mushy yesterday about Mrs. the Poet. If you were married to her for 36 years you would get mushy, too. But, today is another day and I have other challenges to meet. Like getting my new bike home from the builder’s shop when my legs won’t get it back and it won’t fit on the bus or train. That makes “borrowing” a truck the only alternative. I’m going to have to take a break in the middle of composing the post again to go get the bike today. Also trying to deal with the emotions of reading about people getting killed and maimed several times a day is wearing, but not as bad since I stopped reading the Feed over the weekend. It’s not the size of the dose that matters, but the frequency I get it. Taking a 2 day break lets me recharge enough to deal with it again without the flashbacks getting too intense. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on the random nerve glitches from the physical damage I took all those years ago. And it’s also good that I don’t have any use for alcohol as a drug because I would be constantly drunk to “forget” if booze did any good at that. Akk! Another run-on sentence. I must remember that commas are not periods, and that punctuation is my friend in understandable writing. And Squirrel!

Meanwhile my new bike is posing for commercials…

My bike advertising for weight loss

The copy for the ad says “The one in the back makes you fat and runs on money, the one in the front runs on fat and makes you money.”

Down the road a bit from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, LEO are still actively searching for a hit-and-run driver. Search continues for Cedar Park hit-and-run driver They think the driver came back to steal the bike and pick up evidence, but he missed a bunch in the dark. He didn’t miss stealing the bike. I hope there is a special cell for this guy in the jail, that gets blisteringly hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter with no bedding, just let him sleep in the floor. And then make him watch as his car is crushed and recycled into bicycles so he will have some transportation after he gets out of prison. See, I can be nice! I actually want this spawn of Satan to have a healthy way to get around after he has served his sentence.

A little further away some people are beating up on people riding bikes, apparently because they can. NOPD seeks bicycle beaters Seriously, there’s no rhyme nor reason other than they can get to the victims and beat them up. What can you do to protect yourself against that kind of animal?

From CA LAPD seriously drops the ball on a cyclist assaulted in a road rage case. No justice for a victim of road rage; hit-and-run victims urged join Damien Kevitt at Critical Mass next week They have pictures of the car and plate, the crushed bicycle and pictures of the tire tracks over the cyclist’s legs, what more do they need? A signed confession from the driver?

An incident that echoes back to the assaults in N’awlins. Man attacks cyclist for (lawfully) riding up Denny Way sidewalk Seriously, can’t ride in the street, you get assaulted, can’t ride on the sidewalk, you get assaulted, still get assaulted when you ride in the bike lane…

Another article about the idiot politician telling people not to ride bicycles or motorcycles in his city because drivers can’t read signs and can’t drive. “No One Who Lives in Our Community Should Ever Ride a Bike” – American Politician I want the torch and pitchfork concession when the angry mob marches on his house. I think someone else already has the tumbrel and guillotine concession.

Infrastructure! news from L.A. CA. Bike Friendly Business District Pedals for Eagle Rock

And at least one bikey person got ground down by the lack of decent bike infrastructure in L.A. The Problems With Riding A Bicycle In Los Angeles The Dutch standard is from 8 YO to 80, inclusive of all ages in between. That’s not the L.A. standard.

And those are all the links that gave me fits about bicycles today.

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Wow! 36 years and no corpses, and the Feed

I’m sure that headline has more than a few of you scratching heads, maybe even your own. Well let me fill you in on some back story. Back before I was Opus the Poet, or any kind of poet (I was just starting to write fiction, poorly) I met this girl, and we got along pretty well and liked each other in a physical way. Since I was under 21 and living in Utah we did not have access to OTC BC. She could have gotten the pill, but since she was a Good Catholic girl she decided that we would use the rhythm method as her church instructed (nevermind the premarital aspect of the thing). Long story short her sense of rhythm was terrible and she skipped a beat, for 9 months. When she failed to show for our weekly date on Steak Night at the dorms I was worried about her, and got a call telling me I was a Daddy to explain why she missed our date. Then I finally got her to accept my proposal when I proposed to her in her hospital room where she was recovering from having the baby at home, in the middle of the night. Time skip 10 days later and we are getting hitched after finding someone to babysit. That was 36 years ago today. Everyone said it wouldn’t last, which is why I put in the “no corpses” bit in the headline. We haven’t killed each other yet, and probably won’t any time soon. We are going out for dinner tonight. I have a coupon for 2 free tacos and a $15 gift card for Jack in the Box, it’s so romantic… ;)

