State Fair was nice, my back hurts worse than my feet, and the Feed

I spent several hours getting in and out of the driver’s seat of many cars that I would like to drive now that Mrs. the Poet is starting to have difficulties getting around. Mrs. the Poet refuses to get a driver’s license so I will have to be the driver. She is developing the same grip problems as my Dad did right before he crashed his car back in 2012 so she doesn’t even want to go down that road. She figures any car I can get in and out of with the bum leg from the wreck she can do likewise on the passenger side. Wait until I get the jungle gym of the Sprint T mocked up and start climbing in and out of that. Then I think she might change her tune.

One issue I have been discovering in trying on cars is steering wheels that are consistently too close to the driver. I admit I have short legs, but the only car I felt completely comfortable with was the Fiat 500 which has a very arms-out driving position. Of course this was compounded by every car having the driver’s seat locked in the full upright position, and some also having the driver’s seat in the full rear position. Another thing I noticed was seats with relatively flat bottom cushions and very aggressive bolsters on the seat back were more comfortable and easier to get in and out of than seats with the bolsters on the bottom cushion. What was really nice were the cars where the recline and bottom cushion tilt were independently controlled so my legs and back were equally well supported, while letting my legs move and work the controls. This is something I will have to work on when I do the cockpit in the Sprint-T. Tilting the bottom cushion back helps hold the driver in against braking forces and also makes the back bolsters work better at holding the driver in place behind the wheel. You can’t tell I used to build race cars back in the day, can you?

Up first a low-information wreck (for me, there’s a paywall) from Seguin TX. Bike rider injured at fundraiser in Seguin So the cyclist hit (some part of) a parked car. And that’s all I was able to read.

Another low-information report because there wasn’t much information available from LEO, in the opposite direction from WoaB World HQ in the Beautiful Suburbs of Hell. OHP: Cyclist injured after hit-and-run near Muldrow At this point they don’t know if the injured person was riding the bike or pushing it because of how far off the road the victim was when hit.

More on that wreck in CA that may have been deliberate on the part of the driver. UPDATE: Hurt Cyclist is 2-Time Gold Winning Olympic Athlete I wrote “may” because this is the wreck that someone on FB that I linked to yesterday had an encounter with the driver in the same vehicle last year. That one was dismissed as a “he said, she said” incident, but a second wreck with a cyclist in a year does not bode well for the driver’s version of events. More Road rage repeat offender in Santa Barbara bike crash?

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: LA BAC meets tonight, Los Feliz NC discusses LA mobility plan, and bike Metro’s Rideshare Week

I have been putting off mentioning the cyclist killed riding the Gran Fondo last week because I just did not have the right link to share. Now I do> Edward Lund, Fresno artist and curator, killed in crash during bike ride

Still in CA, a cyclist is shot to death. Teenaged bicyclist killed in gang-related shooting So stupid.

This seems to be another day that’s extremely heavy on CA links. Cyclists’ Idaho stop becomes hot potato in San Francisco Oh no let’s not try something that works someplace else because our population is so much more dense it changes the laws of physics. Or something. Which is what I would put in a comment if I wanted to register at yet another news outlet web site…

More on the cycling couple who were hit by a red-light running vehicle in UT. 1 killed, another injured after pair of cyclists hit by car Still the same story, cyclists waited for their red light to change before entering the intersection. Driver hit them more than halfway across the intersection after running a red light that had been red for some time before he got to the intersection…

And across the country in NYC another pedestrian is killed with “no criminality suspected”. Staten Island Driver Fatally Strikes Pregnant Mother Of Two Somebody needs to do something to stop the death machines from killing everyone in NYC.

Back to PDX for some infrastructure news. Broadway Bridge updates: A broken shoulder and upcoming closure Looks like a mess there indeed.

Over in Jolly Olde cyclists are getting injured in droves as a tram line runs through a bike lane at an acute angle. Changes to Edinburgh junction where dozens of cyclists have fallen on tramlines described as ‘terrible’ More than 100 seriously injured and more getting hurt on a daily basis with 2 or 3 a week serious enough to file suits? The pooch is screwed.

Some cyclists deserve to get fined. Cyclists receiving fines at rate of about 100 a month Given that this is for the entire country of Ireland 100 a month is not excessive, but I do wonder if cyclists are being targeted because they are easier to catch then drivers.

And as helmet use increases, so do spinal injuries. Cyclist spinal in juries ‘soar 320pc in five years’ I realize that correlation is not causation, but I wonder how much is due to an increased percentage of helmet users, and how much is due to just more cyclists to get hurt?

