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Whee! back to the grind, and the Feed

Activities at my church are ramping back up, and I will have fewer evenings free than I did over the winter. I see that as a good thing because I will have more interactions with human beings. They drive me crazy some times but not being around them is even worse. So, humans, can’t live with them, can’t live long without them.

Up first, remember back when I said a motor vehicle was the perfect murder weapon in Texas as long as you didn’t know the person you hit? This guy doesn’t read my blog. Cyclist Hit by Truck, Police Believe Incident Was Intentional Nothing on the mode but given the slight amount of injury the cyclist sustained I would say the assault was defused to a buzz job.

A person apparently driving a decommissioned cop car hit-and-run a cyclist. Tulsa Police: Vehicle That Hit Bicycle Rider Wasn’t Theirs The story was originally reported as an unmarked cop car doing the H&R, but the local PD did a check on their cars and announced it wasn’t one of theirs. The rest of the narrative has an intersection wreck that probably the cyclist had the right of way. Since they seem to be going out of their way to not blame the cyclist this is probably the truth of the matter. So this would be on the “unavoidable by human cyclists” list and as the cyclist had the right of way one that physical infrastructure would have little influence over as you sometimes have to cross streets in urban areas like this.

Two links from SC on a cyclist hit by a right-turning vehicle. Coroner identifies cyclist killed in collision with vehicle and Bicyclist killed Wednesday in collision with truck at Bluff Road and Rosewood Drive. I’m conflicted about this one, mainly because I’m getting conflicting reports about what happened. The official story is the cyclist was hit while riding salmon. But there is another report that the cyclist was coming out of the parking lot adjacent to the intersection and waiting for the light to cross the street to be on the right side of the road for her return trip. What this boils down to is single-mode infrastructure killing people not using that mode to access the infrastructure.

Hit-and-run in CA. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash outside Winters It appears to be another hit-from-behind wreck, so protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. This wreck was on the Putah Creek TT course, so it’s conceivable the victim was practicing for the event planned for this weekend.

Also in CA is this additional link to the guilty no-contest plea of a cyclist-killing driver. Woman Pleads No Contest in Boyle Heights Cyclist Death My disgust at this “almost-human” prevents me from making any further comment.

Up the coast a bit from CA we get this wreck in America’s Copenhagen. Biker hurt after hitting car in NE Portland Since the wreck was described as an intersection wreck and they are not blaming the cyclist for running a red it would appear the driver ran the red on this one. Again intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid. And we get more information from another source local to the wreck Collision at Killingsworth and Cully injures man on bike – UPDATED Something bothering me with this new information is the possibility of the cyclist being involved in a pinball wreck, as the ball, getting bounced from one vehicle to another. Cyclist making a left turn gets in the turn lane, driver takes umbrage at the cyclist not being in the bike lane and moves into the cyclist and the now out-of-control ballistic mess that is the cyclist hits the vehicle in the cross street. Of course the wreck did not happen in TX but I have been “herded” by drivers who didn’t think I belonged in the turn lane. his could have just been a slightly more violent version of that.

A report on a NJ cyclist killer shows he is a murderous b*****d. Man facing trial for killing cyclist in hit-and-run is now charged with beating a Rutgers university student to death And no you’re not seeing things, this is a UK media outlet making the report. And I had almost forgotten about this wreck that seemed like it was deliberate back when it happened, now I am even more convinced that this wretched excuse for a human being crossed the lane on purpose. He is a serial killer whose first taste of murder didn’t satisfy.

From Oz, Don’t Hit The Pedestrians! even when they walk right in front of you in the bike lane. Cyclist knocks pedestrian unconscious Cyclist riding past a transit stop, pedestrian steps off the curb into the bike lane right in front of him, then things get fuzzy because the pedestrian doesn’t remember anything between that and waking up surrounded by people trying to help him. At this point we still don’t have the cyclist’s side of the story. But seriously if you hit a pedestrian stay with them until medical help arrives or they walk off on their own.

A teen cyclist is left-hooked in Enn Zed. Teen cyclist injured in Tauranga You would think that all the vehicles that were passing would belie the “high speed” statement from the previous part of the sentence… and that if he was going all that fast drivers would have noticed him to the left before making the left turn. Anyway intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Your daily Ted ;) Morning Links: More on MyFig, way too much bad news from upstate, and don’t deal dope from a lightless bike

Infrastructure! news from NYC. NYPD: 914 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, Nine Killed in Traffic in February Vision Zero my skinny backside!

And in Oz their latest bit of bike infrastructure was apparently done by a pre-schooler in crayon. Cyclists claim a redesigned intersection in South Brisbane is an accident waiting to happen A bike lane that dead ends in a pedestrian-only space is the least of the problems with this fuster-cluck.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles today. Except the one about the motorcyclist that died because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, I figured your heads would asplode if you tried to read that one before they fixed it and it wouldn’t make any sense to link it after they fixed it.