Up first an AZ hit-and-run driver is found and… let go? WTF! Hit and Run Crash Driver Found Noo, that is just so WORNG! It should have said something like “hit-and-run driver found and shot dead trying to escape” or “hit-and-run driver held without bail”. This was literally a drive-through murder, and they let the guy go? If anything ever said anything about the opinions of Yuma AZ LEO towards cyclists, this does. The guy ran once already, why wasn’t he declared a flight risk and held?

From the new #2 killer of cyclists comes a left cross wreck report. Cyclist seriously injured in collision with SUV on Siesta Intersection wreck, protocols to avoid or reduce damages, infrastructure to prevent, death to drivers who “can’t see” and hit cyclists… And I’m in a really bad mood today. I need to step away and get it together and get ready for my date tonight…

Some UK judges haven’t gotten the memo about blind drivers killing cyclists. Crook delivery driver who killed Cleadon cyclist on A66 near Stockton walks free from court The driver admits he wasn’t watching where he was going nor controlling his speed to conform to conditions, and killed a man because of that and still gets to go home to his family? TANJ!

A cyclist riding for a UK team goes down after hitting train tracks and gets run over by a bus. Belgian cyclist Kristof Goddaert killed after being involved in training accident No matter how good a rider you are you can still get bitten by train tracks, even without the train. Slow down and ride as perpendicular as possible across the tracks, both to the world and perpendicular to the direction of the tracks.

Why is this even an issue? Residents, cyclists support petition to save the Wellfleet “ghost bike” memorial As I posted to the article and the petition linked in the article ghost bikes are a constant reminder that poor infrastructure killed a person. As I have stated many times in this blog, almost every bike wreck could be prevented with good infrastructure. Deaths are expensive, and should be factored into the costs of bad infrastructure along with people suffering from health problems caused by sitting in cars all day long when most trips could be made by bike.

I’m back from my date and buying something Mrs. the Poet has been nagging me for since mid-November, a new broom and mop. We stopped at the Dollar Store and picked it up for her.

I’m wondering how much of this was hallucination and how much was “something” in the desert. After Nine-Hour Desert Bike Ride, A Guy Sees a Lizard Man Ordinarily I would just pass this off as an exhausted hallucination, but this is very similar to other sightings over the years.

Bicycle shows are moving up in the world. The only bicycle show to come second to Beyoncé? Most shows are lucky to get a mention in local press, much less be recommended right below a Beyoncé show.

Another e-assist bike hits the market with more attention to style than being a good bike. What Happens When Charm of Old School Design Meets High Tech Gizmos? Meet at Ariel Rider Ebikes! I admit they are good-looking bikes with good designs hiding the battery in the “gas tank” but I would be really interested in seeing their watts/mile figures on a course with lots of rolling hills that were just long enough that you couldn’t use momentum to get over them with minimal pedaling.

Industry news in e-assist bikes as German e-assist leader Bosch makes moves on the US market. New Sales Manager for Bosch eBike Systems These are bottom bracket systems that have to be built into the frame at manufacture, not added aftermarket.

Another gadget that will cost lots of money but not make much difference without a major change in laws and attitudes. This little green laser could save bicyclists’ lives As was pointed out in the article comments section unless drivers are actually looking for the green glow going by they aren’t going to see it on the ground in front of them, particularly if it’s hidden behind the front of the car.

An article that helps people deal with the built infrastructure, a more fleshed out version of the protocols to avoid wrecks. Guest post: Taking the lane — a CyclingSavvy instructor explains her objection to bike lanes The problem is there are very few “good” bike lanes in the US, most are somewhere between “bad” and “what homicidal idiot designed this monstrosity?”

Last link is a variation n an old way to steal a bike right under the noses of LEO. Bicycle is stolen from Nuneaton Railway Station in a ‘cruel but clever con’

And those are the links that gave me fits or not today… I hope you enjoyed them.