A Canadian visits Amsterdam and does a little research into the history of cycling there. Paul Wilson: Amsterdam — bikes, battles and bare heads

Someone imagined an entire city as devoted to cycling as transportation as your typical late-20th century US city was to cars. Architect imagines a neighborhood and a whole new building type designed around bikes Glorious isn’t it?

And I’m outta links again and need to sleep because I have to get up early tomorrow to do my volunteer gig. 0600 wakeup, ugh.

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Late start on a long day blogging and the Feed

I had to run errands this morning and go get my toes done this afternoon so I could spend more time on my feet this week. Tomorrow Mrs. the Poet and I will be going to the State Fair of Texas and doing lots of walking, then Wednesday and Thursday I will be volunteering for an HRC event “Out and Equal”. That adds up to a lot of time on my feet for the next three days. It also means that Tomorrow’s post will be late too, and there is a good chance that there will be no posts Wednesday or Thursday.

Up first, he’s GUILTY! Pardo guilty of manslaughter in cyclist’s death Now he’s going to get at least 2½ years behind bars.

According to Cyclelicious we have a repeat offender in this wreck. Male Bicyclist Suffers Major Head Injuries After Riding Into Vehicle in Hope Ranch and Timeline of events When I filtered the link, there were two pictures of the weapon vehicle there, now there aren’t any which makes comparing the two vehicles moot. The description of the wreck sounds fishy, especially with the report that there was no stop sign on the cyclist’s street for the cyclist to have run. What else did they get wrong?

Still in CA we get another hit-and-run. Anniversaries of Hit-and-Run Deaths Mark Time but Not Healing The guy was in and back out of jail before the second anniversary of the wreck…

This is just so wrong. MAN ON BICYCLE KILLED AFTER COLLIDING WITH SUV IN FRESNO COUNTY This is what is so wrong about the wreck,”‘I think this accident could’ve been avoided if the bicyclist was off the paved portion of the road way and on the dirt shoulder,’ said Sgt. Mike Trenholm, CHP.” No, it could have been prevented if the driver had complied with the Basic Speed Law and not driven faster than he could stop in the distance he could see clearly. But lights and reflectors would definitely help in letting the driver see the bike.

Still in CA but a change of pace, here is our Daily Ted. Morning Links: One year in jail for killer of OC cyclist Vinh Tran, LASD searching for Cudahy hit-and-run driver

Not done with CA yet. CHP: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run crash in Rio Linda The cyclist was just barely in the road alongside his wife, who was walking, when he was hit from behind.

Finally done with CA we move on to LA. Woman dies in bike accident in Iberville Parish Even though there was no time of day stated for the wreck, LEO are blaming the victim for not having lights on the bike. WTF?!? Either a headlight or taillight would prevent the wreck depending on which direction the wreck was from, but blaming the victim for not having lights and a helmet without releasing the information on How those would have been a factor in preventing the wreck is just libeling the victim.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike we have a survivor. Child struck by car while riding bike in Miramar Beach The narrative of the wreck states that neither one knew the othre was there until the cyclist came to the end of the driveway and out from behind the hedge directly in front of the weapon vehicle.

Wreck near BAHstahn. Woman on bicycle hit by truck, dies Nothing mentioned about how the wreck happened, just that it did and the cyclist died. There was originally more to the link, but now this is all that remains. I’m not going to post what I saw when I filtered this link because I now feel this was erroneous information.

First of two links out of UT. Cyclist injured in Davis County highway crash We have another SWSS wreck. Without seeing the crime scene and both the vehicles involved I can’t conclusively state the driver’s statement is full of donkey dust, but I smell an ass in the story.

Second link two cyclists are hit in an intersection by a red-light running driver. Woman dies, husband critically injured in bicycle crash with car If the directions of travel are correct, the cyclists crossed more than halfway across the very wide street before they got hit, meaning the driver ran a red that may have been red for more than 30 seconds. The driver should be in jail.

Not sure if these two links are the same wreck or if there were two hit-and-run wrecks in Indy over the weekend. Bicyclist killed in Eastside hit-and-run and UPDATE: Cyclist struck, killed by hit-and-run vehicle identified The second link has been updated and both links are about the same wreck. At this point the only thing they know about the wreck is the victim and he was riding a bicycle. The picture in the second link shows an almost undamaged bike with lots of blood on the street. I think the lethal injuries were caused by a buzz job as that would perfectly explain the lethal injuries and almost no damage to the bicycle.

