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Last day in TN and we ate some more, and the Feed

We had a visit with the kids’ old baby sitters, which was nice. We went to lunch, which was filling. Mrs. the Poet and I shared a plate called a Rusty Bucket at a seafood place up the street after we got to our intended eating establishment and found them closed on Mondays. I also had what will probably be my last local beer, this one a dark beer with floral overtones and a slightly bitter finish called a Turtle Anarchy. So far I have not hit any clinkers in my local beer safari across NY and TN. Programming note, I will be off-air for travel tomorrow and Wednesday. This will mean that I will be up to my expectations in links on Thursday :D

Cyclists have highly sensitive danger senses, but this guy’s is just beyond anything I have ever encountered. Dutch cyclist cheats death twice, never boards MH17 and MH370 Somebody needs to see how this guy rides in traffic and see if there is some kind of sixth sense thing going on or something.

A few miles east of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell is an update on that buzz job that was nearly fatal caught on video. Cyclist clipped by truck: ‘I remember riding up the overpass and I don’t remember anything after that’ I think a video camera would be a very good addition to Francis/es in the near future.

The article next closest is an update on an LA hit-and-run. Driver arrested in death of cyclist Lon Lomas The cyclist was hit from behind and left for dead earlier this year.

More on that NOLA right hook by a semi on a cyclist, that was at least partially caused by poor infrastructure design. Victim in Marigny fatal bicycle crash with 18-wheeler identified

Another blind driver runs over a cyclist in FL. Tampa police: Driver ran over bicyclist lying in road and Bicyclist dies on N 50th Street in southeast Tampa Ignoring for the moment the question of what caused the cyclist to be horizontal instead of vertical in the road, why was the driver unable to avoid an adult human male and a bicycle in the road on a bright sunny day? The point has been made in comments to the first link that there was nothing obstructing the vision of the driver to cause him to hit the body in the road. Second question is why the cyclist was in the road in the first place, was he hit by another vehicle or was there some kind of medical situation that caused him to fall? And yes, being drunk is a medical situation.

More on a really strange wreck in CA. Bicyclist Dies In Macabre Accident, Run Down By a Car on the Sidewalk I have been reading in BicyclingInLA that the victim was just waiting for a bus and not a cyclist, that the bicycle on the scene was just additional debris from the wreck, possibly locked to one of the light stanchions mowed down by the vehicle as it transited the sidewalk on its ballistic trajectory after the initial impact with the other vehicle involved. This information does not make this person any less dead or the situation any less tragic.

Another CA bike wreck. Chino Hills driver arrested after bicyclist fatally struck in Pomona Hit-from-behind protocols might have helped avoid or reduced injury, but keeping drunk drivers off the roads and getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would have prevented this wreck. Getting rid of drunk drivers more than other aspects of infrastructure, but still it takes a complete package.

A NH child cyclist is injured in collision with a pickup truck. Keene boy hit on bicycle, flown to hospital From looking at the Street View of the intersection intersection protocols might have been a total waste of time because of the geometry of the impact. Getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” has a very high probability of preventing a similar wreck given the age of the victim. Seriously, this intersection is a total mess of 5 intersecting streets and no traffic controls aside from a stop sign on one street, and a flashing amber light. There are bike lanes on one of the arterial streets and copious markings about yielding to pedestrians, so they are working on it.

A cyclist is hit-and-run in MT. Bicyclist in critical condition after hit-and-run crash in Missoula Hit from behind and the LEO report made no mention of missing lights or reflectors so it can be safely assumed the cyclist was legally lighted and reflectorized. Protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Hit and run death in the 49th State. Cyclist killed in Anchorage identified; teenage driver detained and another link Cyclist killed in Anchorage identified; teenage driver detained Nothing on the mode of the wreck in either link, just that the teen driver left the scene and parked the truck a few blocks away from the wreck. So, INFRASTRUCTURE!

A right hook in the Great White North, Female cyclist receives minor injuries after being struck in Oakville Nothing on what kind of punishment was dealt to the driver in this wreck, but intersection wreck, intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages from the wreck, and infrastructure to prevent.

A deadly wreck in Canuckistan. Cyclist struck and killed north of Selkirk also Winnipeg Cyclist Killed Near Selkirk Hit from behind on a cyclist riding where he should have been highly visible to drivers actually looking at the road, no mention of anything missing from the cyclist’s equipment except the helmet which seems to get mentioned in every wreck even if the cyclist had only massive blunt force trauma to the torso and untouched head. Protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

Moving on to Jolly Olde we see the resolution of a drunk driving fatality. Woman whose sister was killed by drunk-driver is jailed for mowing down cyclist after alcohol-fuelled row with boyfriend and Four years’ jail for drunk driver who killed cyclist as she chased boyfriend’s car Four years with likely release in 2 is hardly the appropriate sentence for killing someone at nearly twice the legal posted speed and blood alcohol limits both.

And at that this driver got more than 66% of drivers convicted of killing cyclists in the UK. Cycling deaths: Fewer than half of drivers face jail

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: The battle over Santa Paula cop’s anti-bike video is over, but we may have lost the war

Infrastructure! news from the Great White North. Letter: Cyclists are not a menace on the roads

Lifestyle from IN. Cyclists remember their partners killed during 2006 ride

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today, still more fits, but there were some giggles hidden in there.

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Long day, and the Feed

Starting with good news, the bus company found my carry-on bag with my BP meds and gave it back when I proved my identity as the same person named on the meds. I’m not going to explode like a spear-carrier from the movie Scanners. Second bit of good news is I have found a different local beer to drink every day since I got to TN. I had Coldsprings Dumb Blonde today with lunch, Yazoo Dos Perros watching the movies last night, and Blackstone Nut Brown Ale with my calzone the night we got to Nashvegas. All of them were good and all were of a low hops signature. By that I mean the flavor of the yeast and malts was predominant with the hops being mostly a preservative to extend the shelf life a bit over the straight fermented malts. No more IPA for this beer drinker, unless it’s a gift. And by that I mean I don’t seek out highly hopped brews, but I will still drink them if offered. I have had more beers on this trip than I normally get in an entire year, and I mean that both in terms of volume and types. I still like Bocks, especially the Shiner Bock, but I drink a lot of varieties since I drink for the taste and not to get drunk. I’m still trying to work with pairing beers and meals, but so far I haven’t disliked any of the beer/food pairings I have had (except Dos Perros and popcorn, it made the beer taste too sweet after eating the salty buttered popcorn).

And that good news is part of the reason this post is late, because we went out and did things today and didn’t stay shut in a house sitting in front of a computer. We went to lunch, talked to people, dropped off packages at the UPS store, picked up my bag from the bus station, and saw things and did stuff. I’m supposed to be on vacation, so I’m going to do vacation things over sitting with this laptop and getting a stiff neck. I have enough of a stiff neck just with my Irish heritage ;)

Up first is an update on a non-fatal hit and run in Houston. Crime Stoppers offers reward in hit-and-run that injured cyclist I think covered this one pretty thoroughly back when it happened, but protocols t avoid or reduce injury and “up to Dutch” infrastructure to prevent. What little evidence they have suggests protocols were being followed which only leaves infrastructure to prevent if possible. The video only shows a compact SUV with a huge dent in the passenger side rear door and possible front end damage.