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I feel better now, and the Feed

A little time off away from the mayhem and gore has been quite rejuvenating. I still think I need to change focus here in the blog, but I can move that date back a bit from when I was planning for last week, on Valentine’s Day, to probably some time next year. Seriously folks, I have been doing the wreck coverage and analysis since late 2006, it is long past time for me to move on to other subjects. But Not Right Now.

Up first is an update on a TX wreck that didn’t make any sense when I first read about it, and makes even less sense now. Family seeking answers in bicycle death The location of the impact, the path of the weapon vehicle, the location of the impact on the weapon vehicle, none of that makes sense in any way shape or form except as a deliberate act of aggression against the cyclist.

Still in TX we have a hit-from-behind wreck behind a paywall. Rosharon cyclist killed Just from what little escaped redaction from the paywall this looks like a blind driver placing blame for his blindness on the cyclist he didn’t see, what with the “dark road” and the “Huffy bicycle”.

Still getting lots of links to the “good cyclist” killed in MN. Mourning bicyclist killed in Minneapolis and Minneapolis man charged with vehicular homicide in cyclist’s death also How a “safe” cyclist can still end up dead last link Memorial Bike Ride Honors Cyclist Killed in Uptown Accident I find some of these articles I have been reading and linking to this past week as offensive as describing a rape victim as “modestly dressed”, as if only “modestly dressed” women deserve not to be raped. Conversely, all cyclists deserve to not get hit riding on the roads no matter if they are out training, or commuting to work, or hauling stuff home from the grocery. The issue in this wreck was the driver that was more than 3 times the legal limit for BAC%, 0.27% on a legal limit of 0.08%. Not that the cyclist had a helmet on, or not.

A CO driver is charged in the hit-and-run death of a cyclist. Fort Collins woman arrested on suspicion of causing fatal hit-and-run crash with cyclist As much as I hate hit-and-run and DUI, this woman is still considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law, not the court of public opinion. She deserves a fair trial and a decent hanging.

A MA cyclist is hit and LEO are sitting very tight on the details of the wreck. Bicyclist hit by vehicle, injured in Amherst Seriously tight, as in the wreck was as the cyclist was crossing an intersection and LEO are not even saying what road she was using, much less things like direction… As of right now it’s “commie bicycle” and “redneck pickup truck” in a death match :P

Why is this not being investigated as a homicide/murder? Bail set at $25k for Keene woman charged in friend’s hit-and-run death She LIVED WITH THE VICTIM! Hello? She was familiar with his route, bicycle, and kind of clothes because she LIVED AND WORKED WITH THE VICTIM! I don’t know if this was his route home but at any rate a good portion of it would be on the street/highway he lived on. Not knowing the actual site of the wreck I can’t say much about avoiding it, but it looks like a good portion of the route home could have been on segregated infrastructure.

A fatal wreck in CA. Cyclist hit, killed during Tour de Palm Springs and Update: Tour de Palm Springs rider killed in Thermal collision LEO are sitting hard and tight on this wreck, also. Nothing official about the wreck, just stuff from ordinary people on the scene. At this point it is an intersection wreck with a 2-way stop in the cyclist’s direction and a possible “waving through” by a stopped driver and the weapon vehicle striking the cyclist after passing the stopped vehicle.

Also from CA is this report that the accused DUI hit-and-run driver that killed a cyclist was released from one jail only to be put in another. Accused OC DUI hit-and-run driver stays behind bars, and an ever-expanding list of local bike events

Up in the land of Rob Ford, a cyclist is hit but not killed. Cyclist injured in Vaughan hit-and-run, police seeking witnesses The bike was severely crushed in the wreck so I would call it a hit-from-behind even without a LEO report. The snowbanks on the side of the road moot the hit-from-behind protocols because there was no place a human could go on a bicycle except where he got hit, so I place some blame on the existing infrastructure. Getting the infrastructure right would prevent the wreck.

I think the culture is starting to change in Jolly Olde as witnessed by these two links. Racing driver jailed for Lancashire cyclist’s death and Racing driver jailed over cyclist’s death That’s right, nearly 2 years for killing a cyclist. I think perhaps a rising percentage of the judiciary cycling for transportation has crossed a critical mass, or just people whom they know, so that this has a personal resonance for the judges now.