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They finally finished counting the votes and I’m screwed, and the Feed

The votes are counted and batshit insane won out over just crazy. I’m screwed because batshit has made public statements against government spending on any bicycle infrastructure as being “socialist”. News flash for you Batshit, all infrastructure is socialist to some extent. Installing bicycle infrastructure just gives people a choice as to how they use it. Right now we have a choice between cars, trucks, and SUVs when selecting our mode of transportation, but public transit is kinda sorta useful if you have the time. Riding a bicycle is physically uncomfortable because of the climate and emotionally uncomfortable because there are so many cars, trucks, and SUVs using the infrastructure that the operators have no earthly idea of how to share with bicycles. And Batshit wants to make that worse for people riding bicycles. Of course opposing bicycle infrastructure is a minor issue with this guy, oppressing women and voters of the “wrong” kind is much higher on his agenda. This is still not good for me because I’m the “wrong” kind of voter: “not-rich”.

Up first is a hit-and-run from down south a few day’s ride. Deputies: Hit-and-run suspect later found unresponsive behind the wheel and Driver arrested in FM 1960 hit-and-run Let’s see, line of cars moving over a lane to make a legal pass on a cyclist legally using the road, one driver moves out of the line and hits the cyclist then merges back in line and leaves the scene, later found slumped over the wheel of the weapon vehicle and unresponsive to LEO commands. No toxicology report back yet but I’m willing to bet alcohol, drugs, or possibly an out-of-control blood sugar level. I’m putting my money on good old-fashioned ethyl alcohol.

Update on an OH left cross fatality. Trial date set for truck driver charged with death of cyclist The cyclist’s family is being very understanding and Stockholm Syndrome about it claiming the fact that the driver is disturbed about having killed “is punishment enough”. Listen people, everyone is disturbed about the first time they kill if they have any shred of compassion in them. The ones that aren’t just need to be placed where they can’t hurt the rest of us ever. But if drivers are allowed to kill and face no sanction for killing, no matter what the mode of transport of the victim, then there is zero incentive for the drivers that don’t have that shred of compassion to not run over the cyclist or pedestrian that causes them to have to slow down a bit. Swerve enough that the vehicle isn’t damaged too much to drive and keep on trucking, because you will get a worse ticket for tossing a cigarette butt out the window than for leaving a dead or dying human on the side of the road.

A MD driver that killed a cyclist tries to get the sentence dismissed because the felony conviction interferes with her life? Sentence in death of bicyclist stands Another sociopathic driver thinks it’s all about her after leaving a corpse in the road. Consequences are a bitch, aren’t they honey? Less than a year in jail with work release after killing a human and discarding the body like a cigarette butt and you want that expunged so you can “get on with your career”? You changed your career path when you left the person to die on the road, now you have to live with that choice. And this was not the first time you hit a cyclist either, you hit one in 2008 that left the victim with a permanent and life-altering brain injury, for which you essentially skated.

A cyclist in the UK is killed by a pothole that the relevant authority was notified about weeks before the wreck. Cyclist mown down during charity bike ride after hitting a four-inch deep pothole that police had warned about more than a month before One thing I like about UK tort laws is they specifically allow local governments to be sued when they commit an action or an inaction that results in people getting injured, unlike here in the US where most municipalities invoke “sovereign immunity” at the first hint of a lawsuit.

And another cyclist hits the pavement because it has holes in it. Exeter pharmacy staff help “pot-holed” cyclist The cyclist was lucky to not have been hit by a motor vehicle like the previous paragraph.

Even comic strip characters can’t escape the pothole monster. Frazz by Jef Mallett I do hope that one goes to “freeze-thaw cycle”, it’s impossible to test.

Lots of infrastructure news today. This one is from America’s Copenhagen, Portland OR. Video of right-hook collision shows risks at NE Couch and Grand First up this video is a near-perfect example of using intersection protocols to minimize damages from a right hook, the cyclist ran out of road before the driver finished the turn.

Infrastructure news from CA. Beverly Hills tells bicyclists to drop dead; LAPD to focus — finally — on traffic violations this year As I commented in the article Beverly Hills needs to be sued for violating CA’s Complete Streets law. They have been reminded several times of the law’s requirements, I think a little smackdown from a judge would be appropriate. More Beverly Hills City Council Disses Road Safety, Slaps Riders in Santa Monica Boulevard Session

A slightly fun infrastructure link. If Your Local Elites Have Gone Completely Bonkers, You May Have Bikelash It would be impossible to tell here, our “elite” varies between “disturbed” and “batshit crazy” every other minute.

An infrastructure link that is only marginally about bicycles. Detroit study to examine effects of bad air quality As we all know installing bike lanes reduces the local pollution on streets that have them, I don’t know how well that transfers to networks of bike lanes in entire cities. That’s something that hasn’t been studied.

A really unhappy lifestyle story from CA. Popular pre-L.A. Marathon bike ride canceled after city permit snag I thought that the powers that be liked the Crash because it acted like an additional sweep of the course the organizers did not have to pay for.

And those were all the links that gave me fits about bicycles. There were a couple more that just were kinda “blah” so I thought “Why include “blah” in my blog?” Also apparently I have been missing a lot of clicks to this blog because I don’t put a tag on the Daily Feed posts that this is about bicycles. What, they can’t look at the blog title and tell that most of the posts are going to be about bicycles? But anyway I’m going to be adding a “Bicycles” and “bikes” tag to the Daily Feed posts so that people looking for information about bicycles can find these posts.