A little to the east of that wreck a cyclist is right-hooked in NOLA. Cyclist run over, killed by large truck in Marigny Marigny is a NOLA neighborhood, the truck passed the cyclist and turned right with both having the green light. I’m going to place a lot of blame on the infrastructure here because the commenters with local knowledge point out there is a right turn lane for cars to the right of the bike lane and signs advising the cars yield to bicycles as they cross the bike lane (mixing zone style intersection), but then they left the truck turn lane to the left of the bike lane leaving cyclists especially vulnerable to right hooks from the deadliest vehicles on the road, large trucks. This style of intersection should not exist in any level of “world”, first through third. It was an accident waiting to happen, and it happened, and it killed an innocent cyclist in the process. The only way to prevent this wreck is INFRASTRUCTURE!

An AZ wreck awaits prosecution. Cyclist’s death still pending review The driver buzzed the cyclists and hit and killed one, why hasn’t there been prosecution? There were warning signs and chase vehicles all over the place. Once again cyclists’ lives come cheap.

A KS intersection wreck involving a juvenile cyclist. Bicyclist to be cited after collision with car Cyclist failed to stop at the sign or stopped but did not get back up to speed in time to clear the intersection before the weapon vehicle got there. So intersection protocols including stopping for stop signs to avoid, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A driver that should not be behind the wheel of a motor vehicle hits three cyclists in FL. Elderly driver hit three cyclists on way to bridge class Hit from behind protocols to avoid, and infrastructure to prevent, including testing of older drivers to catch the ones that drive like this one. Also I’m not entirely sure this was an “accident” with the driver moving away from and back into the group three times.

Another hit-and-run wreck in FL killed a cyclist. Cyclist killed in suburban Boca Raton Intersection wreck, so maybe the protocols would help avoid or mitigate damages, and infrastructure “up to Dutch” would prevent the wreck.

A SWSS wreck in NY. NYC teen bicyclist killed by SUV in Town of Rockland SWSS means hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Update on the Milton Olin wreck in CA. Family sues over Calabasas death of cyclist Milton Olin after sheriff’s patrol car struck him About time!

A cyclist is hit riding on the sidewalk in SD. Update: Bicyclist Killed In Sioux Falls Crash Every driveway is an intersection, so intersection protocols every time you cross one or in front of one, and arrest and fine drivers that hit people while driving on a sidewalk, even if they are driving across one. This would be part of getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”.

Update on the OH wreck the drunk driver was sentenced to 9½ years, as others partially responsible for the wreck are charged. Bar cited, bartender charged in Union Township hit-and-run crash that killed teacher In OH as in TX and several other states the server and bar that sold alcohol to a drunk driver that kills can be charged.

A cyclist is hit in Central Canuckistan. Cyclist struck by vehicle, injured in city’s southwest And once again a stupid person places far too much faith and credit in the magic properties of a foam hat…

Final outcome to a UK wreck. Cyclist injured in Milford crash grateful to receive payout Hit-from-behind by a really bad driver who should not have been driving if he couldn’t pay any better attention to the road than that, so protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And wishing the cyclist good luck in the future…

Our Daily Ted covers the Olin case and a lot more. Morning Links: Olin lawsuit filed; deputy was texting on private phone in apparent violation of LASD policy

Are you riding at the right cadence? Cadence, power, and muscle activation in cycle ergometry tl;dr: You might want to ride at a lower cadence when riding at a lower power level…

A bit of infrastructure that has been too long in coming given that it benefits pedestrians and drivers much more than it benefits cyclists, and it does the world for cyclists. Gov. Rick Scott signs bill aimed at protecting cyclists on the road This bill makes the penalty for hit-and-run in a fatal wreck the same as DUI Homicide.

Interesting information about one communities bike wrecks. Sanibel bikers prone to injury are mostly middle aged Most of the wrecks seem to be caused by lack of riding experience…

Lifestyle in FL. Memorial bike ride to honor cyclist killed in hit-run crash

Lifestyle in LA. Romacelli hosting benefit for family of fallen cyclist

A small town in MA engage in restraint of interstate trade. Edgartown selectmen put brakes on electric bike rentals E-assist bikes are legally classified as bicycles by a US Federal law signed by G. W. Bush in 2003… And as some of the tourists renting the bikes are from out of state preventing them from being rented is restraint of interstate trade and that can only be done by Congress…

Last link is hope for cheap E-assist batteries as production gets ramped up to meet automotive needs. China’s Latest Mandate: 30% of Government Cars Need to Be Electric or Use Alternative Fuel And by “alternative” they mean “not fossil fuel”. So solar hydrogen, Sewage-fed algae creating alcohol, electric…

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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Back in the saddle, and the Feed

That’s a figurative saddle, not a bike saddle. Not much bike riding going on in this burg. I mean sure it’s physically small and flat, but there is also not a whole heck of a lot here. You literally have one grocery store, one coffeehouse, one gas station/C-store, but TWO restaurants. And better bring a credit card or lots of cash at the restaurants because neither one is cheap. I haven’t been by the coffeehouse when they are open so I don’t know what their prices look like, but the C-store is typical NY prices (high).

Up first is the story with the most links, a 13 YO killed in a practice ride wreck. Teen cyclist killed while riding in Story County and Ames student killed in bicycle and SUV collision also 13-YEAR OLD TIMOTHY JENKS, MEMBER OF AMES CYCLONES AQUATIC CLUB, KILLED IN BICYCLING COLLISION As I post this all the reports are consistent that the cyclist touched wheels and lost control while riding a double paceline just as the weapon vehicle was passing the peloton. If only there was a safe place for young cyclists to learn the art of riding in pacelines without the danger of getting run over by a light armored vehicle if you make a mistake. Or IOW this is mostly an infrastructure problem, not a cyclist or motorist problem.

Next up sorta close to where I am now, with two links. Police identify cyclist who was injured in Syracuse crash and Cyclist injured in downtown Syracuse crash remains in critical condition OK the way this reads now the driver of the truck just pulled away from the construction site while the cyclist was crossing legally in front of him, destroying the tricycle and nearly the cyclist riding it. The truck and truck driver were both undamaged [sarcasm]thank [$DEITY][/sarcasm]. This is mostly an infrastructure wreck, as the cyclist at this point appears to have been in the intersection legally, not violating any traffic controls and the truck driver just could not see him there under the nose of the truck when he pulled into the intersection. Intersection protocols generally only work when you aren’t getting hit from the side by the front of the vehicle.

