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I was not expecting to be here, and the Feed

I got the news last night after putting the blog to bed that my ride to the festival was going to be delayed by the driver having a doctor’s visit that was rescheduled and not something that could be rescheduled again. So, here I am. While I was waiting something interesting came in the mail: the bill for my new health insurance policy, showing how much I owed and how much my subsidy will be. I’m going to be walking to places that allow me to pay it in cash, because my premium after subsidy is pocket change, literally. I find more change in the roads and on the sidewalks every month than my insurance premium, which means I can pay for health insurance while I’m walking to pick up groceries and any number of other things.

Up first is a couple of links to what now looks like an assault with a motor vehicle on triathletes training prior to an event in NOLA. Athletes compete in New Orleans Ironman Triathlon the event and the updated wreck report Motorist accused of killing cyclist, injuring another before Ironman race says wreck not his fault Driver claiming a SWSS is thwarted by a witness and by LEO capable of interpreting the physical evidence that showed otherwise. I would state that things like this (driver claiming SWSS refuted by other evidence) would happen much more frequently if more cyclists had cameras recording their rides. The weapon vehicle in this case had two impact sites on the front as well as two impact sites on the windshield that showed the trajectory of both cyclists, and if I’m reading the report right (that I can’t link to my blog, sorry) the trajectory of the second cyclist hit, the one that survived, showed him moving to the right when he was hit, away from the car.

A cyclist is killed riding in the bike lane in America’s Paradise. LETTER: Hawaii Bicycling League Weighs in on Kihei Fatality Hit from behind in the bike lane, is there any better example of “entitled” driver than that?

Our first Infrastructure! link is from MIT via Austin TX. MIT maps Austin bike wrecks and includes worst streets for accidents The map looks pretty much like a street map of Austin, with some streets a little brighter lighted than others. Austin

A similar treatment for L.A. Interactive Map Shows Where Bike Crashes Happen The Most In L.A. There are significant blank areas in the L.A. map. Are they due to a lack of surface streets or a lack of cyclists willing to use them? And I noticed a lot fewer intersections are lit up compared to mid-block wrecks.

Is this a “breakthrough” in bicycle safety for cyclists in America’s Copenhagen? With grant application, PBOT finally acknowledges ‘safety issue’ with streetcar tracks Cyclists have been telling them for 7 years that they placed the tracks in such a manner that cyclists were at risk, and now they are paying attention and trying to determine just how bad it really is. First step in fixing a problem is seeing if you have a problem and what the problem is. Also apply that statement to the maps in the above links.

I can totally see these installed in areas with little electricity or street lighting. Glow-in-the-Dark Roads Are Finally Here What these have over retroreflective paints is not needing an external light source to work, making “seen by” bike lights more effective for cyclists. If the road shows you where to go, then all you really need is something that lights up things above the surface to get obstructions hanging over the road.

More infrastructure news from GA. Cyclists cautiously optimistic about bike path changes You can tell a lot about the problems riding a bike in Hotlanta is “Subjective Safety” to quote Hembrow .

I guess this is Lifestyle? Stolen bike spotted while woman reports it stolen My reaction to this is if someone tells me they have a gun in their bag while I’m trying to detain them with stolen property, beat them senseless to keep them from getting inside the bag. But then I beat up a truck that passed me on the right last year, and I’m 3-0-4 against pickup trucks lifetime (I totalled out 3, none have “totalled” me yet, and 4 others have withdrawn from battle after first strike).

And now a word from our Ted. Morning Links: BOLO for dangerous San Fernando Valley driver and disappearing Bike Plan bikeways I hate when planned-for things are dropped from bike plans, leaving gaping holes in the network.

And those were all the links I was not expecting to be home to share today. Enjoy!

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A metric buttload of links, and the rest of the Feed

Yep, three days since the last list of wrecks results in lots of wrecks, whodathunkit? Also I’m kinda distracted by the Sprint Cup race that was postponed from yesterday on the tube. That wreck that took Junior out was truly weird. I’m no big fan of the Junior Nation but I don’t bear any ill will to Dale Jr. at all, especially not for the kind of wreck like that. Now Jimmy Johnson getting his car damaged without hurting himself or anyone else, that I’m cool with. I have a lot of antipathy about Jimmy that I can’t explain, because when Richard Petty was equally dominant I had nothing like that against him, likewise Darrell Waltrip back in the 80′s. In fact I knew Darrell back then and used to hang out in his speed shop on my days off. Of course I was racing mostly-stock econoboxes on courses defined by rubber traffic cones in parking lots, not in stock cars back then.

Up first is a local story to WoaB World HQ. Cyclist hit by DART train near Lawnview Station The question on this one is did the cyclist fall down because he was hit by the train, or was he hit by the train because he fell down, and if that’s true why did he fall down? Still he was hit by a train on the platform, which implies he was wanting to use the train (DART has bike racks on all their trains). So just maybe a matter of standing back on the platform?

I think the Big Story is the cyclist fatally right-hooked in Boston last week. Bicyclist killed in Charlestown hit-and-run and Somerville truck yard searched after cyclist killed in Sullivan Square crash also Truck sought in fatal hit-and-run and this one Arrest made in connection with Boston hit and run finally Alleged Charlestown Hit-and-Run Driver Bail Set at $5,000 Right hook means the cyclist had virtually no reaction time from the witness descriptions so unable to apply intersection protocols to avoid. Only way to survive this would be infrastructure that completely separated bicycle and heavy truck traffic, or in cases where that was not physically possible making operators of heavy mass killing machines liable for wrecks with bicycles and pedestrians.

