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I need to take a real vacation, and the Feed

I am beginning to doubt the wisdom of bringing the laptop with me on my “vacation” to keep making blog posts. Aside from the difficulty, physical and psychic, of finding and maintaining Internet access here, there is the time sink of filtering and then posting the links that keeps me from participating in activities. I mean I’m here, but my mind and body are still at work, making this less of a vacation and more of a remote job location. I guess I will take some time off when we go to TN to visit with friends. The Mental Hygiene days on Saturday help some.

Up first is this wreck in MO, I think. Hit and run: Ozark teen cyclist killed in crash ID’d and Ozark police: Cyclist critically injured in crash The narrative suggests the wreck was a hit-from-behind at speed which makes the protocols pretty much useless, leaving only infrastructure that keeps cyclists away from maniacs behind the wheel.

Another bike wreck in NYC. Cyclist Struck Near Manhattan Bridge Bike Ramp The report at the moment is the cyclist was riding salmon, but locals cast doubts on that story. I withhold judgment until I can see the wrecked bike, because it’s not like the NYPD have never botched a report on a bike wreck. As reported though I would say don’t ride salmon and use intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Also in NYC who knew a child’s bike could be so deadly? Bike Thrown At Cops Was A Children’s Barbie Bike One child’s bike injured four officers? That’s bad tactical deployment. I don’t think changing the infrastructure would have done anything for this incident except changing the address.

A really sad wreck in Canickistan. ‘As soon as the truck hit him he was gone’: three-year-old cyclist killed after collision with trailer and Three-year-old boy killed in bike, trailer collision OK this was a kid playing in the driveway and yard who went just a few feet into the street while wearing bright clothing on a brightly lit evening. Since the wreck was in a cul-de-sac the question that overrides everything else is why was the driver going that fast the kid died before first responders arrived?

Another link to the cyclist hit by an ATV in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in collision with off-road vehicle No we know it was a hit-from-behind wreck, so protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and as the weapon vehicle should never have been on the road in the first place I don’t think that infrastructure would have done anything except move the wreck scene to a different location.

Update on an Enn Zed wreck. Another cycling death tragedy Remembering that they drive on the wrong side of the roads in NZ, the wreck was head on on the driver’s side of the vehicle. I would really like a good look at the road surface of the wreck scene, because someone drifted over the centerline of the road just prior to this wreck. The wreck was in the intersection so there is a very good chance the cyclist was moved over to avoid a pile of debris in the intersection, but the bad thing about that hypothesis is the pile of crap usually forms in the center of the intersection from people turning across the lanes and the normal reaction is to veer slightly away from the center to avoid it. The description of the debris field suggests a fairly high rate of speed at impact.

More on another NZ wreck from quite a while ago as the driver faces justice at the hands of the court. Driver ‘within arm’s reach’ before cyclist killed So the driver initiated the pass with not enough room to complete the pass and not enough clearance at the start of the pass and hit one of the group before completing the pass.

Our Daily Ted. LA Sheriff’s deputies ticket PCH cyclists in clear violation of the law; LACBC demands fair and legal treatment I wonder what the CA “Official Oppression” law reads like? Because this is a clear-cut violation of the TX statute.

Lifestyle in Canuckistan as support for an injured cyclist grows. Community helps cyclist injured in collision

Umm, yeah… Tour de France Physics OK I’m a bit of a physics geek, having passed Freshman Physics for college in my Junior year in HS… What can I say, my talent for engineering came out designing experiments, I always got top grades for experimental design.

And a bit of Infrastructure! news from the city that the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell are an actual suburb of. Dallas without a car: Local son takes on month-long transit experiment I did it for 18 years in middle age, I’m sure a healthy post-grad student can handle a Summer…

Last link is something to calm your nerves after a long day of reading about bike wrecks and crazy LEO. KittenWar My pancreas! ;)

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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Busy as the proverbial one-armed wallpaper hanger, and the Feed

We’re leaving tonight for NY taking a 2 day ride on the Dawgbus. As a result I expect to be out of communications until I hit a bus station, and I don’t expect to see the inside one of those long enough to establish communications with the blog and still get the things I need to get done at the station for life support done. We here at Casa de El Poeta have been taking the Dawgbus on long trips since before there was a Casa de El Poeta, so we are experienced in the ins and outs of dealing with transfers and tracking luggage and whatnot. One of the hardest things about long trips with few or no layovers is life support. They have toilets on the bus, but no food or drink you didn’t carry on with you. So one of the things that has to be done when you hit the station is hydration, buying a cold drink (at 3 times the going rate at a C-store or vending machine away from a bus station) is usually a must.

Anyway, we are packing clothes for the trip, electronics are being sorted into the go bag, and last-minute preparations (getting a haircut for one) are being taken care of. Which is making Mrs. the Poet and me run around like the proverbial chickens.

Up first is a UK wreck, where the driver in a hit-and-run tried to eliminate the witnesses. Gee, you would think hitting the cyclist might have been on purpose. Man who went to check on injured cyclist is hurt as police seek aggressive driver following Ilminster incident The deliberate assault with a motor vehicle on the witness/person giving comfort after the initial hit-and-run make me strongly suspect the driver hitting the cyclist was no more an “accident” than the assault on the witness. Take it from me when someone targets you with their vehicle it is very hard to avoid getting hit. What makes me angry about this one is that the initial assault will be treated like “an accident” and little to no punishment will be levied, but the second assault will be treated as an assault with a deadly weapon because there can be no doubt about the deliberateness of the second attack.

Update on the GA cyclist assaulted with an SUV earlier this month. Injured cyclist’s family, girlfriend remain hopeful The red Nitro should still be damaged, or there would have been a report from a body shop by now. BOLO to my readers who are local to the wreck in suburban Atlanta.

