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Hopefully not a Freaky Friday, and the Feed

Dad is talking with his PT therapist right now and doing exercises to strengthen his legs and core and also walking around the porch working on his balance. I had another good morning and was able to get both socks without breaking any teeth from gritting them or clenching my jaw. :P

Up first because of lots of links, a Portland OR woman is killed by a semi truck turning across the bike lane in a classic right hook. Portland bicyclist killed in collision with semi and Bicyclist hit by semi in downtown Portland also Police Identify Bicyclist Killed By Truck Last Night The major difference between this wreck and most right hooks is the cyclist was hit from behind and then run over by the cab of the truck, but as I recall from my truck driving days you could hide a Mini in the right front blind spot of those trucks. The cyclist could not have avoided this wreck as you have to depend on other people seeing you at some point or else wait until every other vehicle is gone from the road. To prevent would require changes made to big trucks or the outright banning of the trucks from urban areas, because if you don’t even with the best possible infrastructure you are going to get wrecks at intersections.

Because it’s close to WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell. Help Out A Fellow Cyclists Nothing on the mode of the wreck yet, but the location is just a ew miles from my home. Comments on FB indicate this might be a hit-from-behind wreck caused by a distracted driver but nothing to verify that from any official source, or even coverage from the local news paper.

A cyclist is killed in CA by a hit-and-run with a rare and expensive car. Bicycle Rider Killed in Hit and Run Identified and Dublin bicyclist killed by hit-run driver is IDd Hit-from-behind and hit-and-run, with a $100K (or more) car. Unless the car was stolen this makes almost no sense. Anyway, to avoid use the protocols, to prevent get cars the heck away from people on bicycles.

Two young boys in UT are hit while riding 2 up on a single trick bike. 2 Payson boys injured after being struck by SUV There was an important detail left out of the narrative of the wreck, when the kids were turning left from the main road to the side road who had the stop sign or red light? Anyway it was during a turning movement at an intersection, so use intersection protocols to avoid. You know what would have prevented this wreck, Infrastructure!

A NJ cyclist is injured crossing the street. Jersey City bicyclist, 21, suffers non-life threatening injuries after being struck by car The narrative so far is the cyclist came from between 2 parked cars (SWSS). Use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A cyclist is killed right after the RoS in TN. Cyclist killed Wednesday in Lakewood-Old Hickory identified Another blind driver hits a cyclist from behind. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and enforce the 3-foot passing law for crying out loud. To prevent, it’s almost always infrastructure.

From a little further east in TN, problems in the Choo-choo city of Chattanooga. Chattanooga cyclists: Cars often don’t share roads Several hit-from-behind or near misses that cyclists used the protocols to avoid, but they shouldn’t have to be avoiding these wrecks. TN has had a 3 foot passing law for ages and it is seldom enforced. this is a bit of infrastructure that needs to be strengthened.

From the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, dead cyclists get no justice after a woman falls asleep at the wheel and runs over 2 cyclists. No criminal charges filed in fatal causeway accident Drugs in her system and asleep at the wheel and they still couldn’t find anything to charge the driver with other than a ticket for failure to maintain a single lane… TANJ!

In the Great White North, tickets were issued immediately to 2 of 3 drivers that hit cyclists this week. Fines laid after cyclists hit Two of the drivers made unsafe turns and hit cyclists at intersections, investigation is still ongoing on the third wreck. Intersection protocols to avoid the 2 wrecks they know what happened and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Still in the GWN, the local DoT is blamed for roads that lacked bicycle provisions in the wake of one of the most deadly bike wrecks in Canadian history. Transport Quebec defends its road repairs in wake of coroner’s report And we all know that government agencies don’t lie about their performance goals not being met…

A report from Enn Zed about a guy that was hit while riding a bike. Male cyclist, 50, hit by car And that pretty much sums up the entire known situation of the wreck.

Not every European city is like Amsterdam or even Copenhagen. Navigating Europe’s Most Congested City by Bike Scary by European standards, a taste of home for me. I would love to have things so nice in the suburbs of Hell.

And some important things to know when you’re shopping for a new helmet. Best bike helmets to protect riders Just understand this test is totally unlike the real world where people’s heads are not independent of their bodies.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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More observations on hit-from-behind, and the Feed

Well most of you have seen the post from yesterday on hit-from-behind wrecks becoming statistically large in bicycle deaths, rising from 1 in 22 deaths from the 1970s through the 1990s (with very minor fluctuations) to 1 in 4 bicycle deaths in 2011. Along with this increase in hit-from-behind was a similar increase in hit-and-run. Just my impression but I think that a majority of the hit-and-run I see are also hit-from-behind, and it is well-known that the single most important factor in surviving major trauma is quick response. In fact there is something called The Golden Hour (with caps) in major trauma that getting medical care and stabilized in the first hour after the initial trauma improves survival something like 90%. When someone is sitting in a broken heap on the side of the road they aren’t getting care, and they die. That’s just my opinion as an interested observer, not anything you can take to the bank.