> sigh <

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Wow! 36 years and no corpses, and the Feed

I’m sure that headline has more than a few of you scratching heads, maybe even your own. Well let me fill you in on some back story. Back before I was Opus the Poet, or any kind of poet (I was just starting to write fiction, poorly) I met this girl, and we got along pretty well and liked each other in a physical way. Since I was under 21 and living in Utah we did not have access to OTC BC. She could have gotten the pill, but since she was a Good Catholic girl she decided that we would use the rhythm method as her church instructed (nevermind the premarital aspect of the thing). Long story short her sense of rhythm was terrible and she skipped a beat, for 9 months. When she failed to show for our weekly date on Steak Night at the dorms I was worried about her, and got a call telling me I was a Daddy to explain why she missed our date. Then I finally got her to accept my proposal when I proposed to her in her hospital room where she was recovering from having the baby at home, in the middle of the night. Time skip 10 days later and we are getting hitched after finding someone to babysit. That was 36 years ago today. Everyone said it wouldn’t last, which is why I put in the “no corpses” bit in the headline. We haven’t killed each other yet, and probably won’t any time soon. We are going out for dinner tonight. I have a coupon for 2 free tacos and a $15 gift card for Jack in the Box, it’s so romantic… ;)

Up first an AZ hit-and-run driver is found and… let go? WTF! Hit and Run Crash Driver Found Noo, that is just so WORNG! It should have said something like “hit-and-run driver found and shot dead trying to escape” or “hit-and-run driver held without bail”. This was literally a drive-through murder, and they let the guy go? If anything ever said anything about the opinions of Yuma AZ LEO towards cyclists, this does. The guy ran once already, why wasn’t he declared a flight risk and held?

From the new #2 killer of cyclists comes a left cross wreck report. Cyclist seriously injured in collision with SUV on Siesta Intersection wreck, protocols to avoid or reduce damages, infrastructure to prevent, death to drivers who “can’t see” and hit cyclists… And I’m in a really bad mood today. I need to step away and get it together and get ready for my date tonight…

Some UK judges haven’t gotten the memo about blind drivers killing cyclists. Crook delivery driver who killed Cleadon cyclist on A66 near Stockton walks free from court The driver admits he wasn’t watching where he was going nor controlling his speed to conform to conditions, and killed a man because of that and still gets to go home to his family? TANJ!

A cyclist riding for a UK team goes down after hitting train tracks and gets run over by a bus. Belgian cyclist Kristof Goddaert killed after being involved in training accident No matter how good a rider you are you can still get bitten by train tracks, even without the train. Slow down and ride as perpendicular as possible across the tracks, both to the world and perpendicular to the direction of the tracks.

Why is this even an issue? Residents, cyclists support petition to save the Wellfleet “ghost bike” memorial As I posted to the article and the petition linked in the article ghost bikes are a constant reminder that poor infrastructure killed a person. As I have stated many times in this blog, almost every bike wreck could be prevented with good infrastructure. Deaths are expensive, and should be factored into the costs of bad infrastructure along with people suffering from health problems caused by sitting in cars all day long when most trips could be made by bike.

I’m back from my date and buying something Mrs. the Poet has been nagging me for since mid-November, a new broom and mop. We stopped at the Dollar Store and picked it up for her.

I’m wondering how much of this was hallucination and how much was “something” in the desert. After Nine-Hour Desert Bike Ride, A Guy Sees a Lizard Man Ordinarily I would just pass this off as an exhausted hallucination, but this is very similar to other sightings over the years.

Bicycle shows are moving up in the world. The only bicycle show to come second to Beyoncé? Most shows are lucky to get a mention in local press, much less be recommended right below a Beyoncé show.

Another e-assist bike hits the market with more attention to style than being a good bike. What Happens When Charm of Old School Design Meets High Tech Gizmos? Meet at Ariel Rider Ebikes! I admit they are good-looking bikes with good designs hiding the battery in the “gas tank” but I would be really interested in seeing their watts/mile figures on a course with lots of rolling hills that were just long enough that you couldn’t use momentum to get over them with minimal pedaling.

Industry news in e-assist bikes as German e-assist leader Bosch makes moves on the US market. New Sales Manager for Bosch eBike Systems These are bottom bracket systems that have to be built into the frame at manufacture, not added aftermarket.

Another gadget that will cost lots of money but not make much difference without a major change in laws and attitudes. This little green laser could save bicyclists’ lives As was pointed out in the article comments section unless drivers are actually looking for the green glow going by they aren’t going to see it on the ground in front of them, particularly if it’s hidden behind the front of the car.

An article that helps people deal with the built infrastructure, a more fleshed out version of the protocols to avoid wrecks. Guest post: Taking the lane — a CyclingSavvy instructor explains her objection to bike lanes The problem is there are very few “good” bike lanes in the US, most are somewhere between “bad” and “what homicidal idiot designed this monstrosity?”

Last link is a variation n an old way to steal a bike right under the noses of LEO. Bicycle is stolen from Nuneaton Railway Station in a ‘cruel but clever con’

And those are the links that gave me fits or not today… I hope you enjoyed them.

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Help a bronie, and the Feed

Most people will agree that I am by no means a bronie (Even if I do have a soft spot for Fluttershy’s Lament). However I am a person that cares about fair treatment for everybody (except maybe drunk drivers that kill). Well lately a kid in North Carolina who likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was bullied about that mercilessly, both physically and psychologically, to the point that he tried to hang himself to escape the pain. More details here He was not successful, but doctors say he may be permanently brain damaged because of the hypoxia. If you have any artistic talent and enough knowledge about MLP:FiM to assist I encourage you to submit something to this to help pay for the medical and legal bills resulting from this episode.