Speaking of assault with a motor vehicle, this double hit-from-behind is either an assault or a driver that has zero competence behind the wheel. Onawa, Iowa, cyclist killed in collision with vehicle; another injured I mean how do you “pass” 2 cyclists so closely that one os dead and the other is critically injured in a ditch?

And what is up with ABQ lately? Two more cyclists hurt in accidents It almost looks like someone was trying to get all the cyclists off the streets, this makes 6 dead or injured since the beginning of June. The wreck with the drunk driver reads like another deliberate assault fueled by alcohol, the garbage truck incident was not covered well enough to allow analysis to avoid. Both wrecks could be prevented by getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”. Of course part of that is getting the local LEO extremely competent and knowledgable…

Since we are bouncing all over the place, here’s a wreck in MO. Cyclist killed in St. Louis hit-and-run is ID’d; police find car suspected in case and Victim identified in fatal hit and run in north St. Louis also Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run Hit from behind by street racers, and the bike was utterly destroyed. I could not see a single component of the bike that was undamaged. This is another one of those wrecks that the closing speed of the weapon vehicle makes avoiding the wreck impossible, and segregated infrastructure the only way to prevent the wreck. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any way of getting stoopid people out from behind the wheel with the current licensing system.

Speaking of Stoopid Drivers, here is an AL wreck where a driver makes a right turn directly into a cyclist crossing with the light. Cyclist injured in Monday accident in Gulf Shores identified I have never seen a wreck that better illustrated “looking but not seeing” than this one. There were 2 cyclists riding single file and crossing with the green and the driver went right into the trailing cyclist. Completely and utterly blind to the existence of the cyclist in front of the car. I would say intersection protocols but nope, not going to help in a wreck like this. I have to say the only way to prevent a wreck like this even with infrastructure “up to Dutch” would be somehow preventing this particular driver from getting access to a motor vehicle, much less a license to drive one. Even a segregated cycle track with separate signal phases for bicycles are helpless in the face of a blind driver making a right on red.

OK this wreck is just bizarre. Bicyclist killed in crash at 15th, Market OK I’m going to go with the “child’s bike” on this one as a BMX style bike, but the rest of the report of the middle-aged man riding against traffic and pulling into the intersection against a red light he couldn’t see because there was no signal for wrong-way traffic…

Another strange wreck report, this time from GA. Cyclist hit, killed on Peach Orchard Road SWSS by a cyclist riding against traffic? I would really have to see the wreckage of the bike to make a call on this one. First I would have to say that if the salmon accusation was accurate then ride with traffic and apply hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A buzz job in IN. 1 injured in Elkhart truck, bicycle crash The truck passed the bicycle and the cyclist wrecked after hitting the curb, yeah that’s pretty much one of the definitions of a buzz job. The only reason the cyclist wasn’t run off the road was because he wrecked on the curb first. The curb made hit-from-behind protocols unusable (or maybe that was why he wrecked against the curb, trying to go off the road as his escape route), so that only leaves getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” as the viable method to prevent the wreck.

A limited-information wreck in MA. Cyclist injured in Provincetown crash Cyclist wearing a helmet seriously injured in a wreck no involving a motor vehicle? And that’s it?

Another CA cyclist is killed in a wreck. Man hit on bicycle in Monterey dies Other than the ages of the operators involved there ain’t a whole bunch of information on this wreck.

Moving to Canuckistan, this driver is about to get hosed after the cyclist he hit dies a lingering death in hospital. Hit and run charges upgraded after victim succumbs to injuries And there was so much Stoopid being spread in the comments that the comments were closed… Wow!

And the town that saw 5 cyclists nearly killed in a single wreck/assault with a deadly weapon 4 years ago sees another cyclist hurt. Cyclist injured when struck by a car in Kanata Saturday morning And we get another person who believes in the power of the majik foam hat in preventing injury to things not even covered by the hat…

Update on the wreck where the driver was let off because the speed limit sign was in the wrong place when the cyclist was hit waking the bike through the crosswalk. I miss Jaye every day: Partner of cyclist killed in crash plans to sue driver Her wife is suing the driver that was almost double the speed limit when he killed the cyclist. And the infrastructure hasn’t been corrected either as the wife was nearly hit while placing flowers at the site.

The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow in Enn Zed. Truckie who hit cyclist in court The cyclist was plainly visible with lights and reflective garments which kind of puts the earlier coroner’s recommendations that all cyclists wear hi-viz in proper perspective. (It only works in court to get more money out of the driver that hits you, not to actually prevent a wreck.)

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: The risks of biking in the Valley, Pippa makes it all the way, and a road rager attacks rescuer

Lifestyle as the relatives of a cyclist killed back when this blog was still young transfer the reward money for the arrest of the killer driver to a dog park memorial for the cyclist. Family of cyclist killed in hit-and-run donates reward fund for Capitola dog park This is poetic, because the cyclist’s dog survived the wreck and waited with the body until it was discovered when people went to investigate the barking dog.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today. No giggles.

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As the spider said time’s fun when you’re having flies, and the Feed

Nothing is going on related to either spiders or flies today, I have just been waiting for the chance to use that quote for several months. Some time this week we will be going to buy the bus tickets for our vacation, and also trying to find someone to mow the lawn when we are gone. The crazy lady we rent a room to will still be here and our eldest will be dropping by the house to make sure the cat eats and gets some loving, so the house will not be unguarded while we are gone. I’m still trying to find a local source for that fershluginer (old Mad Magazine expletive there) hunk of mild steel to use for the crank forward bike’s seat tube, and Hephaestus is still pounding me about building something because I have the gift and it shouldn’t be wasted. Even drawing designs out on paper hasn’t been enough to shut that down, I’m going to have to build something soon. And right now the only thing stopping me is finding the raw stock to cut and weld into the bike frame…

Up first, someone tried to kill a cyclist with a light armored vehicle in GA. (UPDATED) Witnesses – SUV chased down cyclist OK having been on the receiving end of this kind of deal myself, if the driver is serious about trying to kill you there isn’t much a cyclist can do about it except try to roll away from the impact to someplace where you can’t get hit a second time.

