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I wrote this headline knowing people would not see it until after midnight, and the Feed

Here’s the sitch (to quote an old cartoon). I don’t wanna have so many links to post on Monday, it seriously harshes my vibe to use another old expression. I also have (had) something to do this evening, so I won’t be able to hang around and post the afternoon Feed links. But this also means I will be posting any links that come in the midnight Feed.

Up first we have more on that fatal NYC hit-and-run. Driver Fatally Strikes Bushwick Cyclist, Hits Cars, Leaves Scene [Updated] and Bicyclist Killed in Brooklyn Hit-and-Run Crash, NYPD Says Another one Neighbors Mourn ‘Good Father’ Cyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run More links by still no more information than there was in the second Gothamist link from yesterday. Nothing has changed on the advice side either, nothing the cyclist could have done and since the driver went salmon to escape infrastructure would have been just one more thing for the driver to ignore.

Maybe two days’ ride from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, we get a minor wreck. Bicyclist not seriously hurt after collision with truck Salmon cyclist hit by driver not watching where he was going. Lots of blame to go around, but I would put equal blame on both. I blame this mostly on physical infrastructure and a lack of education on how cyclists are supposed to use it.

Something happened to a NOLA cyclist. CYCLIST KILLED ON CHEF MENTEUR OK it changed while I was creating the link. As of right now the cyclists were hit from behind (!2! of them) while riding in the right lane. Apparently watching where you are going and not hitting slower vehicles is not a high priority for NOPD enforcement. Protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another deliberate assault on a cyclist by a driver, this time in IN. Police: Driver intentionally struck bicyclist Driver made a close, “punishment” pass, cyclist complained, driver decides to “upgrade” the punishment, and gets charged with assault.

Reaction to the cyclist getting hit by a red light runner in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, again (they got a whole year just barely in second place). Lakewood Ranch residents concerned over bicyclist safety Seriously, I don’t know what they could have done about this one. The driver was running a red light. Had the cyclists been using infrastructure that was “up to Dutch” the light would still have been red while they were crossing, they just would have been in a different part of the intersection when they got hit. Maybe confiscating and crushing the vehicles used in a fatal cyclist or pedestrian wreck will have some beneficial effect on lowering the number of pedestrians and cyclists who get hit?

A CA cyclist is released from the hospital after getting left crossed. Novato cyclist released from hospital following collision with SUV Funny, I don’t recall reading about the driver getting released from jail… Intersection protocols if they would do any good to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

A CA cyclist is passing stopped vehicles between lanes (legal in CA) when one driver decides to “not stop”. Bicyclist injured in Watsonville crash I put this one on the driver, completely. The cyclist was riding legally past stopped cars, so had the driver merely remained in the lane and not moved sideways (turned into the cyclist) there would have been no wreck. From the injuries it sounds like the driver moved pretty abruptly into the cyclist. Infrastructure to remove cyclists from proximity to entitled drivers.

Another link to the right hook concrete mixer bicycle wreck. BICYCLIST STRUCK AND KILLED BY CEMENT TRUCK IN SAN MARCOS As I suspected yesterday. Intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure right to keep cement trucks from trying to occupy the same space as cyclists.

A cyclist hits a stop sign running vehicle. Cyclist Hit Near Coronado Golf Course Entrance Because it was the cyclist’s speed and not the car’s that did the damages, the damages were fairly light. I still wouldn’t want to be in that kind of wreck. Intersection protocols mooted by lack of reaction time, and infrastructure mooted (partially) by the driver ignoring the traffic control and entering the bike infrastructure when the cyclist was present. Making drivers responsible for all costs when they are in an at-fault wreck with a cyclist, including lost wages and medical costs might cause people to look out for cyclists here like it does in the Netherlands.

Another day, another link from Ted. Help stop hit-and-runs, stop a Burbank equestrian bridge grab, and your Morning Links

I’m having a problem figuring this one out. Bicyclist crashes while riding on Highway 101 The wreck I’m not having any trouble figuring out, the cyclist was unable to look out of traffic and watch the road surface at the same time and hit an obstruction in the road, excuse me the shoulder of the road. It’s the part about bicycles not allowed on the freeways that I’m not understanding. 101 is a US highway, and as such is required to be available to all legal roads users. Then they were saying stuff about the freeway not being open to bicycles there. !?!

Today seems to be our day for salmon everything. Cyclist in ICU following vehicle crash on Kings Driver not looking at what is in front of him/her runs into salmon cyclist in front of the vehicle while pulling out of a parking lot, probably turning right. To avoid don’t salmon and use intersection protocols, and get the infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Final update to a WI hit-and-run. UPDATE: 5 Years in Prison for Deadly Chippewa Falls Bike Crash But she gets to keep her license to drive? I don’t see any mention of a driving ban so it looks like she can start driving as soon as she gets home from prison.

A MA wreck managed to merit a blotter report. Cyclist Struck, Injured on Federal Street Nothing on the mode so I’m at a loss for advice. Intersection wreck so probably intersection protocols, and getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would probably prevent it.

Moving on the Jolly Olde we get another joke sentence for hitting a cyclist. Teen driver killed Sheffield cyclist and Motorist locked up after city cyclist killed on Peak road also “Incredibly light” sentence for driver who killed Sheffield cyclist If I’m reading the reports right the driver swung wide and hit the cyclist on the wrong side of the road? And had “57 meters” (187 ft) of the cyclist being visible before hitting him. And the driver never showed any remorse about the killing of the cyclist? Then how the Bloody Hell did he get such a stupidly light sentence? TANJ!

Apparently logic is not a very stringent requirement for coroners in the UK, which seems strange. Woman killed by HGV at Bow roundabout had cycled through a red light, coroner rules Cyclist hit from behind running a red light that did not exist for the truck? How’s that again? I’m sorry but this is so stupidly biased I can’t even say how bad it is because it is so bad it defies description. The cyclist running the red light was hit from behind by the HGV that was NOT running the red light.

Obviously not the same coroner as the previous link. Coroner criticises lack of action over Holborn junction safety after cyclist was killed in coach collision Similar wreck to the one in the link above, a left hook of a cyclist proceeding straight in the bike lane to the left of turning traffic that did not yield. Did not help that the signal was for a right turn as the cyclist passed the back of the weapon vehicle, then for a left.

Cycling drunk is safer for other people than driving drunk, not so safe for the cyclist. Cyclist killed in spate of London road deaths was twice the drink-drive limit

Pro tour cyclist hit by a car while training. US cyclist Chris Horner hospitalized with punctured lung, broken ribs after training accident And Italian drivers have (had?) a reputation for not driving crazy around cyclists.