Most of the links I got today were either notifications of or reports on the Ride of Silence as it unfolded around the world in over 320 locations worldwide. TEMECULA: Cyclists on Ride of Silence sign “get well” cards for injured girl and Memorial honors injured cyclists another one Ride of Silence: Cyclists roll for safety still more Cyclists remember those killed on road with ‘Ride of Silence’ not done by a long shot Cyclists Ride in Silence For Bike Safety Month more Richmond Cyclists Organize Ride of Silence wow not done yet Ride of Silence pays tribute to killed and injured bicyclists still more from just up the pike from WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell A silent ride remembering those injured and killed while cycling not done yet A long, slow line riding for remembrance and safety another Bike Rally in Shreveport when will it ever end? Ride of Silence honors injured, killed cyclists still not done Ride of Silence Tonight to Honor Injured Cyclists more West Michigan bicyclists honor riders killed in crashes, call for more understanding between bikers and motorists from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike Ride of silence honors cyclists killed and injured on bikes from the Heartland of the US Bicycle riders pay respects to those killed/hurt with Ride of Silence more from CA Dozens of Richmond riders pay respects to injured cyclists still more Ride of Silence from Iowa Ride of Silence calls attention to cyclists killed in accidents not done yet Sharing the Road in ‘Silence’ Song quote “How long can this go on?” “Ride of Silence” reminds drivers to watch out for bicyclists another one Cyclists ride to honor, raise awareness From MI Ride of Silence May 16 advocates cyclist awareness, memorializes fallen riders still more Ride of Silence 2012 Tonight from Wilmot Park from the town my brother works in Myrtle Beach-area cyclists to support Ride of Silence and last link (finally) Ride Of Silence Hits Several Northern Michigan Communities By WordPress’ count that’s almost 500 words between the links and the comments just on the RoS.

From CA a SWCC or possible red-light runner. Santa Clara man killed while riding bicycle is identified If the report is accurate (the only witness was the driver) then don’t run red lights to avoid a similar wreck, otherwise intersection protocols besides not running red lights, and to prevent get the infrastructure right so that speeding cars are not trying to occupy the same space as slow bikes.

Another report on the cyclist killed near Citi field in NYC. Bicyclist dies after he gets hit by driver: Cops Still the same damn thing, the only surviving witness claims no wrongdoing on their part so NYPD agrees and drops the investigation…

A cyclist falls from the shared path into fast traffic on a bridge in Detroit. Cyclist injured after tumbling into bridge traffic in Grosse Ile I lay most of the blame for this one on the infrastructure and Detroit’s inability to pay for fixing things. I don’t know how a cyclist could prevent the loss of control that preceded this wreck as I don’t know what caused it.

Last link from Cycle Twin Cities again today. One on One Invades St. Paul I’m glad they have a bicycle service vendor for their bike center in downtown St. Paul.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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Trying not to kill anyone, and the Feed

I was able to put my right sock on by myself this morning, which meant I could wear my shoes, which meant I had a level pelvis when I walked and I had a lot less pain in my leg. So yay! getting the sock on. Dad had a rough day yesterday but seems to be in much improved spirits today, and showed marked improvement in his strength and balance after therapy. So everybody is doing better this morning.

Today is the Ride of Silence. As I was saying yesterday, this will be the first time I have been totally unable to attend a Ride since Larry Schwartz died. I am totally bummed about the situation. but if someone could wear a red and black armband for me I would be much obliged. Red because I was injured, black because, well I was dead for a little bit. And also because you “know” a deceased cyclist. Ride of Silence Tomorrow Night Honors Princeton Anchor House Cyclist Doug McCune and Hernando cyclists’ Ride of Silence makes plea for safety also Rock Hill’s Ride of Silence a tribute to victims of bicycling accidents even Bicyclists to honor fellow riders in Ridgeland another link Salado: Memorial Bike Ride Honors Cyclist Killed In Accident getting close now Quincy Bicycle Club plans ‘Ride of Silence’ Wednesday not done yet Evansville’s Ride of Silence remembers fallen cyclists, raises moving issues are you kidding me? Ride of Silence honors fallen riders, urges awareness last link WILDOMAR: Bike safety event Saturday

More on that cyclist killed on Folly Rd. Folly Road bike fatality: Victim ‘swerving in and out’ of bike lane before accident That’s an interesting statement since there isn’t a bike lane in the Google Street View of the crash scene, but one may have been placed since that picture was taken. Interesting thing about the description of the wreck, the SUV sideswiped the cyclist, not the other way around.

An assisted bike is cut off by a car pulling from a driveway in AZ. Motorized bike rider killed in midtown crash Driveways are intersections, so intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right (including laws and enforcement) to prevent.