Another train v cyclist wreck. Cyclist injured after running into MAX train Another cyclist hits the side of the train, so it’s not like he didn’t see it. Perhaps another brake failure? Otherwise the usual methods for avoiding getting hit by trains apply.

Possible buzz job in CA. Cyclist Injured on Highway 116 near Sebastopol Not a whole lot of information from LEO on this wreck… And since I can’t see any pictures of the wrecked bike I can’t say anything solid from that, either.

Another train v bike wreck in CA this time. Downey bike rider killed in collision with Metro Blue Line Once again, trains are easy to see and hear, particularly the type of trains that hit this cyclist. Other than that I really don’t know how to avoid getting hit with a train. I mean, they are big and colorful and extremely noisy and they can only be found where there are existing train tracks and there are usually crossing guards, or at least warning lights.

A MO cyclist is killed but LEO think they have the killer. Suspect surrenders in hit-and-run death of cyclist in St. Louis Nothing on the mode so no way to say if any of the protocols would have helped or if this was an infrastructure problem, or if the guy was just an idiot that hit a cyclist and left him to die sorta on purpose. And moving to the comments we find that this was the cyclist killed last week by street racers running a 4 way stop at high speed while the cyclist rolled through the stop at a very slow speed.

I am seriously having problems understanding this narrative from the UK. Cyclist injured in tractor overtaking incident Parsing it as best I can the driver was going to pass both the cyclist and the tractor the cyclist was following in a single maneuver, but failed to clear either one before there was oncoming traffic on the other side of the road and pulled back in on top of the cyclist, then left the scene.

Another one of those things you just can’t avoid as a cyclist. Swindon cyclist stabbed to death in ‘vicious’ attack A cyclist-hater (or more than one) waited in the dark on this cycle path to waylay a cyclist. Not known at this time if the attack was on a particular cyclist or if this cyclist was chosen at random.

Now this is just too much. Cyclist Verbally Abused Following Accident You get hit by a car, are not at fault for the wreck and random people feel the need and the right to berate you for causing traffic delays? Where does this fool get off?

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Streetsblog scores at the LA press awards; West Hill’s bike shop gutted in weekend fire Ted is much too modest as he contributed to the report that won the award, and you can see his name at the bottom of the list of shared winners.

Infrastructure! news from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Hit-and-run drivers can no longer slide The law is going into effect finally, that makes hit-and-run functionally equivalent to DUI manslaughter or homicide. So the only thing running does is make LEO look for you, which can cause them to get angry because you made them do actual police work. This is not usually conducive to a calm and peaceful arrest and initial detainment.

Infrastructure from the Great White North. Ottawa is still not safe enough for cyclists Nothing I can add to this.

With statistics like these you would think someone would be on the case to improve conditions. A cyclist hit every 3 days Not as bad as NYC, but still considering the size of the city way higher than it should be.

Sports medicine leads to quicker recovery from motor vehicle wrecks. Geometry helps injured Palmer Township cyclist get back on the road This should be a standard approach, not the exception.

And those were all the fresh links I could find today. Get ‘em while they are fresh!

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Grocery day will be very light, and the Feed

Since Mrs. the Poet and I will be leaving Monday night we only have to get about half the groceries we normally do, because they won’t stay good until we get back. So, no produce except maybe a small bag of lettuce, only a single loaf of bread if any, no dairy at all. And lots of snacks we can put in our carry-on luggage so we don’t have to buy the over-priced “food” they sell in the bus stations. It’s bad enough we will be buying drinks priced 3 times what they cost at the local C-store on the corner, especially when our caloric needs will be so low.

Up first is an update on the Milt Olin wreck in CA. Family of cyclist fatally struck by sheriff’s car files claim against Los Angeles County This story has stunk to high heaven ever since it first broke, and the stench has just been getting worse every day, first with the refusal to hand the investigation over to the CHP to at least give the appearance of impartiality, second when an investigation that should have been wrapped in a week took more than 5 months to be delivered to the DA, and third when the DA refused to allow any part of that report to be released to the public. The facts of the case are quire damning to the driver, the cyclist was hit from behind while riding in the marked bike lane by a cruiser going over the speed limit without lights and siren. The pictures I have seen from the crime scene show the one skid mark left by the victim’s back tire at impact and skid marks after the impact (unless the picture was somehow reversed, but then the question would have to be why did the driver stop using the brakes right before impact?), and the impact was several feet from the lane marker.

A buzz job in OR. Cyclist injured in vehicle accident near Sandy and Man injured after being clipped by rear-view mirror on Highway 26 The crime scene pictures show one of those awful rumble stripped shoulders that turn what could be a nice place to ride when it’s clean into something that can kill you with a second’s inattention. This means the rider was forced to ride in the traffic lane but he did not take the lane to make himself more visible. This is (or should be, I haven’t read the protocols page in a while) the first thing to avoiding getting hit from behind, riding where you can be seen in the lane. This also gives you more room to move to the right to dodge wayward motor vehicles that are getting too close.

A wreck in AZ that LEO are wrongly blaming on the cyclist not crossing the street in the crosswalk. Peoria accident leaves teen cyclist injured Since the basic report is so flawed other than noting that this was an intersection wreck so intersection protocols should apply I got nothing, except INFRASTRUCTURE! Oh, and trained LEO.

Still in AZ another cyclist is squished. UPDATE X2:CYCLIST KILLED ON SPEEDWAY; DRIVER ARRESTED ON SECOND DEGREE MURDER When I first filtered this report the driver hadn’t even been caught yet, much less charged with murder. Hit from behind in the bike lane seems to be popular today, use the protocols to avoid, particularly the “have an escape route” part. And if that bike lane had been built to Dutch standards the weapon vehicle would never have gotten near him in the first place.

A PA blotter report on a left cross. Sentinel police log for June 19 I think I actually had this wreck in the blog last week sometime. Intersection wreck so protocols and infrastructure. Kudos to LEO for immediately handing out tickets to the driver for violating the right of way and failing to signal.

Another report on that CA hit-and-run I had a skimpy link to yesterday. Cyclist killed in Sacramento hit and run Nothing new, just another link.

OK this is just not right, with two links. P.E.I. man granted day parole two years after killing Alberta cyclist and Drunk driver who killed Edmonton woman gets day parole Apparently “day parole” is like “work release” in the US. Get out, go to work, and be back in your cell by a certain time every day.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: CABO opposes protected bikeway bill; Brit driver kills 5-year old, then says shit happens

Someone else noticed a major change to the legal infrastructure. Jury Awards “Precedent-Setting” $2.4 Million to Doored Cyclist With the added information I am also wondering how they figured the cyclist was 21% at fault for getting hit by the car door when she was getting physically forced into the door zone. Maybe because she was there to get hit?

Actual on-the-ground testing of that pseudo-Dutch intersection treatment. Portlander’s ‘protected intersection’ concept gets first on-street demo (in Minneapolis) The reports that 8 YO were able to use the infrastructure properly first time without instructions to move as they desired on their bikes is really good news.