Moving to Oz for several links we get this ugly wreck first. PHOTOS: Cyclist, 78, injured after collision with car at Coalcliff Leo are sitting on the details but as this was not in an intersection and the debris field was so large I would say it was a hit-from-behind wreck. Protocols, and infrastructure “up to Dutch” to prevent.

Intersection wreck. Cyclist killed in Rockingham named Well we were given the cyclist’s direction of travel and road, but nothing about the driver’s. Intersection protocols might help, but getting the infrastructure “up to Dutch” would have prevented the wreck pretty much no matter how it happened.

Another blind driver cuts two cyclists off. Two cyclists injured at Fishing Point The driver was making a u-turn directly in front of the cyclists who hit her car in the driver’s side, giving her a front-row seat to the carnage.

A little Lifestyle article. Cyclist remembered in Howard Beach

Moving west, we get the same thing in CA as the NYC link above. Memorial Ride Set for Bicyclist Killed by DUI Driver

And our only real Infrastructure! report of the day(s). Cyclist petition grows Need I say the comments section only points out the desperate need for the law?

And final link is to a contest (not mine). CALL FOR ENTRIES – PHOTO CONTEST If you are local and have some good pictures of cycling the DFW area, give this contest a try.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles. Mostly fits.

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A metric buttload of links, and the rest of the Feed

Yep, three days since the last list of wrecks results in lots of wrecks, whodathunkit? Also I’m kinda distracted by the Sprint Cup race that was postponed from yesterday on the tube. That wreck that took Junior out was truly weird. I’m no big fan of the Junior Nation but I don’t bear any ill will to Dale Jr. at all, especially not for the kind of wreck like that. Now Jimmy Johnson getting his car damaged without hurting himself or anyone else, that I’m cool with. I have a lot of antipathy about Jimmy that I can’t explain, because when Richard Petty was equally dominant I had nothing like that against him, likewise Darrell Waltrip back in the 80′s. In fact I knew Darrell back then and used to hang out in his speed shop on my days off. Of course I was racing mostly-stock econoboxes on courses defined by rubber traffic cones in parking lots, not in stock cars back then.

Up first is a local story to WoaB World HQ. Cyclist hit by DART train near Lawnview Station The question on this one is did the cyclist fall down because he was hit by the train, or was he hit by the train because he fell down, and if that’s true why did he fall down? Still he was hit by a train on the platform, which implies he was wanting to use the train (DART has bike racks on all their trains). So just maybe a matter of standing back on the platform?

I think the Big Story is the cyclist fatally right-hooked in Boston last week. Bicyclist killed in Charlestown hit-and-run and Somerville truck yard searched after cyclist killed in Sullivan Square crash also Truck sought in fatal hit-and-run and this one Arrest made in connection with Boston hit and run finally Alleged Charlestown Hit-and-Run Driver Bail Set at $5,000 Right hook means the cyclist had virtually no reaction time from the witness descriptions so unable to apply intersection protocols to avoid. Only way to survive this would be infrastructure that completely separated bicycle and heavy truck traffic, or in cases where that was not physically possible making operators of heavy mass killing machines liable for wrecks with bicycles and pedestrians.

Next up is a strange and bizarre wreck where the cyclist injured was just more collateral damage to a wreck that started well before the weapon vehicle even got to her. Cyclist injured, a dozen cars damaged in wreck at college and Driver Hits Cars, Bicyclist on Park Street As I read the links, the driver began having a medical issue that made him a passenger in the vehicle a few blocks before pushing another car into the cyclist, then continuing down the street bouncing off parked cars before finally doing enough damage to the weapon vehicle to cause it to stop, where the driver got out, walked a few steps and then collapsed unconscious. This is something that only barrier-protected infrastructure could even have a chance of preventing. I mean what can you do about an unconscious driver? The driver certainly can’t do anything about it. This is a wreck that I expect to see even fewer of than we do now after the full rollout of the ACA catches people who had hidden medical conditions before they turn into life-altering events. I mean right now it’s a 3 or 4 a year thing, but I expect it to become one or none per year after the ACA is fully implemented.

Continuing on the bizarre wreck theme a salmon cyclist avoiding a vehicle in the bike lane is part of a multi-vehicle wreck. 3 injured in crash involving bicycle in St. Augustine and Cyclist in critical condition after hit by car OK Lots of blame to go around in this one. First is the truck driver that made the right turn into the bike lane, the cyclist would have been hit from behind had he been going the right direction in the lane. Second the cyclist should not have been riding salmon. The rest of the victims seem to have been innocent bystanders caught up in the wreck. This was such a fluster cluck I can’t say how to avoid it, but I know in this case the number of victims would have been far less had the cyclist not been riding salmon.

Still in the once-again most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle we get a driver running a red light and hitting two people crossing on bicycles. Bicyclists injured after driver runs red light Nothing the cyclists or infrastructure could do to prevent this wreck as the driver was ignoring a traffic control already. Witness reports had the driver enter the intersection several seconds after the red light. Fortunately neither cyclist was killed or suffered life-altering injury.

Still in FL we get a hit-from-behind hit-and-run. Family pleads for driver in cyclist’s death to come forward Since the cyclist was not hit in the road but on the shoulder the fact of no lights or reflectors should be moot, especially since the time bracket of the wreck straddled local sunrise. Anyway protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and infrastructure to prevent. Dutch infrastructure, not the paint on the side of the road “infrastructure” we get in the US.

On the theme of red-light runners we get this hit-and-run in AZ. Deputies search for car that hit young rider on Tucson’s NW side The kid was hit in the crosswalk crossing with adult supervision and the crossing light. The driver ran from the scene without even checking to see if the kid was OK. Intersection protocols might have helped avoid or mitigate damages, but as the driver ignored the built infrastructure changing the physical infrastructure would only change the location of the wreck.

An incomplete wreck report from CO. Cyclist seriously injured after being hit by car Basically they know a cyclist was hit somewhere in the city and that’s pretty much it as I read the post today.

A NYC report shows why you need to have wearable ID in case your wallet gets stolen after the wreck. Police Need Help Identifying Cyclist Critically Injured By Cab Since the only witness reporting to the police was the driver of the weapon vehicle no charges have been filed. Also nothing about the mode is currently known.

Assault charges filed against a driver? Police: Driver intentionally hit Portland cyclist and A PDX Driver Faces Punishment for Hitting a Cyclist, For Once, And It’s Steep. Multiple witnesses reported the driver deliberately rammed the cyclist by swerving into him at a stop light. Unfortunately in the days since this happened people have found a way to blame the cyclist for being the victim of the assault.

