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I can hardly lift my arms, but here’s the Feed

Well, I pruned some more today, on the live oak out back. I don’t have much upper body strength or endurance any more, so I lopped a few branches off with the pruner and had to call it quits. Then I filtered the Feed and now here I am to post the reports and make comments.

Another SWSS/SWCC wreck in the Pelican State (Louisiana). Cyclist killed at 171 and La. 394 and Bicycle rider killed near DeRidder I find the description of the wreck highly suspect. Especially the part where he was going east on 394 and then turned around to go east on 394…

What sounds like a left cross wreck in CA. Cyclist killed in traffic accident identified CA has the same laws about turning vehicles as TX that requires turning traffic to yield to traffic that is not turning, whether that traffic is oncoming traffic on the same street or road or traffic on the street or road that is being turned on. Hopefully there will be at least a ticket filed against the driver that killed the cyclist.

Another report on the DC cyclist killed by a cop cruiser. Md. cyclist who was killed by police cruiser identified Yeah, anyone that believes the cop was going under the speed limit, I have some oceanfront property in El Paso I would like to sell. I’m not saying the cyclist wasn’t at fault, just saying the likelihood of the cop driving under the speed limit is so low as to be invisible. The fact that they made the statement thus renders all of their other statements suspect. The grain of salt required is about the size of a semi-trailer.

Another report on the kid killed in DE. Teen cyclist killed on 273 ID’d Again the rider was thrown into a car that was in front of both vehicles. This indicates to me that traffic was stopped and the kid did not run the red light like the cops say.

More on the NY state cyclist that was hit by a transit bus. Cops: Greenburgh cyclist was riding alongside bus; bikers invited to ride at funeral The cyclist appears to have been doing exactly what he should have, I still don’t know why LEO haven’t charged the bus driver with running down the cyclist. NY law requires the passing vehicle to pass safely, which means far enough away that you don’t scare the other operator to death. That didn’t happen this time. So why no ticket or charges?

A TX lawyer thinks that Gov. Goodhair’s veto of the Vulnerable Road Users Bill (SB488) may have contributed to the driver that killed 2 people on a tandem bicycle not getting any kind of ticket or charge. Texas Governor Perry Vetoes Safe Passing Bill: Cyclist Deaths The Result? I just want to know what the Helotes LEOs were thinking when they decided that the guy in the truck did nothing illegal when he killed the 2 cyclists.

A case in Scotland that just floored me as the police report wasn’t allowed to be read into evidence. Scottish jury finds case against driver who killed cyclist ‘not proven’ Of course it wasn’t proven, the judge threw out the most important evidence against the driver. Again, what was he thinking?

Again I had to pick myself up off the floor when I read about a multiple repeat drunk driver was facing in the way of charges in Enn Zed. Drink-drive charge ‘appallingly inadequate’Downer, who has two previous drink driving convictions, could face a maximum of five years behind bars.” Five years for drunk driving that killed somebody, that’s just a travesty.

And a trio of people that train together for bicycle riding suffered similar wrecks. Cyclist tells of horror crash The man was killed while the wife was recovering from a previous crash, and the personal trainer was in a coma for 5 weeks from the wreck that killed the man… What a mess.

The 2010 Tour of the Battenkill will have a stage dedicated to Veterans. 2010 Tour of the Battenkill Announces Ride to Benefit Injured Veterans If you can do this next year Witch on a Bicycle says do it.

And that’s all for tonight.