The good kind of infrastructure article. Buying a bike? Now you can use Twitter to find out if it’s stolen property

Busting up and preventing bike theft in NY. Bicyclist follows accused bike thieves, leads to arrest of three Syracuse teenagers

If you live in Chuck this is an even better kind of lifestyle link. Chucktown BikeDown Cheap alcohol, but don’t over do it because if you get to all of the venues you have a chance at winning a pretty cool bike.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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Surrounded by mayhem, gore, and death, and then I opened the Feed

Now that I have your attention, things have been a “little rough” lately outside the world of bicycle blogging. As in more than 2/3 of my news feed outside my bike news Feed was filled with pictures and verbal descriptions of atrocities in Africa and the Middle East. I also got a cat video of a kitten being cute, but that one cute video just doesn’t compensate for death and destruction in several pages of links. The problem is I am not an island and I can’t just get the news about bicycles, I have to accept the “other stuff” as well in order to get access to the bike links. Also this is part of the cost of being a good “citizen of the world” these days. You can’t do anything about evils you don’t know about, but I have not the slightest clue of what I’m supposed to do about some of this stuff where and who I am at the moment. Superman, or Green Lantern, or maybe Iron Man would have the abilities and resources to do something about it, but being Opus the Poet, Bicycle Blogger is only slightly north of squat when it comes to “doing something” about wars, and rape gangs terrorizing school girls.

Up first, a cute kitten. Kitten discovers mirror Ahh, much better.

First wreck, a cyclist runs into the side of a train crossing the bike path? Bicyclist dead after being struck by Rail Runner and Cyclist hit, killed by Railrunner train Crossing was not signalized and I don’t know which side of the street the cyclist was riding on to know if he could see the crossing lights and guards on the street. The street has a reputation for being “too dangerous” to ride on (heavy traffic moving at high speeds, the typical “ten over the limit” thing and nowhere to escape for the hit-from-behind protocols) so almost all cyclists are on the sparsely used sidewalks here. There has been speculation in a forum I can’t link to that there was some kind of brake failure on the bike right when it got to the crossing and that was why it went into the side of the second car of the train when the train was so obviously crossing the sidewalk. Speculation of mechanical failure aside most of the time avoiding getting hit by trains is easy, the trains don’t deviate from the tracks (during normal operation), are generally quite noisy even when the operator is not trying to alert you of their presence, and are large and usually colorful to boot. The “secret” is to not be on the tracks at the same time as the train, and generally that is easy to do. Why that did not happen here with the level of experience this cyclist is credited with I have no idea beyond the previously noted speculation.

Update on an old story. Driver who killed Richmond cyclist transferred to state prison I don’t see why the killer first of all got such a light sentence, and second of all why he was allowed to spend so much of what was supposed to be a state prison sentence at a county jail. And the bit about having to use a CPAP so he couldn’t go to prison is just so much… I can’t say that and keep the PG-13 rating of this blog. (I’m treading perilously close to losing that for a couple of F-bombs last month.)

Things have been busy over in Boise this week. Boise man pleads guilty in hit-and-run that killed cyclist Likely sentence is “not much” but the guilty plea will result in a felony record, so that’s something at least.

And one wreck almost taken care of, so I guess time for another? Cyclist seriously injured after being hit by truck in Boise Intersection wreck as the cyclist was t-boned, the driver says the cyclist was running a red light. I don’t know what the cyclist said, but he was reported to be conscious at the scene and deteriorated on the way to hospital. Intersection protocols to avoid including being aware of stale greens and staying out of intersections when you can’t clear them before the light goes red in your direction. And get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent, just like 95% of the rest of the wrecks I link to in my blog.

The scourge of the cycling world falls upon CA. Cyclist Injured In Hit-And-Run Crash In Sacramento Another hit-from-behind in the bike lane and the driver left the scene, again. The cyclist was already doing everything possible to avoid this wreck, but the sub-standard infrastructure failed her. The only thing that can be done is to get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” ASAP.

They caught the “bad guy” in this wreck just outside NYC. Suspect Arrested In Hit-And-Run That Injured Cyclist In Medford, L.I. Cyclist was hit from behind riding on the shoulder, I strongly suspect that this was the only through route to his destination. Not much if any place for the cyclist to go to execute the hit-from-behind protocols, which leaves getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” as the only alternative to avoid or prevent this wreck.

This wreck in NC is yet to be solved as I compose this post. Cyclist struck, killed in hit-and-run on Barry Oak Road Nothing directly on the mode, but the narrative strongly suggests a hit-from-behind on the shoulder. Regardless, getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would prevent another wreck like this one.

Update on an OH wreck with an outcome that was about as good as could be expected. 3 years prison for East Dundee DUI hit-and-run that injured cyclist This was a very low-end sentence for a combined DUI and hit-and-run. The cyclist escaped death by fractions of an inch or a few degrees of angle, and the driver essentially skates. Well aside from the $11k fine and $2k court costs that have to be paid after leaving prison.

Not sure if this was “skitching” or if the cyclist was buzzed by the vehicle and then couldn’t let go after preventing the collision. Brockton bicyclist injured after grabbing onto back of tractor trailer, police said Either way the trick is to aim the bike away from the motor vehicle and let go as soon as there is room to get away safely. And need I say that with Dutch-style infrastructure the cyclist and the truck would never have had this kind of confrontation?

Why has the name of the driver of the weapon vehicle in this wreck been made a state secret? Vasquez: Why no charges in cyclist’s death?

A cyclist in Oz runs out of sidewalk and into traffic. Cyclist critically injured in crash at Tempe Intersection wreck, so use intersection protocols to avoid or to reduce injuries. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And really sidewalks are very poor bicycle infrastructure even after they are designated as such. Unless rebuilt specifically as bike infrastructure they are not safe for riding at typical commuting speeds (even “Dutch typical” of 12 MPH) and have poor sight lines especially at intersections.

Still in Oz, a report on a right cross (Aussie and UK version of the left cross because they drive and ride on the “wrong” side of the street). Lucky to be alive: Cyclist trapped under garbage truck in Surry Hills The cyclist was caught by a truck turning right across his direction of travel, so intersection protocols to avoid or reduce injuries and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Today is the day for bike/train wrecks. Major delays on Frankston line after train hits and kills cyclist Again, still in Oz, and nothing specific about the wreck aside from the kinds of vehicles involved, so standard advice about trains and how to avoid meeting with one unexpectedly applies.

A really low-information report from Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in accident I got more information about the traffic delays than I did the wreck, but it was in an intersection so those protocols would probably have been helpful in avoiding or reducing injury, and getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would have probably prevented the wreck.

Our Daily Ted is extremely good today. Morning Links: Cyclist critically injured in Laguna Beach; lawsuit filed against LA County, LASD in Milt Olin case I was wondering what the delay in the Olin wreck was after he was hit from behind while riding in the bike lane.