First of several links from CA. Cyclist struck, killed Thursday identified as Livermore man, 48 SWCC wreck as the only surviving witness was the driver of the weapon vehicle. Intersection wreck so all the protocols apply, and getting the infrastructure up to Dutch would prevent similar wrecks.

First link from Ted today is not happy. Update — Bike rider killed in Coachella collision The update places this as a classic SWSS. You know what I think of those, but protocols to avoid, and infrastructure would make the “swerve” impossible.

Next link is also not fun. Update — bike rider killed in Huntington Beach hit-and-run Apparent red light runner and since the driver ran we can assume that was the red light runner as well because the innocent don’t run. Intersection wreck so use the protocols to “do something” about the wreck for cyclists, and get the infrastructure up to Dutch to prevent.

Something Nice from BikingInLA. A brief look at Sunday’s successful, stress-free Wilshire CicLAvia I wish we could get something like this here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, Home of 3 miles of bike lanes (if you count both directions) and 1000 miles of streets.

Moving to Jolly Olde an unrepentant cyclist killer is released without a day of jail. Driver who killed cyclist on Stoke Heath pedestrian crossing escapes jail The perp has never admitted to or apologized for the death, and still walks without jail? TANJ!

What appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist dies following truck crash and Cyclist killed in road crash also Cyclist dies in Palmerston North collision Apparent hit-from-behind so protocols to avoid or mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right so that large trucks and bicycles are not competing for road space, because cyclists will lose that battle.

Infrastructure! news from Enn Zed. ‘Tragic’ cycle deaths highlight challenges for safety panel Apparently nobody in New Zeeland can find the CROW manual link for the English translation. Design manual for bicycle traffic €90, if I had an account that I could use to buy one I would present it to the local city council here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell.

More reasons why Enn Zed is not close to heaven. Courts ‘soft’ on cyclist killers I have very few words on this and most of them are not suitable for a “family” blog.

Lifestyle from VA. Services Set For Cyclist Killed Monday Night RIP fellow cyclist.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles today. More fits than giggles I’m sorry to say but that’s how it goes sometimes.

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Whee! back to the grind, and the Feed

Activities at my church are ramping back up, and I will have fewer evenings free than I did over the winter. I see that as a good thing because I will have more interactions with human beings. They drive me crazy some times but not being around them is even worse. So, humans, can’t live with them, can’t live long without them.

Up first, remember back when I said a motor vehicle was the perfect murder weapon in Texas as long as you didn’t know the person you hit? This guy doesn’t read my blog. Cyclist Hit by Truck, Police Believe Incident Was Intentional Nothing on the mode but given the slight amount of injury the cyclist sustained I would say the assault was defused to a buzz job.

A person apparently driving a decommissioned cop car hit-and-run a cyclist. Tulsa Police: Vehicle That Hit Bicycle Rider Wasn’t Theirs The story was originally reported as an unmarked cop car doing the H&R, but the local PD did a check on their cars and announced it wasn’t one of theirs. The rest of the narrative has an intersection wreck that probably the cyclist had the right of way. Since they seem to be going out of their way to not blame the cyclist this is probably the truth of the matter. So this would be on the “unavoidable by human cyclists” list and as the cyclist had the right of way one that physical infrastructure would have little influence over as you sometimes have to cross streets in urban areas like this.

Two links from SC on a cyclist hit by a right-turning vehicle. Coroner identifies cyclist killed in collision with vehicle and Bicyclist killed Wednesday in collision with truck at Bluff Road and Rosewood Drive. I’m conflicted about this one, mainly because I’m getting conflicting reports about what happened. The official story is the cyclist was hit while riding salmon. But there is another report that the cyclist was coming out of the parking lot adjacent to the intersection and waiting for the light to cross the street to be on the right side of the road for her return trip. What this boils down to is single-mode infrastructure killing people not using that mode to access the infrastructure.

Hit-and-run in CA. Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run crash outside Winters It appears to be another hit-from-behind wreck, so protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. This wreck was on the Putah Creek TT course, so it’s conceivable the victim was practicing for the event planned for this weekend.

Also in CA is this additional link to the guilty no-contest plea of a cyclist-killing driver. Woman Pleads No Contest in Boyle Heights Cyclist Death My disgust at this “almost-human” prevents me from making any further comment.

Up the coast a bit from CA we get this wreck in America’s Copenhagen. Biker hurt after hitting car in NE Portland Since the wreck was described as an intersection wreck and they are not blaming the cyclist for running a red it would appear the driver ran the red on this one. Again intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid. And we get more information from another source local to the wreck Collision at Killingsworth and Cully injures man on bike – UPDATED Something bothering me with this new information is the possibility of the cyclist being involved in a pinball wreck, as the ball, getting bounced from one vehicle to another. Cyclist making a left turn gets in the turn lane, driver takes umbrage at the cyclist not being in the bike lane and moves into the cyclist and the now out-of-control ballistic mess that is the cyclist hits the vehicle in the cross street. Of course the wreck did not happen in TX but I have been “herded” by drivers who didn’t think I belonged in the turn lane. his could have just been a slightly more violent version of that.

A report on a NJ cyclist killer shows he is a murderous b*****d. Man facing trial for killing cyclist in hit-and-run is now charged with beating a Rutgers university student to death And no you’re not seeing things, this is a UK media outlet making the report. And I had almost forgotten about this wreck that seemed like it was deliberate back when it happened, now I am even more convinced that this wretched excuse for a human being crossed the lane on purpose. He is a serial killer whose first taste of murder didn’t satisfy.

From Oz, Don’t Hit The Pedestrians! even when they walk right in front of you in the bike lane. Cyclist knocks pedestrian unconscious Cyclist riding past a transit stop, pedestrian steps off the curb into the bike lane right in front of him, then things get fuzzy because the pedestrian doesn’t remember anything between that and waking up surrounded by people trying to help him. At this point we still don’t have the cyclist’s side of the story. But seriously if you hit a pedestrian stay with them until medical help arrives or they walk off on their own.

A teen cyclist is left-hooked in Enn Zed. Teen cyclist injured in Tauranga You would think that all the vehicles that were passing would belie the “high speed” statement from the previous part of the sentence… and that if he was going all that fast drivers would have noticed him to the left before making the left turn. Anyway intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Your daily Ted ;) Morning Links: More on MyFig, way too much bad news from upstate, and don’t deal dope from a lightless bike

Infrastructure! news from NYC. NYPD: 914 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, Nine Killed in Traffic in February Vision Zero my skinny backside!