Up first was a difficult decision as there were so many “worthy” contenders, but I think the Tesla story starting to go viral is the top of the list. Tesla Motors Blamed For Cyclist Death: Did New Car Smell Cause Driver To Pass Out? [REPORT] and Driver Who Killed Cyclist Blames Crash on New Car Smell What can I say about this? Well for one thing the family of the victim is trying to aid the prosecution by getting Tesla Motors on record stating that nothing in their “new car smell” could induce a person to sleep unless they are already fighting to stay awake. They are making the defense pay for information that the prosecution will use against them, for the cost of filing a lawsuit they were going to file anyway.

A drunk driver who was nearly 4 times the legal limit for BAC% blames the trace amount of THC in the cyclists for the wreck. Trial set for accused drunk driver who hit cyclists, killing one This was a driver who hit two cyclists from behind who were riding in single file, killing the rear cyclist and crippling the front one, and tested at 0.307% BAC with the legal limit being 0.08. This is so close to the lethal amount for non-alcoholics that it isn’t even funny. This driver needs to be placed under the jail and left there until advanced decomposition has set in.

A drunk driver pleads guilty to seriously injuring a cyclist while driving drunk. Doctor pleads guilty to driving drunk, hitting cyclist OK this one survived with “serious injuries” but he could have just as easily been dead. The infrastructure needed to prevent this wreck is two-fold, physically segregated cycling infrastructure to prevent drunks from getting close enough to kill cyclists, and legal infrastructure that makes driving drunk so costly in both time and treasure to the drunk that people just don’t do it. I suggest that any wreck that leaves a victim with permanent injury or death result in the confiscation and scrapping of the weapon vehicle in addition to a permanent loss of license and also make driving with a license that has been revoked for DUI with death or injury be a major felony akin to the unlawful possession of a firearm. After all there is a 2nd Amendment that guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, but there is no corresponding right to use WMD as transportation; i.e. drive a motor vehicle.

Another SWSS in FL. Bicyclist hit, killed along St. Pete street Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

This one seriously harshes my vibe. Cyclist killed during Tour de Palm Springs ran stop sign In spite of multiple witness reports that the cyclist stopped and was waved through the intersection by a car that stopped blocking the way, and that the weapon vehicle swerved into the left turn lane to pass the stopped car without slowing down, they are blaming the cyclist on this one. More Tour de Palm Springs officials to review event after death

More from CA via BikingInLA. Near Rapid Bus road kill, and a letter from a Brit driver that questions their care for the mentally ill

Another report on hit-and-run from the Great White North. Cyclist critical after Oshawa hit and run I don’t know if this is the same wreck from a different source than yesterday’s hit-and-run report, or a different wreck, but either way there was no place for the cyclist to get away from this wreck because of the heaps of snow piled on the sides of the road. Infrastructure to prevent.

More information than usual about a UK wreck. Vigil protest as first cyclist dies in London this year and People call for safety measures after first cyclist dies in London this year The first death was at an intersection that has had repeated pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries. That says something to me about the quality of the infrastructure. Also says something about the speed limit being too high for the area.

First link from Oz is a fatal wreck report from NSW. Cyclist killed in crash at Byron Bay The narrative reads like a hit-from-behind wreck, so protocols and infrastructure…

Also from Oz. Injured teen cyclist thanks police for helping him when injured in Dandenong The back wheel malfunctioned causing a loss of control wreck. When passers-by refused to help police on patrol saw him bleeding and applied first aid.

A wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured after 4WD collision Intersection wreck with a vehicle that failed to yield to oncoming traffic, so protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Last links are to pictures of my bike in final assembly after coming back from paint and powdercoat.Box going together.

Working on the bits before they go on the bike

And those were all the links that gave me fits today. today’s post is late because I had a chiropractor’s appointment to get my back adjusted and lined up right after I lost 11 mm from my left leg in the wreck leaving my left leg 17 mm shorter than my right, causing a severe pelvic tilt. This in turn causes me tons of low back pain, and tightness. The adjustments are getting my back back in line and reducing the amount of scoliosis from the pelvic tilt. Yay me!

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Insert witty, funny, and/or ironic headline here, and the Feed

Yeah, I’m just not feeling “teh funny” today. Also not very ironic or witty either. Mostly what I’m feeling is cold. It got down to 16°F this morning which left Casa de El Poeta a bit on the chilly side as houses here are simply not designed for those kinds of temperatures, simply because we don’t see them that often and they never hang around. Back in the day they might have lasted a few days to a week, but these days we never see more than 2 or 3 days with temperatures that cold all day and rarely do we see them that cold in the mornings more than a couple days in a row. As I have pointed out before this is because The Beautiful Suburbs of Hell are at the fuzzy boundary between a coastal climate and a continental climate giving us some days of mid winter weather and some days of bitter cold winter weather. With Climate Change our summers are more continental than they used to be with longer periods of dry heat, but the coastal mild winters seem to be more the rule now than in the past. The problem is the rapid turnover between the two that we’re getting now as we get a couple days of really warm weather (highs in the 60-70F area) followed by a couple days of cold (lows in the teens-20s) and back to the warm weather again in a seemingly endless cycle.