Next up is a strange and bizarre wreck where the cyclist injured was just more collateral damage to a wreck that started well before the weapon vehicle even got to her. Cyclist injured, a dozen cars damaged in wreck at college and Driver Hits Cars, Bicyclist on Park Street As I read the links, the driver began having a medical issue that made him a passenger in the vehicle a few blocks before pushing another car into the cyclist, then continuing down the street bouncing off parked cars before finally doing enough damage to the weapon vehicle to cause it to stop, where the driver got out, walked a few steps and then collapsed unconscious. This is something that only barrier-protected infrastructure could even have a chance of preventing. I mean what can you do about an unconscious driver? The driver certainly can’t do anything about it. This is a wreck that I expect to see even fewer of than we do now after the full rollout of the ACA catches people who had hidden medical conditions before they turn into life-altering events. I mean right now it’s a 3 or 4 a year thing, but I expect it to become one or none per year after the ACA is fully implemented.

Continuing on the bizarre wreck theme a salmon cyclist avoiding a vehicle in the bike lane is part of a multi-vehicle wreck. 3 injured in crash involving bicycle in St. Augustine and Cyclist in critical condition after hit by car OK Lots of blame to go around in this one. First is the truck driver that made the right turn into the bike lane, the cyclist would have been hit from behind had he been going the right direction in the lane. Second the cyclist should not have been riding salmon. The rest of the victims seem to have been innocent bystanders caught up in the wreck. This was such a fluster cluck I can’t say how to avoid it, but I know in this case the number of victims would have been far less had the cyclist not been riding salmon.

Still in the once-again most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle we get a driver running a red light and hitting two people crossing on bicycles. Bicyclists injured after driver runs red light Nothing the cyclists or infrastructure could do to prevent this wreck as the driver was ignoring a traffic control already. Witness reports had the driver enter the intersection several seconds after the red light. Fortunately neither cyclist was killed or suffered life-altering injury.

Still in FL we get a hit-from-behind hit-and-run. Family pleads for driver in cyclist’s death to come forward Since the cyclist was not hit in the road but on the shoulder the fact of no lights or reflectors should be moot, especially since the time bracket of the wreck straddled local sunrise. Anyway protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and infrastructure to prevent. Dutch infrastructure, not the paint on the side of the road “infrastructure” we get in the US.

On the theme of red-light runners we get this hit-and-run in AZ. Deputies search for car that hit young rider on Tucson’s NW side The kid was hit in the crosswalk crossing with adult supervision and the crossing light. The driver ran from the scene without even checking to see if the kid was OK. Intersection protocols might have helped avoid or mitigate damages, but as the driver ignored the built infrastructure changing the physical infrastructure would only change the location of the wreck.

An incomplete wreck report from CO. Cyclist seriously injured after being hit by car Basically they know a cyclist was hit somewhere in the city and that’s pretty much it as I read the post today.

A NYC report shows why you need to have wearable ID in case your wallet gets stolen after the wreck. Police Need Help Identifying Cyclist Critically Injured By Cab Since the only witness reporting to the police was the driver of the weapon vehicle no charges have been filed. Also nothing about the mode is currently known.

Assault charges filed against a driver? Police: Driver intentionally hit Portland cyclist and A PDX Driver Faces Punishment for Hitting a Cyclist, For Once, And It’s Steep. Multiple witnesses reported the driver deliberately rammed the cyclist by swerving into him at a stop light. Unfortunately in the days since this happened people have found a way to blame the cyclist for being the victim of the assault.

First of several links from CA. Cyclist struck, killed Thursday identified as Livermore man, 48 SWCC wreck as the only surviving witness was the driver of the weapon vehicle. Intersection wreck so all the protocols apply, and getting the infrastructure up to Dutch would prevent similar wrecks.

First link from Ted today is not happy. Update — Bike rider killed in Coachella collision The update places this as a classic SWSS. You know what I think of those, but protocols to avoid, and infrastructure would make the “swerve” impossible.

Next link is also not fun. Update — bike rider killed in Huntington Beach hit-and-run Apparent red light runner and since the driver ran we can assume that was the red light runner as well because the innocent don’t run. Intersection wreck so use the protocols to “do something” about the wreck for cyclists, and get the infrastructure up to Dutch to prevent.

Something Nice from BikingInLA. A brief look at Sunday’s successful, stress-free Wilshire CicLAvia I wish we could get something like this here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, Home of 3 miles of bike lanes (if you count both directions) and 1000 miles of streets.

Moving to Jolly Olde an unrepentant cyclist killer is released without a day of jail. Driver who killed cyclist on Stoke Heath pedestrian crossing escapes jail The perp has never admitted to or apologized for the death, and still walks without jail? TANJ!

What appears to be a hit-from-behind wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist dies following truck crash and Cyclist killed in road crash also Cyclist dies in Palmerston North collision Apparent hit-from-behind so protocols to avoid or mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right so that large trucks and bicycles are not competing for road space, because cyclists will lose that battle.

Infrastructure! news from Enn Zed. ‘Tragic’ cycle deaths highlight challenges for safety panel Apparently nobody in New Zeeland can find the CROW manual link for the English translation. Design manual for bicycle traffic €90, if I had an account that I could use to buy one I would present it to the local city council here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell.

More reasons why Enn Zed is not close to heaven. Courts ‘soft’ on cyclist killers I have very few words on this and most of them are not suitable for a “family” blog.

Lifestyle from VA. Services Set For Cyclist Killed Monday Night RIP fellow cyclist.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles today. More fits than giggles I’m sorry to say but that’s how it goes sometimes.