Infrastructure! news from VA after that SUV/bike wreck on a MUP crossing a Freeway. After crash, VDOT makes changes on bridge walkway As someone pointed out in the comments, it’s a pedestrian crossing, if the employee needed to be there that badly why couldn’t he walk?

More infrastructure from NYC. NYPD: 1,160 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, Nine Killed in Traffic in April When motor vehicles collide there is usually only property damage, when motor vehicles hit pedestrians or cyclists there is usually a trip in an ambulance or a coroner’s car Note the disparity in the statistics, in more than 16K wrecks, there were more than 33K drivers and passengers involved, but only 2847 were injured and only 12 died, for a fatality rate of 0.04% when rounded. Pedestrians died at a rate of 1% while cyclists died at a rate of 0.3%. Or to look at it another way in a city hat has a vehicle ownership rate around 45% there were almost as many pedestrians killed as everybody in motor vehicles, not counting cyclists, and NYC still devotes most of its public space to moving and stored vehicles. A tiny fraction of that space is devoted to moving pedestrians, but an even tinier fraction is set aside for cyclists who must fight for space with both pedestrians and motor vehicles to get around the city. The fact that so few cyclists are killed or injured is more a testament to the skill and road sense of cyclists as well as their pathetically small mode share than it is to the quality of the infrastructure.

Lifestyle article for the MD cyclist killed in KY after having a mechanical incident. Friends To Finish Miles For Cyclist Killed During Charity Journey

And after all that I need another kitty video. Most Hilarious Videos Of Cats 2014 – Best Funny Kitten Compilation

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Not in a very good mood at the moment, and the Feed

The headline is a major understatement of my current mood. I just got a bill from the city government of the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell for the destruction and removal of my lawn furniture. I mean it’s bad enough that someone came into my back yard and sawed up my 500 pound log bench and hauled it away, but to turn around and charge me for the “privilege”? What really hacks me off is they used electric chainsaws so as not to alert me that my stuff was getting destroyed. The other thing that I’m so annoyed about this was how hard I had to work to get that thing in the right spot. As I said that was a 500 pound oak log that had to be moved several feet from where it fell in order to be useful as a bench, and I did it by myself. Here is the bench in use:Note the diameter of the log made it perfect as a bench And this is not showing in the preview so I don’t know if you will be able to see it. The image marker icon is showing up but not the picture. Could someone leave me a comment to let me know if they can see the picture?

Up first is a monumental Infrastructure! story from the town outside the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Dallas Relaxes Bike Helmet Law and Dallas bike helmet rules now apply only to cyclists under age 18 Statistics show that the helmet law was mostly enforced by a single officer in the downtown area and in minority districts, but interestingly enough not where the largest concentration of bicycles in the county can be found, around White Rock Lake. The reason the ordinance was changed had nothing to do with that however. Dallas is wanting to launch a bike share system and other places that have both bike share and helmet laws have proven that the two don’t go together very well as all those places have lost big money on the bike share. My personal opinion is a mandatory helmet law is government blatantly stating that they know their infrastructure is deficient and that they do not plan on correcting that infrastructure but would rather blame the user for the government’s failures.

First wreck is in ABQ NM. Cyclist injured in East Mountains hit-and-run I have driven in the area but not since my eldest was a baby, so I don’t know the current conditions. When I was last there Route 66 was still an active US highway, not decommissioned into state highway status. The narrative suggest this was probably a hit-from-behind, so protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent. On the subject of infrastructure specific to this wreck has anyone heard anything new about the proposal to turn Old 66 into a 35 MPH shared highway for bicycles and cars, with no trucks allowed outside city limits, much like the Natchez Trace Parkway (except a lower speed limit)? I heard this one about 5 years ago and then nothing more.

Moving a bit west we get another bike v semi wreck. Bicycle rider killed in collision with semitruck As with most wrecks between a cyclist and a semi the cyclist died while the truck driver faces psychological harm at worst. As this was a breaking story that the road was still partially blocked for the investigation when the report went up there was nothing at all on the mode or even a definitive location. As such I have no way to evaluate the wreck for which avoidance technique to use, but I can state with utter assurance that getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would have removed the cyclist from any conflict with the semi truck and prevented the wreck completely.

A little further west from that. 19-year old bike rider killed in South LA hit-and-run and Bicyclist dies after South L.A. hit-and-run; driver at large Intersection wreck, the cyclist was said to be waiting to make a left turn when he was hit by a vehicle on the street he was trying to turn to. And I got nothing for this one. If the statement was true that the cyclist was waiting to turn then there was nothing he could do except maybe move back a bit, and all that also implies that infrastructure would not have helped either because the infrastructure as built was not followed. Unfortunately the way both articles are written it is not known which vehicle ran the red, or if neither did and the cyclist was still in the intersection when the light changed and the weapon vehicle just failed to yield. It’s just a really bad way to go all the way around.

Video from two GA bike wrecks that were completely the fault of the drivers involved, one we mentioned yesterday and another I just heard about. Cyclists struck in 2 separate metro Atlanta incidents The hit-and-run on the sidewalk with the little girl and her mother and baby sister was really hard for me to watch, especially as they were so far off the street when they were hit. And the other wreck is being investigated as an attempted murder now. Neither of these wrecks could be avoided by a human cyclist in any stretch of the imagination, and neither could be prevented by infrastructure short of having a wall or guard rail between cyclists and the street, the wreck with the little girl had a curb and trees protecting her and her mother and they still got hit.

A cyclist is killed with a motor vehicle in Canuckistan. Cyclist Succumbs To Injuries Following Bicycle-Vehicle Collision There was more about the CFL team he was going to see than the wreck, so I can’t say anything about avoiding or preventing the wreck. In honor of the victim though “Go Blue Bombers!”

Our daily Ted is better than normal today, which says something. Morning Links: Figueroa for All comes to a head tonight; Bloomberg looks at the Biking (and Transit) Black Hole

More TX Infrastructure news from a little further south. Houston Takes the Next Step Towards a Bicycle Network Now that unused land under transmission lines can be repurposed for bike transportation and recreation, and as a bonus to the power company the bike path will support the repair trucks if needed to repair the transmission towers.

More infrastructure from CA. Why Sharrows Don’t Cut it: Even SF Bike Safety Instructor Bert Hill Got Hit As I said here before sharrows are the abstinence-only sex ed of bicycle infrastructure.

A sad bit of Lifestyle from ME. Cyclist killed last year remembered as participants prepare for 30th annual Trek Across Maine That was a very sad wreck, moreso than usual because it was so unnecessary.

Last link is to a classic Gorillaz album, less one track (copyright issues over a film that used the track as soundtrack…) Gorillaz – Demon Days (Full Album) and even as I typed that it seemed a bit strange to say “classic Gorillaz album”.