A LEO in Spain is killed while riding his bike. Fuengirola policeman killed in traffic accident Hit-from-behind by an impaired driver, the narrative of the wreck does not appear to allow much time to react to the situation, but get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure news from the UK. Cyclist collision database could save lives & reduce injuries, says medical charity – but it needs funding

I’m not sure how to classify these links other than appalling. Cabbies Keep Driving Despite Their Roles In Fatal Crashes and 95% Of NYC Drivers Avoid Criminal Charges After Fatal Crashes

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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There’s white stuff on the ground and it ain’t coke, and the Feed

Woke to bitter cold this AM with a pretty good breeze, then things started getting really weird. This white stuff fell outta the sky…

And of course I’m pulling your collective legs, I recognize snow when it hits me on the top of the head and covers the ground. I haven’t seen snow like this in an age, a fine powder that blows and drifts gracefully even in light breezes. Seriously, I haven’t seen snow like this since I moved away from the mountains of UT to lower latitudes and altitudes back when Jimmy Carter was still president. Of course just because I know what snow is and how to handle it that doesn’t mean that other people here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell know what to do when the white stuff hits the ground. The hundreds of wrecks, mostly fender-benders, on the streets and highways of the Metromess are testament to that. The powdery snow on the walks was no problem to negotiate on the way to the mailbox but Mrs. the Poet reports that other sidewalks were not as good as ours and she slid around a bit on the way home. She also reports passing 3 wrecks during the part where she rode rather than walked.

Up first, the TX teen afflicted with affluenza again avoids jail in the deaths or permanent maimings of 7 pedestrians while the driver was drunk on stolen beer. ‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch Evades Jail Time Again This wreck was in the next county to the west from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell.

Also in TX LEO in Houston caught a hit-and-run driver from about 2 month ago. Houston woman arrested in cyclist’s hit-and-run death The cyclist was hit from behind in the bike lane and then left for dead. There is a very good chance the driver will get some prison time as she has a previous DUI and admits she was drunk at the time of the wreck, so drunk that she doesn’t recall the wreck.

More on that MN wreck where the driver rammed the cyclist from the street onto the sidewalk through a snowbank. Bicyclist fatally struck by van in Minneapolis; DWI suspected The cyclist might have survived without getting crushed going through the snowbank. More Suspect in crash that killed Minneapolis bicyclist released from jail

From CA, the suspect in a DUI hit-and-run was released from jail because the CHP hasn’t finished their investigation and the limit for holding a person without charge is 48 hours in CA. Suspect in Cyclist’s Death to Be Released From Jail Today You would think that they could hold her based on the evidence they already have, but no.

Also in CA charges are filed against the driver that ran head-on into a cyclist while sleeping (the driver was sleeping, not the cyclist). Manslaughter charges for Santa Cruz driver who fell asleep at the wheel I covered this wreck pretty thoroughly back when it happened.

The teens who assaulted a TN cyclist with both a motor vehicle and pepper spray have been charged and arrested. UPDATE: Teens charged in cyclist assault The bit that bothers me is they are still making noises about charging the cyclist for slapping the vehicle as it passed violating the 3-foot passing law. So they are going to charge the cyclist for being close enough to hit the weapon vehicle that was assaulting him?

Closure from the UK (almost). Driver guilty of causing A444 cyclist’s death by careless driving Speeding driver runs a red light and kills a cyclist, final closure not available until April 4 when sentence is pronounced.

I could have used these guys back when Gigi and Blue were stolen. The Sith Lord Vader Squadron Want To Help Get Your Stolen Bike Back

What do you do when you’re without a car and you are not in an urban area? Transportation Cycling in Rural Areas: Some Food for Thought

An example of good bicycle infrastructure. Where Traffic Signals Automatically Give Cyclists Priority

Some good infrastructure of the legal variety emerging from FL. Get tough on hit-and-run drivers

Infrastructure news from CA. SFMTA Adopts Policy That Seeks To Eliminate Pedestrian, Cyclist Traffic Deaths I suggest that charging drivers when someone kills a pedestrian or cyclist instead of dismissing it as an “accident” would be an excellent first step.