A critical hit-and-run in NM. Cyclist critically injured in hit-and-run crash The narrative describes a hit-from-behind but does not state so explicitly, but I would use those protocols to avoid the wreck anyway. Getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would prevent the wreck. And finding the perp and crushing his truck will keep him from doing it again…

A “grr…” angry moment in NYC. Police: Bicyclist Killed In Crash With Minivan Near Citi Field And as usual for the entire state of NY, “no criminality suspected” of the sober driver who remained at the scene of the hit-from-behind wreck. Protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent, including Dutch traffic laws to make hitting someone with a motor vehicle an assumed crime unless proven not to be. IOW start all wreck investigations as criminal investigations unless the evidence proves otherwise, especially the ones involving a fatality.

Another fatal wreck in NYC just makes me want to scratch my head. NYPD Has No Info On Brooklyn DJ Killed While Cycling In Bushwick The wreck narrative is hit-from-behind with possible assault by the driver of the first vehicle that hit him, and pure pinball for the second vehicle. I would place this in the “not avoidable by human cyclists” category, but getting the infrastructure right would prevent it, including LEO who give a flying…

What’s interesting about this PA wreck is the fact that nobody has been blaming the cyclist for running the light. Bicyclist injured in collision with car on Erie’s east side Intersection wreck between two vehicles on intersecting streets and nobody says the cyclist was running the red. The car was there a couple of thousandths of a second earlier than the bike as the damages to the car prove, but nothing about who was there running the red. The Street View says the cyclist was going the wrong way on a one-way street, but that wasn’t mentioned either. Intersection protocols are moot in a situation like this, so the only thing would be getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”. This is a very strange wreck.

A WI cyclist is injured by a seriously distracted driver. Oostburg Cyclist Seriously Injured “I didn’t mean to do it! It’s the bee’s fault!” Hit-from-behind so use the protocols to try to avoid this idiot (who may be allergic to bee stings, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt), and get cyclists away from crazy drivers with infrastructure that’s “up to Dutch” to prevent the wreck.

A serious “Ahhgghh!” moment after a cyclist was taken from the scene by ambulance in CA. Paramedics find 3-foot snake in bag of bicyclist struck by car Naturally the snake takes precedence over the narrative of the wreck for this article.

How to get locked up for killing a cyclist in the UK. Three locked up for killing of Pontypool cyclist Yes, if you kill a cyclist with anything other than a car, then you get locked up.

A cyclist didn’t kill a pedestrian after all. Pensioner died of natural causes two and a half weeks after collision with cyclist When the death was reported there was some confusion in the UK cycling press about the length of time between her release from hospital and her death with many saying if she was that fragile she wouldn’t have been released from medical care. And as it turns out the proximity of the death with the wreck is just happenstance.

Ted is in fine form today. Morning Links: Phillip O’Neill memorial ride and walk, cyclist’s rights on PCH, and a new bike video from LACBC

Infrastructure! news from NYC. DOT Targets 20 Of The Deadliest Intersections For Pedestrians

And a bit of Lifestyle from WWII. Maine woman resisted the Nazis on beat-up old bicycle

Last link is a Facebook picture of a really awesome way of exercising lane control in an urban setting. Lane control Note the high aerodynamic drag makes this impractical for long trips, but for those under five mile urban jaunts it should be fine. Mount white blinky lights on the front and red blinky lights on the back, or amber blinkies all around if you can find them to increase your visual footprint.

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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Bean day once again with brown rice, and the Feed

Last week we kinda ran out of a lot of stuff and the beans and rice was missing a key ingredient, to wit the rice. I still had the red and black pepper, garlic powder, and potassium chloride “salt” to season it but missing the rice meant we had soup instead of the usual cross between a thick stew and a savory pudding. It was still highly edible, but when you’ve set your taste buds for one thing and you get another it is still a disappointment even when you’re the cook. But that’s not a problem today as we have all the ingredients on hand. The reason I throw in the brown rice is pure and simple nutrition. Combining beans (especially the three different kinds of beans I use) with either rice or corn makes the meal a complete protein serving just like the same weight in beef or chicken, but with less fat. Using brown rice instead of white adds more fiber to the meal while adding several vitamins that are missing from the white rice. I have sent the recipe to a nutritionist and been told that human beings could stay healthy on this indefinitely. IOW if you ate nothing but 3 servings a day of my 3 beans and brown rice your nutritional needs would be met indefinitely. You would be well served to get some green leafy veggies as a supplement for trace minerals, but anyone eating this could survive long-term. Yay! I can feed my family (as the cook) forever and they won’t die on me. Kill me from boredom with my cooking possibly, but they won’t croak from malnutrition.

Up first is not a specific wreck but more a wreck-heavy situation in Houston. Bike Houston joins forces with Crime Stoppers, Mayor Annise Parker This is kinda on the boundary between wreck, infrastructure, and lifestyle (or the Venn diagram intersection of all of those). The problem is you have too many drivers with the same mentality as the guy in AL that posted the videos to Facebook that got him arrested for assault and reckless endangerment, but who are running around loose and nobody knows they are a loose cannon. Even assuming they are one in a million, that means there are at least 8 of them in the Greater Houston area.