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As the spider said time’s fun when you’re having flies, and the Feed

Nothing is going on related to either spiders or flies today, I have just been waiting for the chance to use that quote for several months. Some time this week we will be going to buy the bus tickets for our vacation, and also trying to find someone to mow the lawn when we are gone. The crazy lady we rent a room to will still be here and our eldest will be dropping by the house to make sure the cat eats and gets some loving, so the house will not be unguarded while we are gone. I’m still trying to find a local source for that fershluginer (old Mad Magazine expletive there) hunk of mild steel to use for the crank forward bike’s seat tube, and Hephaestus is still pounding me about building something because I have the gift and it shouldn’t be wasted. Even drawing designs out on paper hasn’t been enough to shut that down, I’m going to have to build something soon. And right now the only thing stopping me is finding the raw stock to cut and weld into the bike frame…

Up first, someone tried to kill a cyclist with a light armored vehicle in GA. (UPDATED) Witnesses – SUV chased down cyclist OK having been on the receiving end of this kind of deal myself, if the driver is serious about trying to kill you there isn’t much a cyclist can do about it except try to roll away from the impact to someplace where you can’t get hit a second time.

A critical hit-and-run in NM. Cyclist critically injured in hit-and-run crash The narrative describes a hit-from-behind but does not state so explicitly, but I would use those protocols to avoid the wreck anyway. Getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would prevent the wreck. And finding the perp and crushing his truck will keep him from doing it again…

A “grr…” angry moment in NYC. Police: Bicyclist Killed In Crash With Minivan Near Citi Field And as usual for the entire state of NY, “no criminality suspected” of the sober driver who remained at the scene of the hit-from-behind wreck. Protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent, including Dutch traffic laws to make hitting someone with a motor vehicle an assumed crime unless proven not to be. IOW start all wreck investigations as criminal investigations unless the evidence proves otherwise, especially the ones involving a fatality.

Another fatal wreck in NYC just makes me want to scratch my head. NYPD Has No Info On Brooklyn DJ Killed While Cycling In Bushwick The wreck narrative is hit-from-behind with possible assault by the driver of the first vehicle that hit him, and pure pinball for the second vehicle. I would place this in the “not avoidable by human cyclists” category, but getting the infrastructure right would prevent it, including LEO who give a flying…

What’s interesting about this PA wreck is the fact that nobody has been blaming the cyclist for running the light. Bicyclist injured in collision with car on Erie’s east side Intersection wreck between two vehicles on intersecting streets and nobody says the cyclist was running the red. The car was there a couple of thousandths of a second earlier than the bike as the damages to the car prove, but nothing about who was there running the red. The Street View says the cyclist was going the wrong way on a one-way street, but that wasn’t mentioned either. Intersection protocols are moot in a situation like this, so the only thing would be getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”. This is a very strange wreck.

A WI cyclist is injured by a seriously distracted driver. Oostburg Cyclist Seriously Injured “I didn’t mean to do it! It’s the bee’s fault!” Hit-from-behind so use the protocols to try to avoid this idiot (who may be allergic to bee stings, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt), and get cyclists away from crazy drivers with infrastructure that’s “up to Dutch” to prevent the wreck.

A serious “Ahhgghh!” moment after a cyclist was taken from the scene by ambulance in CA. Paramedics find 3-foot snake in bag of bicyclist struck by car Naturally the snake takes precedence over the narrative of the wreck for this article.

How to get locked up for killing a cyclist in the UK. Three locked up for killing of Pontypool cyclist Yes, if you kill a cyclist with anything other than a car, then you get locked up.

A cyclist didn’t kill a pedestrian after all. Pensioner died of natural causes two and a half weeks after collision with cyclist When the death was reported there was some confusion in the UK cycling press about the length of time between her release from hospital and her death with many saying if she was that fragile she wouldn’t have been released from medical care. And as it turns out the proximity of the death with the wreck is just happenstance.

Ted is in fine form today. Morning Links: Phillip O’Neill memorial ride and walk, cyclist’s rights on PCH, and a new bike video from LACBC

Infrastructure! news from NYC. DOT Targets 20 Of The Deadliest Intersections For Pedestrians

And a bit of Lifestyle from WWII. Maine woman resisted the Nazis on beat-up old bicycle

Last link is a Facebook picture of a really awesome way of exercising lane control in an urban setting. Lane control Note the high aerodynamic drag makes this impractical for long trips, but for those under five mile urban jaunts it should be fine. Mount white blinky lights on the front and red blinky lights on the back, or amber blinkies all around if you can find them to increase your visual footprint.

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Time to mow the lawn again, and the Feed

Back a couple of weeks ago when I was sitting around the house half-blind from allergies Mrs. the Poet paid an enterprising young man $20 to mow the front yard, and now that I have recovered from the pollen bukkake (sort of) I really need to go do it again. So after the blog post gets done I’m outside in long pants and a long-sleeved shirt pushing the lawn mower. I really hope I can find my lawn-mowing gloves as the vibration from the engine will cause my fingers to get numb and useless by the time I’m done with the lawn without them. They used to be bike gloves with a vibration absorbing pad until they got too ratty to wear on the bike, now they just get used when I mow the lawn. But someone didn’t like where I had them kept (where I could find them) and I haven’t been able to find them for a while. That’s why the blog post has to be done first so that I don’t have to worry about being able to use the keyboard or to use the double finger tap “right-click” on this computer.

A CA cyclist is the victim in another hit-and-run. Search on for driver in hit-and-run crash with cyclist Intersection wreck and they aren’t blaming the cyclist for running a red light or any other violations, so maybe protocols would help maybe not. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. Part of that infrastructure is laws that make leaving the scene of an injury wreck similar in consequence to assault with a deadly weapon if they can’t use that statute for some reason.

Still in CA we get 4 cyclists injured in a single collision. Four AIDS/LifeCycle bicyclists injured in Highway 1 collision No mention of mode of wreck or location. But the fact that whoever it was hit 4 cyclists says a lot, like possible assault with a deadly weapon charges against the driver.

More on the NYC cyclist hit by a cab. Photos: Cyclist Hit By Cab Driver In Hell’s Kitchen I still think the cyclist was hit by the cab because the driver was watching the traffic light and not the street in front of him.

Update on the cyclist injured in a terror attack aimed at cyclists. Prank Injures Brooklyn Cyclist, Reminds Bikers to Know Legal Rights One more time, this was not a “prank”, this was a potentially fatal booby trap set deliberately to injure or kill a cyclist.

More from NYC as a meter maid gets her panties in a wad. Traffic Cop Blocks Bike Lane, Warns Cyclist: “Get The F*ck Out Of My Way” And yes I can see the Traffic Enforcement person is male, the sentence still stands. There was an open parking spot right where the meter maid was blocking the bike lane.