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A sparse Feed and not much to it

Now why couldn’t I get a Feed like this yesterday, when I needed it? There was an entire report this time out of the 4 I normally get that had nothing but wreck reports from motorcycle races. Sorry for your pain guys but there are other places for that than here. Also instead of my normal 4 reports I had only 2, when I should have had 3 this morning. I had one report that came in late last night that went onto the post I made just before 1AM local time, normally that would have been in today’s post, which still leaves me one short. And that one Feed report had mostly bicycle wrecks from outside North America, so people reading this on BikeJournal.com won’t have much to read. And if you want to find out why I posted to my blog at 1AM and didn’t make a post in the wrecks thread, well you will have to go to my blog and read the most recent 2 posts. :P

Up first for no particular reason except something has to be first is a report on a wreck in OR where they caught the guy after he ran. Arrest made in hit-and-run that injured cyclist The charges read more like a laundry list:
* Felony Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver
* Assault in the Second Degree
* Reckless Driving
* Initiating a False Report
* Tampering with Physical Evidence
* Driving While Suspended (Misdemeanor)
* Speed Racing
One thing I don’t get is how they can charge with racing when they only suspect there might have been a second car, was he racing with himself? I have done time trial events back when I still drove a car, but they required timing equipment that the perp didn’t have…

Still in OR is the kind of wreck that drives me crazy. Cyclist injured seriously Tuesday on Ninth Street OR has a law that requires drivers to stop when there is someone in the crosswalk, so why wouldn’t you at least slow down a bunch when you see another vehicle stopped at a crosswalk? Are drivers really that self-centered? And why wasn’t the driver in this case cited for failure to yield to a crosswalk? Too many questions?

And another left cross wreck blamed on the cyclist rather than the driver that cut him off. Police report: Cyclist injured after rear ending car Another case of car-head bias on the part of the LEO.

Our first story from the UK, with typical levels of detail and things of interest. Cyclist, 12, injured in road crash Leg and head injuries, but the expect the little guy to fully recover. Get well soon, dude.

And from Scotland, where nothing is cr-r-r-rap (according to my daughter who is now living there) a wreck courtesy of the Beeb. Cyclist seriously hurt in crash I’m sorry but this is cr-r-r-rap!

And another case of worrying about the wrong thing… Target pavement cyclists, say MPs Yeah, I’m going to file this under “over-reacting” and just send the parties involved a case of camomile tea. Drivers kill more people on the sidewalks (pavements) in a week than cyclists do in a year, and the proportion of injuries is about the same, a little higher for cyclists than deaths because of the difference in mass and speed making bicycles just that much less fatal.

And that’s all I have for today, more non-cycling stuff later in the day.

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Backlash on cyclists hit in Bexar County, and more from the Feed

Well the story on the pickup truck that hit the tandem bike from behind on the improved shoulder in Bexar county TX has heated up with people making numerous calls to the DA’s office and the Sheriff’s Office over the incident, and others in Bexar county. Also there were other wrecks and questions raised about them in other parts of the world. We got wrecks and inquiries about wrecks from almost the span of the Anglophone world, so hang on tight.

Up first there may be an inquiry launched into the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office over their handling of wrecks as was brought to a head over the tandem bicycle hit from behind on the shoulder of TX 16 near Helotes. Pickup truck strikes couple on tandem bike on Bandera another report on the initial wreck and this article is the follow up Answers sought in cyclists’ deaths From the article and the comments it is apparent that victims of motor vehicle crashes that were not driving or passengers in cars were found at fault or the drivers were not ticketed or charged, that in the majority if not the totality of cases involving a victim not driving or riding in or on a motor vehicle the drivers were allowed to leave without penalty. Just probability will tell you that ain’t going to happen, there had to have been some drivers that were at fault for hitting people not in cars. This sounds like a severe case of car head bias against people not in cars, on an institutional level. Or as my wife puts it “looney”.

Another case of car head bias a rider that had been drinking was hit from behind by a pickup truck. Truck hits, kills cyclist on Poplar Level Road and Bicyclist struck by truck identified also Bicyclist Killed In Road Accident Answer me this: had the drunk been in a car that was hit from behind, would it still have been the drunk’s fault for being on the road?

The victim of a hit-and-run from behind returns to work but still has a long way to go before he’s recovered. Injured bicyclist back at work A rarity in today’s post, a live cyclist hit-and-run or hit from behind victim. :P For this cyclist we know there wasn’t enough time nor space to escape the wreck; rock, meet hard place.