A cyclist in IA survives a hit-and-run. Injured Cyclist Needs Your Help With the cyclist being dragged 150 feet by the weapon vehicle I’m surprised the charges didn’t include some kind of assault charge. Hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid. Get the infrastructure right to prevent oblivious drivers from hitting cyclists and dragging them 150 feet under their vehicles.

Cycle Twin Cities catches you up on the news from around the twin Cities in MN, (DUH). Twin Cities Cycling News From Around the Web Some citizen bike races and infrastructure news as they have a major bike/ped bridge that is still out of commission until someone decides to fix it.

From the Great White North, drivers are too stupid to know when they are tired so they need technology that will tell them it’s time to get off the road and take a nap. Quebec coroner calls for driver drowsiness alerts So, 2 years on and they still haven’t found anything to charge a guy that hit 6 cyclists and killed 3 of them? TANJ!

More from the GWN. Cycling safety in the spotlight after trio of crashes All 3 of the wrecks listed in the article were at intersections, as well as most of the anecdotes in the story. Use intersection protocols to avoid a similar wreck, and get the infrastructure right to prevent one.

Speaking of infrastructure, which is more important safe streets or pretty streets? Absurdist Shrubbery If there’s all this room for landscaping (not to mention budget), why is it so hard to get 5 feet to put a bike lane? You really have to wonder some times.

And coming on the heels of an absurd “statistic” from a driving web site (“57% of cyclists run red lights”) comes an equally absurd response. Cycling’s kitten bothering shame Yes, 21% of cyclists in the UK have bothered a kitten while riding, sort of. At least as rigorous as the “statistics” offered from the other article. Not mentioned was the 31% of drivers that admitted to running red lights in that same poll. Links to the poll are in the article linked in this paragraph.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today that were still good by the time I got around to posting this in my blog. There were some doozies out there that were broken by the time I got ready to put them in the blog.

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Waiting on the Ride of Silence, and the Feed

No, I’m not forgetting about the Ride of Silence. It’s just that this year I’m going to be in a place without a Ride and also without a bike, which makes me a little depressed about the Ride. I’ll get over it, but for now I’m a bit on the down side. That’s why I’m not posting as many links in the run-up to the Ride as I usually do. Also this is the first time I won’t be able to make the Mother Ride. I mean I have missed a few RoS because of scheduling snafus (the BPAC meeting being held on the same day and a couple of cities away from the Ride being the biggest impediment to attending the Ride), but this is the first time I have had absolutely zero chance of making the Mother Ride.

I’m not going to post any links to the death of the cyclist killed when she hit the back of a team car during a race in CA, but that doesn’t mean I disregard the death. It was just as meaningful as any death, but it was during a race on closed roads and there is nothing I can say that would apply to people riding on the roads in “normal” traffic. So while I feel just as bad about this wreck as I do about all the rest of them, I’m not going to link to this story.

Up first a NC cyclist was wearing clothes instead of a glow in the dark clown costume so it was obviously his fault he got hit, right? Cyclist was wearing dark clothing, lacked large reflectors on bike The cyclist in this case was seen to be drinking prior to the wreck, so there is a possibility he was impaired and rode out in front of the driver too close to be avoided. To avoid use intersection protocols and wear lights on the bike, to prevent get the infrastructure right so cyclists don’t have to cross busy high-speed highways to get to or from things like restaurants.

A little away from that wreck the guy that died on Folly Road in Charleston was also charged in a DUI death of a pedestrian on the same stretch of road. Skinful felony DUI suspect under legal limit for alcohol, tested positive for THC I’m still trying to get a handle on this wreck as a local tells me that there were no parked cars on the street where the cyclist was killed, but that this was a street that saw a lot of bike traffic because of the bridge it connected to and that trying to ride on side streets would cause you to keep crossing Folly as the through streets crossed the road several times. As far as the previous wreck is concerned he may not have had enough alcohol in his blood to be legally drunk but add a contact high from pot… and I’m still of mixed feelings about this. Sure he was a drunk/impaired driver who killed a pedestrian, but he died a cyclist… So does he go to the hot place of eternal torment because ha drove drunk and killed a pedestrian, or the comfy place with bad music because he died a cyclist? Questions like that are beyond my pay grade and security clearance…

A CT cyclist and several passengers are injured when a bus is hit from behind as the cyclist was loading his bike on the bus front bike rack. Several Injured After Truck Hits Bus OK there is no earthly way a cyclist can avoid this one as it was a pinball wreck where a second vehicle hits the cyclist after being hit itself, and in this case the bus was hit out of the field of vision of the cyclist or any of the rest of the passengers of the bus. To prevent this would be a good case for installing bike/bus lanes so that there would be no trucks in the lane to hit the bus from behind at a high rate of speed.

A really nasty hit-and-run in PA. Charges Expected In Weekend Hit-And-Run From the information in the article I would say that this was either a case of an impaired driver or a deliberate assault on the cyclist for being “in the way”. To avoid use the hit-from-behind protocols from the link at the top of my blog, to prevent get the stupid infrastructure right so drivers don’t feel compelled to get angry at a cyclist “in the way”.