Speaking of hit-and-run in Greater Houston.
Female cyclist struck and killed by vehicle Saturday in Cleveland
Hit-from-behind wreck according to witnesses, pity they weren’t close enough to give a make and model for the weapon vehicle. Maybe protocols could have avoided this wreck or reduced the damages, maybe they were applied and didn’t. Get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And confiscate and crush the vehicles used in hit-and-run.

And I’m starting to think that a significant minority of TX drivers are either idiots or sociopaths. Cyclist injured after hit-and-run crash in East Austin Nothing on the mode, so all I can say is getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent, and until the physical infrastructure can be changed crush all vehicles used to commit hit-and-run.

A cyclist is injured crossing the driveway to a parking lot and nobody seems to remember that the driver has to yield to all traffic before using the driveway. Cyclist struck on Pete Rose Way in critical condition The cyclist was crossing the driveway which means intersection protocols apply.

A “swoop and squat” injures a competitor in a triathlon in NC. Cyclist hit during Ironman race in New Hill This was a deliberate act and nothing the cyclist could do to avoid it. As the driver was already under pursuit by LEO for violating a temporary traffic control reducing the speed limit infrastructure changes would not have helped either. Taking the weapon vehicle away and crushing it would prevent another such incident.

This NYC report presented without comment. Prospect Park Rope Trap Snags Cyclist, Cops See No Crime And the number of fucks given was none.

Another report from NYC, this one from a celebrity. The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Feared in the Media, Ignored In Real Life This was in response to an earlier bike wreck last week.

A WY wreck has lesser consequences thanks to this lady. Coroner Gives Trauma Care to Injured Cyclist She was a trauma ER nurse before she was coroner (which makes her highly qualified as a coroner) and she took immediate action to prevent further injury to the cyclist after the wreck. Nothing on the wreck prior to the coroner arriving on scene as a bystander so the only thing I can say is INFRASTRUCTURE!

From CA more links to the murdering teen who got off lightly in killing a cyclist. Pleasanton teen gets 9 years for fatal crash that killed cyclist and Pleasanton teen sentenced to prison for cyclist’s death This was the idiot that told everyone in social media that he was going on a “death ride” and wanted company on the crime…

Still in CA they caught the driver that hit a salmon cyclist. Roseville man arrested after cyclist struck by pickup To avoid don’t ride salmon and use hit-from-behind protocols, to prevent get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” so no matter which way you ride cars and trucks are safely segregated from cyclists.

An OR cyclist is killed when he hits lumber in the road hard enough to break his bike in half. Cyclist hurt on Hwy 22 dies from injuries and Bicycle rider fatally injured after riding over lumber on highway shoulder near Stayton In response to the comments on the cyclist’s lack of helmet, if the bike broke in two after hitting the 2 by 4, he was going fast enough that a helmet would have just made the difference between a closed or open casket viewing.

Update on a wreck in WA. Update: Bicycle rider hit near bridge recovers, and meets Good Samaritan, as search for driver continues

A cyclist getting shot in West Canuckistan is being treated as a random event rather than something targeted. Cyclists shocked after ‘random’ shooting in B.C. road cycling event Imagine riding 300 km and on the way back when you get shot. That’s almost 200 miles on the bike and then you get a bullet somewhere in your anatomy. As stated earlier LEO do not think the rider was targeted but that he was hit by a stray bullet being shot at something else.

Big wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist sent to hospital after collision in the Glebe And I’m kinda sad they updated that headline, because originally I could have made a pun on how painful it is to get struck in your Glebe. Well I did it anyway, so we’re still good on that one. The narrative makes this one sound like a buzz job that broke the weapon vehicle’s mirror against the cyclist. Since “hit-and-run” was never mentioned in the report I have to assume the driver stopped as soon as he saw the cyclist was hit, which also makes it highly likely the buzz job was a case of “not seeing” the cyclist prior to impact. Protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Also from the Great White North is this hit and run that was solved in less than 24 hours. Arrest made in fatal hit-and-run of cyclist near Kemptville Hit from behind wreck, protocols to avoid or mitigate damages and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And major kudos to the local LEO for finding and arresting the perp in less than 24 hours.

Major cycling event in the Great White North disrupts traffic for a day during a time of tension between cyclists and drivers. Tour de l’Île brings thousands of cyclists to Montreal streets And that wasn’t put in the Lifestyle section of the post because of the recent deadly wrecks in the area.

Even the neutral Swiss have collateral damage in the war against cars. Cyclist killed in Aargau hit-and-run road crash Another hit-from-behind wreck, but in an area that would have been shared with cars even if the infrastructure was “up to Dutch”, so find the perp and crush his car to prevent.

Update on a hit-and-run in France. Manhunt continues for French hit and run driver after Blackburn man’s death

A wreck in Oz is caught on dash cam. A Gold Coast cyclist has had a lucky escape after being hit by a car and thrown through the air. OK the cyclist was the one that blew it on this wreck. There was vegetation obstructing his view to the right when he pulled into the road, so he should have stopped where he could see around the obstruction before entering the road. And obviously, that vegetation should be pruned back if not removed entirely.

Our daily Ted. Morning Links: Stunning Phinney crash photo, Better Bike examines the candidates for county supervisor

Another link that crosses the bounds between wreck report and infrastructure. City officials stress awareness, education in losing Casper’s pedestrian-unfriendly reputation Notice they can’t tell the difference between a pedestrian and a cyclist. this is your first clue they haven’t any (clues, that is).

Lifestyle from AR as the cyclist killed in a right hook last week is honored. Honoring Jimmy Hood, the Cyclist with a Smile

And final link is a bit of lifestyle from Jolly Olde. Northumberland cyclist’s death inspires play highlighting city bike riding dangers

And those were all the links that gave me fits or giggles today, wishing for more giggles.