A PA sheriff has something that would prevent wrecks like the one in the paragraph above. Montgomery County Sheriff promotes bike safety PA somehow managed to pass a 4 feet to pass law and get it by a GOP governor.

Meanwhile in MI. Sheriff: Van driver not at fault in bicycle fatality If I’m reading this right the driver moved over enough to get more than 3 feet of clearance for where the cyclist was positioned on the road, but bad pavement caused the cyclist to be suddenly thrown to the left (and removed a portion of the bike tire tread in the process). The 15 YO driver was operating on a learner’s permit and had an adult in the vehicle at the time of the wreck. This is one of the main reasons why cyclists need good pavement as bad as drivers, because bad pavement can kill and cyclists already have to look three directions at once just to avoid getting run over by cars.

Another cyclist is hit-and-run in ID. 1 cyclist injured in a hit-and-run accident in Nampa The weapon vehicle left enough evidence behind that they know the make, model, color, and license plate. And there was no way the driver did not know he or she had hit a cyclist as the bike was “lodged in the passenger side of” the van.

A cyclist is injured in the Great White North. Cyclist injured when hit by car in Bayers Lake This close to the Equinox there is still good light at 1400 even that far north a driver making a left turn should be able to see a cyclist if they are looking for a cyclist.

Meanwhile in Canuckistan. Senior seriously hurt riding bike in alleged hit-and-run There is no “alleged” here, whoever hit the cyclist left the scene. Now when they find the driver he will be alleged to have been the one who left the scene. But the fact that the driver did not remain at the scene is not “alleged”.

First of many links from Jolly Olde is not so jolly. Van driver jailed for Alan Cronin cyclist death crash Not as good as could be hoped, but better than usually obtained.

And the first of our links from 89 year old driver receives community sentence for his part in death of cycling father I’m still trying to wrap my head around “community service” for killing another human being, but apparently the driver did not directly kill the cyclist but only started a chain of events tha led to the cyclist’s death. The actual weapon vehicle was driven by another person who was tried separately.

And our second link. London cyclist critically injured in HGV crash and another link to the same wreck Old Street cycle crash: Woman, 52, fights for life as Tesco lorry driver arrested over collision HGV turning left hooks the cyclist who lost a leg in the wreck. Wishing the cyclist a quick rehabilitation.

Since they are not calling this a hit-and-run as I filtered it, I’m assuming the cyclist did not pedal off. Pedestrian seriously injured in collision with cyclist in Westminster In spite of what the comments said…

Cyclist advocate groups in Scotland try to get the laws changed so that they can get compensated in wrecks in a more timely manner. Insurers are anti-cyclist says campaign group and Strict liability to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Another hit-and-run, this time in Oz. Cyclist injured in hit and run at Toolern Vale That sounds almost like the driver tried to hit the cyclist on purpose.

Still more Oz hit-and-run action. Police hunt for driver after cyclist injured in callous hit-run crash

Justice in Enn Zed as a driver who almost killed a cyclist pleads guilty just before the start of the trial. Award-winning architect Andrew Patterson pleads guilty after his SUV pinned cyclist and left him crushed

Last link, use lights, lots of lights. Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske: Autumn lights

It is now 0319. Good morning and I’m going to be without tagging or proofing the post because I have to be up in less than 6 hours.

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Lots of church today on a Wreck-Free Sunday

This has been a very long day for me, from helping to open up the church about 1030 after being up late last night and not getting out until nearly 1300, then having to be back by 1700 for a board meeting as head of the Social Justice committee and not getting home until 2000. Basically I spent a full 8 hours away from the house on church business of one kind or another. It was “interesting”.

In between I saw most of the Sprint Cup race from Dover, where Happy Harvick was leading again when I had to leave for the board meeting, but it was another fuel economy race and nobody knew for sure what their fuel level was. So while Kevin Harvick was leading when I left I have no idea who won the race. More importantly I have no idea of who was eliminated from the Chase for the Cup, because when I left Jimmie Johnson was in 14th place in points as they ran because he had a rear axle failure that required a replacement in the middle of the race putting him 36 laps down when the repairs were finished. So I’m going to have to wait until I get the report in my inbox tomorrow morning.

What I spent most of Saturday doing was looking up various suppliers of parts and plastic model kits to build a miniature test Sprint-T for the geometry of the full size version that is looking more and more out of reach given the budget and Mrs, the Poet’s restrictions on donor vehicles. Basically my budget is completely used up as soon as I get a crate engine and transmission, leaving me short a rear axle, hubs, brakes, the front axle, shocks and springs, headlights… So I went with a $50 budget for the kit and supplies to build a replica, which seems to be do-able. Now to find the right parts for the build.