Infrastructure from NC. Latest cyclist death raises questions about road safety News flash, NC roads are safer than a third world country’s but not by very much.

Ever have someone blame you for something another cyclist did, maybe years ago? You’re a cyclist, so it’s your fault Logic doesn’t work, appealing to their sense of fairness doesn’t work, and applying a hammer to the offender’s forehead doesn’t work…

Last link, the worst driver in Ca has vanished from the face of the Earth. Dr. Thompson disappears, why ghost bikes are needed, and Times Steve Lopez says LA isn’t doing enough Now that the state of CA no longer has a vested interest in keeping TTTWLAMWAMD alive he can get run over crossing the street? That would be karma biting with a vengeance.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or otherwise about bicycles today.

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Oh my Gawd it HURTS! and the Feed

Remember that throwaway bit in yesterday’s post about the blood in my underwear? I can barely get from the office to the coffeepot now because of the pain “down there”. A wise man learns from other people’s mistakes, and I’m offering the chance for you to be a wise person. Don’t make the mistake I made about riding a bike that doesn’t fit properly. The handlebars would have been fine with a different saddle and wearing bike shorts, but not for a cruiser saddle and regular clothes. Seriously, this is painful, and I’m telling you as a guy that has pulled more than one of his own teeth without anesthesia. I don’t have any infection yet, but this is not good. So, yeah, friends don’t let friends ride a bike that doesn’t fit without bike shorts. Seriously, don’t do it.

And also don’t expect to see any pictures of this. Number one I can’t get a camera pointed at the spot without someone else doing the pointing, and two you guys can’t afford my fees for that kind of service. That would involve a picture of all the goods…

Up first is another CO hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash near Windsor Narrative points to hit-from-behind, so protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And if you can’t squeeze Dutch-style infrastructure in and this has to be shared space, then make fatal hit-and-run similar to a drive-by shooting.

I thought this wreck was in the UK when I first filtered it. Police: Aberdeen cyclist dies of injuries suffered in crash with SUV; man hit from behind Well, with an 84 YO driver I can’t say for sure if we are dealing with an actual blind driver or just a driver that could not physically react to the sight of a cyclist in front of them until too late to avoid the collision. Anyway, protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another link local to BikingInLA. Another drunken hit-and-run, another bike rider left to die in the street One the one hand this is why I’m glad there isn’t a more robust cycling culture here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, because I don’t have to report from local knowledge as often. On the other hand I don’t get to report on local infrastructure news all that often, either. But yeah, another drunk driver runs another cyclist over from behind, use the protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right so the drunks are nowhere near the cyclists in the first place.

A low-information wreck report from Jamaica. Pedal cyclist killed on Hellshire main road The driver of the weapon vehicle transported the injured cyclist to hospital, which I’m not sure is a good or a bad thing. The good part is he didn’t hit-and-run, the bad thing is he destroyed most of the evidence in the wreck by not contacting authorities and letting them handle the situation and maintaining the geometry of the wreck. Hit-from-behind wreck so protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in Oz. Cyclist, 20, injured in collision with station wagonPreliminary indications are that the mountain bike drove through the intersection into the path of an oncoming vehicle and that is where they have collided.” Notice it’s never the car that violated the cyclist’s ROW, it’s always the cyclist that crossed the path of the oncoming vehicle. Anyway, intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid or survive, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And that pain is starting to make me cranky.

Another wreck in Oz, hidden among the other deaths. Police urge drivers to take care after five killed in horror 24 hours on Victoria’s roads Nothing on the wreck other than the cyclist was hit riding on a “tourist road” so nothing on how to avoid or reduce injury. I strongly suspect that getting the infrastructure right would have prevented the wreck however.

A bike on bike wreck in Enn Zed. Injured cyclist flown to hospital Touched wheels and went tail over teakettle and head-first into the road. Wrecks like this can’t be prevented with better infrastructure, only with better cyclists.

Lifestyle as a Ghost Bike is placed in SoCal. REGION: Memorial ride honors cyclist killed in crash

Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde. Number of serious injuries to cyclists falls

Notice that as late as 1927 private motor vehicles were still not the dominant mode of traffic on London. Viral Video: Rare color video of London circa 1927 Notice that traffic seems to be busses (practically an endless stream of them), horse-drawn carts, bicycles, and pedestrians. Very few private motor vehicles are visible among the street scenes.