Up first is more from CA about the bus/cyclist wreck. Foothill Transit bus and cyclist in fatal collision in Pomona I can’t tell which end of the bike took the brunt of the impact, but the condition of the bike does not lend itself to a hit-from-behind wreck scenario. But the impact site was described as being mid-block and there seems to be a substantial up-grade at the scene and the bike does not appear to have multiple gears so the cyclist could have been weaving back and forth trying to fight the grade on what appears to be a BMX bike. Long story short, I can’t figure out what happened here from the little data I have to work from. I would need either a clearer view of the scene, the bike and the bus, or access to the forward-facing camera recording on the bus.

Also from CA, the case of the deadly deputy has gone to the DA’s office. District Attorney’s office to review deputy-involved crash that killed cyclist The main question I want answered is how this guy got hit by the only LA County Sheriffs’ Department Cruiser without a working dash camera. Seriously, how did that happen? And I know the tin-foil hat brigade has been all over this wreck precisely because of that single fact, but just because the tin-foil hat guys are on it doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. And I’m sure a few Angelenos want to know why the tax dollars they gave to the county were not used to equip all the cruisers with dash cams.

Moving WAAAYYYY south to Oz, a cyclist is hit in an unusual wreck in Sydney. Cyclist injured in Sydney CBD after collison with truck Yep, the geometry of this wreck just does not make any sense. There is obvious impact damage to the truck on the driver’s side (for Oz) and slight damage to the front of the bike, and the truck was making a turning movement of some kind. The question is how did the cyclist hit the front of the truck on the driver’s side? And how did the cyclist do that much damage to the front of the truck while doing so little damage to the bike? I mean if you watch the video from the scene the bike has the handlebars twisted to the side and that’s about it, while the whole corner of the windshield is bashed in… OK I think I have it and it doesn’t look good for the truck driver. The cyclist was proceeding through the intersection and taking the lane because of traffic turning left in front of him (remember, ride on the left side of the road in Oz) and the truck driver tried to turn right immediately behind the left turning vehicle. The truck crossed the centerline just as the cyclist came through the intersection at a fairly high rate of knots because of either a down hill run or monster quads on the cyclist or a bit of both. The cyclist’s front wheel was almost past the truck but the handlebars got hit and then the cyclist’s body hit the truck. This happened because the truck driver ignored the presence of the cyclist behind the left turning vehicle when making his turn. When the video started the cyclist was already bare-chested so I don’t know if the cyclist was wearing hi-viz or some other color, not that I think it would have made a particle’s difference. If things are as I surmised then there was nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck as he was well past the point of no return before the truck moved across the centerline. Add his speed to whatever speed the truck was carrying into the intersection and you get a smashed truck windshield and injured cyclist. And if you look close you can see a headlight on the handlebars of the bike, but I don’t know that having that lit would have made any difference.

Still in Oz, a cyclist blown into a guardrail by a passing truck was refused aid by not just one but several people. Injured cyclist’s help cries ignored by passers by “As soon as I hit it I heard my bones break; I knew I was in trouble as I couldn’t breathe,” Ouch! At least in my wreck I don’t remember the sounds of my bones breaking on impact with the weapon vehicle, this has got to be a severe psychological trauma for the victim.

Horrors! as a teenager is hit in Enn Zed. Injured teen cyclist didn’t wear helmet Yes the horror was not that he was hit by a car and seriously injured, but that he was riding without a helmet! Somebody crossed the centerline on this one so they’re blaming the kid without a helmet (because who knows what else he could be capable of if he did that!)

Now to brighter happier stories starting with this bit on turning a 2 car garage into a 12 bike storage area. Short on storage space? Portlander builds her own bike hooks

Want a slow, but comfortable ride? Here’s your bike. ‘Couch bike’ attracts attention online With attractive pink cushions no less.

Political cartoon from Enn Zed that is pretty much universal to Anglophone countries. Cartoon: Two ways to separate cyclists from vehicles

Imagine if cars had the same problems as bicycles… If driving in Britain was like cycling in Britain

The other way to convert a bike to e-assist. 10 Mid Drive Kits for DIY Electric Bikes A little more work to connect the motor to the crank and takes a more complex controller to be 50 state legal in the US compared to hub motors, but when the road slants up it uses much less battery power than a hub motor.

And a good place to use an e-assist like the previous paragraph is commuting in Portland. Surprise! Typical Portland bike commute is shorter than driving

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, or otherwise.

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Wondering where I put the brain bleach, and the Feed

Trigger Warning! Filtering the Feed today was traumatic, especially as I have ridden in some of the wreck locations. and experienced some of the things that happened to the people. Let’s just say that this was not the easiest filtering session I have been through, ‘K?

Since I warned you about it I’m going to link the trigger story first, so if you like you can read past this next paragraph.

What do you do when you report an assault, and LEO turn around and not just blame you but threaten to bring charges for reporting the assault? Cook: As terrifying as riding a bike and From Victim to Villain in a flash There is just so much wrong with this story, and I don’t mean the “factually incorrect” kind of wrong, either. The victim had video and photographic evidence of the crime posted to help identify the perps, but nobody seemed interested in punishing the people that attacked him after the parents contacted local LEO.