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Recovering from the first dose of allergy medicine for the year, and the Feed

I’m now on my third dose of allergy meds for the year, but that first one always knocks me on my butt for some reason. Usually I’m smart enough to just sleep it off and continue with my life after I have adjusted to the stuff, but yesterday I persisted in trying to write a blog post while semi-stoned on medication. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but then many people say that about a lot of things that turn out to be really bad ideas. I feel much better today.

Up first is a confusing hit-from-behind wreck in the Rio Grande Valley. Truck hits, kills bicyclist north of Edinburg If I’m reading the narrative right, the cyclist wasn’t actually on the road but possibly on the shoulder or riding in the dirt beside the road, and the truck in question went off the road first then hit the cyclist and then a tree. In case you were wondering the Interstate has parallel access roads where the cyclist could ride legally that are pretty much the only through route north and south in the area which have to be used to access a legal crossing for anyone trying to go east or west from one side of the Interstate to the other. If the truck was on the Interstate and hit the cyclist on the frontage road the driver was seriously out of control of either the truck or himself.

A little closer and a lot less deadly is this wreck in Houston. Houston bicyclist seeks driver who fled after striking him Since the cyclist’s lighting or lack of was not mentioned in the article we have to assume the cyclist had at least a rear reflector, and most likely a good light, so that part of the protocols has been met. Not known if the driver was going slow enough to execute the “dive to the ditch” portion of the protocols, but getting the infrastructure right would definitely prevent a wreck like this.

Next up is a supposedly stop-sign running cyclist in Shreveport. Shreveport cyclist seriously injured when hit by car Looking at the Street View of the site this is a two-way stop with extremely limited sight lines but only a 25 MPH speed limit. Even so this is an area that would require extreme vigilance on the part of the cyclist to stay safe. Intersection protocols to the max here, and get the infrastructure right to prevent wrecks like this.

Update on that weird wreck in OR. Critically injured Portland cyclist expected to survive I don’t know how this one happened yet. The only picture I have access to does not show the damages visible in the only picture I have access to are completely at odds with the written description of the wreck.

A UK cyclist dodges a very big bullet. Cyclist speaks of moment he was hit by rolls of paper as lorry overturned on Chester Road Not anywhere close to a typical wreck, avoiding this one was a matter of pure luck.

The Big Story is a cyclist hit by a truck in Oz. Cyclist dies in truck collision also Man charged over double fatal Vic crash and even Cyclist killed in crash with truck Hit from behind but “Why?” is still not known with the driver of the weapon vehicle hanging around to talk with LEO. Infrastructure to prevent, that much is sure.

Anther wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist knocked from bike Not much information forthcoming from LEO on this one. It looks like it might be a hit-from-behind or buzz job. The cyclist was reported to have been part of a group ride which makes anything resembling a SMIDSY (the UK, Oz and Enn Zed version of the blind driver) extremely unlikely.

Our first Infrastructure! link comes from Houston. Bicycle safety Houston has said that they want zero cyclists killed per year. That is an ambitious goal for a town that kills an average of 4 cyclists a year, with 3 of those being completely compliant with the law at the time of their deaths. That leaves 2 ways of reaching that goal, draconian driver enforcement, or Dutch-style infrastructure that completely removes cyclists from conflict points.

Even a scarlet state like OK can see the benefits of normalizing cycling as a mode of transportation. Cycling on the rise in downtown OKC; provides economic, traffic benefits And they still miss mentioning the health benefits.

Two links about dangerous infrastructure in the UK leading to a semi passing a cyclist at less than arm’s length. VIDEO: Cyclist posts HGV close-pass helmet cam footage to show driver ‘he could have been killed’ and Cyclist’s fury at HGV driver

This is as much crap drivers as it is bad infrastructure. VIDEO: Terrifying near misses for cyclist at Deptford ‘nightmare’ junction A near-constant stream of turning drivers repeatedly cut off the cyclists in the videos. The real “infrastructure” needed here is LEO capable of issuing tickets for failure to yield, or assault with a deadly weapon.

Still in the UK dealing with potentially deadly infrastructure we get this article full of possible triggers of anxiety. Injured cyclist calls for pothole repairs after serious accident That’s one seriously messed-up dude.

Ted was busy today with two links to show for it. Bypassing busy traffic on 7th Street, notes from the LAPD bike task force, and Beverly Hills bike lanes redux and A little light Morning Linkage for your Cesar Chavez Day

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles.

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Another long day, and the Feed

I just got back from a trip to the chiropractor with the usual drama and adventure that entails these days (but I’m getting better, so from my perspective this is worth it). Once again transportation was the issue, with the “check engine” light coming on for no apparent reason. All fluids were checked and found within limits and the temp gauge was also within limits, so lacking a code scanner we had nothing to base a diagnosis on and continued despite the light.

Up first is another wreck in what used to be the most deadly state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Tallahassee Cyclist Hit by Car, Taken to Hospital The narrative had the cyclist running a red light, and the wreckage is certainly consistent with a cyclist getting hit broadside. Intersection protocols to avoid, and infrastructure to prevent. If the cyclist really did run a red and was not just caught by a stale green then one thing I would suggest is placing bicycle signals down where a cyclist could actually see them instead of 20 feet above the intersection where a road cyclist couldn’t get their neck to bend that far to be able to see it.

More about that fatal OH wreck that killed a randoneur. Veteran cyclist killed by minivan knew the dangers all too well At this point I think they should be charging the driver with murder for hitting a conspicuous cyclist on the shoulder of the road with nothing to interfere with his vision. The driver should be proving he didn’t hit the cyclist on purpose when all he had to do to not hit him was to stay on the road on a straight stretch of road with no particular amount of hill.