And those were all the links that gave me fits (or not) today.

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Full Moon tonight, crazy to follow, and the Feed

There is a reason there is the word “lunatic”. People get a little crazy at night when they can walk under the full moon. Not so much now because of all the artificial lighting we have, especially in cities, but the effect is still noticeable. And tonight we are having a Full Moon circle with no script beyond welcoming in a new lunation deity. And on Sunday we will have our final evening service until Summer as the people awake during the day outnumber the people that can only come to church at night. We don’t have the support staff to do two services, but it is thought that perhaps we will keep Adult Religious Education classes going for the Night People. The person we started the evening services for because she worked during the day on Sunday had her Sunday hours extended so she can’t even make a 1930 start time, her store closes at 2000 on Sunday now. Also much of the rest of the congregation has changed their work hours as well with many no longer having Sundays free for either service. So now Mrs. the Poet will get to go to Sunday services again. And I will probably have to drop Wreck-Free Sunday posts because of attending Sunday morning services and teaching Adult R.E. at night.

Another link to a hit-and-run in Houston. [$Deity] I’m getting so tired of links to hit-and-runs. Cyclist killed in hit and run crash It appears the cyclist was either riding to or from a nearby bike path along a bayou, but because the cyclist and bike were found so far away from the scene direction of travel and point of impact are impossible to determine.

A little closer, learning to use new infrastructure is sometimes hard. Who’s Legal In Austin Bike Lanes? Part of the problem is a lack of paved pedestrian spaces where you don’t have to walk through the mud and an antiquated law that requires walking through the mud if that’s all there is. Yep TX laws still say that strip of dirt between the edge of the road and the edge of the right of way is a “sidewalk” and you have to walk in it.

And speaking of people using the wrong infrastructure, a drunk in MI tried the bike path in his car. Drunken motorist busted driving on bike path Some people think if it’s paved then it’s car territory. Especially when they are drunk.

Moving to the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, when they can’t get you on the road they go after you on the bike path, part 2. Riders encounter carpet tacks along Tampa bike trails This would be an act of terrorism had it been on anything but a bike path.

Still in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Fabiola Santiago: Banning bikes not the road to a solution in Key Biscayne A wise person indeed to recognize the elephant in the room, people on bicycles are getting injured and dying because of other people driving irresponsibly, not because they are riding on bicycles which makes it “their fault”.

Still in the most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bike a texting driver takes out a tree. Texting and Driving Crash Caught on Camera Think about the bike lane and sidewalk the driver crossed before hitting the tree. Just sayin’.

Still more on the death of a socially-promenant cyclist under the wheels of a SoCal LEO. Probe into former Napster exec fatally hit by sheriff’s car continues Things continue to percolate along but the pace of the investigation and the lack of dash camera footage is really getting the conspiracy theory crowd worked up hard. And I’m somewhat doubtful about the cruiser not having a dash cam myself…

Because infrastructure seems to be the theme of the Feed today, still in CA we have a major city giving at least some lip service to the idea that cars can be used without killing people. Imagine No Deaths: Supes, Safe Streets Advocates Call for “Vision Zero” I will reserve judgement on this one until I see plans of action for implementation.

Still in CA this one gave me giggles. Thief Sells Stolen Bike on Craigslist, Original Owner Enacts Revenge Instead of going to get the guy himself he sent an undercover cop to bust the guy.

NY cyclists ask for a pittance to make roads safer for everyone. Bicyclists to Cuomo: $20 million for pedestrian and bicycling projects Unless that $20 M is a recurring annual item not much will get built, again just sayin’.

A NYC traffic victim takes an awfully long time to die from his injuries. East Village Flower Stand Employee Killed By Driver On PCP & Meth The wreck was last June, the death was this month.

This one is really hard for me. For One Reckless Driving Survivor, “Life Looks a Lot Different Than Before” That could have been my life had things gone just a tiny bit worse. And I mean just a tiny bit worse, as in fractions of a millimeter worse.