The first wreck is from down the road a ways from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Bicyclist struck, killed by truck in Panola County To recap, the cyclist was JRA MYOB when the driver had a medical emergency and went off the road through the cyclist’s location. Not avoidable by human cyclists, and if the infrastructure is not of the “barrier protected” variety infrastructure would not be of much use either. Cyclist is dead, the driver is currently listed as “could be better”.

Sort of good news from SoCal as a hit-and-run driver gets caught. Good news and bad news: LAPD makes hit-and-run arrest; bike rider killed in Compton and LAPD makes arrest in Panorama City bicyclist’s hit-and-run death I sincerely hope the perp gets every day of sentence that is coming to him.

More on the trial of a killer driver in Jolly Olde. Cyclist death driver was going ‘way too fast’ says witness So the driver apparently was going too fast for the cyclist to get out of his way or for the driver to see and avoid the cyclist. That leaves only Dutch-quality infrastructure as a means of preventing this death.

Update on a dead cyclist in Oz reveals the cyclist was the one that crossed the centerline. Grieving father urges cyclists to take care after businesswoman Casey Kinnaird killed in accident The cyclist was going too fast and drifted over the lane marker on a turn hitting the other vehicle head on. To avoid moderate your speed on downhill runs to what you can keep between the lines, and hope the drivers are doing the same coming up the hill.

Update on a court case in Enn Zed. Cyclist forgives his attacker I don’t see it so much as forgiving as accepting that his life has been changed and no amount of beating on the other guy will change it back…

OK that is all the dead and maimed cyclists. Now we have a metric buttload (that’s 2.2 SAE buttloads) of infrastructure links to share.

First of the infrastructure links is another from NY about spending on bike and pedestrian infrastructure. We had a link earlier in the week to a proposal to spend $20M on that infrastructure and noted at the time that wouldn’t get much done and we were right. NY State Allocates $67 Million For Bike & Pedestrian Paths Still not enough but this is only a single year allocation of many to come.

More from NYC this time. De Blasio Orders Immediate Changes To Address “Epidemic” Of Pedestrian Deaths I have a suggestion: When someone gets killed suspect criminality until proven otherwise. IOW, be looking for criminal behavior when investigating a fatal wreck.

Infrastructure news from NC. Opposition Grows Against “Traffic Calming”, Road Diets, and Bicycle Lanes on East Innes and Long Streets Notice the infantilisation of the road design by replacing the engineering diagram of the street with a child-like drawing in what appears to be crayon. After reading other posts from the blog I’m not entirely sure that this was not satire…

But just in case the previous link was NOT satire, here’s a rebuttal complete with statistics and sources. Protected Bike Lanes Mean Business

Dealing with the built infrastructure in AZ. PHOTO & VIDEO: GETTING PASSED BY THE STREETCAR ON 4TH

A mixture of infrastructure and advocacy from Jolly Olde. Stop Killing Cyclists – the birth of a movement

And last link is to another review of the Smart e-assist bike. Smart Introduces a New One-Seater in Detroit

And those were all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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Feeling like I got hit again on a Wreck-Free Sunday

I’m starting this post after 2200 Sunday because Mrs. the Poet threatened to throw all my parts bikes into the street if I didn’t do some cutting on the tree in the back yard, and then I had to leave early for evening services at church, from which I got home late and then had to eat dinner that I couldn’t eat before I left because it wasn’t finished cooking. So busy day and a long one and I’m just getting started on the post…

I’m still trying to figure out how the lab rat gig meshes with the ACA, aka Obamacare. I don’t make enough money to even consider using the exchange, and because I live in “get sick and die” TX I don’t have the option of applying for Medicare as I have more than $100 in the bank. Had Gov. Goodhair decided to allow expanding access to Medicare only my income would have been taken into account, not the pittance I have squirreled away for genuine emergencies like the combination water heater and A/C failure we suffered through this summer (nearly a $2K hit in less than 30 days). The people I have communicated with don’t know either, and they are supposedly “experts” on the subject.

Oh, that headline? I’m having neck and back “issues” from working on the tree and reading web comics on the laptop. I really need to get that huge monitor I got with my Dad’s computer hooked up so I don’t have to look down all the time to read web sites. Also I woke up the last two mornings with a pain in my left hip, I think from a hard spot in the futon mattress I sleep on. After a few years they tend to collapse and let the heavy parts fall down into the support structure, which in my case is about as forgiving as a concrete bench at the bus station. I prefer a firm sleeping surface, but there is “firm” and then there is “short length of 2 by 4 next to several other short lengths of 2 by 4″. The latter phrase is an accurate description of the futon base I’m sleeping on. When the futon is collapsed that is what I sleep on. A new futon is in the pipeline for later this year after the annuity check from my Dad’s estate comes through.

And because using this laptop is currently such a physical pain, I’m cutting this post short. Be prepared for tomorrow’s post to be late as well, because I have to go refill a prescription from the pharmacy that is a 3 hour, 4 bus trip each way. So basically I get to get up early to ride 6 hours on the bus to do one thing and then go home to do the blog post. Peachy, huh?