Things get nasty and scary in far West Canuckistan. At least three cyclists hit over five-day span in South Okanagan Hmm, one might think there was some kind of clandestine pogrom against cyclists…And LEO are no help when a blatant right hook takes out a cyclist and the cyclist gets blamed for not knowing the vehicle passing him had a trailer and he should stop before hitting the trailer. No the driver should have made a safe pass and completed the pass before making the turn, or should have waited until the cyclist cleared the lane before trying to turn. Intersection protocols to avoid, and INFRASTRUCTURE! to prevent.

South Africa is no stranger to cyclist deaths by motor vehicle violence. Hopetown man killed in hit and run Another hit-from-behind wreck possibly deliberate. Protocols to avoid if possible, and infrastructure to prevent.

Our daily Ted. Morning Links: Better Biking on SM Blvd, an East Coast view of West Coast bike paths, and busted for bike sex And for the record, none of my bikes had a personality that would make me want to have sex with one. I mean EEEWWW!

Infrastructure! news from the town next to the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. City of Richardson Bike Parking Initiative Bicycle infrastructure isn’t just about the journey, once you get there you need to be able to do something without dragging the bike with you everywhere you go.

More infrastructure from NC. Road Worrier: Sharrows send a wordless message to cyclists and drivers Sharrows, the abstinence-only sex ed of bicycle infrastructure. Doing something even if it is all a waste of time and money.

This one is a cross between LifeStyle and an update to the wreck, but because it doesn’t contribute anything to the conversation of preventing bike wrecks it goes down here with the lifestyle stuff. Suai Xie, Cyclist Killed in Bridgeport Hit-and-Run, Was Dedicated Caretaker A good person was lost, and I’m sad to hear of her passing. She died One of Us, and she shall always be One of Us.

More than one way of carrying calories on a long ride, you could get a little extra “oomph” from a battery. Little Lady Goes on a Big Ride If you have 20 miles of battery power then you should be able to go 20 miles farther than you would otherwise, making a day where you would be burnt toast at 80 miles doable at 100. My experiments with electrical assist confirm this.

Last link is something that came up at random as I was watching bike videos from a news feed item. Save The Badger (Remix) – MrWeebl Yes, the remaining members of Queen did contribute to making the music on this video.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today. I hope you got giggles from the same links that gave me giggles.

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Having sleeping problems, and the Feed

Last night was terrible. I just could not get the creative part of my mind to SHUT UP. I went to bed shortly after midnight because I was tired having been woken early yesterday morning by some commotion outside my bedroom windows after working late filtering the early feed. And by “early” I mean “dawn streaming in Oh Gawds why am I awake?” early. So here I am lying in my bed and I can’t stop thinking about building things. Just bang, bang, bang one thing after another and where does this go and what will happen if I do this and how about I make one of these and next thing I know the alarm is going off to wake Mrs. the Poet to walk to the bus stop and take the flavor out of the kids’ food at school and I’m still building things in my mind. I did a general layout for 4 cars and 3 bicycles and that is not including the iterations of any of the vehicles. I mean I even did a quick calculation of the weight and watt-hours of the battery pack of the EV (205 pounds with BMS and 2900 w-h with the only quibble was did I remember the cell weight and the BMS weight correctly). I think I finally collapsed mentally sometime between 0630 and 0700 only to be awakened by the phone about 1000. And I can still feel those cars and bikes churning around in the back of my mind. If I had money and a workshop I would be dangerous. Well not dangerous as in possible losses of life and limb (maybe, one of those cars would have been wicked fast) but dangerous as in pushing the boundaries of what can be done with current technology and a little mixing of parts. I mean I have catalogs full of parts for midget racecars, and also EVs and battery stuff and stock car racecars… And if it wasn’t for having this blog as an outlet for my writing I think I would be insane by now.

Up first, cyclists are getting regularly killed down south of WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Officials seek help to solve hit-and-run cycling accidents and promote bike safety Most of these wrecks are because Houston has poor to non-existent bicycle infrastructure. Combine that with drivers who have been told for generations that they literally “own the road” and you get the one-in-a-million sociopath who thinks that riding a bicycle in the street should be grounds for summary execution because “you slowed me down!” With transportation costs taking as much as a third of Texan’s budgets and shelter taking half that doesn’t leave much for the things that help keep people sane. It is a problem that I readily admit I have no cure for aside from time to allow people to adapt to the changes from the changed economy.

A MT cyclist is critically injured by a suspected impaired driver. Cyclist injured by SUV; police suspect alcohol Another “It was the car that did it!” headline, with the narrative suggesting the cyclist was hit because the driver failed to obey a traffic control that the cyclist was obeying. Intersection protocols kinda depend on the driver mostly following the rules, and the driver was already ignoring the built infrastructure built to accommodate his vehicle so changing the environment would simply move the wreck a few feet one way or the other. Yep, this is one of those few wrecks that because of driver behavior even getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would not prevent or probably even reduce the injuries all that much. Way to go drunk driver! The only way to prevent this wreck would be an interlock on the ignition that requires a sober driver to start the car.

A cyclist is killed in IL. Cyclist, 59, killed in Bridgeport hit-and-run Not a lot of information from this article, basically only the escape direction of the weapon vehicle. Direction and lane position of the victim are not known at this time. All I can say is infrastructure that was “up to Dutch” more than likely would have prevented this wreck.

Moving to CA, a driver could be getting prison for the road-rage hit and run of an uninvolved cyclist. Driver faces prison for seriously injuring cyclist The cyclist was not even involved in the initial act of road rage and was just riding in the shoulder when the driver made a break for it right through where the cyclist was riding. As I pointed out when the wreck was first reported there ain’t much you can do about people that behave like anal sphincters when there’s no room to get away from them. I hope this particular sphincter gets a nice long rest at the expense of the state of CA. And even with infrastructure “up to Dutch” unless there was no way for the driver to get to the cyclist it wouldn’t help.

Still in CA, closure to a fatal wreck. Pleasanton teen sentenced to prison for cyclist’s death Charges downgraded from murder for going more than twice the posted limit and running off the road to hit a cyclist after losing control. As I posted when this wreck was first reported on there was nothing either of the cyclists could have done to dodge this wreck by a guy going sideways doing 83 in a 40. Infrastructure that segregated the cyclists away from motor vehicle traffic would have prevented the wreck as the weapon vehicle did not get very far from the road when it hit the two cyclists.

A driver involved in a cyclist wreck is identified. In brief: Officer who hit cyclist ID’d If the narrative is accurate then obeying traffic controls is how this wreck could be avoided. And even getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” won’t prevent that 100%, but studies have shown that when infrastructure makes allowances for cyclists cyclist compliance with traffic controls improves substantially. But otherwise this wreck was 99% on the cyclist.

Ted Rogers finds another report on the cyclist who died from a right hook weeks after the wreck. Whittier rider dies of injuries suffered in Downey collision last month Same rider I reported on yesterday, just different links inside his post.