It took a long time, and an opinion from the AG, but a driver that hit a cyclist was finally given a ticket. Sheriff Files Charge Against Driver Whose Truck Hit Bicyclist It took from July to late September to decide if a truck that hit a cyclist from behind had passed with 3 feet of clearance? The mental gymnastics these LEO went through makes discussions of the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin seem like nothing. As for how to avoid that was one of the problems in this case in the first place as the cyclist had left the road to avoid getting hit which caused the difficulty in deciding the driver violated the 3 foot law. Do you still have to pass with 3 feet of clearance if the cyclist is not on the road?

A 65 YO cyclist that had been racing at the club level in the UK for 50 years is remembered after “being in collision” with a truck. Tributes to cyclist killed in A1 accident Nothing here about how he died, but since there was a big truck (semi?) involved you can assume the death was pretty gory, and probably quick.

Another wreck in the UK in the form of a door prize. Cyclist injured in accident in Burnham-On-Sea town centre Door prizes are rare in the UK, probably because they are dealt with rather severely. To avoid the door prize, the easiest way is to avoid the door zone beside parked cars, if they can’t get to you they can’t hit you, but should that option be taken away by a mandatory bike lane in the door zone, watch the parked cars (while you are watching for road debris and behind you for hit from behind drivers) for heads on the side of the car closest to you. If you see a head you can assume there is a body attached to it that will shortly want to leave the car, or the car leave the parking space. Be ready to dodge the opening door or hit the brakes if there’s no room to dodge.

More on the family of a dead cyclist in Scotland suing the drver that killed him. Killed cyclist’s family sue van driver Do you really think £500,000 ($795,950) is going to be enough money for such a promising young man?

For such a sparsely populated country NZ sure does have a lot of bike v car wrecks. Somebody else thought so, too and is trying to do something about it. Safety forum promotes road sharing City transport chairman Ken Baguley wants the forum to come up with ideas for how all users can share the popular waterfront route more safely while “moving beyond the motorist versus cycling antagonism which has this week dominated media and blogs”. This after a wreck that left a cyclist severely injured on a popular cycling route.

OK I still haven’t figured this one out except that there was a bicycle and a motorcycle involved and there was one person killed at the scene and 3 more injured, and one of the injured died in hospital later, 2 killed in Panchagarh road mishapThis is what happens when English is the official language, but nobody speaks English as a first language, you get news reports that leave you unable to figure out who was riding which vehicle when they were killed or injured.

At first I though Mrs. Gore had another “problem”. Tipper turns killer, yet again This was just another dump truck that hit-and-run another cyclist in India.

And to close out the post we have another example of why it’s so hard to get people to ride a bike in the US. Cycling or Walking to School Will Not Be Tolerated! Yes, you read that right. There are schools that call the cops on parents that allow their kids to ride a bike to school, or to walk. You can be charged with a crime because your kids ride a bike to school. There’s a crime going on, but riding to school ain’t it. It’s a crime to be that stupid! What is wrong with people?

And that’s all I got today.

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“Stuff” still happens, this is the “stuff” that happened to cyclists

Well today’s Feed was a major bummer to filter through. As if just the reports on cyclists getting hit and injured or killed wasn’t bad enough, I have been getting reports that even if you are fortunate enough to buy insurance that covers you while you ride a bicycle, the coverage you think you bought was not the coverage you get. More on that later.

Up first are 2 reports on TX tandem cyclists hit from behind on the shoulder of the road. Tandem bicyclists die in pickup accident and Couple killed when truck slams into, drags bicycle Interesting comments section, because people are starting to ask questions about why the lack of enforcement against drivers that kill, specifically why did a driver that left the road and hit another vehicle (bicycle) not even get a ticket, and second why did a driver that was most definitely at fault not even get a ticket for killing 2 people? Even people that don’t ride bicycles are asking this. I’m asking why a driver that hit a vehicle the length and half the width of a compact car can claim he didn’t see the vehicle until right before he hit it, and not lose his license for visual impairment?