A cyclist in Enn Zed gets right crossed (the equivalent of the left cross for those that drive on the wrong side of the road). Cyclist hit in rush hour traffic Not much I can say about this one really except the usual platitudes about using intersection protocols to avoid a similar wreck and getting the infrastructure right to prevent a wreck like that from ever being able to happen.

Infrastructure! news from around NY. Westfielder Walker Makes Strides for Safety at Tamaques Park Apparently pedestrians feel like they should walk in the bike lanes. And the sidewalk, and anywhere else they feel?

Another article ranking infrastructure along with intangibles for cycling in the US, by city. Minneapolis Ranks #1 For Cycling…. Again. I noticed that Dallas and Garland both failed to make the top 1000 of cities in their size…

Cyclists in Jolly Olde don’t like being stationary targets. We jump red lights for our own safety, cyclists claim I have been hearing this for years, and there is some factual evidence to back them up on this one, specifically the study on why more women than men are killed by HGV at intersections. Advocacy & Safety – “Are women cyclists in more danger than men?”

Links to Ride of Silence events. The Ride of Silence: a loud cry for bicycle safety and Freeloaders: Two wheels are better than four

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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“Mule Day” again, and the Feed

It’s beginning to look like I will never get a day home again, as I have to go haul groceries again today. For those who don’t read the other pages on this blog, getting groceries was the origin of Gigi’s name: Grocery Getter> G.G.> Gigi. Food is a Big Thing here at WoaB, because if the motor on my bike runs out of fuel things get real bad real quick for everything else. Bonking (running out of energy) is just the first stage in that disaster… Anyway, after today’s blog post, food will be purchased and I will get to haul it home. Good thing, too. I’m almost out of peanut butter, one of the major sources of both calories and protein here at WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell.

Up first is an update on a hit-and-run story in AZ. Unlicensed woman arrested in hit-and-run case As was suspected in the comments sections of previous articles on this story, the driver had neither license nor insurance when she hit the cyclist. As I pointed out if they just kept up surveillance of the windshield repair shops they would eventually catch the driver, because that is exactly what happened. Because the driver had the windshield replaced she is also facing additional charges of concealing/destroying evidence. That is a charge I wish would be placed against every hit-and-run driver. I mean think about it, what can you say about the BAC% of a driver that you don’t find until 24 hours or more after the wreck? Even given evidence that the driver had been drinking heavily for hours prior to the wreck, the way most DUI laws are written now without lab results showing a BAC% over the legal limit you can’t convict.

Moving to another case of hit-and-run, this time in VA. Reward doubled in hit-and-run of Virginia Beach bicyclist This was another one of those wrecks that a mere mortal cyclist had no way of avoiding.

Another reason not to hit the pedestrians, it hurts! as this UK cyclist can attest. Injured cyclist still in hospital Nothing about “Lycra louts” or anything else derogatory in this article so even given UK media laws it is apparent that the pedestrian caused the wreck. That is one of the beauties of cycling, in a wreck with a pedestrian the chances of injury are slightly biased in the favor of the pedestrian so cyclists will avoid such wrecks. Many times in wrecks with pedestrians the operators of motor vehicles are unaware they even hit anybody.

Infrastructure! from the UK. Investment is needed, say Bradford cyclists If what is stated in the article is correct, that cyclists suffer 5% of the fatalities but only account for 0.5% of the mode share, then the local governments are guilty of gross negligence at the very least, if not outright acts of terrorism. I mean a 2 foot wide cycle lane that is frequently covered by parked vehicles as an example of bicycle infrastructure?

Final link is another RoS story, a personal look at one of the victims of road violence. Doug Ray’s Story a lesson for cyclists I don’t know how this is more a lesson for cyclists than it is for drivers. Doug was the victim of a crime, hit-and-run, and probably an assault if the driver did it on purpose, while riding legally on the road.

And that’s all I have for you today.

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After a trip to the Lab Rat Keeper, and running all over Garland, the Feed

The post is going up late tonight, because I went to the Lab Rat Keeper, then took care of some errands that basically took the entire day to do. I didn’t get home until almost 1700 CDT, and I still had stuff I didn’t get to. So, I get to go out and play again tomorrow, and you get another late post, sorry. BTW if I ever get the chance to leave TX permanently I just might be out of here. If I had the $$ I would move to Portland OR, or Amsterdam, someplace I could ride a bike to where I need to go without someone trying to kill me because I was riding a bike.

Up first, while this kind of wreck is out of the normal purview of my blog, circumstances demand that I make note of the second rider to die in the Pro peloton this year. After going for years without a death we now have 2 in-competition fatalities. As is normal for my blog unless criminal charges are filed I don’t name the victim, because in traffic wrecks the Victim is Us, all of Us. My thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family.