Also in OH the final word on a bike wreck. Doctor gets 15 days in jail for driving drunk, hitting cyclist I think the word in this case is “F-U”.

Our first Infrastructure! article is from down the road a piece in Houston. Bike safety plan aims to eliminate fatalities I think that in order to eliminate fatalities hey are going to have to eliminate the cause of fatalities, idiots driving cars. Even the LEO with one of the worst windshield biases in the US admit that almost all of the fatal bicycle wrecks involve drivers that are distracted, drunk, asleep, or all of the above, in control of deadly weapons. How to keep the twain apart so that DDA(aota) drivers are physically unable to interact with squishy people riding bicycles will be the defining aspect of the program if they are really committed to the Vision Zero aspect.

Same problem over in Bermuda. We need common sense and courtesy on the roads

Infrastructure news from Jolly Olde. Pothole crash cyclist seeks payout When you can’t dodge one pothole without running in to another one you have too many potholes… Just saying.

Problem infrastructure in Oz as the entire width of a bike lane is covered with a slick bike symbol that gets really slick in the rain. Bike rider badly injured after crashing at problem corner on busy Brisbane road And to the internet toughs calling the cyclist a bad rider for not avoiding the problem, the symbol covers the entire width of the lane and cars encroach on what little lane there is, making dodging the slick spot a case of Russian Roulette. The video shows the actual site of the wreck with the eroded stripe and the bicycle symbol in the apex of the turn near the end of the video.

Today’s main topic from BikingInLA is infrastructure. Popular bikeway to remain open this weekend, scholarship fund for fallen cyclist, and your Morning Links

Infrastructure from People for Bikes. BIKE MYTHS DEBUNKED

A bit of lifestyle from AZ. Vendor sells safety to cyclists and pedestrians Some have given up on making drivers keep their speed to what they can safely stop in the distance they can see clearly, so they try to artificially extend that seeing distance by wearing lights.

And from the UK. Family Thanks Donors After Cyclist’s Death He was hoping for £1,000 when he was alive, but has gathered £66,000 since his death.

And those were all the links that gave me fits and giggles. I really prefer giggles to fits.

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The productivity monster ate my blog post, and the Feed

It was my intention to get up early and get a blog post done so that I would have my evening free for this thing they call “television” that I understand is highly entertaining and something I can share with others in a communal experience. But, Mrs. the Poet had other ideas. Since I can no longer get to my tool storage areas in the garage I have taken to keeping my tools in the living room where I can at least get to them. Well today Mrs. the Poet pitched a hissy fit over all the tools in the living room, and started “cleaning up”. Unfortunately her ideas of “cleaning up” were to do things like putting the 2 and 4 pound hammers and the chipping hammer in the same toolbox as all my precision measuring equipment and on the same level. At this point I don’t know how badly my calipers and micrometers are damaged if at all, but you can understand that I was not too happy to see the big hammers in and on the precision measuring tools. This devolved into a screaming match over whose house it was until I escorted her out to the garage and showed her all the “other people’s stuff” that was in the middle of the garage and more to the sides in front of my shelves and workbench. There is literally a wall 4 feet thick and more than 6 feet tall of “other people’s stuff” in front of my tool storage area, and there are 2 bikes including my show bike, that were in ridable condition except for flat tires because I can’t get to them under the piles of “other people’s stuff” on top of them. Then I calmly explained to Mrs. the Poet that if she wanted my expensive and sometimes delicate tools out of the living room she needed to get all the “other people’s stuff” out of the way of my tool storage areas and work areas. The last time someone “cleaned” the garage to put more “other people’s stuff” in it all my bikes were shoved off to the sides to make room which also blocked access to my tool storage and workbench. And I won’t say anything more about all the times I had to go out to the curb to rescue my stock of donor bikes…

Up first is a wreck in CA. Another cyclist struck in downtown S.F. There was little to go on in this wreck narrative when I saw the posting other than the cyclist was injured and transported. Infrastructure to prevent.

Another low-information wreck report from KY this time. Bicyclist hit in downtown Lexington At this point all I have is intersection wreck with a traffic control but no information on who violated the traffic control. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in West Canuckistan. Cyclist hit by oncoming traffic The cyclist was hit when drivers had a “fresh” green, which means the cyclist was already in the intersection when the light changed. I wonder if the driver of the weapon vehicle will be charged with violating the right of way of the cyclist, or the cyclist with running the red in spite of the evidence the cyclist was well inside the intersection when the light changed. Anyway intersection protocols for whatever good they would do to minimize damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Also from the Great White North final closure on a wreck from several years ago. Injured Kanata 5 cyclist to get $1.7M This was a hit-and-run with a suspected drunk driver that wandered into the bike lane and ran over a whole peloton, injuring 5. Unfortunately by he time they caught the driver too much time had elapsed since the wreck to prove he was intoxicated at the time of the wreck. And what really chaps my backside about this is more than half the money is coming from the victims’ insurance.

SWSS wreck in UK has the evidence challenged. Cudham cyclist’s inquest evidence called into question by brother The classic SWSS narrative, the driver never saw anything until hitting the cyclist.

Another link to that horrifying UK story of the killer driver walking away from court with community service. Lorry driver who killed London cyclist is spared jail Really, 250 hours of community service for rushing and mangling a human being to death with a multi-ton killing machine? TANJ!