And in Oz their latest bit of bike infrastructure was apparently done by a pre-schooler in crayon. Cyclists claim a redesigned intersection in South Brisbane is an accident waiting to happen A bike lane that dead ends in a pedestrian-only space is the least of the problems with this fuster-cluck.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles today. Except the one about the motorcyclist that died because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, I figured your heads would asplode if you tried to read that one before they fixed it and it wouldn’t make any sense to link it after they fixed it.

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Flash ads are a plague and a pestilence on the Internet, and the Feed

I’m working here and I’m having to type slowly because there are so many Flash ads in the tabs open in the search window that my normally zippy computer has become a tortoise. Sometimes if I don’t wait for the on-screen action to catch up to what I’m currently doing, keystrokes get lost in the transition and I have to go back and re-type, and re-typing seldom turns out as well as the original thought. Even if the original thought was a run-on sentence. Those I can fix in post, usually with a little judicious application of punctuation. Recovering the original thought and re-typing is next to impossible given my brain damage. And I have to go back and recover my thoughts because of excessive flash ads miring my computer in overhead. This is why I consider then to be a plague and a pestilence.

Opening today’s news is some sad but not really sad news from MS. Mississippi man responsible for the 2009 death of a Dutch cyclist dies in federal prison The sad thing is he died in prison, the not-really-sad part is he died from natural causes, not from a brutal prison yard beating. Unlike the person he murdered he died a peaceful natural death.

A cyclist in CA is dragged by a pickup truck. 70-year-old bicyclist struck by pickup truck in Whittier The cyclist was thought to have been riding salmon which means the driver was driving in one direction while looking in another. The usual school of thought is riding with the flow of traffic will avoid these kinds of wreck, as if not looking where you are guiding a ton-and-a-half or more of lethal weapon is OK to do. But until LEO start charging drivers in cases like this that’s really the best advice. Infrastructure to get cyclists away from idiot drivers to prevent. And that is only if the cyclist was riding salmon in the road, if he was hit riding on the sidewalk this was entirely the driver’s fault for failing to yield to traffic on the sidewalk.

A plethora of links from BikingInLA. Morning Links: Killer Chula Vista driver had multiple priors, faces up to 15 years; and not so fast on Olin case I’m always “WTF were they thinking?” when I read about an impaired driver with multiple previous convictions killing a cyclist…

NYPD almost gets it right. Crackdown On Drivers Not Yielding To Pedestrians Means Lots Of Tickets In Park Slope Sixty-one tickets in 2 months is a crackdown? That’s what they should be doing all the time! Actually about twice that, since that is exactly the way most pedestrians die in NYC.

More on the cyclist clotheslined in the UK. Cyclist injured after hitting rope strung across cycle path in Merseyside and Cyclist could have been killed after yobs stretch rope neck-height across path I hope the perps they caught are charged with acts of terror and sabotage, because that’s what setting a mantrap across a cyclepath is. Reading the updated link I find that this is so, preliminary charges do fall under the UK anti-terror statute.

Still in the UK more on the cyclist killed by getting thrown off his bike in front of a car after hitting a pothole. Wife of cyclist killed by pothole criticises council and Coroner: “No doubt” that pothole caused crash that killed cyclist 10 cm is a pretty deep pothole and could have been fatal depending on the shape of the edge. The description of the location makes it sound very likely the edge is extremely steep and abrupt.

I see this as the foundation for an epic cargo bike. Fat little kids’ bike from Wal*Mart I have built many bikes based on Mongoose hubs from a Wally World bike, the hubs are nearly indestructible after a rebuild to get rid of the crappy bearings. The price is right as I can normally pick up Wally World bikes from the curb on trash day because the owners did not know how to change a flat, or discovered that it was cheaper to buy a new crappy bike than to replace worn-out tires and a bad chain.

This e-assist bike shows the benefits of pedalec control over throttle-demand control. 2014 A2B Alva+ Electric Bicycle Test Ride And Review: Charge Ahead Max speed with throttle only, a hair over 15 MPH, max speed with pedalec control, 30 MPH (on the same road?). Human and electric combined is really the best way to go. My best experimental results with e-assist used a motor connected to the cranks and required the rider to pedal to get assist.

Infrastructure news as we have a slight slowdown in killing pedestrians. Pedestrian Deaths Edge Down, Following Unexplained 3-Year Rise I don’t know if they are thinking to correlate VMT to pedestrian deaths (not in actual numbers but trends, when VMT trends up do pedestrian deaths trend up also, and was there a decrease in VMT, or a flattening in VMT growth to accompany the down trend in pedestrian deaths.

More infrastructure news from OR as changes made to the driver’s license tests begin to promulgate to the hinterlands. Oregon’s bike-friendly driving test at work The big problem with changing laws and testing new drivers is all the old drivers that never get tested after they get their license at 16 no matter how old they are.

A blip about a possible bike share down the road from WoaB? Bike Sharing Coming to Dallas Apparently the light rail is too expensive ($5/day) for quick trips and something cheaper that also allows more stops to shop along the way would be better.

And I normally never cover races but this is just amazing, race or not. Iditarod Invitational cyclist rides fat-tired bike to mind-boggling race record He would have finished mid-pack with the dog sleds had they been running together? 100 miles a day +/- on a MTB for more than 10 days? That’s freaking amazing.

Ever have one of those days when riding a bicycle? Now you can share the joy (nsfw but who gives a rat’s…) FUCK OFF, IT’S MY LANE TOO The most visible colors are the lemon yellow and the gold.

Last link is to a cute reminder that operating a motor vehicle is probably the most dangerous thing you do all day outside of EOD. Friday Afternoon Cartoon: T-Rex Nails It on Auto-Centric Urban Design I’m not going to say Ryan North is a genius, just that he’s insightful.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today…

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I’ll be spending my day off practicing riding my new bike, and the Feed

OK I have 8 hours with nothing scheduled to be done, nowhere to go and nothing to be done. I’m going to take my bike over to the cul-de-sac in front of my house and learn to get this thing rolling and riding in a straight line without having to dab every 5 feet so I can get the seat back up to a height that won’t hurt my knees when I pedal. I just have to get good enough to ride the bike the one mile each way to the grocery store right now, I can work on maintaining pace later. Just that one mile to and one mile from the store is all I need right now. Also still working on the other bike, the modified BMX frame that has been “stretched” for adult riding with the crank forward. I need to get material to use as the seat post on this bike as the stuff I was sold will not come close to meeting the need. Dangit!