And way out west of me in NM a cyclist is killed. Deming bicyclist hit by pickup, killed Another driver that thinks the speed limit is the speed you should drive at all times even if you can’t see where you are going can’t see a cyclist, cyclist dies.

Another report on the sentencing of a man that killed a cyclist after running a stop sign at high speed. SUV driver gets probation in crash that killed bicyclist As I said yesterday, since the next of kin in his role as speaker for the dead signed off on this I can accept it. If however the PA on this just blew it off and told the husband that this was the best they were going to get, hang them both, the PA and the driver.

And apparently it isn’t just TX that it’s OK to kill someone not in a car. No charges for driver who hit and killed cyclist and Driver won’t be charged in collision that killed cyclist at Milwaukee and Emerald Not having access to the witness’ testimony places me at a disadvantage, all I have to go by were subtleties in the report and a Google satellite view of the intersection, but things don’t match up. The driver had a green light, not a green arrow, but the cyclist ran a red when the driver turned into him. If the driver had a green light then the cyclist should have had a green also, but if the cyclist had a red, then the driver should have had either a red or a green arrow. Like I posted, I’m at a disadvantage not being able to see the witness’ statements or view any other evidence. Even if the driver had a green light or arrow, drivers are still required to yield to oncoming traffic before turning.

More not so jolly from Jolly Olde. Cyclist killed in Great Park crash is named At least they have the perp, who went to jail (temporarily).

Nothing about the driver in this UK crash, but we know he was driving a blue Rover. Cyclist seriously injured in South Elmsall road crash

The driver who killed a Scottish cycling champ may have escaped serious charges criminally, but he won’t escape civil retribution. Cyclist’s family sue for £500,000

More on the 70 YO that was found with severe head injuries. Injured cyclist dies There was a couple words changed from the article previously posted at the site.

A woman demonstrates why pedestrians need to wear helmets as much as cyclists do. San Jose woman walking on trail gets tangled in dog leash, falls and dies Now how this was cycling related was the dog was out for a run with the owner on a bicycle, when they got tangled with the pedestrian.

El Tour de Tucson will have a changed route this year because of construction and a streetcar line. Race to have new start/finish line Hopefully the $150K that ETdT officials are paying LEO this year will prevent a mess like what happened last year when a driver turned left into a 60 rider peloton and almost killed a man and severely injured 4 more. The LEO that was supposed to be directing traffic at the corner left his post to explain why he was directing traffic to an angry driver.

Another Wounded Warrior ride in western MD. Bike ride Sunday benefits Wounded Warrior Project If you are in the area the Witch on a Bicycle says do this.

If on the other hand you happen to be in the Lake George NY area, then do this. Plan ahead The bike story is the second one down the list.

And in a really nice place to ride a bike except for all the idiots in cars. Norman police encourage bike safety Maybe they should be talking to the drivers that have hit 9 cyclists from behind to find out what drivers can do to help bicycle safety… Just sayin’.

And a state that thought they had solved the car insurance problem with no-fault insurance and adding riders to cover bicycles finds coverage a bit threadbare. OFIR Hears Public Testimony on Uninsured Motorist Coverage Yep, you can buy coverage for riding a bicycle when you live in MI and own a car. Just don’t expect to actually get anything should you survive your wreck.

And that’s all I have today.

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Getting back to “normal”

Well now that the holiday is passed and the RoS in the rear view also the Feed is at its normal levels both in volume and stupidity. As unbelievable as it might sound we have not one but 2 stories today in which the driver left the scene knowing he had hit somebody on a bicycle and admitted as much to LEO and the drivers were NOT immediately clapped in cuffs and hauled off to the hoosegow, but were allowed to remove the weapons from the scene. “I know I shot that woman standing on the side of the road, but I was scared and didn’t have my cell on me.””That’s OK son, take the gun and go home.”