A UK television “star” illegally takes a picture of a cyclist riding legally and complains about the cyclist. HooRaw ensues. “Point-making” rider hits back at Jeremy Clarkson

And still in Jolly Olde a cyclist feels… unappreciated. Cyclist: Drivers are out to kill me! There is a statement about never ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity, but I’m not sure it can be applied to this case.

More mayhem from Jolly Olde. Driver accused of causing the death of cyclist The driver t-boned the cyclist while one of them was crossing a street on a roundabout. Still trying to figure this one out. It appears the cyclist was on the side street when he was hit which meant he had the ROW.

From the Emerald Isle comes a report of prosecution not just dropping the ball but forgetting to even bring a ball to the court. Lorry driver ‘not guilty’ of causing death of cyclist in south Belfast How the Hell do you prosecute someone without even bringing any evidence to the court? This is beyond an outrage, this requires a head on a pike if not several heads.

A cyclist is killed in Oz. NSW cyclist dies following crash Unless the cyclist was hit on a one lane road somebody was on the wrong side of the road here. Since they’re not blaming the cyclist that only leaves one other party in the wreck.

I keep saying drivers are blind, here’s more proof. Serafin Dillon: There’s a reason we really do not see cyclists I’m 5’8″ and normally about 200 pounds and even with hi-viz on I still get people almost hitting me because they “can’t see” me. I should also mention that I get up to a 48″ chest measurement in winter, so I’m no tiny thing. Peruse the archives to see me in my hi-viz at a bike-to-work day in Garland last year.

Last link, next time you want to talk about your “epic ride” think about this really epic ride. Adventurer tells of bitter conditions to claim record for cycling across the South Pole Yep this woman rode from the coast to the Pole, on a tadpole trike, in -40° temperatures with 100 mph winds. Unless you were riding in Death Valley or across the Sahara you have nothing to say. And I will shut up about riding in 145°F temperatures over fresh blacktop from several years ago.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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Scary stuff, and the Feed

As if this blog did not have enough scary things linked, I found something truly terrifying while I was just wandering around my usual haunts on the Net about the place I live. Someone Has Died on Texas Roads Every Day for 13 Years and 13-plus years since day with no Texas road deaths That’s right the last day that nobody died on a Texas street or road was before I got hit by the insane homicidal maniac drunk and stupid truck driver.

Up first is a salmon ninja cyclist severely injured in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Cyclist seriously injured in Pinellas Park crash Everyone knows I bend over backwards to give a cyclist the benefit of the doubt about the narrative, but really there was so much wrong in this one that even I have to call the victim stupid on this one. None of my regular readers would have any problems avoiding this wreck as I’m sure all of you have lights and ride with the flow of traffic either in bike lanes where available or taking primary where you need to. Even so infrastructure would have prevented this wreck.

Lifestyle from CA. Claremont Mourns and Honors Cyclist Killed in Crash

Continuing on the theme from the opening paragraph… Overall traffic deaths are down in Oz, but people not protected by light armored vehicles are dying at an increased pace. Almost 10,000 NSW drivers caught speeding And buried in all that verbiage is the news that the number of people killed riding bicycles doubled last year, with significant increases in pedestrian and motorcycle deaths. Once again as in the UK we see that cars are getting safer while drivers are getting worse (fewer killed inside cars with more getting killed outside them).

And if you’re in CO and want to watch someone build a bike while you have tacos and a cervesa you now have a place to go do that. Jason Rogers, the man behind the food at Oskar Blues, talks tacos and Cyclhops I’m wondering if both sides are expected to be profitable or if one is supposed to subsidize the other. But food and bikes is a natural pairing, because one definition of a cyclist is an eating machine with/on wheels. ;)

And those are all the links about bicycles I could find today, forget giving me fits.

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Thinking about making slippers, and the Feed

The headline needs explaining, which is the point of this opening paragraph. I have a sandal that was given to me years ago by a woman who died in 2007 (this was the woman who I used to ride my bicycle for 120 miles in a day so I could have lunch with her (and make all the other residents of the nursing home angry at their children)). So I have had this sandal for a very long time that I was using as a lifted slipper so I didn’t get back pains on the days I stayed at home. Well the sole of that sandal has crumbled and now the toe is hanging by a scrap of leather that used to be the insole. This makes the sandal painful to walk in and eventually it will fall completely apart.