Another blind driver hits a cyclist in VA. Good Samaritans Lift SUV off of Cyclist Cyclist on the through street hit by a driver pulling away from a stop sign when “blinded” by the sun. This is an intersection wreck but the geometry moots using the protocols as the driver did not start moving until after the cyclist crossed in front of her but before clearing the vehicle. Seriously, if you can’t see don’t just plow ahead blindly in the hope that nothing is in front of you. Shield your eyes against the sun with your hand or something. The wreck was in a location that would be shared space at 12 MPH in the Dutch model so only minor physical infrastructure changes could be made. The biggest change under the Dutch model would be strict liability and the fact that the cyclist was already in front of the weapon vehicle would make this her fault anyway.

Next state over and not too far as the crow flies from that wreck we get another very similar wreck in MD. Cyclist Hit By Pickup Truck, Dragged Several Feet Anther intersection wreck with the cyclist already in front of the weapon vehicle and riding with the right of way when hit. The cyclist was on the through street

Good news in a CA wreck, the driver is in jail. Driver involved in Huntington Beach hit-and-run bicycle death in custody And they got him in time to test him for DUI and make the charges stick!

Still in CA an update on the Milton Olin wreck. Case involving cyclist death being turned over to D.A. I hope they charge this guy with something for leaving his lane and hitting a cyclist in the bike lane. I also hope they charge the guy that designed the bike lane with something also, because this was a highly-predictable event with only a stripe of paint separating the bike lane from 50-60 MPH traffic.

And STILL in CA. Another bike victim In San Bernardino; cyclist seriously injured in Chula Vista; and charges in October OC hit-and-run

Why didn’t I see this one earlier? Former sheriff employee killed in H.B. bicycle crash I remember now, the link was originally behind a paywall. Another cyclist hit by a drunk driving in the bike lane, which is pretty much a definition of “unavoidable”. If the drunk could pull into the bike lane that easy at a speed high enough to rip the tire from the rim after hitting the cyclist, then the infrastructure is sub-standard.

Aftermath to a bike/ped wreck as the cyclist is tried in absentia. Cyclist ordered to pay $226,000 to man he rode into on Burnaby trailB.C. Supreme Court Justice Lauri Ann Fenlon found Ritchie, who did not appear in court for the two-day trial, to be negligent in the May 2007 accident.

Lifestyle for a downed cyclist in the Windy City. Cyclist Killed by Alleged Drunken Driver to be Honored at Benefit Saturday I’m still trying to figure out the “alleged” part in this headline. He was sloshed when they pulled him from the weapon vehicle after it crashed into an immovable object after hitting the cyclist, so there’s no “alleged” about it, except that he hasn’t been found guilty in a court of law yet.

And those are all the links that gave me fits, or not, about bicycles today.

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Well things aren’t TOO bad, and the Feed

The Feed was rather light this morning and not too gory or depressing. I finally got the picture of Mrs. the Poet sitting on the remains of a branch I cut off the tree transferred from my phone to my hard drive and from there to the media library of the blog and on to yesterday’s and today’s posts.

Since most of you won’t see the picture I put on yesterday’s post this morning, here it is again:

Mrs. the Poet sitting on a branch

As you can see, that’s a pretty big hunk of tree sitting there under Mrs. the Poet. One of the reasons I didn’t want to cut it into firewood is the chain on the chainsaw is dulled from all the cutting I have been doing lately, live oak being a particularly tough wood to cut, and the dull cutting tool is causing problems with dragging and kicking back when I’m cutting. This in turn causes me to get tired a lot faster than just holding and guiding the saw as it normally cuts, leaving me breathing hard and with burning forearms after every big cut. So this is either going to be a bench, or I have to get the chain sharpened before I continue.

Up first is the most complete report I have gotten about the driver who drove around with the cyclist he just hit sticking through his windshield. CYCLIST: DRIVER DIDN’T SEE ME STUCK IN WINDSHIELD That’s right, the victim in this wreck and hit-and-run claims the driver acted like he wasn’t even there until he, the cyclist, spoke up about the wreck. We are talking a seriously blind driver on this one. I’m thinking that a lifetime ban on driving after he gets out of jail should be the first thing on the agenda. Confiscation and destruction of any motor vehicles at his disposal should rank right up there as well. I think perhaps hanging, drawing, and quartering is a bit over-the-top seeing as the victim will probably only have minor psychological damage as the most lasting damages from this experience.

From Jolly Olde the not-so-jolly reminder that a motor vehicle does not have to make full contact with a cyclist to kill. Southampton crash cyclist ‘fatally injured by wing mirror’ For those of us who live in the DFW area this wreck brings to mind the cyclist who was the original reason for the Ride of Silence. Anyway hit-from-behind protocols to avoid becoming a statistic from one of these wrecks, and get the infrastructure right to prevent one.

From Oz, drivers and cyclists need to be on guard against cyclists getting hit. Police urge Wyndham drivers and cyclists to take more care after a jump in the number of cyclists hit by cars OK two interesting statements here: “in 70 per cent of the collisions in 2013 the driver of the car was at fault for failing to give way or moving onto the cyclist” and “In the other 30 per cent the rider was riding in the wrong direction on the road or disobeyed the traffic signal.” So the majority of the cases were cyclists riding with the flow of traffic and obeying traffic controls, so cyclists need to be careful of drivers, not they need to have greater enforcement against bad driving… and the place where you need to be the most vigilant is…”75 per cent of the crashes occurred at intersections at low-risk times, during daylight hours in clear conditions

Moving to Enn Zed a cyclist fights back in the only legal way he can after getting hit. Injured cyclist to film dangerous drivers If you can’t shoot them with a gun, use a camera instead.

If you can’t blame them with the truth make stuff up? A new police commissioner, some dodgy statistics – and an open letter from me The captions to the pictures is strong at odds to the tone of the letter.

Last link is about a revival of what used to be commonplace in this country. Birth of an American Cargo Bike: an excerpt from the upcoming documentary This is not the company that is doing my new bike, but an older company that many of you are already familiar with.

And those were all the bicycle links that gave me fits today.

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This will probably be late, and the Feed

Well, the tree is cleaned up except for one really big (and HEAVY!) branch that the recipient has to decide if they want it in one piece as a bench or lots of pieces as firewood. As a bench we are talking about 5-600 pounds of mass and about 8 feet of seating area. I took a picture of Mrs. the Poet sitting on the branch that is having a hard time making it from my inbox to my hard drive so that I can send it to my blog media library to use in a post, if I’m successful you will eventually be able to see the picture below. The reason I took a stop at this point is the chain will have to be sharpened before I can cut this hunk of oak, because all of that other cutting through hunks of oak has dulled the teeth.