Up first, a sidewalk cyclist is hit and severely injured by a driver that did not look before pulling out over the sidewalk. Bicyclist knocked from bike, dragged under car The irony of this report is the same drivers complaining about cyclists on the roads getting in the way also complained about the cyclist that got hit on the sidewalk getting in the way. As for how you can avoid a similar fate, well number one don’t ride on the sidewalk, and two don’t ride the wrong way on a one-way street. Had the cyclist been riding in the street a block north or south of this street then this wreck would have been averted.

A MA cyclist died and nobody wants to say what happened. Bicyclist killed in car accident At this point all that is known is the victim died, and apparently the car was driving by itself as the driver was not identified, or even mentioned. Darn DARPA to heck! for making cars that drive themselves.

The first of the stories on drivers that hit-and-run and are them allowed to take the car with them when they return. Bicyclist Struck, Killed By Vehicle Yes this is an update on a story I posted here yesterday, and they still haven’t said if the cyclist was even on the road at the time she was hit. One thing that the local commenters agree on was that traffic routinely exceeds the speed limit in the area after dark with one person saying 6o MPH on the 25 MPH limit street was common. At this point it’s no wonder that LEO don’t know if the victim was even on the street when she was hit.

The other hit-and-run. Bicyclist killed in hit & run At this time I can’t tell you how the cyclist was hit or why they shut down an Interstate to investigate the wreck, although the location indicated that the cyclist may have been trying to cross the river into the MO side of KC. Bike and pedestrian access in the area is very poor with no dedicated crossings or even non-highway crossings.

The home of The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) sees a cyclist and a motorcyclist killed in separate crashes. Bicyclist, motorcyclist killed in crashes The cyclist killed was a SWCC who was hit twice, once by an eastbound and then a secondary collision with a westbound vehicle. Only the driver of the first vehicle was named. The motorcyclist was killed by a left cross, something we all share as a hazard of riding 2 wheels rather than 4.

An update on a wreck from last week in Canuckistan, still with little information. Cyclist killed on 232nd Street From the information in this article it might have been a hit from behind wreck.

A cyclist is involved in a single vehicle wreck in Scotland. Bridge parapet fall hurts cyclist Another apparent case of too fast for conditions, only this time it was the cyclist’s fault (couldn’t have been anybody else’s fault, nobody else was there).

A cyclist is hit in Jolly Olde. Cyclist injured in crash Well more than a typical UK report, but still not much.

More Ghost Bikes going up in Boise ID. Boise cyclists erect memorials for crash victims For those not keeping up there were 2 cyclists killed right before the RoS last week in Boise.

A comparison of helmet laws for motorcyclists and bicyclists from state to state. How much wind is in your hair depends on the state you’re in I’m sure they could save even more lives by banning cars, but see how fast that happens.

A colleague on examiner.com tries to find bicycle insurance with as much luck as I had. Bicycle accident insurance in America For those of you living in TX the only insurance a cyclist without a car can get is agreed-upon coverage, basically a straight out bet that if you get hit your bills will be paid to a certain limit, generally a rather low limit with lots of deductions. There are not many companies offering this coverage and I’m not going to tell you which ones are because the premiums stink compared to the payouts.

A columnist with the Huffington Post compares cars with tobacco. Cars Are Like Cigarettes; The New Pariah OK a little extreme, maybe? Cars kill other people, mainly. Tobacco kills the user, mainly. That makes tobacco less bad than cars? More bad, because tobacco has no useful purpose? and the columnist makes no distinction between side-effect death caused by cars (pollution, loss of habitat) with primary effect death caused by cars (getting run over). The comments section is hilarious, between the “You’ll get my car keys when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers” crowd and the “Save the planet, kill your lazy fat American ass” crowd. Nothing like reasoned discourse, eh? :)

And close to home, the “Safe Passing Bill” has made it through the Texas Senate and House and is in conference to reconcile the differences between the bill passed by the Senate and the House amendments. Texas Legislature Online

And that’s it for today, grass needs cutting and bikes need riding.