So, I will need to replace this sandal with “something else”. The problem is “something else” has to be 17mm thicker on the bottom of the left one than the right one, and I have never seen a slipper that had that as an option. That leaves me with two choices, pay someone else to make me a pair of slippers with the left sole 17mm thicker than the right sole, or make my own pair of slippers. Now the thing is for a pair of shoes I don’t walk very much in the thickness difference doesn’t need to be exactly 17mm, anything from 12 to 20 would work just fine.

Something I have been wearing on the right foot has been a pair of slipper socks (well, half a pair) that was very comfortable at all the normal temperatures for my house. So the idea is to build some slipper socks with the left one having the extra thickness I need to get my pelvis level. The local craft store to the rescue! Slipper socks like the one I was using are nothing more than a thin rubber sole bonded to a knit sock so that the sole is held more or less in place under the foot. I have lots of socks, and also glue that will bond the socks to a rubber sole, but until I saw this one item in the local craft store I didn’t have a sole that I could use and also have significant differences in thickness between the two. The item in question is the decorate a shower shoe refill kit, which consisted of two pairs of white flip flops at a reasonable price and is sold year-round as a gift suggestion. The idea I had is to use both pairs of flip flops without the toe thong-thingy that makes flip flops flip flop when you walk in them, take one pair and glue them together with the wear face out and then glue that to the bottom of the left flip flop and then glue the whole mess to a pair of socks sitting in my sock drawer. Add some straps and velcro strips to the left foot (OK the right one too to make it symmetrical) so I don’t roll the sole over and end up turning an ankle and call it done.

Up first is a wreck that shows nobody is “safe” in the bike lane no matter what non-car mode of transport they are using. 1 injured as car hits wheelchair in Shoreline bike lane The problem is not the cyclists if anyone gets hit in the bike lane, it’s the crappy drivers who seem unable to keep their killing machines away from fragile skin and bones.

More on that El Tour de Tucson wreck. Driver in deadly El Tour crash says it’s all a blur OK as I read it the driver’s blood sugar crashed after the game, and then he did the same. Also Driver ID’d in El Tour de Tucson collision that killed a cyclist.

A CA driver talking on a cell phone could be facing charges in the death of a cyclist. PD: Woman may face charges after hitting, killing bicyclist As this wreck took place in September and this is late November I hope you’ll forgive me for not remembering exactly how this wreck happened…

Update on a more recent wreck in CA. Santa Barbara Woman Jailed in Cyclist Hit-and-Run This was a hit-from-behind wreck that could have been much worse. The weapon vehicle just grazed the cyclist at highway speed rather than the full impact that a few more inches would have brought. Kudos on the LEO for tracking and arresting the driver. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Moving to the Emerald Isle of Ireland we find a totally clueless driver behind 3 cyclists. Three cyclists struck by car in Co Clare Not one, not two, but all 3 cyclists hit by the same car in the same wreck. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the stupid blind driver off the roads to prevent… I mean infrastructure, get the infrastructure right to prevent (after they get rid of the stupid, blind, driver).

News from the cycling scientist that brought us the news that drivers pass closer to cyclists when they wear helmets comes another study with a bit more depth to it. University of Bath research shows that cyclists’ outfits do not stop dangerous overtaking Notice that two of the outfits are patterned off of local constabulary bike cops uniforms and that had no effect on the passing distances of drivers.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. RE-Tech launches cyclist detection system for vehicles Additional “eyes” for drivers who can’t see out of their trucks.

More infrastructure news. Britain failing to protect cyclist but should they share the blame for accidents? Well the UK statistics show that even with a police force that has demonstrated a strong anti-cyclist bias their own reporting system determined that motor vehicle operators are at least partly to blame in 93% of all bike wrecks. That says that the cyclists are not the problem, they are already mostly doing whatever it takes to not get hit. The real culprits are bad infrastructure and bad drivers.

A Ghost Bike for a MO cyclist. ‘Ghost bike’ memoralizes killed cyclist Now we know the driver of the weapon vehicle was being chased by her ex, and both are in jail on unrelated charges but not charged in the cyclist’s death because it’s OK to kill a cyclist…

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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