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Things were quiet over the weekend, too quiet, and the Feed

Looking back at past Memorial Day Weekends I noticed a slight spike in bike v car wrecks historically, but when I opened the Feed folder today it was relatively empty. There were very few wrecks over the weekend and most of the reports were from Sunday. I hope that means we had a low body count this weekend, and not that bike v car wrecks are not getting reported in the media like they used to…

Up first people can’t decide if the cyclist was hit crossing the road or riding on it a few miles from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run on Scyene Road in Dallas OK now they have dropped the crossing the road story and acknowledged the cyclist was legally taking the lane in this very bicycle-unfriendly area of Dallas. The video showed an area that mooted the hit-from-behind protocols, so because of a lack of alternative routes the cyclist was pretty much forced to take this stroad with the high speed limit and no escape route. Getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would have prevented the wreck.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike has killed another cyclist. Cyclist Killed in Collision with Car At this point all I know about the wreck was the cyclist was riding in an intersection. Since every driveway is an intersection and the street in question is riddled with driveways, that’s a lot of intersections that the cyclist could have been crossing from in this mixed commercial and residential area. Intersection protocols on high alert to avoid or mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent the wreck entirely.

Subterfuge in CA? Weekend Links: Is the LA County Sheriff’s Department trying to hide the results of the Milt Olin investigation? Why go to so much trouble to bury the story if there is nothing to hide? And why did a routine traffic investigation take so long to complete…

Another wreck in SF has a stop sign running cyclist getting hit by a car pulling into a garage from the street. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, Interrogative! S.F. cyclist hurt in crash after reportedly running stop sign Yep, apparently running the stop sign had something to do with the cyclist getting hit by the Supersized Unnecessary Vehicle entering a garage. I can’t decide if this is just a case of trolling by the SFPD or the media outlet or what…

Another link to the salmon cyclist killed in SC. Cyclist hit, killed on Folly Road Same advice as the other times I linked to this wreck, don’t ride salmon and hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: A local bike shop worker moves up, a cycling triple crown, and a bad break for Phinney

A little Infrastructure! news from NYC. Cops Crack Down On UWS Cyclists Another cyclist ticket blitz to “be fair” after ticketing drivers for speeding, not yielding to pedestrians, and double parking. All but one of those kills cyclists and pedestrians, the last one kills cyclists, and cyclists kill? Nobody since 2009.

A little infrastructure from the next town over from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Bike Parking Workshop – WE NEED YOUR INPUT One thing I would like to interject, I have two bikes that are close to 8 feet in length, clearance to park without obstructing other people’s access would be lovely.

Last link is to an article on using an e-assist bike as a car replacement. EXCHANGE: Electric bikes alternative to gas The Federal standard of 20 MPH is still faster than most commutes, and most people have commutes that are well within the one-way range of an e-assist bike and have a place to recharge at work (sometimes for free with the approval of the employer). And even for those who can’t charge at work, a majority are still inside the round-trip capacity of their e-assist bikes.

And those are all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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Remembering our fallen military on Memorial Day, and the Feed

Today is the day we remember our fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who have fought that we could be free, not a corporate-controlled oligarchy. Honor their sacrifices by voting against the corporate candidates in every election you are allowed to vote in.

On those lines, here is a way to support those whose sacrifices do not extend to the ultimate, yet. Injured Veterans to Bicycle 350 Miles from Arlington to Virginia Beach, Va., for the 2014 UnitedHealthcare Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Challenge If you are close enough to the route to see or ride along for a bit, this is a WoaB endorsed event.

The Big Story is the cyclist right-hooked in AR last week. Bike rider critically injured and Authorities release name of man killed when bicycle collides with semi in Russellville also Russellville cyclist killed in accident with semi-truck Whoops! That first link was to a different wreck a few miles away in a different town to a guy of the same age as the victim of the wreck last week. There isn’t enough information from the first link to say what to do to avoid it, the other links the rider was riding slowly on the sidewalk and likely was getting passed by the truck when he entered the crosswalk so he had no chance of seeing any signals the truck drover may or may not have been using and because the truck did not have guards keeping the cyclist out of the wheels (and none of the articles have definitively said if the cyclist went into the tractor or trailer wheels, just “rear” wheels). So this probably was not a wreck that a cyclist of this fitness and experience could have avoided or done anything to reduce the damages, and only segregated infrastructure that keeps cyclists away from semi truck/trailer combinations would have prevented it.

A salmon cyclist is killed in SC. Charleston County coroner identifies bicyclist killed in Folly Road wreck early Sunday morning OK don’t ride salmon because then you get blamed for what would have been a hit-from-behind wreck. And I’m pretty sure that’s what happened here. Middle of the block wreck, and I’m pretty sure the driver “didn’t see” the cyclist until impact. Or the cyclist may have been riding with traffic and the bike was so badly destroyed in the impact that LEO were not sure which way he was going when he was hit and just made up stuff to blame the cyclist. Anyway don’t ride salmon and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

The driver that killed a cyclist in N’awlins is getting treated as he deserved. Man indicted in death of cyclist in N.O. East This was the driver that ran 2 cyclists over on a 4 lane road with a clear lane to the left and no oncoming traffic except another cyclist in the outside lane on the other side of the road, IOW the driver had 3 lanes to choose from of which only the one he was in had any cyclists. Now he’s going to go to prison…

Updates on the cyclist killed last week in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in Dartmouth was vibrant and funny, says twin sister and Cyclist killed in Edmonton was caring mom, family says We have already covered the wreck, now let’s remember the victim…

Our daily Ted… Morning Links: Remember what Memorial Day is all about, Calendar update, and 2 new National Champs

Pictures. Look! Save A Life / Arizona

And a fitting picture to share on this Memorial Day. Photos from Leslie Connally’s post in DFW Cargo Bike Community

Now go have a hot dog or hamburger and remember those who have given their lives to protect your freedoms, and do what you can to protect those freedoms at home.