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After the Ride of Silence a huge Feed

Well I did the RoS yesterday, and several people recognized me somehow (musta been the helmet) and I had several nice conversations. Most of the Feed today is stuff that lead up to the RoS or reports after, including one from my job with examiner.com.

Starting out with the RoS articles, mine first The Ride of Silence from an honoree’s viewpoint and Ride Of Silence Honors Fallen Bicyclists and Silence on ride honors injured, killed cyclists also Ride of Silence marks boy’s death with more Event will honor fallen cyclists also Cyclists ride to honor injured, promote sharing roadways and Advocate urges participation in Ride Of Silence after cyclist dies in Minneapolis still more Bicyclist’s death in crash with city dump truck serves as solemn reminder for those gathered at ‘Ride of Silence’ event will it ever end? ‘Ride of Silence’ tonight to honor killed or injured cyclists even more Chattanooga Bicycle Club: Ride of Silence to Honor David Meek and Silent ride will remember injured, killed bikers from the far corners of the world Cyclists join thousands worldwide in Ride of Silence and troubles for the Mother Ride Last-minute donation saves Ride of Silence and Bicyclists ride in silence for lost loved ones at White Rock Lake and the last RoS limk Dallas area bicyclists ride in silence at White Rock Lake Whew!…

Now for the rest of the Feed starting with the cyclist killed in the hit-and-run in NOLA I mentioned earlier in the week, with multiple reports. Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run and a later report Cyclist killed in hit-and-run in eastern New Orleans is identified and finally Bicyclist killed in New Orleans East hit and run You can avoid a similar wreck by watching your six like a hawk. I strongly suggest a glasses or helmet mounted mirror and learning how to look back instantly with a flick of an eye. Also leave yourself an escape route, or “out”. There’s nothing worse than knowing the guy behind you is going to hit you and there’s no place to go.

A bad wreck in MN. Cyclist killed in accident with semi and Minneapolis cyclist in bike lane killed by semi truck also Bicyclist Killed In Crash With Semi-Tractor IDed Apparently the cyclist was in a left side bike lane and the driver turned in on him, no word on if the driver signaled properly, but initial reports are that the truck driver may be charged.

More from Columbus OH on getting cyclists on the roads with other traffic. Bike riders want share of streets There are some infrastructure issues there as well.

Another IA rider hit. Dubuque bike rider hurt in crash Another left hook wreck. The only real way to avoid this and still ride on the road is to assume every driver is trying to kill you, but this would make riding no fun. The next best way is to be watching in every direction at once when you come to intersections, and always have an escape route planned.

Another CA hit-and-run. UPDATED: Bicyclist injured in Redding hit-and-run Not much you can do about a red light runner.

A cyclist gets it wrong in a traffic circle. Bicyclist injured, may be cited after hitting car in Belleville traffic circle You have to learn and follow the rules of the road, even in traffic circles. From what I have read this was initially a case of “you go first, no you go first” and then they both decided to go first and the cyclist hit the car.

This cyclist got lucky, and the lesson learned is don’t run stop signs when cars are coming. Bicyclist injured in accident

Lots of wrecks in my old stomping grounds around Temple Square. 2 Cyclists Injured In Crashes With Cars In Salt Lake City and 3 bicyclists injured; two hit by cars The rider that had a wheel come off and did a face plant is going to be very disappointed if he thinks a bike helmet will protect his face in a wreck. The rider that had the left cross should recover…

More from lawyers on the bike wreck in HI. Bicyclist Injured On Kamehameha Highway

Roadblock is injured in a hit-and-run in LA CA. Cyclist and Activist ‘Roadblock’ Injured In Hit and Run When a cyclist as experienced as Roadblock gets hit, there wasn’t any way to avoid the wreck. I suspect foul play, that this was an assault rather than an accident.

A cab and cyclist may share fault in this wreck. Man riding bike critically hurt in collision with cab The cab may have been speeding, way over the limit, and the cyclist may have run a red light.