A SC cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run, and when LEO catch up to the weapon vehicle the driver is obviously intoxicated. Cyclist killed in West Ashley accident identified, driver charged with DUI I have a suggestion, charge the driver with murder instead of DUI. The dangers of drinking and driving have been publicized for at lest 30 years now in the US, probably longer, but at any rate longer than the driver has been alive. If they can’t figure it out after being told repeatedly for their entire lives that drinking and driving are a deadly combination then they need to be removed from society for our protection. At the very least all motor vehicles need to be confiscated from the killer and sold to pay off the victim’s family for loss of income and medical expenses. Hit-from-behind but from the description of the wreck and the weapon vehicle this was not a wreck that could be avoided with the hit-from-behind protocols. Well, I was going to do a copy-and-paste of the description of the wreck and that part and all of the comments are gone from the link. Possibly something that will place the prosecution of the charges at risk was in one or the other.

Another hit-and-run of a cyclist in the Great White North. Cyclist injured after Hit and Run in St. Catharines It shouldn’t be too hard to find the weapon vehicle, remember that busted windshields can’t be fixed by DIY, it takes a specialist with special tools and most importantly, a new windshield. Just do a search request for all the windshield dealers in the area for all busted windshield replacements fitting the description of the weapon vehicle.

From Jolly Olde a semi runs over a cyclist, semi driver is unhurt. Cyclist fighting for life after collision in Ellesmere Port The cyclist on the other hand is clinging to life by a thread… That’s the thing about “HGV” they not only have kinetic energy from speed to kill you they also have the ability to crush you even at low speeds because of their mass. In a perfect world semis and cyclists would never have to cross or share paths, there would be “Semi Land” where big trucks are forced to stay and “Cycle-topia” where non-motorized vehicles have the right of way and heavy killing machines are severely restricted in their actions. As for how to avoid in the here-and-now, remember that most likely the driver of a big rig can’t see you. Truck drivers are facing a nightmare of bad outward visibility, so you need to cycle like you’re invisible unless you can see the driver’s eyes.

Brief break for a tornado.

Now that that’s over, still in the UK a first aid cadet saves a cyclist’s life and mobility. Birtley girl Rebecca aided cyclist hurt in crash By applying her training and using her skills in observation she prevented a spinal injury from permanently affecting the injured cyclist. As the saying goes “Good on ya!”

In Enn Zed an inquest into whether infrastructure contributed to cyclist deaths. Inquests look for ways to reduce cycle road toll I don’t know how infrastructure can prevent a driver from sliding sideways over 100 feet before hitting someone on the other side of the road, but I can imagine that perhaps a change in pavement at the point the driver lost control was involved.

Back in the US, I don’t know if this is a rant against cyclists or what, exactly. Will McGinn’s bike czar have this woman killed? Since I can’t watch the video I can’t comment on it, but it seems obvious that H8ers are going to hate and see what they want in the video, some are seeing “fake”, some are seeing a typical right hook.

How do you use bike infrastructure if you are not riding a bicycle? Carlisle bike lanes get mixed reviews We give drivers weeks of training and education on how to use the roads, but expect cyclists to understand something brand-new as soon as it opens, and drivers also?

A Ghost Bike article from SoCal. Ghost bikes aim to honor fallen cyclists, raise awareness

And another RoS link from WY. Evanston cyclists participate in Ride of Silence

And that’s all I have tonight.

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The Ride of Silence still echos, and the rest of the Feed

I actually have a Saturday to myself for a change, which is good. I have some catching up to do with other members of the household that can only be done on a Saturday. This has been a rough week for me, physically. I did more than my normal week’s worth of mileage in one day on Wednesday between riding to the BPAC meeting in Arlington and the Ride of Silence, plus I had my normal running around town miles all this week, and because I have been doing all kinds of early activities at church on Saturdays I haven’t had my weekly therapy session on my legs for about 3 weeks. Let me tell you I could definitely feel that when I did my therapy this morning, as all those muscles that keep my knees from flopping over sideways and the kneecap centered over the joint now that the ligaments are trashed were complaining loudly about the abuse and lack of treatment. Since my wreck I have managed to scale back to once a week of rubbing on the muscles from every day, but that is as far as I can reduce it and still have knees that work. I was very close to having to quit riding this week because of missing the 2 sessions earlier, I was nowhere full power on my rides Thursday and Friday.

Nothing echoes like silence, and that goes double for the Ride of Silence. Silent ride speaks out for cyclists and Chris Treadway: Richmond observes Ride of Silence for killed, injured bicyclists Also Ride of Silence remembers bicyclists killed on roadways The Ride is working, but most people have craniums as dense as neutronium and it’s taking a long time to get through their thick skulls that bikes have an equal right to the road as motor vehicles, and that it is the responsibility of the driver of the faster, heavier, and more deadly vehicle to pass bicycles and pedestrians with due care so as not to cause injury or death.