A mostly-infrastructure post from BikingInLA. Morning links: Undead bike lanes in Beverly Hills, 11 routes to the Valley, and a harrowing Brit Jerry Brown And that video at the end was a terrifyingly close pass. It looked like the passenger side mirror passed right over the rider’s head by a few inches which means the side of the truck was scant inches from the cyclist’s handlebars. <shudder>

Infrastructure news from West Canuckistan. Sunshine brings out cyclists & warning Canadian cyclists come out in droves when it isn’t freezing or drowning.

And a combination e-assist and infrastructure post from Jolly Olde. LAKES BIKE MARKET WILL BE ‘ENERGISED’

A FB picture that I find inspiring. Photos from Bill Drumbore’s post in I Love Bikes

Last link is a picture of the Danish Foreign Minister’s motorcade. Det ser man kun i DK. Udenrigsminister hjuler afsted søndag formiddag med flagrene slip og hipster-cykelkasse Sorry about the Danish headline but the first comment is a translation, I think. Let me Google it. Nope, Google Translate says, “It appears only in the UK. Foreign Minister wheeler off Sunday morning with flags clean release and hipster bike box.”

We have an election today, and the Feed

Today is Primary day here in TX and I am facing a conundrum. My state senator is facing a strong challenge from a Tea Party loon and he’s running unopposed in the general election. BUUUT there is a stealth Tea Party challenger for the Democratic race for my US senator. And many of the local races will be decided during the primaries of both parties. So do I vote to keep a relatively sane state senator still in office, or do I hope that most of the voters in the primary are sane and keep the crazy out of the race to be my national representative? Either way I’m likely to be represented by someone whose views range from mostly opposed to totally opposed to my beliefs.

Up first is a Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, Interrogative moment from the next county over from the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. Bicycle rider killed on Interstate 20 in Arlington Yeah, that area is terrible for anyone not driving a car and a barrier to even people in cars. The Street View of the scene shows an underpass about a quarter of a mile away, and there is another crossing about a half mile in the other direction but nothing that could be considered to be “bike friendly” in either direction. Still those are better than trying to cross on a bike and are within riding distance, and there is nothing for the rider to have been crossing from or to in the area, leading to the WTF? moment of trying to decipher this wreck There is even a bridge available on the frontage road to cross the body of water immediately to the west of the wreck location, so it’s not like he was riding on the shoulder to get over the stream. And in order to figure out how to avoid this wreck I first have to figure out why it happened. At this point the best thing I can say is not to ride on Interstate highways that don’t have bike provision, and get the infrastructure right (there is currently ZERO bike infrastructure in car-sick Arlington) to prevent.

A completely innocent cyclist is hit from behind by a drunk driver driving a stolen car in CA. Update: Chula Vista bike rider killed by drunk driver in stolen car No way for a cyclist to avoid this one, and infrastructure might but not positively would prevent a similar wreck. As all of the driver’s actions in this wreck are already felonies I don’t see changing the legal infrastructure as any help either.

A UK wreck story with a twist. Cyclist (94) died after being hit by car – 100 yards from where brother was fatally injured 59 years ago Blind driver kills and gets a gentle caress on the wrist, “120 hours’ unpaid work, was banned from driving for a year and was ordered to pay £250 costs and a Government-imposed £60 surcharge,” what else is new in the UK?

It was a really bad weekend in Oz. Five killed, pedestrians injured in horror three days on SA roads The was the one guy hitting a group of five pedestrians walking on the sidewalk in a residential area, people driving cars and motorcycles into stationary objects on the sides of roads, and one guy hit by a truck while riding a bicycle. The damages to the truck are clear indicators of a sideswipe wreck as there was blood on the side of the truck and a broken mirror on the passenger side. The description of the site leads me to believe that Oz’s rules of the road may have contributed to the wreck by forcing the cyclist to the side of the road but the driver holds most of the blame in this wreck. Infrastructure to prevent a similar wreck. More Four fatalities on SA roads due to speed

Really bad Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde. Figures reveal Hackney fares worst in London for serious cyclist casualties as Boris promises Old Street roundabout re-design Yep, making streets that are suited only for motor vehicles actually makes them suited for nothing if there are any other roads users present. People get killed in large part due to the bad infrastructure combined with the bad driving. Fix the infrastructure and re-test all the drivers to weed out the ones that eventually kill or injure other road users. Make any tickets result in re-testing for bad driving skills and attitudes, and shred the licenses of those not qualified by skill or attitude. Make it permanent for bad attitudes and require additional training and testing for those with poor skills. Combine that with infrastructure suited for the purpose and the KSI rate will plummet.

An e-assist that’s built into a cargo bike. English Cycles: Designing & Building a Custom Electric Cargo Bike w/ Bosch, Gates, NuVinci

Last link is to another e-assist drive. Drive Motor 5.0 This motor is also intended to be built into the bike from the start rather than being an add-on for the consumer.

And those are all the links I have today about bicycles. I shared the other links on Facebook.

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It’s freaking COLD here, and the Feed

Saturday we hit 84°F, this morning the low was 13°F. That is a more than 70 degree drop in a touch more than 36 hours, and no I’m not kidding. The weather is going insane here in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell and that is insane by the local standards which are crazy to begin with. It was so bad that school was canceled just because of the cold, because people don’t normally have access to clothing capable of protecting them from cold like this and wind chills below zero. Lives were literally at stake here and rather than make the decision 30 minutes or less before kids would have to be standing in the cold they announced last night at 2200 that all of the local schools would be closed. This would allow people to make arrangements for child care. The forecast was initially for 17, then lowered to 15 then set at 12 and we actually hit 13. So we went below everybody’s initial forecasts, and below the revised, and almost hit the “OMG WE BLEW IT!” forecast… And seriously, had they not canceled school people would have died from the cold.