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Electrical problems appear to be fixed for the moment, and the Feed

After the city ripped out our old power feed and installed a temp new one all the previous problems have vanished that we can run function tests on. No word on what happened to cause us to lose half our electricity, but apparently everything that has been going wrong electrically in the house for the past several years has been the slow degradation of whatever failed. So maybe we will see some lower electric bills now that that power thief has been run off? One can hope.

Also today was Bike to Work Day here in the Metromess and I helped run one of the Energizer Stations at Garland Station. We handed out granola bars, protein bars, blue Gatorade, bananas, and breakfast tacos in the food department and a ton of swag in the swag department. I narrowly escaped being saddled with a metric buttload of water bottles and posters as I finished my shift because turnout was light this year in Garland. Some of the other stations were mobbed and had to shut down early, but most of the food we handed out went to homeless people at our station. I think we saw maybe three bikes all morning. I see more than that on just a regular day.

Up first is more information about the CO “guilty” plea, Fort Collins woman could avoid prison for hit-and-run crash that killed cyclist and Meyers: Plea deal in hit-and-run sends wrong message

Also with slightly more information is this link to the NYC fatal hit-and-run involving a “party bus”. Cyclist killed in hit and run on Rockaway Blvd.

A drunk cyclist in the 49th state gets extremely lucky. Bicyclist injured in collision with car near Fort Wainwright All of the other transgressions against safety can be laid at the feet of the decision to get drunk and ride the bike, the riding salmon, the riding against the red light, and the failure to yield, but the same drunkeness may have also saved the cyclist by allowing him to not tense up when he was hit. If the article is still reading the same as it does right now there is a good chance the cyclist may be paralyzed from the impact with his tailbone, which is the terminus of the human spine. That is one of those things that may clear up on its own after allowing the injured area a chance to recover.

A wreck in the UK starts its public investigation. Inquest into cyclist David Irving’s death on Mountbatten Way in Southampton Another case where the driver charged blindly into a space in which he could not see and hit the cyclist occupying that space. Hit-from-behind protocols to minimise damages, and as reported in the comments section the cyclist was riding the highway because the bicycle infrastructure had been allowed to deteriorate into an unrideable condition, so getting and keeping the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A little information on this UK wreck. Lorry driver in court charged with causing the death of Darlington cyclist and father-of-three

A wreck in Oz that has almost no useful information attached to it. Cyclist dies in bus crash in Mt Lawley The narrative is what appears to be an extremely preliminary report from prior to the completion of the investigation, so because this is Oz, be prepared to bail left out of the way.

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Bike Week wraps up at Downtown’s Union Station, and Phinney kicks ass at the AToC The one thing I’m sad about is Ted’s health issues are interfering with his ability to cover the news in person. Other than that it’s a great post.

Infrastructure! news from the US. PROTECTED BIKE LANES NEXT TO CARS MAKE DRIVERS REALIZE THEY COULD RIDE For every driver that sees an empty bike lane, why aren’t you riding in it? If you were riding a bike you would be moving instead of parked in traffic burning gas, and other traffic could move faster.

Someone lets their tiny dog run ahead on a long leash and then complains because a cyclist hit it and now everything has to change? Because of one irresponsible dog owner? Calls for change at Discovery Park after dog killed by speeding cyclist

The kind of infrastructure news that makes UK headlines. Porthmadog: Two more cyclists injured on Britannia bridge

Infrastructure news from Oz. Cyclist safety still ‘critical’ despite sweeping reforms

We know how a bike changes lives, apparently e-bikes do the same but with less sweat. Discovering New Access, Perspective, and Freedom with an Electric Bike

And another link to some outstanding instrumental artistry. 2CELLOS – Smooth Criminal [OFFICIAL VIDEO] The video is very silly, but the music… ahh the music!

And those were all the links that gave me fits and/or giggles today.

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Still struggling with power and Internet outages, and the Feed

Apparently the internet was up the entire time I was at the lab rat keeper, because it was on when I left and on when I got home. After I got back I had a little up time and then we went up and down all afternoon. Obviously this is an up time for me, but it might quit before I get done and I’ll have to finish this in the morning. Also Friday I have this to do Bike to Work Day Poster So I will be late getting started Friday.

Up first is a familiar mode of wreck as an IL cyclist making a legal crossing at a crosswalk is hit by the car that he couldn’t see around the car that stopped to let him cross. Bike rider injured at Ogden crossing in Western Springs Nothing the cyclist could have done to prevent this, the crossing was signalized and the signals were indicating for traffic to stop but the weapon vehicle didn’t stop until after the cyclist was hit. I really want to say that getting the infrastructure right will fix this, but I can’t.

A SWCC in IN. Teen cyclist pulled into traffic, deputy says Why am I not surprised that LEO couldn’t find any wrong doing on the part of the weapon vehicle driver ,a “ nurse employed by the sheriff’s department“? Every driveway in an intersection, intersection protocols to avoid or to reduce damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Salmoning CT riders get hit by a right-turning driver. Bicyclists vs. SUV update: Trapped cyclist injured hip; SUV driver likely not at fault Actually there is equal blame here, the cyclists for salmoning, and the driver for not watching where she was going when turning. Ride with traffic because they will never blame the driver for not watching in front of the vehicle to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Actually there would not be much to change in this wreck except to lower the speed limit to 12 MPH (20 km/hr) and make all wrecks the fault of motor vehicle operators.