Two non-fatal wrecks in San Diego CA. CYCLISTS INJURED IN CRASHES IN SAN CARLOS AND SCRIPPS RANCH The one wreck where the cyclist was travelling at a high rate of speed on a sidewalk could be avoided by slowing down on sidewalks. The other wreck is a little harder as it requires drivers to not turn on top of cyclists, but intersection protocol applies.

And in the OC of SoCal, a cyclist dodges a wreck with another vehicle but still crashes. Cyclist Injured After Avoiding Car Not much about this one, as the cyclist didn’t actually hit the car or vice-versa. The cyclist was obviously following one of the two protocols for avoiding wrecks, but without further information I can’t tell you which one.

Still in SoCal, a cyclist is killed by a SUV driver in a hit-and-run. 71-year-old cyclist killed in Canoga Park hit-and-run Not much here except the cyclist was hit while riding in the crosswalk. At this point it is unknown if the driver ran a red light or was making a left or right turn when he (?) hit the cyclist.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike a cyclist is startled into crashing by the wreck immediately behind him. Authorities: Startled cyclist injured after two-car collision The wreck was caused by an inattentive driver running into a driver that had slowed for the cyclist, and the proximity of the wreck caused the cyclist to wreck. It was like, “Ahhh! I’m about to get hit!” >crash<. The cyclist in this case was pushing 70 YO so a little over-reacting and a crash is permitted. If he had been riding long in FL he was probably more than a little shell-shocked.

A gruesome wreck of a cyclist in NJ. Bike rider critically injured after being hit, dragged by taxi in Jersey City The really puzzling thing is why the driver left the scene, as he was driving a highly identifiable vehicle and witnesses got a good description of him, so why not stay? The consequences of staying are much less than the consequences of getting caught for hit-and-run. The wreck appears to be a hit-from-behind with little chance on the cyclist’s part to avoid it, but a minor one had the driver remained at the scene.

Another report on the cyclist that fell in front of a truck in OR. Bicycle rider killed by truck on Highway 211 near Molalla, same stretch as March bike fatality For those of you that didn’t read yesterday’s post, this was a salmon rider that crashed on bad pavement on the shoulder just as the truck passed. This wreck might have happened no matter which way the cyclist was going, and the direction was not a factor in this wreck, but you should still ride with traffic, not facing it.

Another report on the SWCC/SWSS wreck of a cyclist and a politician in AZ. Mesa councilman in collision that killed bicyclist As I posted yesterday, I don’t believe one word of this aside from the fact that the politician hit a cyclist.

In the Emerald Isle we cyclists are perceived as “smug”. We smug cyclists just bring out the worst in drivers It’s hard not to be “smug” when car drivers blaze past you only to be caught by a red light and you pass them in the bike lane, which means you are making the same average speed as the fossil fool.

Infrastructure! in LA CA. Cyclists Appeal To L.A. City Council To Make Streets Safer For Riders More than 50 years of building infrastructure for nothing but motor vehicles leaves SoCal in a fiscal hole. Whatchagonnado?

Houston sees its bike infrastructure is sub-standard where it even exists. City of Houston trying to become more ‘bike-friendly’ I’m hard on Houston, but really they wasted a whole lot of money making junk bike infrastructure during the ’90s and the ’00s while ignoring the example set by the Dutch.

Finally, in Washington state, a writer gets it backwards. OUR VIEW | As bicycling increases, so do dangers It’s not the cyclists that are the danger, it’s the motor vehicles that are actually causing the death and destruction.

And that’s all I have today, tomorrow will be Wreck-free Rant Day, or something.

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A lot of Ride of Silence links, a few wrecks, and a request

Not much to say personally today. I found something I wanted when someone posted a Spam link in the RBS group today SPAM™ JERSEY Yes, someone posted a link to the web site for the canned meat product, and I posted a link to their bike jersey. FYI I wear a XXL. Well actually a 3XL but it doesn’t come that big so I will have to squeeze into the XXL. The waist will be a bit baggy but the shoulders will be painted-on tight, c’est la vie. My snail-mail addy is somewhere here on the blog, but if you can’t find it just leave a comment and I can e-mail it to you. I was disappointed to see that Spam Italian has been discontinued from the Varieties lineup, but Garlic has been added. Fun times ;)

Up first for no particular reason is a SWCC fatality from Mesa AZ. Bicyclist killed after being struck by vehicle driven by Mesa councilman Another mid-block wreck where the cyclist was “crossing” the road. I would like to see a picture of the wrecked bike, I bet it wouldn’t look like it had been hit while crossing the road, more likely would be a hit-from-behind impact. Assuming this was an accurate report, then to avoid a wreck like this a cyclist would only need to look both ways before crossing the street to proceed in the opposite direction, or the old “Look left-right-left” drill we used to get when I was a kid, because immediate threats would come from the left, but after reaching the center threats would come from the right. Another link. Bike Rider Dies After Crash

In OR a salmon cyclist falls in front of a truck. McMinnville bicyclist killed in collision with truck near Molalla, state police say First of all let me state that the direction of travel by the cyclist was not a factor in this wreck, it appears that the cyclist fell due to bad pavement on the shoulder and the truck just happened to be there to hit him. However, had the cyclist been riding in the right direction he could have moved off the partially paved shoulder to a place where the driver of the truck could see him and move to the other lane when it was safe to pass. But it is equally likely that he would have been on the shoulder anyway even if he had been riding on the correct side of the road because of the high speed limit.