I didn’t have any links to wrecks in North America today or much from anywhere else, but there was a hit-from-behind wreck in Oz that got a couple of links. Cyclist killed on Victorian highway and Yarrawonga cyclist death: man struck on way home from party No mention of the cyclist being unlit or lacking reflective capability so implied levels equalling or exceeding legal requirements or sane limits assumed, and the cyclist was riding in a position that would have allowed him to be easily visible to a driver looking at the road, basically in the driver’s side wheel track. If the driver failed to see him then the driver was blind. The more likely situation is either a deliberate act on the part of the driver, similar to my wreck from 2001, or the driver was drunk or distracted and did not see the cyclist in time to avoid hitting him. Protocols are mooted by the cyclist’s position and the assumed speed (because it was an inter-city highway) leaving providing cyclists a safe place to ride the only thing that would prevent this wreck.

Still in Oz. Cyclist killed after collision with a truck on Lytton Road at Murrarie As of this posting I’m calling this a SWSS and advising hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and getting the infrastructure right so that cyclist don’t have to share space with semi trucks to prevent.

The other wreck was a cyclist and pedestrian getting mixed on the roads to mutual detriment. Cyclist and pedestrian injured after collision on Hills Road in Cambridge Since this is a UK media outlet what really happened and any information about location and direction are going to be a State Secret until a trial, but it is important to note that although imparting blame in this wreck is not yet possible, the injury seems to have been evenly distributed between both parties.

Still in Jolly Olde is this final outcome in a cyclist’s fatality. Family ‘can move on’ after death crash driver is jailed Nine months in prison and a 2 year driving ban, for killing a man with a motor vehicle… I lack the words.

Update from the DIYDoT. Guerillas on Two Wheels I don’t know if the snark in the opening paragraph is directed at cyclists or people who assume all cyclists always break traffic laws.

Bicycle helmets, threat or menace ;) ? Is failure to promote the wearing of cycle helmets ‘irresponsible’?

A look at what could be if DOTs are not timid about bicycle infrastructure. Portland Reaches 25% Cycling Mode Share!

More infrastructure news from CA. Folsom dedicates Johnny Cash bike/pedestrian trail Looks like a great trail and also planned for commuting use.

Infrastructure from far West Canuckistan. Cyclists urge city to go big on two-wheeled travel

Lifestyle from CA. Chico bike shop famous for catching thieves, recovering stolen bikes

And a somber bit of Lifestyle from the UK. ‘Ghost bike’ installed near spot where Fallowfield cyclist Joshua Jarvis was killed

And those are all the links about bicycles I could find today.

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People are really stupid sometimes, I’m a member of that group, and the Feed

I’m not real sure how I did it, but I dislocated my jaw last night during a yawning session that caught me as I was getting ready for bed. Now I can’t chew anything at all without serious pain on the right side of my face. I’m still trying to figure out what happened, but a quick Google search reassured me that while not common, the situation isn’t exactly rare either. Unfortunately none of the links I checked explained how one dislocates the jaw during a yawn, and knowing what I did is the first step in not doing it again. And as this really hurts if I try to actually do things with my mouth like eating and drinking and talking, you know all those things we take for granted about mouths when they are working. Opening my mouth is not the problem any more, so I’m halfway recovered. And I can close it enough to drink coffee so I won’t go on a murderous rampage through my neighborhood because I need my caffeine. But solid food is on the “possible but painful” list right now so it looks like I’m going to be losing some weight shortly… my desires in the event being superfluous.

We had another day of not many wrecks and lots of infrastructure links. I could grow to like days like this. Today was actually mostly fun to filter the links. I don’t get that very often.

Speaking of fun links to filter. Double-parked trucks in bike lane hit by NYPD ticket blitz You have to remember the NYP was the media outlet that was worried terrorists on bicycles were going to pedal bike bombs on the bike lanes, instead of what has already happened several times, truck bombs in the street and parking garages.

Synopsis of a cyclist’s murder by DUI. Cyclist killed on Round Bottom Road Dead teacher killed by a drunk driver with multiple DUI convictions spaced just far enough apart to not get permanently banned from driving. This is why the vehicles that DUI are caught driving need to be crushed. And I’m strongly tempted to say “no exceptions” but I’m willing to allow reported stolen cars found with a drunk behind the wheel to be returned to their owners, if the vehicles are reported as stolen before they are found with the drunk driver and the owner is not the one driving.

SWCC wreck in LA. Bicyclist killed in Bywater accident Wednesday night As you can see from the Street View of the intersection there were good slight lines at the scene and an excellent refuge area. I looked at the video in hopes of seeing either the weapon vehicle or the bike but neither one was shown. So until I can get some real information about this wreck all I can say is it appears that intersection protocols are applicable to reduce injury or avoid the wreck, and infrastructure would prevent it.

A CT wreck in a residential area. Van vs. Bicyclist Sends Rider to Hospital Near as I can tell from looking at the bike only the cyclist ran the stop sign. Intersection protocols to avoid and as this would be shared space in the Dutch model, reduce the speed limits and make it shared space.

A bunch of links to this NYC wreck. Bike Rider Says He Flipped Over Bike, Lost Ability to Taste and Smell and Old man sues Citi Bike, NYC for $15M after crash also Citi Bike Allegedly Destroys Cyclist’s Sense Of Taste, Smell The last link shows a picture of the wreck scene as it currently exists with the tire bumper painted blaze orange.