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I’m doing that decapitated chicken thing again, and the Feed

How did I get so busy? Between the blog and church and trying to cut up the fallen tree bits in the back yard I barely have time to take a deep breath. I mean when did this happen? I went from writing a blog and reading web comics with long bike rides nearly every day to having to figure out a schedule and manage appointments and still get things done outside and never getting any time to ride the bike. I’m an “Old Dude”, this shit ain’t supposed to be happening to me…

Up first, I hate being right about things that are stupid. This is really stupid. This Bike Suit Makes You Look Like a Marvel Superhero Remember all those stories I mentioned the glow-in-the-dark clown costume? It’s here. >shudder<

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike another is killed in a SWCC. Orlando police officer strikes, kills bicyclist The Street View of that intersection shows no bicycle infrastructure at all and poor pedestrian infrastructure. The cyclist would have had to been crossing from the grassy median to get hit on the right side. And I wonder how many “witnesses” were not riding in that police car.

Up north a bunch from that a driver with 13 major moving violations in 3 years hits and kills a cyclist. 13-time Loser Kills 61-Year-Old Bicyclist I agree with the author of the article, how was this guy driving to be there to kill the cyclist? And also I agree with the “suspended license means never drive unless you want to go to jail”.

From NM an act of terrorism is dismissed as a “prank” because the intended victims were cyclists? Steel cable tripwire prank causes bike crash, injury Had this “prank” been set up across a road and damaged a car and injured a driver, would it still be a prank?

A cyclist is killed in Central America (that place south of Mexico). Another Knocked Down And Killed On Christmas Eve SWSS again, which the police apparently did not believe because there were a plethora of charges placed on the driver. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

It has been a bad weekend in Oz for cyclists, starting with this update on a wreck I covered Saturday. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run south of Adelaide, woman charged

Things get worse from that with another hit-from-behind wreck. Young cyclist dies in road crash and Cyclist killed in Tasmania road smash According to the first link the cyclist was in compliance with all applicable laws, including one that put him 18″ from the outside edge of the road IOW completely outside a driver’s vision.

An indictment of the state of infrastructure in Enn Zed. Cycling: It’s hell on two wheels The comments are made by mostly what Archie Bunker would call “meat-heads”. You know, dead from the neck up?

More infrastructure from CA. Smith: It’s taxing when we consider getting from place to place Here’s a clue, there was lots of bike infrastructure in existence at the turn of the 20th Century, it was called “streets” and everybody paid for them and everybody could use them. Asking cyclists to pay not to get killed sounds an awful lot like extortion…

I keep telling people that motor vehicles are WMDs, here’s another example of that from CA. Suspected drunk driver crashes into home, killing resident The vehicle retained enough energy after plowing through the wall of a house to cause death inside the house.

Lifestyle from down the road a bit. Wife of cyclist killed in crash speaks the night before his memorial ride

One of those I really don’t know how to classify. Inside: McLaren and its partnership with Specialized

Last link is a review of the first Clyde off the line. I’m getting the second. Customer Review: The Clyde It appears to have sufficient capacity for a large amount of groceries limited more by volume than by weight.

And finally I get done with today’s links just before I get hit with tomorrow’s.

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Well, I’m back, and the Feed

I was delayed getting out this morning and got to the hearing too late to enter, so I didn’t get to testify. Sorry, I dropped the ball on this one.

Up first is more information about the SWSS in Houston. Teen killed while riding his bike in NW Harris County The story has been changed to have the cyclist “darting” from the center turn lane instead of the shoulder, which does account better for the damages visible from the crime scene photographs. Still hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, still get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A horrifying report from AL. Third cyclist killed near Springhill Avenue in two weeks (updated) Only one of those cyclists was killed with a motor vehicle, the latest. The latest is a SWCC but there may have been a visibility issue due to the time of day, shortly before sunset. If the cyclist actually was crossing the road then intersection protocols apply, otherwise hit-from-behind. Infrastructure to prevent.

Another cyclist killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. UPDATE: Bicyclist dies after Sarasota crash Wednesday SWCC wreck, somebody ran the red and the only one left alive is the killer. Intersection protocols to avoid or to reduce damages, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Only injuries from this FL wreck, so far. Cyclist Hit By Car on Rickenbacker Causeway Nothing about the mode of the wreck nor a precise location thereof.

A cyclist killed by a hit-and-run driver in NC had illegal levels of alcohol and drugs in his blood. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run had cocaine, alcohol in his system Regardless, the driver still hit 2 cyclists and left the scene.

Police pursuing a cyclist resembling a burglary suspect manage to hit and injure a total of 3 people, including the cyclist. Officers, cyclist injured in accident involving police cruiser Nothing the cyclist could have done to avoid this wreck as it appears the cops lost their minds trying to get to the cyclist and hit parked cars and a building besides running over the cyclist. No word on if the cyclist was actually the burglar, or just wearing similar clothing. Given the state this took place in a comparison to the Keystone Kops is appropriate. (PA is also known as The Keystone State.)

A MI cyclist is killed by a driver that had already been involved in a hit-and-run. Police identify bicyclist killed by driver allegedly fleeing from another crash in Flint The narrative suggests this was a hit-from-behind wreck that human cyclists would not have been able to avoid. I’m not sure physical infrastructure that did not have a large barrier protecting it would have helped, and as the driver was already drunk and fleeing a hit-and-run legal infrastructure would not have been too helpful either.