Branch that is now a bench

Up first was a hard decision today. I finally went with the cyclist getting killed by a bus in NYC. Pedestrian, cyclist struck and killed in Manhattan crashes and Cyclist Killed By MTA Bus In Harlem also Man Killed by MTA Bus in Harlem Is First Cyclist Death This Year: Report The cyclist hit by the front of the bus which tells me that the cyclist was past or nearly past the bus before it started to pull out and ran the cyclist over from behind, or nearly from behind. This wreck falls so far outside the protocols that it isn’t even ironic. As I read the narrative, the bus was so long that the cyclist passed the rear of the bus while it was still in the double-amber warning flash mode, and the driver decided to pull out after the cyclist passed the rear of the bus but before he cleared the front of the bus. This resulted in a cyclist to the left of the bus as it was pulling out from the curb and in front of the driver’s side front wheels. With the bus in the picture the cyclist would have had to be slightly in front of the driver when the first impact happened, leaving the cyclist zero chance at reacting to the now moving bus. The only person who could have avoided this wreck was driving the bus that killed the cyclist.

Down in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike (I have been reading rumors that FL might be finally losing this “distinction”) a kid is hit riding salmon. Young bicyclist seriously hurt in crash The narrative says the cyclist was off the road and then entered the road against traffic for some reason directly in front of an oncoming car. And I have a bridge I need to unload quickly. Assuming the narrative is accurate that means there was something that forced the cyclist into the road just when the weapon vehicle passed. Find that thing and eliminate it to prevent and avoid. IOW infrastructure is the answer. It almost always is in this country.

Just down the road a bit from that wreck is a wreck in AL. One cyclist killed in Fort Morgan Road accident Hit-from-behind so protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and infrastructure to prevent. And how does someone “not stop” when they hit two cyclists? That’s still hit-and-run in my book.

A wreck in WI brings back bad memories of a similar wreck in Ft Worth a few years back, but with better results. Suspected drunken driver jailed in Manitowoc hit-and-run that injured man on pedal tricycle That someone could drive around with a bleeding person stuck through their windshield is just so horrific, it just is beyond belief. I mean I know it happened, as I wrote earlier it happened just a few miles west of here, but the utter depravity required to do it is just beyond my comprehension. Anyway hit from behind protocols to avid and getting the infrastructure right might have kept this degenerate from hitting the man riding the tricycle.

An AZ wreck with no information other than “the cyclist did it”. Cyclist injured in Central Phoenix crash “Failed to yield to traffic” could mean any number of things, including getting hit from behind because passing traffic did not move over enough to pass safely. Since there was no location or positions of vehicles given I can’t say anything about how to avoid this wreck, but infrastructure likely would have prevented it.

In CA yet another cyclist is killed by not staying away from a moving train. Light Rail Train Fatally Strikes 14-Year-Old Girl In San Jose
I have made numerous statements about not getting hit by trains, but it keeps on happening anyway. Maybe it’s similar to what is happening in Japan, where throwing yourself in front of a fast train is one of the most popular methods of committing suicide. That’s about the only thing I see keeping the frequency up, because not getting hit is so easy to do.

Another low-information wreck, this time in Oz. Cyclist struck by car in Nambucca Heads taken to hospital(S)truck by a passing vehicle” sounds like a bad buzz job to me, hit-from-behind at any rate, so protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Two links with nothing much to say about a cyclist hit in Enn Zed. Cyclist dies after collision with car and Cyclist killed in Kerikeri The narrative points to a hit-from-behind, but nothing in a definitive way. Protocols to avoid and good infrastructure to prevent.

A bit of good news on the infrastructure front from America’s closest thing to Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Behold the Most Bike-Friendly Apartment Complex in North America What’s interesting about this is they provide 2 parking spots per apartment and still have about an additional 1/3 of the total capacity left over for visitors in a space that would not support one car per apartment.

Last link, on MLK Jr. Day BikingInLA has an appropriate statement from us in the bike blog business. The greatest right of all — the right of everyone to grow up, and grow old

And those were all the links that gave me fits about bicycles that I hadn’t already published.

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Full Moon tonight, crazy to follow, and the Feed

There is a reason there is the word “lunatic”. People get a little crazy at night when they can walk under the full moon. Not so much now because of all the artificial lighting we have, especially in cities, but the effect is still noticeable. And tonight we are having a Full Moon circle with no script beyond welcoming in a new lunation deity. And on Sunday we will have our final evening service until Summer as the people awake during the day outnumber the people that can only come to church at night. We don’t have the support staff to do two services, but it is thought that perhaps we will keep Adult Religious Education classes going for the Night People. The person we started the evening services for because she worked during the day on Sunday had her Sunday hours extended so she can’t even make a 1930 start time, her store closes at 2000 on Sunday now. Also much of the rest of the congregation has changed their work hours as well with many no longer having Sundays free for either service. So now Mrs. the Poet will get to go to Sunday services again. And I will probably have to drop Wreck-Free Sunday posts because of attending Sunday morning services and teaching Adult R.E. at night.

Another link to a hit-and-run in Houston. [$Deity] I’m getting so tired of links to hit-and-runs. Cyclist killed in hit and run crash It appears the cyclist was either riding to or from a nearby bike path along a bayou, but because the cyclist and bike were found so far away from the scene direction of travel and point of impact are impossible to determine.

A little closer, learning to use new infrastructure is sometimes hard. Who’s Legal In Austin Bike Lanes? Part of the problem is a lack of paved pedestrian spaces where you don’t have to walk through the mud and an antiquated law that requires walking through the mud if that’s all there is. Yep TX laws still say that strip of dirt between the edge of the road and the edge of the right of way is a “sidewalk” and you have to walk in it.

And speaking of people using the wrong infrastructure, a drunk in MI tried the bike path in his car. Drunken motorist busted driving on bike path Some people think if it’s paved then it’s car territory. Especially when they are drunk.

Moving to the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, when they can’t get you on the road they go after you on the bike path, part 2. Riders encounter carpet tacks along Tampa bike trails This would be an act of terrorism had it been on anything but a bike path.

Still in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Fabiola Santiago: Banning bikes not the road to a solution in Key Biscayne A wise person indeed to recognize the elephant in the room, people on bicycles are getting injured and dying because of other people driving irresponsibly, not because they are riding on bicycles which makes it “their fault”.

Still in the most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bike a texting driver takes out a tree. Texting and Driving Crash Caught on Camera Think about the bike lane and sidewalk the driver crossed before hitting the tree. Just sayin’.