A killer driver (accused killer) has a court date in South Africa. Taxi driver accused of running down cyclist Stander in court

More infrastructure. PHOTO: POLICE CRUISER IN THE BIKE LANE There’s nothing around except traffic as this is the backside of a superblock, so why is the LEO parked in the bike lane?

America’s Copenhagen is facing money problems for building new bike infrastructure. Special report: How Portland stopped building neighborhood greenways Maintaining the existing or building new, there ain’t no money for bikes. And that’s a shame.

Still in Portland a bike/ped bridge is having issues. Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge elevator woes continue While this is annoying to the bike set, there’s another group with wheels that finds the elevator outages more than just inconvenient, that’s the ADA people in wheelchairs.

A PA PD tries using e-assist bikes to replace cruisers in the downtown area. Upper Dublin Police Department rolls out electric bike pilot program The main advantage of these for PD work is their stealth capabilities as the noisemaker can be turned off or removed to make the bike as silent as rubber tires can make them.

A contest for the new Schwinn navigation system. Ride Schwinn Like the page and enter the contest with your FB login…

BikingInLA has something important to report, and I agree. Two of SoCal’s best bike advocates are finalists for national Advocate of the Year award

More on that Dutch bike highway getting replaced because it is no longer “good enough”. Cycling infrastructure is cheaper to build than not to build, part two. Features “old, inferior” infrastructure Like I said the first time I saw this, this is about 100 times better than anything in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell, but not good enough for the Dutch.

And what would you do to reduce traffic speeds near your house? Extreme guerrilla traffic calming I like the backhoe idea, except I would leave 3-foot strips for bicycles and pedestrians to use.

And those were all the links about bicycles that caught my eye today.

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Interesting trip to the chiropractor, and the Feed

Well, it’s 2100 and I’m just starting the post because I spent all day going to the chiropractor. The good news first, they are gradually getting my spine back in line after the wreck and I’m having fewer backaches and they are less intense than they used to be (the first year after the wreck they could get so bad I would fall down from the pain, and I have pulled my own teeth without anesthetic). Now I sometimes have to take a little lie down and get my back straight in a fore-aft axis, but it’s something I do because it makes things hurt less later, not because it hurts too much to continue now. I have the lifted shoes and slippers (making the lifted slipper made a huge difference in my pain level) and my physique is getting less lop-sided as my spine gets straight.

Now the bad news, the lipoma on the back of my neck has gotten so big that it interferes with my range of motion both in twisting motions and in being able to tilt my head back. Right now I can only get a few degrees tilted back before the back of my skull hits the lipoma and can’t go any further. The intern told me the lipoma looks bigger to her than it did 2 weeks ago so there is something for concern there but it is far from time to panic. I just have to remember to ask the lab rat keeper about it the next time I see him which will be the 2nd week in May.

Up first was a difficult decision tonight, but I think the “winner” is this link. Dear Urban Diplomat: my cyclist husband risks his life by purposely ramming into cars. How do I get him to stop? Can you say “Male-derived bovine excrement”? Having survived getting hit 6 times since 2001 I can say I studiously avoid contact with motor vehicles at nearly all costs (aside from actually getting off the roads because then the terrorists win). Seriously did nobody fact check this before publishing? Because a guy on a bicycle hitting motor vehicles repeatedly is going to get hurt on a regular basis, not to mention getting charged with vandalism.

I think I posted a different link to this yesterday, but the guy that got hit and then dumped behind a dumpster in FL last year has died. Cyclist Dies Two Months Following Hit & Run This just changed from assault to murder, the intent can be proved by the dumping of the body rather than calling 911. Give him the bumper! Death by bumper! (apparently this is the only “acceptable” way to kill people in the US nowadays).

Updates on an OH hit-and-run. Hit and run victim identified as Cincinnati Country Day teacher and Suspected drunk driver in court for killing bicycle rider I could not believe the number of DUI this man had been convicted of, which just goes to show that there should never be a time span limitation to revoke a license for multiple DUI. This driver just kept doing it and avoiding getting caught until he finally killed someone. Another candidate for the bumper.

More death in the new #2 killer of cyclists in the US, FL. One killed in cyclist accident on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway The narrative on this wreck was very confused with no mention of which way either vehicle was going prior to the wreck, only that the weapon vehicle crossed the entire highway and hit a light pole in the median depositing the body of he cyclist there. I think there might have been an intersection that figured into the wreck somehow, but as near as I can figure from the narrative the cyclist was struck near the shoulder as the driver of the weapon vehicle was driving on a different road then crossed the two lanes on the east side of the road and ended up on the shoulder of the west side of the highway. Or hit on the shoulder went across the highway to the median then returned to the shoulder leaving the body of the cyclist in the median.

Ted Rogers has a frightening but safe encounter in LA. Today’s post, in which I frighten a distracted driver, and serve up some hearty breakfast links I didn’t say who got frightened, did I?

A little lifestyle in CA. Tour de Ed: Bike ride Sunday from Chico to Durham raises fund for injured cyclists and safety education Go Ed! Where he’s riding there are no cars or traffic signals and the pedestrians all have overpasses. And probably wings.

Infrastructure! news from NYC. NYPD: 1,191 Pedestrians and Cyclists Injured, 13 Killed in Traffic in January NYC come for the sidewalk hot dog vendors, stay for the vehicular murder and mayhem. Or go home in a box, they’re easy, y’know?