From Jolly Olde, a cyclist was buzzed by a commercial vehicle and wakes up in a hoispital. Hit and run victim’s bike smash warning Not much to say here except that when a large vehicle crowds a bicycle, even when no contact is made the cyclist loses.

A bike story with a bit of local color, the TSA wrecks a man’s ride by failing to re-pack it correctly when it came through DFW, but someone at the destination managed to fix it. Local support puts Warrior Games cyclist back on bike The ride wasn’t a bike, it was a Catrike 700 racing recumbent tricycle. Nice ride, but it came with a lot of hard to find parts… which the TSA managed to destroy.

Some cities held their Bike To Work days on Thursday. Buckhorn promotes bicycle safety by riding bike to work So he rode with a police escort to promote bike safety, what about the rest of us who don’t get police escorts?

Ride of Silence links. Ride of Silence A Personal Event for Many at Waukesha Event and Ride to remember also 7th Ride of Silence: Dead, injured bicyclists remembered and Ride of Silence bicycle tour brings out hundreds of riders to remember those killed by vehicles

And that’s all I got today. Ride safely.

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Before I filter and do my “normal” post, some chitchat

I’m slowly recovering from yesterday’s rides, the easiest of which was the RoS. All told I had 39 miles (63km) and change in less than 8 hours running around Garland, Grand Prairie, Arlington, and White Rock Lake. And I don’t care what the name says Grand Prairie is about as flat as an alp. Anytime I can coast to over 35 MPH with only 5 MPH at the top of the hill, without pedalling, that’s a long steep hill, not a “prairie”. The other issue I had yesterday was calories. Between the wind and the hills I burned way more than my usual 37 Calories per mile, and by the time I got home I was definitely feeling it. I only brought a few snacks; chips, cookies, and a 3 Musketeers bar, and I had to skip lunch because I was literally on the road during that time. So when I got home I had sore knees, and a huge appetite, and woke up famished this morning. Oh, and I still have sore knees. As this is grocery day I’m lucky there are no hills between here and the grocery store. It’s just one mile of dead flat both ways.

There were so many links that I was only able to filter half of the Feed before my computer started having fits and slowing to a crawl, and I didn’t even open the RoS links. So this will be a “scattered” post, as I will have to insert links between the paragraphs about other links, which disrupts the flow of the post, but because of the number of links today, that’s unavoidable. I apologize in advance.

Death and injury in CA, courtesy of hit-and-run drivers. Bicyclist tragically killed in accident over weekend Technically he didn’t lie to LEO, he did witness the wreck, just as a participant. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols assuming there was someplace the cyclist could have used as an escape route, but seriously I don’t think there was time for the cyclist to do anything to avoid this wreck. Or in any of the other wrecks mentioned in the article, which also mentioned the Hummer driver from India that hit or nearly hit 5 vehicles in 3 wrecks injuring 2 cyclists and 3 motor vehicle occupants and killing a third cyclist last week.

A cyclist killed by a hit-and-run driver during Bike to Work Week is remembered as the public is requested to provide information about the wreck. Family: Hit-and-run victim was devoted to cycling and his faith The guy sounds like a real nice guy, but even if he was a jerk and rode like one that doesn’t excuse hit-and-run. Again, hit-from-behind protocol but the wreck site doesn’t give many escape options as shown in the pictures that went with the link.

A KY cyclist with full legal reflectors gets hit from behind. Bicyclist killed in accident on Leestown Road near Midway The cyclist had “standard reflectors” which means that a driver with “standard headlights” should have been able to see him from 300 feet out and avoid hitting him, but he didn’t. So, who was at fault again? That’s right not the person in control of a deadly weapon, but the victim.

Cyclist vs insurance company in OR. Cyclist vs. New Seasons Someone tried to make this out to be the fault of company that operated the truck, but it’s really their insurance that was acting like the back and of a male donkey.

A SWCC in Canuckistan. Teen cyclist killed in north Edmonton Cyclist wearing clothes gets hit mid-block while riding next to parked cars during daylight hours, nothing the driver did wrong, right? Except we know better that this was an unsafe pass by a driver not paying attention to the road and other road users. I will grant that it is possible that the kid rode out from between parked cars, but unless there was something for him to have been riding from I don’t buy the “suddenly pulled from between parked cars” excuse. And unless the victim died of head injury with no other life-threatening injury, the helmet wearing was not an issue, either.

