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All alone with the crazy people, and the Feed

Mrs. the Poet is gone to NY to meddle visit with her family while I stay here in TX and keep the roommates from killing each other, or at least be on hand to hide the bodies if they do. So far everybody has fought with everybody else (except me) at least once, and in some cases they are on their second or third go-around. I really need to win the lottery so I can give them all a nice check or bag of $$, pat them on the head and wave bye-bye. Individually I manage to not do too badly interacting with them, but the homophobe just is not physically capable of interacting with either of the two transgenders without eventually going into blasphemy mode, and the transgenders’ sexual orientations are changing as they transition, so their relationship is getting a bit rocky as well. I can generally get along with just about anybody, but 2 of the 3 are starting to get on my nerves, and one got on my nerves a long time ago.

In better news I got some more parts for the Sprint T yesterday after I had already put the post to bed, a steering wheel and the brackets that attach the windshield frame to the body of the car.

The silver color of the wheel is because it is clear anodized aluminum at about 1/3 the weight of the same size steel wheel, and the other 2 parts are made from cast stainless steel, because that was the only metal that part was offered in. The vertical windshield posts are only offered in cast brass with or without chrome plating, so it’s not like there was any lighter alternative. And as I pointed out in an earlier post, the 30° layback of the posts I bought combined with windwings will lead to a relatively draft-free cockpit.

Up first, an OR rider discovers that sometimes the trees are your allies, and sometimes they are your enemies. Falling tree hits car, woman riding bike in downtown Portland More Cyclist struck by falling tree in downtown Portland From looking at the pictures, and not being any kind of horticulturist or anything but a half-trained structural engineer, it looks like something killed the root structure of the tree, because there is almost nothing attached to the tree below ground level.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. NYPD: 1,236 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 14 Killed in September Vision Zero, or zero vision? That’s 13 dead pedestrians and one cyclist in just one average month…

Still in NYC… Treyger’s Texting-and-Biking Bill — a Big Distraction From Vision Zero Read the previous paragraph and see how many cyclists killed or injured someone while using a cell phone.

Some people can’t understand riding a bicycle in anything less than perfect weather, hence this drivel. Bike lanes in winter a waste of space Imagine banning cars in the winter because they take up too much space and people don’t know how to drive.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: SaMo approves bike share, SMPD targets bike & ped safety, and a blast from the BikinginLA past good links again today.

Why ride alone? Why cycle alone, when you can do it together? Well aside from the fact that I’m as likely to see another cyclist here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell going the same direction as I am as I am to see Bigfoot again (and he or she will probably be on a bicycle going the other direction).

Oz weighs in on the infrastructure question. Cycling injuries prompt calls for councils to boost road safety When an area with as small a population as NSW has an average of one cyclist hit hard enough to go to one particular hospital every other day on average, then you have an infrastructure problem. And as pointed out in the article, they have no real way of determining the safety of the built environment other than tracking ER admissions.

A bit of LifeStyle from PA. Memorial ride to honor bicycle enthusiast who was killed in hit-and-run And yes I know my feed is still rather heavy on the guts-and-gore I had with the old Feed, plus it takes way longer to filter out the chaff. But it still has less dead and injured cyclists than the old Feed.

A local UK bike ride raises money for bicycle charities after raising lots of money for the survivors of a drunk driver the first time. Charity bike ride in memory of Sheffield cyclist killed by drink driver set to return Isn’t that what I just said?

Last link, I’m not sure that this is a bicycle despite what the caption says. Watch this rocket-powered bike outrun a Ferrari F430 Scuderia Well it’s from Fox, and the bike does appear to have working pedals (and brakes!)

And that’s all the stuff that didn’t raise my BP or anything.

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Sometimes even the straight infrastructure links will get you, and the Feed

I found two disturbing links while filtering today, one that I will share later on an infrastructure failure, and another from South Africa that I won’t share the link for but I will relate the gist of the story as an update to a story I reported earlier because I thought some of you might still be interested. The basics are the cyclist was part of a small group that was hit by a hit-and-run driver who was found not much later with the wheel of the most seriously injured cyclist till impaled in the floor of the weapon vehicle, and the driver still drunk. There was a preliminary hearing that the driver was supposed to attend that got put off for a year or so because the driver wanted to go on vacation out-of-country and the next available court date was over a year away. And people wonder why I advocate lynch mobs with pitchforks and torches when dealing with drunk drivers. And also shredding the vehicles of drunk drivers. Blow over the limit and remove your personal items from the car because it is going bye-bye now-now.