The children of a slain cyclist make their victim’s statements in the sentencing phase of the Silver Comet Trail trial. Through tears, slain cyclist’s children recall their mom I just want people to know that just because I think the guy that did this has Asperger’s syndrome doesn’t mean that I thik what he did was OK. Even if you have Asperger’s you still know right from wrong, and how to treat a lady. Lack of being able to ask for sex does not absolve you from rape, much less murder.

People in NYC have hated cyclists from the beginning. On This Day in History: May 20 Have Cyclists and Drivers Never Gotten Along? This article quotes sources from the 1890s and earlier.

In Canadia a truck driver is charged in a wreck with a cyclist. Trucker charged in crash that seriously injured cyclist

And finally from Jolly Olde, another hit-and-run. Cyclist injured in hit and run Not much detail, the usual UK media wreck report.

And that’s everything today, I’m taking the rest of the day off from blogging I have a repair gig this evening.

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I have been working on something

Yes, I have been working on something important for the BikePortland blog, as we are trying to figure out what happened in a particular bike wreck that has me puzzled as to how it happened. I have related here on how this wreck has been bothering me. For those interested this article covers the bare bones of the story. I just recently was told that there was a set of long skid marks leading up to the wreck, the only crash damage to the car I could see in any of the pictures sent to me was the impact on the driver’s side windshield. That was where the cyclist’s body hit the car, but I could never find any damage to the car from the bike, and the damage I could see on the bike could have happened after the wreck.

A verdict has been reached in the Silver Comet Trail murder. Ledford convicted of murdering Silver Comet Trail cyclist I hope they got the right guy on this one. I would hate to number one send the wrong guy to prison, and two to have the real bad guy running around loose. Assuming the jury did its job then this guy needs to spend the rest of his life in prison.

More death in paradise. 2 men killed as accidents make for a deadly Sunday and Two people killed, two others injured in 3 Oahu crashes And all we know is the guy riding the bicycle was homeless and he was taken to a hospital after getting hit in a parking lot.

In the wake of a serious bike wreck Kitsap WA is pondering what they should do to improve safety for cyclists. OUR VIEW | Improving Safety for Kitsap Bicyclists Comments are the usual for the internet, leave your brain with the hat check lady.

Closer to home a columnist in Houston actually rode a bicycle to work during Ride Your Bike to Work week. Biking to work not for the weak Yes fifteen minutes riding a bicycle in Houston will require at the very least a sponge bath, with a shower preferred, if you are easily offended by somebody sweating. And need I say that the comments section is well worth the money you pay for it? This is Houston, where we still have people that think the oil will never run out no matter how much we use or how fast we use it.

Another RoS story. Local news in brief: Silent ride to honor slain cyclist

Someone in the UK thinks roads should be only for cars. Saboteurs cause chaos at massive bicycle race by spreading carpet tacks over the road Yes, some person of low moral character neutralized a race because they were mad over some road closings.

A driver turns a dog loose on an injured cyclist to steal his wallet and cell phone. Fake Samaritan sets dog on injured cyclist I would have expected this from Houston or LA, but not Oz. This was a severely disturbed individual.

One of the things I like about India is the “street justice” they have for drivers that hit cyclists. Cyclist run over by youth in sports car Yes, they beat one person nearly to death and severely injured the other because they were in a car that ran over a man on a bicycle. You don’t mess with cyclists in India, not if you value the possibility of having descendants.

And that’s all I have for you today, I’m going to watch some TV now.

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A very Feedy Feed

A “Feedy Feed”? Well it was better than calling it “The dog’s breakfast” because there were no common threads, except of a story about a wreck in the UK that had 2 reports, and a whole lot of reports that were incomplete for one reason or another. And most of these reports came from US media outlets, not UK. Time to roll up the sleeves on the shirt I’m not wearing and get to it.