Here is a rare situation from NJ. North Bergen woman charged with vehicular homicide after injured cyclist dies Hit-from behind wreck with a drunk driver and the victim hung on for a couple of days before dying. Protocols maybe would have helped a little, but only grade separated infrastructure will keep drunk drivers away from cyclists. Make any wreck that injures or kills a pedestrian or cyclist a felony if chemical impairment of any kind is involved, as the risk posed to the driver by cyclists is nil or close to it, while the risks to pedestrians and cyclists is demonstrated here.

Drunk driver gets a cyclist in OH. Cyclist Critically Injured in Crash Other than the driver was drunk and the wreck was in an intersection I know nothing about this wreck, last I read the cyclist was expected to survive.

Right hook and a hit-and-run in ID. Police seek hit-and-run driver who struck cyclist The events in the narrative pretty much left the cyclist no time to react to the turning vehicle as it sounds like there was a buzz job before the right hook. This wreck also illustrates why when you make contact with a vehicle hard enough to put you on the ground you need to see medical attention immediately, as the victim had a broken neck.

More on the left cross wreck that killed a CO cyclist as the killer driver goes to trial. Boulder trial opens in Valmont Road crash that killed cyclist last summer Lead rider gets hit, trailing rider stops inches away from the truck, and the driver claims they were at least 100 yards away when he started to turn but admits he was blinded by the setting sun. Also the weapon vehicle never came to a complete stop until after the cyclist was hit.

A blind driver hits a cyclist in Oz. Wrights Road crash: cyclist injured The driver pulled right into a cyclist on the roundabout in front of the vehicle. The bike was trashed if that debris picture is accurate. Roundabouts are the worst of hit from behind and intersection wrecks for cyclists, and are terrible infrastructure for cycling. The Dutch model has grade separated paths for cyclists with over or underpasses where the highways cross the bike infrastructure.

Our Daily Ted, where we get a mention. Morning Links: LA bike riders get blessed, an idiotic Irish selfie, and a salmon-riding Baldwin meltdown I had a Gothamist link to the Baldwin meltdown, but as I considered that a Hollywood tantrum with a bike at the periphery I didn’t put the link in yesterday’s post.

Infrastructure news and commentary from Bike Portland. Something has gone wrong in Portland Good read.

Something that still makes me mad. Memorial concert follows DA’s decision not to charge driver who killed cyclist

Our first Ride of Silence links. Ride of Silence honors cyclists who have been killed or injured

Another RoS link. For Better Safety, Treat Bikes as Vehicles, Memorial Rider Says

Last link is something that could have come from Cute Overload. Little girl on balance bike leading the Giro peloton = best #FamilyBiking pic of the year: Dawwwww!

And those were all the links I could find while my internet access was up.

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It’s raining here so I get some temporary allergy relief, and the Feed

Yay, the rain is washing the pollen out of the air and I can breathe again! I know that this is only a temporary situation but it sure is nice to be able to see and breathe again without sleep-inducing medication.

Up first a reported salmon cyclist is killed in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. FHP: Bicyclist struck, killed by SUV on Philips Highway Riding salmon is a big part of what went wrong here mainly because it drastically reduced the reaction time for both parties in this wreck. So don’t ride salmon, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right and “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Update on a NE fatal wreck. Elderly driver pleads guilty to motor vehicle homicide in crash that killed Nebraska cyclist You may notice I left a comment on this article a few months ago, because the URL to this wreck has stayed the same while the article has changed to reflect the new situations. The driver will now most likely get probation for the actions that led to killing this cyclist, and only a maximum of 2 years probation can be levied against her. TANJ!

A MS cyclist hits a patrol car and the driver doesn’t even know it? Cyclist injured after striking Hattiesburg patrol car Excuse me if I find this improbable. Not the cyclist looking down and not knowing the car was in front of him, the driver not knowing that an injury wreck had happened to his car. Anyway, this can be avoided by cyclists getting their bikes fitted so they can look at what’s in front of them when they are riding all the time instead of just during the periods they can endure holding their heads back that far. and prevented by getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch”. More HPD probes incident between bicyclist, cruiser

A cyclist in GA is left-crossed. Cyclist injured in wreck on Turner McCall Cyclist seriously injured, driver not even given a ticket for a blatantly at-fault wreck. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent. And for [$DEITY] sake, issue tickets when a driver causes a wreck with injuries.

Wreck in DC shows drivers still don’t care. On Bike to School Day, car-bike wreck demonstrates risks of city biking Nothing on the mode, but it was a hit and run in an area of poor infrastructure, so prevention is well-understood. Well-understood by cyclists that is, LEO and Politicians not so much. Get the infrastructure up to Dutch and these things will stop happening.

More on that Upstate NY wreck with the salmon cyclist. Cortlandt Cyclist, 61, Hospitalized After Being Hit By SUV In Tarrytown Driver still not looking where he was going and cyclist still in the wrong location on the road.

Cyclist using a cell phone for something other than talking has a wreck in MA. Newton cyclist flown to Boston hospital They’re not saying what the cyclist was doing with his cell, just that he was looking not talking when he wrecked. Since so many smart phones have GPS and turn-by-turn navigation and some even have “bicycle modes” I’m taking a wild guess and saying he might have been using the phone to navigate. At any rate he hit hard enough to possibly fracture his skull and the impact was heard inside a nearby trailer park, so “don’t do that”. And a reminder that wayfinding without need for maps (or GPS) is a normal feature of bicycle infrastructure that is “up to Dutch”.