Still more on the death of a socially-promenant cyclist under the wheels of a SoCal LEO. Probe into former Napster exec fatally hit by sheriff’s car continues Things continue to percolate along but the pace of the investigation and the lack of dash camera footage is really getting the conspiracy theory crowd worked up hard. And I’m somewhat doubtful about the cruiser not having a dash cam myself…

Because infrastructure seems to be the theme of the Feed today, still in CA we have a major city giving at least some lip service to the idea that cars can be used without killing people. Imagine No Deaths: Supes, Safe Streets Advocates Call for “Vision Zero” I will reserve judgement on this one until I see plans of action for implementation.

Still in CA this one gave me giggles. Thief Sells Stolen Bike on Craigslist, Original Owner Enacts Revenge Instead of going to get the guy himself he sent an undercover cop to bust the guy.

NY cyclists ask for a pittance to make roads safer for everyone. Bicyclists to Cuomo: $20 million for pedestrian and bicycling projects Unless that $20 M is a recurring annual item not much will get built, again just sayin’.

A NYC traffic victim takes an awfully long time to die from his injuries. East Village Flower Stand Employee Killed By Driver On PCP & Meth The wreck was last June, the death was this month.

This one is really hard for me. For One Reckless Driving Survivor, “Life Looks a Lot Different Than Before” That could have been my life had things gone just a tiny bit worse. And I mean just a tiny bit worse, as in fractions of a millimeter worse.

A UK television “star” illegally takes a picture of a cyclist riding legally and complains about the cyclist. HooRaw ensues. “Point-making” rider hits back at Jeremy Clarkson

And still in Jolly Olde a cyclist feels… unappreciated. Cyclist: Drivers are out to kill me! There is a statement about never ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity, but I’m not sure it can be applied to this case.

More mayhem from Jolly Olde. Driver accused of causing the death of cyclist The driver t-boned the cyclist while one of them was crossing a street on a roundabout. Still trying to figure this one out. It appears the cyclist was on the side street when he was hit which meant he had the ROW.

From the Emerald Isle comes a report of prosecution not just dropping the ball but forgetting to even bring a ball to the court. Lorry driver ‘not guilty’ of causing death of cyclist in south Belfast How the Hell do you prosecute someone without even bringing any evidence to the court? This is beyond an outrage, this requires a head on a pike if not several heads.

A cyclist is killed in Oz. NSW cyclist dies following crash Unless the cyclist was hit on a one lane road somebody was on the wrong side of the road here. Since they’re not blaming the cyclist that only leaves one other party in the wreck.

I keep saying drivers are blind, here’s more proof. Serafin Dillon: There’s a reason we really do not see cyclists I’m 5’8″ and normally about 200 pounds and even with hi-viz on I still get people almost hitting me because they “can’t see” me. I should also mention that I get up to a 48″ chest measurement in winter, so I’m no tiny thing. Peruse the archives to see me in my hi-viz at a bike-to-work day in Garland last year.

Last link, next time you want to talk about your “epic ride” think about this really epic ride. Adventurer tells of bitter conditions to claim record for cycling across the South Pole Yep this woman rode from the coast to the Pole, on a tadpole trike, in -40° temperatures with 100 mph winds. Unless you were riding in Death Valley or across the Sahara you have nothing to say. And I will shut up about riding in 145°F temperatures over fresh blacktop from several years ago.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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Out running errands on a warm bright day, and the Feed

Yep we went from a subfreezing high on Monday to a mid-60s high on Saturday. I was out running errands today wearing jeans and a t-shirt (and my hi-viz road worker’s vest) and not even the slightest bit chilly. This is what climate change has brought to us here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, winters that you need a closet full of clothes for because what was appropriate one day is dangerously warm/cold 3 days later. We had similar temperatures as today at the beginning of last week as well. Is it any wonder I’m surrounded by people with coughs and sneezes?

Before I start, this was an exceptionally difficult Feed for me to filter on the emotional side of the equation, because of some of the final judicial outcomes recorded. Mrs. the Poet even threatened to throw me out of the house if I didn’t calm down and stop pacing up and down the hall from my office to the living room and back, grunting and sighing. I thought I was being rather restrained about things, really. There are no bodies in the house, and no structural damage to the house, nor even a broken window nor mirror…

I’m starting in SC with updates to a previous story. Cyclist fatally struck by fire truck identified and earlier reports that were too late to make yesterday’s Feed Bicyclist hit and killed by North Charleston fire truck and Cyclist hit and killed by North Charleston fire truck OK the cyclist was hit from behind. Still no word on the how and why of the cyclist getting hit from behind. When dealing with emergency vehicles moving over as far as you can is pretty much the only protocol in the book, especially when they are running “hot” with lights and siren.

One of the articles that resulted in pacing and grunting comes from CA. Probe into Santa Cruz cyclist’s death likely to take months This was the Tesla that ran head on into a cyclist riding in the bike lane on the correct side of the road.

Another article that resulted in pacing and grunting, with the frequent use of muttered profanity. Drunken driver gets prison for killing cyclist near Prosser The driver was 19 at the time of the wreck, and had a prior DUI. How in the names of all the deities of death and destruction did this guy get off with only a 2½ year sentence and not life? The cyclist was wearing an LED blinky reflective vest like I used to own and had multiple tail lights on the back of his bike, and he wasn’t even on the road! The cyclist, Jared Carr, was changing a flat tire with the back of the bike lighted up and facing traffic while stopped in the ditch. All the driver had to do to avoid this death was to stay on the road, at which he failed miserably. And people wonder why I’m so “cranky” about bicycle safety, I mean besides the fact that I ride and have been hit several times on my bike.

Back to CA for a SWCC wreck. School Board Member Involved in Injury Collision Since this was a mid-block “crossing” I can’t say for sure what happened, especially since there were no pictures of the wrecked bike. Intersection protocols if the bike was really crossing the road, or hit-from-behind if the cyclist wasn’t crossing the road.

Continuing the hopscotching across the country a driver in OH faces serious charges for killing a cyclist. Man charged in October death of cyclist appears in court This is a first for me, I believe. I do not recall ever seeing a driver charged with manslaughter for left-crossing a cyclist without a record of previous run-ins with cyclists.

Back to the other side of the country. Cyclist hit by car in Milwaukie identified, upgraded to serious condition Still no word on how many “witnesses” were not inside the weapon vehicle, nor any pictures of the wrecked bicycle. So, assuming the narrative is somewhat related to actual events, intersection protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Stating a truth in the UK. Reader’s letter: Very few people are injured by cyclists

Good people in the Jolly Olde. Torquay fall cyclist Ron Keegan, 75, wants to thank Good Samaritans Lots of good people doing the right things came together to save this man’s life.