A report from CA that reads more like UK. Injured cyclist airlifted from Tilden Park in Berkeley Head injury, no mention of if it was a single vehicle or multiple vehicles, and a vague wreck location. Wow these guys could give UK reporters lessons on withholding information from the public. No mention of a helmet, and the Murky just loves to tell us every time a cyclist gets a scratch when not wearing a helmet so I’m going to say that he was wearing a helmet and had a wreck the exceeded the limits of the helmet.

And FL has killed another cyclist. I have lost count, are they ahead or behind the 1 per week pace? Pedestrian, bicyclist killed in separate accidents west of Boca Raton The pedestrian was hit from behind by a turning car at an intersection, and the cyclist was hit from behind by a car in an intersection. I think maybe FL needs to do a better job of screening drivers for vision problems, or maybe stop handing out licenses like they were party favors if the recipients had the proper identification.

IA cyclists are getting fed up with LEO not enforcing the law (you know the first 2 letters in the acronym?) when cyclists are hit, as the driver that hit-and-run a cyclist over the weekend was given a ticket for improper passing. Cyclists Ride For New Safety Rules From reading the comments section many cyclists would be more than happy to just get cops to enforce the existing laws. New laws would just be something else to ignore.

Speaking of new laws to ignore. Three feet for bikes?: Bloggers on the bicycle buffer law As I said in the previous paragraph, another law for LEO to ignore. AZ has a 3 foot law that drivers don’t even get a ticket for when they hit a cyclist in the bike lane, and don’t get me started on the lack of enforcement on the TN version. That was the one I wrote an entire post about the failure to enforce as the local LEO decided that failing to see a cyclist was an affirmative defense.

And if you wade through the minutiae long enough you can find a bicycle crime in PA. Thursday’s Sentinel police log I don’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to actually read the entire article… I know, I’m mean sometimes.

The first of our UK stories is that double report on a cyclist hit by a van. Cyclist killed in crash with van and Cyclist killed in a car crash in village Well it was a silver Vauxhall Vivaro van, and the cyclist died. That’s all you get to know.

And a totally misleading headline on this report from Scotland. Call to let cyclists ignore red lights What the proposal would allow is the UK equivalent of a right on red after stop. Stop, yield to pedestrian traffic and then go if clear. The reason this is being proposed is because of a study that showed waiting at red lights was more dangerous than checking for traffic and then going. A large number of people were getting (and still are getting) killed at intersections by heavy trucks, but there was a statistical anomaly, most of the victims are women, with very few men getting killed in this way. Scientists used the CCTV footage of intersections and noticed that male cyclists tended to look to see if the way was clear and then go while female cyclists would wait until the light changed before starting back up. well this perfectly logical behavior on the part of the female cyclists is getting them killed at a rate more than 4 times their share of bike traffic as large trucks run them over. The proposal would be to allow this safer behavior to be legal

And that’s all I have from the Web. More later maybe.

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Pictures have been added, and I finally have a Feed

I haven’t actually seen my blog page with the pictures yet, I may have some serious HTML editing to do as I don’t do this very often. But I have a Feed to disseminate now, so Onward!

First up is a report on someone getting hit on a bike while crossing a busy road near San Antonio TX. Cyclist Killed on Austin Highway and Bicyclist killed crossing Austin Highway Apparently from comments that accompanied the article this was a light controlled intersection, but it is unclear at this time if there is any way for cyclists and pedestrians to activate the light to cross the road. There are a large number of intersections where the light will only change for a motor vehicle and there is no option to push a button to change the light for pedestrians or cyclists.

From Jolly Olde comes a report on another Scottish cyclist getting hit. Cyclist Killed After Collision This is a typical UK wreck report, in that while we know the victim had recent facial reconstruction surgery after a brutal mugging, we don’t know which direction he was traveling when he was hit by a blue Ford Transit van.

And finally from Oz we have a report that the number of cyclists getting hit has doubled, but the number of cyclists in the streets and on the roads has more than doubled. Number of cyclists killed doubles in year This is another example of the “Safety in numbers” theory, which states that as more cyclists and pedestrians take to the streets and roads, the less likely that any one pedestrian or cyclist will get killed by motor vehicles.

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