There are apparently no shortage of idiots in Scotland. Police appeals after Etape event This would have been a terrorist attack had the victims been other than cyclists.

Fewer cyclinst in London are dying, but more are getting injured. London cycling deaths down but casualties up So, cyclists are getting better at dodging cars, but still not good enough?

A hit-and-run in Oz. Hit and run furore The rider is indeed fortunate to only have a broken arm and road rash, a fraction of an inch closer and this would have been fatal.

Several links to a cyclist getting hit from behind in Enn Zed. A cyclist has been killed on State Highway 1, north of Blenheim. and Cyclist killed near Blenheim named also Police name cyclist killed OK riding after midnight without lights, even with a full moon, not real smart, and I couldn’t see any reflectors on the back of the bike in the pictures., so double not “bright”.

E-assist bikes are becoming a hot topic as gas prices continue to climb even as crude prices drop. E-bike or scooter? Which is the safer bet? In Canada, and in NY state Should Electronic-Assisted Bikes Be Treated Like Cars? Just a note, in the US Federal regulations apply unless state laws or regulations are more permissive. Federal rules are “working” pedals, 750 Watts (~1 HP) maximum, and 20 MPH without pedalling on level ground. Here in TX there is no max power limit, 100 pounds ready to run (which local LEO have interpreted to mean “if the bike runs without it, it isn’t part of the ‘ready to run’ weight), and 20 MPH max without pedalling or posted limit with pedalling, if you can’t ride with power without pedalling then you can ride as fast as you want up to the posted limit. My crank-assisted e-bike fell under that permission, even though I geared it to only do about 20 MPH in top gear.

Infrastructure! in Northern California. Discovering the Bay Area’s biking heaven Good roads with low traffic that attract cyclists, in TX those would be slated for a chip seal with 1 1/2″ aggregate, ASAP!

A cyclist that was mentioned in previous links to the Ride of Silence speaks about infrastructure and the need to share it with cyclists. Share The Roads: A Cyclist’s Plea It just takes a few seconds patience to not hit a cyclist and save a lifetime of tragedy.

ND cyclists say it’s a matter of attitude. Bicyclists say attitude changes needed to share the road Like I wrote earlier, a few seconds’ patience saves a lifetime of tragedy.

More on cycling and attitude in this link on National Bike Month in the US. National Bike Month is Here

Cyclists in Oz are saying pretty much the same thing. Take care with cyclists: advocacy group There is something in Anglophone culture that hates cyclists, because I see the same thing in every English-speaking country. Cyclists are not respected in any country where English is the native tongue.

Fun on a bike in NJ. Washington slept, but you should bicycle

Lastly, some more RoS links. Bike ride honors injured, killed cyclists worldwide and Bikers take memorial ride in silence also Cyclists Ride to Remember Riders Killed by Vehicles and again Bicyclists ride to send message, pay respects still more ‘Ride of Silence’ sends message not done yet Ride of Silence remembers cyclists killed on the roads not done yet Cyclists let silence speak for injured, dead still more Mourning the loss of cyclists in silence and Cyclists to take to Gatineau streets in silent ride more Ride of silence for dead cyclists and Bicycle “Ride of Silence” in Woodinville and Redmond Wednesday Night another link from the paper of record for the Mother Ride, posted 3 days ago Solemn ride of silence unites cyclists worldwide That’s right, the hometown paper for an international movement didn’t even send a single reporter to the local version of the event. The one person that mentioned the event wasn’t even a news reporter but a sports reporter. TANJ!

And that’s all I have today.

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The Mother Ride of Silence, 2011

I just got back from the Dallas Ride of Silence, 2011. This is the Mother Ride, the Ride from which an international movement sprung, and while it was slightly smaller than previous years, it was still awesome. I estimate the number of riders higher than 1000 but less than 1500, I didn’t count, so sue me. it was still enough that while I was near the back of the ride I didn’t see the front except when the ride looped back to the right at Mockingbird and East Lawther at the north end of White Rock Lake. That’s still a lot of bicycles (and a few tricycles) on the road. We still had issues with speed at the back of the peloton as we went from 3 to over 20 MPH trying to stay with the lead group. The good news was that the idiot with the pickup truck throwing beer bottles at the ride stayed away from the lake this year. I’m not sure that he was actually free to come to the lake. With the idiots out of the way, the respect shown the ride was also awesome. Riders on the other direction stopped and removed their helmets while the ride passed. Cars pulled over in the opposite direction, and generally acted like the Ride was a funeral procession.

Being in the Ride is still one of the most moving experiences I have ever had. No voices, just bicycle noises and the sounds of the city for almost an hour, and then a Ghost Bike is walked from the back of the parking lot to the head of the Ride as a piper plays “Amazing Grace”. It still raises goosebumps even as many times as I have been there… The city of Dallas is still not supporting the Ride, as volunteers from DPD provided security on their own dime, and a parade permit was required for the event.

PSA, Opus