A CO wreck caused by bad infrastructure and poor judgment. CSU student remains in critical condition after Fort Collins bike crash involving hit-and-run driver Had the driver remained at the scene the cyclist would have been at fault, but because she left the driver is now facing a felony charge. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

The big story from CA is the filing of charges against a hit-and-run driver that tried to lie about having the car when she got caught. Daughter of LAPD officer charged in fatal Gardena hit-and-run and Woman pleads not guilty to hit-and-run charges in bicyclist’s death

Update on the death of a SF CA cyclist. Go Round and Round: Muni’s Reaction to a Preventable Death Reveals its True Self The guard that would have resulted in minor injuries rather than a painful slow death is now required to be in place before the bus leaves the garage.

More on another CA cyclist killed in a right hook. Minivan hits cyclist at onramp Intersection protocols still applies to avoid or reduce damages, get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A CA cyclist is left-crossed by a police car, LEO are quick to blame the cyclist who found his right of way violated. Cyclist crashes into San Bernardino police car Intersection protocols, and infrastructure. And a clue-by-four applied to the foreheads of the cops investigating this case.

Another link to the cyclist hit head on by a Tesla S going the wrong way in the bike lane (the car, not the cyclist). 40-Year Old Cyclist Killed By Motorist on Cell Phone lilith was there to add (her?) 2 bits as well.

A cyclist is hit-from-behind in Canuckistan. Cyclist killed in collision near Altona According to the Mounties the cyclist could have been riding with more light in back but it wasn’t mentioned that the lights were not of legal intensity. Anyway, protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Specifically for places where the 400-series roads are the only way to get from place to place there needs to be a parallel bike path to let cyclists get there as well, and live to tell the tale.

I don’t know if this report from the Great White North is about an actual e-assist bicycle, or an electric scooter. E-bike rider in serious condition after collision Canadian laws use the same term to describe an e-assist bicycle and an electric moped scooter. It’s very annoying. The wreck appears to be a hit-from-behind from the narrative, so protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another bike wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist struck and killed on County Road 7 north of Guelph Another hit-from-behind, apparently drivers in Canada need better access to vision care or night-vision goggles because they don’t seem to be able to avoid running human-sized objects over at night. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, infrastructure to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. New segregated cycle routes for London announced, the day after another cyclist death Yep putting down a bit of blue paint and calling it a “superhighway” really didn’t work too well at keeping cyclists alive, did it?

Lifestyle from ME. Friends help support injured Rockland cyclist

A UK anti-cyclist troll does a bad job of it. Off yer bikes! Cyclists are a menace to society — and self-righteous to boot

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today. I’m hoping tomorrow will be lighter.

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Wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the Feed

Once again I’m a long bike ride away from a major NASCAR weekend, and no money for tickets nor way to get there. I missed the NCWT race last night, I’m missing the NNS race today, and I’ll have to watch the Sprint Cup series race on TV tomorrow. I have actually ridden my bike to the track entrance once as part of a longer ride, so it’s not as if I can’t do it. Of course to do that I would have to not do a blog post for Saturday or Sunday.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle adds to their grisly tally. Lake Helen bicyclist killed near Cassadaga SWSS with a salmon thrown in for good measure. Assuming the report is accurate, it wasn’t riding salmon that was the issue, it was the driver failing to move over to pass far enough away for the cyclist to avoid road debris. Don’t ride salmon and hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A NH cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run, with a suspect in custody. Bicyclist killed in early morning crash in Keene and Keene, NH Police Arrest Driver For Hit & Run That Killed Cyclist Hit-from-behind wreck so use the protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. I commend the area LEO for finding and incarcerating the driver so quickly.

A KS cyclist gets hit. Man injured in bike-vehicle collision A “witness” claimed the cyclist ran the red but I don’t see any traffic sensors on the Street View of the intersection that would fail to detect the rider, so if the rider ran the red it likely wasn’t because it wouldn’t change for him. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A teen cyclist is hit by a dump truck in OR. 15-year-old cyclist badly injured in crash with dump truck and Teen cyclist seriously injured, hit by dump truck in Newberg The cyclist was riding in the crosswalk and evidently entered too close for the truck to avoid her. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Update on a CA wreck, Pt. 1. Bicyclist killed in crash identified as Newhall man The driver ran right over someone in the lane in front of him, the salmon riding was only a minor contribution to the wreck caused by a blind driver.

Update on a CA wreck, Pt. 2. Injury Traffic Collision Hit-and-run, cyclist has no memory of the wreck. Assumed intersection wreck because of location given, so protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

An infrastructure related wreck in CA. Cyclist Hospitalized After Striking Streetcar Cyclist was trapped/tripped by the tracks so infrastructure to prevent…

Another cyclist can’t remember his wreck, this one in Canuckistan. Cyclist injured in Gorge Road crash, but doesn’t know how It is possible the cyclist was the victim of a “buzz job” pass. Intersection wreck location implies intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. Citi Bike Riders Blame Accidents On New Concrete Barriers It wasn’t apparent in the stories yesterday that these barriers are actually in the bike lane and cyclists are hitting them while their attention is held by avoiding other traffic.

Infrastructure from Oz. Call for cycleway changes outside Harbour Bridge school – parents fear the attack of the lycra loonies When they’re forced to share with pedestrians cyclists are bloody speed demons, but make them ride in the road and they’re impeding traffic.

More infrastructure from Oz. MP wants ‘deathtrap’ roads made safer for cyclists Why is calling for infrastructure that doesn’t kill people controversial?

And those are all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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