Up first because why not? Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Road raging Malibu driver assaults cyclist, and the Times looks at the politics of LA road diets The attack mentioned in the headline went from a simple road incident to assault and battery when the driver got out of his vehicle…

In a display of pretzel “logic”, reducing the speed limit 5 MPH is “dangerous” to drivers in NYC, unlike everywhere else in the world. NY Post: Lower Speed Limit Is Dangerous For Drivers

Still in NYC, and still stupid. Should Cops Ticket Cyclists Who Use Cell Phones? They don’t ticket people using cell phones when they run pedestrians and cyclists over, why bother with cyclists that are not actively running over other people? And don’t get me started about all the drivers that didn’t get a ticket for killing people while driving on the sidewalks…

This is that infrastructure-caused death I mentioned in the opening paragraph, report from Canada. Cyclist dies in hospital after crashing into tree in Oakville There were no other vehicles involved, just a cyclist trying to stay away from death machines on the road and a sidewalk. Sidewalks are bad bicycle infrastructure…

And last link because it is cute, for those garage jobs when you just don’t feel like getting the boots out but you need toe protection… Steel toe bunny slippers Another DIY triumph!

And that’s all I found that didn’t make me crazier.

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Dealing with a full house of Crazy, and the Feed

It is going to be so much fun this week, as the crazy roommate across the hall is taking her vacation this week, Mrs. the Poet doesn’t leave until Wednesday morning, and the nice transgendered couple will both be back from their respective therapists and in the house starting Tuesday. The person that creates the issues is the one that lives directly across the hall from Mrs. the Poet’s and my room, because she can’t keep herself from meddling in what other people are doing, like constantly trying to get me to “do something” while I’m at work already. Her mind does not wrap around the concept of “work from laptop”, indeed even Mrs. the Poet seems unable to grasp the concept from time to time. This has resulted in some late postings since Mrs. the Poet retired on Halloween. So if the post sometimes appears to be less coherent than usual for the next few days, you will know why.

I’m still waiting on the new hat I bought in September as there was a supply-chain issue in getting the correct size of hat to use to make the tie-dyed boonie hat. I tried making my own but that is a skill-set outside my purview. I managed to turn a nice white hat into a blotchy brown hat when I made the attempt myself, so I leave the actual tie-dye to people with the skills to do so. I’m just a little ticked that it has taken so long for the hat to come from China to New Jersey…

Up first, do you get frustrated with loop detectors not set up to detect bicycles? Veloloop Cuts Cyclists’ Wait Time at Red Lights Note that this device does not change the light for a cyclist any faster than it does for a car, it just makes a bicycle look the same to the detector as a car does and allows the cyclist to place the bike where the detector is most sensitive.

CA drivers are starting to get the news about the 3-foot bike passing law. New bike buffer law credited for raising awareness in Marin Remember, the law says if you can’t pass with 3 feet of clearance pass slowly and carefully. So practice passing other vehicles slowly and carefully while you wait to encounter someone riding a bicycle on a street or road that does not allow crossing the centerline and also does not allow passing with 3 feet of clearance while remaining in the same lane.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Busy calendar, more on new Westwood bike lane proposal, and bike riding Hollywood thief is a Dick Notice the bike-riding thief is named Dick, not that, well you know.

Moving across the pond, passing less than 3 feet from a cyclist is assault when the cyclist is a cop. Road rage driver convcited of assaulting two cyclists who were off-duty police officers Spelling error was in the headline.

Still over in Jolly Olde comes this indictment of some local infrastructure. Nine pedestrians and two cyclists killed in South Yorkshire road accidents last year This is a rather broad area with fewer people than Manhattan, but even at that low density they managed to kill 11 people not riding in cars.

Still in the UK… Border’s lawyer uses wheel-life passion for cycling to campaign for safer road conditions

I like this one, but not the reason for the ride. Marines ride in memory of Marine killed in Fallujah WoaB endorses this ride…

A better way of converting existing bikes to e-assist? Taichung Bike Week: Novatec unveils stealth mid-drive system The article states the motor is on the non-drive side crank arm, but shows only the drive side of the unit becaauusse?? If the controller uses standard connectors then you can use just about any battery with those connectors and the right voltage for the controller, but the system was initially intended for getting full-suspension MTB up hills to bomb down the hill after so the first battery packs will be wearable rather than rack mounted.

And package tracking for my steering wheel and windshield post purchase shows it has made it to OKC from Lincoln, NE and is on track to be here tomorrow afternoon.