And I feel the need to Google the recipe for a drink called “fudge bomb”. Crankier At this point I “know” that it is probably alcoholic, contains possibly lethal amounts of chocolate, and is very sweet. Possibly based on Jaegermeister. Chocolate and cinnamon, reminds me of my mother’s fudge recipe…

And those are all the links that gave me fits tonight…

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Computer is working in fits and spurts, and the Feed

The meaning behind the headline today is quite simple: I have so many links on the Feed window that my computer is running out of resources to deal with them all (damn Flash ads). I have run into this problem before but not with a computer this new (less than a year) or this resource intensive (2 GB memory and 320 GB storage with more than 250 GB of the storage empty). It’s annoying that I can’t have as many open tabs on this computer as I used to have on a P III with only 1 GB of memory and 10 GB of storage with most of that used. I mean, doesn’t anyone at Google know how to implement virtual memory any more? Because I checked and there’s not even a spot in the resources allocation chart for virtual memory. I know it’s slower than actual RAM, but it beats the Hell out of a system that crashes when you try to open too many tabs and is physically maxed out for RAM. Of course if news sites would quit putting ads with flash video and a flash banner ad on the same pages as the news is loading in a flash video that would help a whole bunch, too. (Can you tell I don’t particularly like Flash?)

Up first I’m going with a whole group of idiot cyclists in UT. Bicyclist Seriously Injured after Eight Attempt to Illegally Bicycle Through Zion Tunnel and Cyclist hurt in dark Zion National Park tunnel The stupid part was not that they were cycling illegally in the tunnel, I’m of the opinion that since you can’t get from one side of the park to the other without traversing the tunnel it can’t be illegal. No what was stupid is they rode into the pitch black tunnel on mountain bikes that did not have any headlights or taillights to light their way so they didn’t run into the sides of the tunnel and so that drivers could see them before they ran up on them. Also, since the tunnel has curves that block the view of drivers the speed limit really should be reduced to maybe 15 MPH to keep people from getting run over should they break down in the tunnel. Not hitting cyclists would just be a bonus.

A good story from PA. Cyclist thought to be hurt on Ohio River Boulevard turns out to be OK The cyclist appears to have slid on bad pavement conditions just as the truck passed him and was unaware of the furor he started by falling. Still it was a good thing that LEO took the incident seriously because there are documented cases of this happening and people getting killed.

And a bad story from MI. GRPD: Cyclist injured in hit-and-run crash Apparently an intersection wreck, so I suppose intersection protocols might have been useful, but getting the infrastructure right would prevent the wreck.

Update on a CO hit-and-run that we have been covering since a day after it happened. Woman charged in fatal hit-and-run to appear in court March 28

Still in CO someone takes a less nuanced method of killing a cyclist. Police Investigating Shooting That Injured Cyclist If Leno was still on this would make the “Stupid Criminals” feature. They were in the perfect weapon to kill the cyclist without any repercussions and then they stuck a shotgun out the window…

An OH family is much more forgiving than I would be. Family of cyclist killed in traffic collision seeks lesser charge for driver The cyclist was killed in a left cross wreck because the driver “failed to see” the cyclist before turning left. Unless substantial penalties are held against this driver I don’t see how people are ever going to “learn to see” cyclists.

But in the same state as the very forgiving family, another family has to deal with a death by motor vehicle. Person killed in Union Township hit-and-run crash Hit from behind and the driver abandoned the weapon vehicle a few miles from the crime scene. Either the driver had a confederate in the crime or lives somewhere near where the vehicle was abandoned, if the first there is a possibility (albeit a very remote one) that this was a deliberate killing. I mean who plans on switching vehicles after a wreck when they don’t plan on having the wreck in the first place? The driver’s U-turn after the wreck is also suspicious. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another hit-and-run in NY. Police: Bicyclist seriously injured in hit-and-run on South Salina Street in Syracuse Intersection wreck with may have been an oblivious or otherwise distracted driver from the narrative so the protocols are mooted, but getting the infrastructure right is almost guaranteed to prevent a similar wreck by segregating the cyclist from motor vehicles in both time and space.

A GA cyclist is killed by a blind driver and the cyclist gets blamed for it. Teen cyclist hit and killed by car in Athens More LEO who seem unaware of the Basic Speed Law. Lights and/or reflectors might have helped, but if the driver was paying that little attention to the road it is entirely likely that the cyclist could have been lit up like a Christmas tree and the driver still would have hit him. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or to mitigate the damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A CA teen may have been riding a bike when he was hit, but LEO are no longer saying that. Teenager hit by car, badly injured As of this posting LEO are only saying the driver was in a car going south, the victim’s mode of transit has been purged from the report. Gigi saw it before I did and it was edited after she read it.

Still in CA they still haven’t finished investigating a dead cyclist’s wreck. Investigation continues in crash that killed Aptos cyclist I think the LEO heading this case does not believe the SWSS explanation. I think there also may be some information from sources outside the weapon vehicle that contradict the driver’s statement.

Also from CA is this from BikingInLA. The Times winds down their look at biking in the City of Angels, and the day’s best bike links I really like the comments to the LA Times link, so much angst from the poor, put-upon drivers who might have to change lanes to pass a cyclist, or slow down for a few seconds.

LEO in far West Canuckistan are looking for a hit-and-run driver. Victoria police looking for car after cyclist injured in hit-and-run The cyclist appears to have been hit from behind, so protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. And good LEO to enforce the safety of that infrastructure from entitled drivers who can’t stand to share an inch of pavement with a cyclist.

And last link is Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde. Croydon council urged to make borough safer for cyclists Again, trying to pry scant inches from the drivers to give space to cyclists and pedestrians.

Those are all the links about bicycles that gave me fits today.

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