Moving down south a long ways, we get this head on wreck in Oz. Cyclist seriously injured in car crash at Waterfall Someone was on the wrong side of the road, kinda a given in Oz, but really since this was a head on wreck one vehicle had to be on the wrong side of the road for the location. Since the article doesn’t say who was salmoning all I can say is riding with traffic if it was the cyclist, to avoid. If the driver was on the wrong side then a cyclist is up the proverbial unsanitary tributary without visible means of locomotion. Infrastructure to prevent.

More from Oz. Skimming cyclists a dangerous practice Here in the US this is a “buzz job” or a “Jerry Brown”.

Infrastructure! news in the US from Al Jazeera? The truth about bike lanes

The same thing from a different perspective, where do the kids ride? A PLACE TO RIDE

Infrastructure in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Fabiola Santiago: Gimenez absent on Rickenbacker cyclist safety

Same song with a different tune from”Down Undah”. Richie Porte joins campaign for greater protection of cyclists on public roads

Really want to ride a fat bike, but don’t want to fight those tires? Part two. Felt – Bosch Concept Fat-bike

How do you grow eyes in the back of your head? Students invent ‘Bike Radar’ to help prevent cyclists getting knocked down It needs some work, but that’s a good start.

And those were all the links that literally gave me fits today.

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Really nasty weather again, and the Feed

The good thing is it’s warmer outside. It’s also much wetter with more wind and mud everywhere that isn’t covered in asphalt or concrete. And all that moisture in the air makes it feel even colder than it really is. Plus I really don’t like being wet unless I’m swimming or taking a bath or shower, and Mrs. the Poet says I take those too hot. I grew up around people who took very hot baths, plus a few Japanese folks who thought 105°F was just right for a cool off pool. This mess of wet and in the 40s just makes my everything hurt. Later in the day when things are above 60 it’s not so bad but still wet and cold. BLEAGH!!

Up first because of sheer stupidity, the driver that hit 3 kids walking on a sidewalk and pinned one to a building says the wreck was the kids’ fault, not his. Sidewalk-Jumping Driver Claims Children He Hurt Were “Reckless” I have been trying to think of what the kids did in this wreck to cause the SUV to jump the sidewalk and hit them and… I got nothing. The kids were exactly where they were supposed to be in the middle of the block walking on the sidewalk where the driver was not supposed to be. There wasn’t even a driveway next to the wreck site that the kids may have been crossing when they were hit, this guy just jumped the curb and pinned 2 kids to a building with a couple of tons of steel because he couldn’t drive.

A GA hit-and-run. Vehicle hits cyclist, then drives off Salmon cyclist is hit by a turning vehicle, one of the biggest reasons to not salmon. Intersection protocols and ride with the flow of traffic not against it to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. The narrative suggests the cyclist may have been riding on the sidewalk which makes this even more an infrastructure issue. Cyclists that are afraid to ride in the street need better infrastructure. And interestingly enough in spite of riding salmon being listed as a cause for the wreck there was still a person making a comment about cyclists should ride facing traffic.

A strange wreck in North Chuck. Bicycle rider killed after being struck by North Charleston fire truck Lights and siren but the bike was still there to get hit, did the fire truck try to squeeze by the cyclist? Too many questions, not enough answers.

A KS cyclist is hit from behind in a hit-and-run. Traffic crash in south Wichita kills bicyclist This one is straight-forward compared to the last two. Since there were two cyclists on the scene riding together and it wasn’t mentioned that either was riding ninja it can be safely assumed that both were lighted in excess of legal minimums. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure to Dutch standards to prevent.

Interesting how this SD assault with a deadly weapon against a cyclist is termed a “spat”. New video emerges in driver-cyclist spat When the driver “bumped” the cyclist this went from a “spat” to an assault with a deadly. I don’t know what to do when a driver acts like this and there’s no place to pull over safely.

More on that CA cyclist hit by a train. Metrolink train fatally strikes bicyclist who rode around gate Still don’t understand why people do this, and as a person in the comments section pointed out this is a 45 second delay at worst when dealing with a commuter train. Less than a minute and the cyclist would have been on his way.

The most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike could get less dangerous. Drunk Drivers Could Lose Incentive To Flee Crash Scenes If this passes and gets signed the only incentive drivers will have to flee the scene is the high likelihood of not getting caught.

An Irish cyclist is killed, but the driver was uninjured, yay! Cyclist dies in hospital following collision with a car Been doing this blog since 2006 on various sites seen tens of thousands of bike wreck reports, and I can recall exactly 3 where the driver was hurt solely as a result of hitting the cyclist and 2 of those were fatal for the driver. All were high-speed collisions where the dead cyclist came through the windshield. This was nothing like that. The location of the wreck in a roundabout strongly indicates a failure to yield on the driver

When the cyclist you abuse in Oz is a cop the head cop for the state, things get done. Vic police chief abused while cycling I would like to think this will alter the driver’s future behavior, but I think it will just make him only abuse cyclists he knows are not cops.

A hit-and-run in Enn Zed with a difference. Hit-and-run cyclist ‘deplorable’ Yep, this is a case of cyclist-on-cyclist crime. Seriously people, don’t be like this. I’m reasonably sure my readers won’t act like this, but still…

Infrastructure! news from NE. Bike club, other groups protest proposal to ban cyclists from Bellevue Bridge The person proposing the ban objects to cyclists slowing drivers over the bridge because the drivers make unsafe passes. This is not a bicycle problem this is a driver problem.

Two looks at the same Infrastructure problem in CA. Letter:Making it better for bikes and Curious City: What goes ‘round I’ll let the articles speak for themselves.

Part of the problem with the issues listed in this article is that they are so rare. Are Crashes Involving Only Cyclists Accidents? Bike/car wrecks get almost no attention from LEO, bike/bike wrecks even less. Was this unavoidable?

Does the world really need a bike that buzzes the handlebars when you get close to an intersection? Smart bike pedals toward accident prevention

Like the concept of the go-anywhere fat-tire bike but find them a bit difficult to pedal? Guide to “Fat” Electric Bikes [VIDEOS] Add a little battery power to your legs.

And last link, the world’s first hot burrito vending machine is accessible by bike. Burrito Box: A hot and melty burrito from a gas station vending machine And thanks to Ted Rogers from BikingInLA for the link to the bike lane outside the store with the vending machine.

And those were all the links that gave me fits today.

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