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I’m so glad I quit hitting my head against that wall, and the Feed

I got a link in today’s Feed about the lack of credible action against a child-killer driver, that made me remember why I quit covering bike wrecks. I’ll put that link in the body of the post later. Also today Mrs. the Poet bought the plane ticket to go meddle in her birth family’s affairs (almost $100 cheaper than the bus!), and I bought more parts for the Sprint T, to wit the steering wheel and the support structure for the windshield. I bought those because I need the steering wheel to mock up the steering column, and I need the support structure to mock up the windshield. I got the 30° layback posts because using that and a set of wind wings leads to much less turbulence in the cockpit compared to the vertical mount. Also you notice I didn’t say anything about Mrs. the Poet’s meddling? That’s because I like closing both eyes when I sleep. ;)

Up first is Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: BOLO alert for El Segundo hit-and-run driver; Brit bike benefit-to-cost ratios off the charts

That link that brought back so many bad memories. Driver Kills 3-Year-Old In Queens, DMV Voids His Tickets If you aren’t like me and already inured to senseless violence and deaths, don’t click on the video. You’ll want to gut the driver and strangle him with his own intestines. More on the concept of not hitting pedestrians at DeBlasio’s official FB page. Vision Zero

Still in NY but Upstate, we get Infrastructure! news. SENECA STREET’S NEW BIKE LANES tl;dr The lanes are OK as far as they go, but getting to them is downright scary.

How to be a bike advocate in the ‘Burbs. Three Regional Advocacy Structures to Win Better Biking and Walking in the ‘Burbs Note that WoaB is none of those while we advocate for better bicycle infrastructure in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell.

How can a cyclist reduce his carbon footprint even more? This Solar-Powered Electric Bike May Be Even Greener Than A Regular Bicycle Basically the only way to have a smaller carbon footprint as a cyclist is to grow all your own food, and only wear natural fibers from locally-grown sources. I guess you could also wear leather from locally-slaughtered cattle if you really wanted to.

A Tesla outruns a SUV with 66 more HP by 0.3 in the 1/4 mile. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Pitted Against A Tesla Model S Notice the Benz has a tiny advantage at the light, but the Tesla is several car lengths ahead at half-track. That’s the effect of torque in the short run, also a motor controller that adjusts power out to just what the tires can hold traction with so the car accelerates as fast as conditions will allow.

And that’s all I got today.

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Grocery day in the post-retirement era, and the Feed

Howdy! One of the major differences between grocery day BR (before retirement) and AR is we no longer have to wait for Mrs. the Poet to get home from work before leaving for the grocery store. We just wait for eldest child to put his laundry in the machine and then we go.

I found a new (to me) beer today, Shiner Holiday Cheer, on sale for $14 for the 12 pack. It’s made with peaches and pecans and a little bit of spices and has a very robust mouth feel and head. The peaches are mostly sensed through the nose before drinking, while the pecans are felt through the palate and the spices hover between. There is almost no hop signature to speak of to let the other ingredients shine through. The brew has a dark color from added coloring, not from a roasted malt and that shows in the muted malt notes. I rate this brew as decent for drinking by itself (not with food) but too delicate to go with a meal. If you are just sitting down for a post-prandial before bed, this will fill the bill nicely, but if you are having a pizza then you need to drink a different beer. This would be the fruity white wine of Shiner in contrast to their robust Bock or Black Lager. I still like this beer, just not as much as Shiner Bock, or Farmhouse.

Up first, speeding cyclists doing almost the posted limit! THE INVESTIGATORS: THE DANGER OF SPEEDING BICYCLISTS IN CENTRAL PARK Two people have died! GASP!

A cyclist was also a good person who was always helping others before she was killed getting hit by 2 cars… Bicyclist hit and killed was well-liked by neighbors Not going the speculate on the wreck because I don’t do that any more. I’m just going to let folks know about the special person who got killed.

Bikeyface tries to do her vacation by bike. Notice I didn’t say “does her vacation by bike”. BIKE-CATION! Another case of crappy infrastructure, this time based on access blocked by high-speed traffic and restricted hours.

Some good news from AZ. Flagstaff schools get new bike racks thanks to donations

Infrastructure news from PA. Nutter taps board to make Philly more of a biking hub “Nutter” is the mayor’s name, not a pejorative term.

Long Island in NY makes the infrastructure news. Letter: Lives lost along Long Island’s roads Poorly designed or non-existent bicycle infrastructure gets cyclists killed, simple as that.

Bad infrastructure in the making in the UK, no surprise there. Cyclists criticise lack of provision for bike riders as part of junction re-work The only level of service cyclists are seeing is lip service.