Why has it taken so long to “investigate” why a cyclist was hit from behind in a bike lane by a Sheriff’s Department cruiser? Cyclist death investigation slow in coming The tin-foil hat people are crawling out of the woodwork over this one. There is some suspicion cast on the “investigation” from people not afraid of black helicopters or the Illuminati because it’s not like this hasn’t taken 3 times as long to investigate as a wreck not involving a member of the 1% and LEO even when fault is so easy to determine (I mean come on, the cyclist was hit from behind in a bike lane where cars were not supposed to be driving!) Seriously, even for “plain folks”, this would have taken maybe a month to release the report and file charges.

Our Daily Ted reaches the same conclusion, whodathunkit? Morning Links: Still no end to Milton Olin investigation, US House committee goes after bike/ped funding

More on that cyclist injured in the Great White North, Cyclist seriously injured after crash near Shakespeare Nothing new here, just a different link to the same information.

Still nothing on the mode of this wreck from last week, but we know the victim’s name. RCMP identify cyclist killed on Jubilee

A wreck in Canuckistan with no mode given. Cyclist killed after collision near Brentwood Town Centre Since they aren’t blaming the cyclist right off the bat there is a very good chance the driver was at fault in this wreck, but I can’t say for sure until LEO releases more information.

Another link that came late from BikingInLA. An open letter to CD1 Councilmember Gil Cedillo on improving safety and livability on North Figueroa

And while I was posting this missive I had to grab the cat and hide in the bathroom while a tornado went by, fortunately without touching down near us. As I post this I don’t have any reports of damage aside from what appears to be a microburst over in Johnson County which is a ways away from The Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. There was a funnel spotted south of here, but it did not touch down. We dodged another one!

And those are all the links that gave me fits and giggles today, mostly fits again.

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My eyelashes are getting stuck together, and the Feed

OK this is one I don’t get very often, thank [$DEITY]. When I woke up this morning not only were my eyelids stuck together but when I got those separated a new horror was graced upon me by having the eyelashes glued together. Not just the ones on the same eyelid but across the eye. My eyelashes now look like I randomly grabbed them and pulled them out in bunches, because that is pretty much what happened to them. Let me tell you that was uncomfortable getting my face operational this morning.

On another front, I have been trying to figure out how to make the metals I have to work with work for the extended stem project to get my knees out of Francis/es’ handlebars. Specifically how to cut the donor stem for welding and the 1″ OD tubing to size without maiming myself. Ordinarily I would just clamp the workpiece in my vice and use either a hacksaw or the zip wheel on the angle grinder to cut the materials. The issue is I can’t stand closer than 4 feet from the vice because of all the junk in the garage (junk that isn’t mine to mess with). If it was my junk I would just move it from one side of the garage to the other, but as it isn’t my junk (and the other side of the garage has just as much if not more other people’s junk) I’m stymied. I think I could get Mrs. the Poet to stand on the 1″ OD tubing at the edge of the patio so I could cut that, but the donor stem I may have to freehand the cut holding it in my off hand while cutting with my dominant hand. Whee!

Up first many people (people who are not me) have been saying for quite a while that if you want to commit random murder your best bet is to run into a cyclist with your cat and claim “he swerved right in front of me!” and you’ll get a consoling pat on the back and sent on your way. Turns out we were not far from the truth. Freakonomics on murder by car I can’t get the podcast, but the summary pretty much covers everything I have been saying here for the last 5 and a half years.

I know I’m sometimes accused of jumping to conclusions, but how do they know the cyclist’s direction of travel? Wrong-way cyclist recovering after Tarrytown collision, cops say OK maybe if the impact site on the SUV is on the side opposite the direction traffic was supposed to come from … And seriously people, don’t ride salmon more than the few feet it takes to get properly oriented to the direction of travel. Looking at the site it looks like this would be an area where bicycles would have completely grade-separated infrastructure in the Dutch model, so infrastructure would definitely prevented this wreck.

Update on a CA cyclist severely injured in a hit-and-run. San Jose cyclist recovers after hit-and-run The cyclist was bounced from one car into another one and the first car fled the scene without anyone getting a good look. From the description this wreck scene needed some traffic calming to reduce speeds and give cyclists more reaction time.

A wreck in the Great White North leaves a cyclist in hospital. Cyclist seriously injured after crash near Shakespeare So far this appears to be a single vehicle wreck with the cyclist somehow losing control over the bike at high speed. It could have been a case of “the wobs” as the cyclist passed through a critical speed range. Without more information on what actually caused the loss of control I can’t say how to avoid or prevent a similar wreck.

Our Daily Ted is just chock full of good stuff today. Morning Links: Pro cycling tours kickoff, the Bieb take a pedacab and six-year old cyclists come to blows

Somebody call the “Wahhmbulance” for this cretin in Oz. Don’t take cycling risks Translation, “Don’t ride a bike anywhere near where I drive because I’m too lazy to look out and not run you over.” FTFY mate. And if headlights from oncoming vehicles are reflecting off drops on your windshield, you better have your wipers going to remove those drops from your field of vision. Seriously, this dud (was going to say “dude” but “dud” fits so much better) complains that people wearing normal rain gear are hard to see, then he should stop driving when he can’t see and avoid obstacles in the road. It really is just that simple, stop using your death machine for transportation when weather conditions mean you can’t operate it safely.

More from a column that shows on BikingInLA periodically. Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

Last link, the suit we need when we ride a bike outside of the Netherlands. A Suit Designed for Biking to Work and Taking Meetings In the Netherlands bikes and infrastructure are built so that a person can wear a suit (sans tie of course) to work while riding a bike to get there. Here where bicycle commuting is an extreme sport with a high probability of injury or death, you need to wear clothing suitable for extreme sports.

And those are all the links that gave me fits or giggles today.

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