Moving to the Great White North, a killer driver is found guilty. Driver found guilty in crash that killed elderly cyclist The cyclist in this wreck had no place to go to escape the deadly driver, the only way to prevent a similar wreck would be getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”. And putting killer drivers in prison with no hope of getting their cars or driver’s license back in this lifetime. And if there was a way to punish killer drivers when they come back for the next go-round… would it be ethical to do so? Hmm, something else to write about.

A Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot moment in Jolly Olde. Preston cyclist deliberately knocked off bike and robbed – another nearby suffers a broken collar bone in a hit and run Yes someone used their motor vehicle as a weapon to allow them to rob a cyclist. And a few streets over someone else used their motor vehicle to injure a cyclist becauuuse? No word on if the two wrecks are related other than proximity.

Closure on a wreck in Jolly Olde caused by a driver who should have been taken from the roads long before she finally was. New inquiry into death of cyclist The driver had a medical condition that should have taken her off the roads but because nobody knew she had it she continued to drive.

Two links to a door prize in London. Cyclist knocked off bike by open lorry door near Twickenham Green and Cyclist knocked off bike by open lorry door near Twickenham Green The cyclist was hit in the head when the door opened, ouch!

A UK cyclist is hit head-on “on the Continent”. British father-of-three knocked down and killed by hit-and-run driver while cycling near holiday home in France OK zero chance for the cyclist to avoid that one, and from the description the area was shared space and the driver should have been driving much slower. So basically that puts this one entirely on the driver of the weapon vehicle, which I guess is a big reason why he didn’t stick around.

In Oz they complain because not all the cyclists and jaywalkers were arrested during a crackdown. Cyclist, jaywalker crackdown Operation Pedro was hit and miss as police fail to fine all transgressors And I’m sure they’ll complain equally when a crackdown on speeding and failing to yield in the CBD fails to catch all the speeders and people who drive through crowded crosswalks.

Major victim blaming in Enn Zed. Cyclist death prompts high-vis warning Hasn’t his particular idiot blamed cyclists for not being visible enough before? Nope, this is a different idiot from the same school apparently, because the other idiot was also named in the article.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: A slightly less sucky Westside intersection, victory for cyclists on PCH, and spreading ciclovias

And more Lifestyle from the eastern part of the Great White North. Hundreds ride at memorial for Dartmouth cyclist killed in crash

And sorry it’s late but I wanted to wait until the afternoon reports came in so Monday would be a little lighter, a little more work now saves more later.

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It’s raining here so I get some temporary allergy relief, and the Feed

Yay, the rain is washing the pollen out of the air and I can breathe again! I know that this is only a temporary situation but it sure is nice to be able to see and breathe again without sleep-inducing medication.

Up first a reported salmon cyclist is killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. FHP: Bicyclist struck, killed by SUV on Philips Highway Riding salmon is a big part of what went wrong here mainly because it drastically reduced the reaction time for both parties in this wreck. So don’t ride salmon, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right and “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Update on a NE fatal wreck. Elderly driver pleads guilty to motor vehicle homicide in crash that killed Nebraska cyclist You may notice I left a comment on this article a few months ago, because the URL to this wreck has stayed the same while the article has changed to reflect the new situations. The driver will now most likely get probation for the actions that led to killing this cyclist, and only a maximum of 2 years probation can be levied against her. TANJ!

A MS cyclist hits a patrol car and the driver doesn’t even know it? Cyclist injured after striking Hattiesburg patrol car Excuse me if I find this improbable. Not the cyclist looking down and not knowing the car was in front of him, the driver not knowing that an injury wreck had happened to his car. Anyway, this can be avoided by cyclists getting their bikes fitted so they can look at what’s in front of them when they are riding all the time instead of just during the periods they can endure holding their heads back that far. and prevented by getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”. More HPD probes incident between bicyclist, cruiser

A cyclist in GA is left-crossed. Cyclist injured in wreck on Turner McCall Cyclist seriously injured, driver not even given a ticket for a blatantly at-fault wreck. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And for [$DEITY] sake, issue tickets when a driver causes a wreck with injuries.

Wreck in DC shows drivers still don’t care. On Bike to School Day, car-bike wreck demonstrates risks of city biking Nothing on the mode, but it was a hit and run in an area of poor infrastructure, so prevention is well-understood. Well-understood by cyclists that is, LEO and Politicians not so much. Get the infrastructure up to Dutch and these things will stop happening.

More on that Upstate NY wreck with the salmon cyclist. Cortlandt Cyclist, 61, Hospitalized After Being Hit By SUV In Tarrytown Driver still not looking where he was going and cyclist still in the wrong location on the road.

Cyclist using a cell phone for something other than talking has a wreck in MA. Newton cyclist flown to Boston hospital They’re not saying what the cyclist was doing with his cell, just that he was looking not talking when he wrecked. Since so many smart phones have GPS and turn-by-turn navigation and some even have “bicycle modes” I’m taking a wild guess and saying he might have been using the phone to navigate. At any rate he hit hard enough to possibly fracture his skull and the impact was heard inside a nearby trailer park, so “don’t do that”. And a reminder that wayfinding without need for maps (or GPS) is a normal feature of bicycle infrastructure that is “up to Dutch”.

Why has it taken so long to “investigate” why a cyclist was hit from behind in a bike lane by a Sheriff’s Department cruiser? Cyclist death investigation slow in coming The tin-foil hat people are crawling out of the woodwork over this one. There is some suspicion cast on the “investigation” from people not afraid of black helicopters or the Illuminati because it’s not like this hasn’t taken 3 times as long to investigate as a wreck not involving a member of the 1% and LEO even when fault is so easy to determine (I mean come on, the cyclist was hit from behind in a bike lane where cars were not supposed to be driving!) Seriously, even for “plain folks”, this would have taken maybe a month to release the report and file charges.

Our Daily Ted reaches the same conclusion, whodathunkit? Morning Links: Still no end to Milton Olin investigation, US House committee goes after bike/ped funding

More on that cyclist injured in the Great White North, Cyclist seriously injured after crash near Shakespeare Nothing new here, just a different link to the same information.

Still nothing on the mode of this wreck from last week, but we know the victim’s name. RCMP identify cyclist killed on Jubilee

A wreck in Canuckistan with no mode given. Cyclist killed after collision near Brentwood Town Centre Since they aren’t blaming the cyclist right off the bat there is a very good chance the driver was at fault in this wreck, but I can’t say for sure until LEO releases more information.

Another link that came late from BikingInLA. An open letter to CD1 Councilmember Gil Cedillo on improving safety and livability on North Figueroa

And while I was posting this missive I had to grab the cat and hide in the bathroom while a tornado went by, fortunately without touching down near us. As I post this I don’t have any reports of damage aside from what appears to be a microburst over in Johnson County which is a ways away from The Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. There was a funnel spotted south of here, but it did not touch down. We dodged another one!

And those are all the links that gave me fits and giggles today, mostly fits again.

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