And bad UK infrastructure seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Britain’s roads “aren’t safe enough” says Sustrans as cyclist casualties climb 10 per cent And if it weren’t for the NHS the fatality rates would be even higher…

The Netherlands replaces 70M of bike path paving with solar paving that generates electricity. World’s first solar bike path set to open in the Netherlands This is a real-world pilot project and the first done outside the research lab that developed the solar paving, previous development testing was done with the parking lot of the lab… I have been following this project for several years now.

The cycling town of Wichita Falls TX sends off a different kind of bike ride. Cyclists Prepare for 4th Annual Warriors on Wheels WoaB supports and endorses this event.

And another Wounded Warrior ride. No. Smithfield veteran seeks healing with 1,915-mile bike ride

Last link, because I’m just that evil… Oh My Word This Tune Is Annoying

And that’s all I got today, come back tomorrow for more…

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Well, now I have two “I Voted” widgets up, and the Feed

I just looked at my blog again and now there are two of the I Voted widgets over in the Widget Bar, one top and one at the bottom. I shall have to do something about that tonight. Or maybe not, as the widgets don’t significantly change the site load time. I’m only going to leave them up until the week after the election anyway.

Up first is another stolen bike report from Ted Rogers, posted right after I published last night’s post. BOLO Alert: New Linus bike stolen from Lincoln Blvd Ralph’s in Santa Monica

Also from Ted is this report of a DUI victim dying after the driver was already in prison for the wreck. Finally, the Foxen Canyon tragedy is complete, as a mother sits behind bars and a cyclist slowly slipped away The real tragedy in this is the then 8 month-old strapped in the car seat during the wreck, but the dead cyclist is right up there, too.

NYPD oversaw pedestrian injuries hitting a 5 year high last year. NYC Pedestrian and Cyclist Traffic Injuries Hit Five-Year High in 2013 My hypothesis is drivers know they won’t get charged in a wreck as long as they are sober and remain at the scene so the only thing protecting cyclists and pedestrians is the inconvenience of filling out the reports and the basic decency of the driver.

Infrastructure! news from the DFW area. (long) BICYCLE PUBLIC HEARING

Back to CA, with infrastructure news. Newport approves $22 million bike-safety plan a week after latest death and Days after cyclist’s death, Newport Beach OKs $22-million safety plan

And infrastructure news from the UK. Shock figures show cyclists injured daily Quelle suprise, when presented with crappy infrastructure that is frequently unusable cyclists tend to get injured frequently while attempting to use said infrastructure.

And that’s all I got today.

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There’s an elephant sitting on my foot, and the Feed

This has been a very bad week for my nerve pain on my injured leg. Pain has been mostly pressure/crushing in nature with varying degrees of intensity ranging from “shoe too tight” while barefoot to “elephant swing dancing on my arch”. What makes this harder to deal with is most days I either don’t have or barely notice nerve pain, and the fact that there is currently no medication that will deal with the nerve pain without knocking me out as well. In fact I think the “side effect” is the only effect, it doesn’t so much treat the pain as render me unconscious so I don’t experience pain. The only time I take that particular medication is when my quality of life has gotten so bad that unconscious becomes preferable to otherwise and I’m not in the mood for suicide. At this point I’m not suicidal over the pain, I can “put up” with a lot. And when I can’t “put up” with it I have the knockout pills to use until whatever it is that’s causing the pain changes so I can “put up” with the pain.

Speaking of long-term effects from getting hit by a motor vehicle, we have an update on a wreck a few hours ride east of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Injured cyclist released from rehab facility Wishing this fellow cyclist a speedy and relatively pain-free recovery, and hoping for no long-term problems down the road.

Further update on a CO right hook. Boulder agrees to pay injured cyclist $30,000 I think they just got off super cheap if this was for actual damages.

Citizens in WY are upset about the lack of media coverage of serious and deadly bicycle wrecks compared to a cop shooting a dog. McCurdy: Cyclist deaths getting swept under the rug

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Sign up online for BAC agendas and minutes, and LAPD cracks down on USC cyclists

Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde. Cyclists blame lack of cycle route into central London on Kensington and Chelsea Council

And instead of actual, usable infrastructure they get this… A Proposed Floating Cycleway on the Thames Is Hilarious—and Insulting Not even a bridge but a floating “road” that would be nearly impossible to ride on and you have to pay a toll for the privilege? I want the drugs they’re getting…

A bit of Lifestyle from CA. San Jose Police Bike Patrol take the lane Not just take the lane, but have a blocking vehicle behind and corkers at intersections (look to the right of the column of cyclists near the top of the first picture).

And those were all the links that were pertinent to the blog today.

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