Basically I’m going to use the Wide 5 wheels I put in Friday’s blog post, and as I said I’m going to make two versions of the wheels. The supplied version is a scale 11″ wide, the full size car uses an 8″ street version, and a 14″ race version. I haven’t been able to find anything close to the 23.5 x 13.0R15 Hoosier Formula Atlantic tires in 1/25 scale, but I did find a close replica for the 27 x 10.50R-15 LT Hoosier Pro Street tire for the street version in a similarly-sized dirt track tire.

And I’m going to be doing some errands in the morning, so I have to get to bed soon. Also I have been spending almost as much time fixing typos in this paragraph as I have composing it, so I really need to hit the hay.

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It’s Friday again, and the Feed

Well it’s Friday a little after noon as I start composing this post, but I won’t get done until well after midnight, with a break at some point for watching TV or reading a book or something. I found something I want for Solstice that isn’t RPG dice or a string trimmer, and costs about the same as the RPG dice.

A couple of sets of those would look nice with this.

The reason yesterday’s post went up so late was because of how hard it was to filter out bike links from the noise on Twitter. I got a lot of good links, but it took several hours to read all those tweets about yet another mass shooting to find the ones about people getting killed mostly in ones and twos. I still think that Twitter will be a regular source for links in the future.

Up first because I don’t have a lot of links to choose from but this one is still the best, our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Coronado bike lane madness hits big time, Rowena redux, and OC deputy gets bike law wrong

Over in OH the driver who hit 5 cyclists in a paceline of 8 and killed 2 pleaded not guilty. Brecksville man charged in crash that killed cyclists pleads not guilty and Brecksville man pleads not guilty in deadly cyclist-truck crash What more can I say except that this is simply a procedural step before trial or plea bargain. I still wanna see the driver’s social media profile, though.

Took them long enough. CHP releases name of bicyclist killed Sept. 18 on Highway 154 They are still sticking with the hit from behind “for unknown reasons” story.

More on the drunk driver that hit a cyclist with three kids in the car and left the scene. Pardo admits being ‘6 to 8 inches’ in cyclist’s lane The tune keeps changing, but the singer is still off-key. Earlier he was entirely within his own lane, now he was “6 to 8 inches” into the cyclist’s lane.

Hit and run outside NYC. Police: Man killed in hit-and-run, woman charged The DA is frustrated that the potential punishments are not in line with the seriousness of the outcome.

Looking at this rendition of a surface street in IN provoked a serious WTF? moment or three. Is This a Downtown Street or a Surface Highway?

More Wounded Warrior stuff. Kirk Middle students cheer as injured vets ride through Newark This was the U.S. Military Academy to the U.S. Naval Academy ride, West Point to Annapolis.

A blind driver gets some punishment for destroying the life and livelihood of a cyclist. Lorry driver banned from roads after seriously injuring cyclist in Moray Yeah, the cyclist is not coming back to “normal” from that wreck. The punishment is trivial, but at least something.

At least this driver got some jail time to go with the minimal driving ban. Texting driver gets 21 months’ jail after seriously injuring cyclist

Minimal information about a hit-and-run in Oz. Cyclist injured in Melbourne hit-and-run

And over in Enn Zed. Cyclist killed in Napier named

And that’s all I got today. See you Sunday with the “just life and thoughts” blog post.

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Grocery day now with money, and the Feed

I’m sipping a Starbucks Toasted Latte right now, because someone loaded $5 on my Starbucks card for my B-Day and I didn’t discover it until last night. I’m also eating pretzels because the check finally came through and I can afford the “luxury” of salty snacks again. I need to go back to the store again tomorrow because I forgot to take enough $ out to get the cheap soda and there’s some stuff that is only on sale on Friday.

Up first this HPV will gladden the heart of any 2-4 YO. This Ice Cream Pedal Car Will Make Your Kid Twice As Happy The vehicle does not come OEM with a carrier for frozen treats, but a crafty type dad or mom could use insulation board to make one in the bed behind the driver and use dry ice to keep it cold just like they did back in the days this vehicle is modeled after.

Court cases today, more on the drunk driver who went on the wrong side of the road and killed a man. Pardo’s defense attacks police work in cyclist’s death Note to the investigating officer, in wrecks like this there is usually (but not every time) a skid mark from the cyclist’s front tire hitting the car that shows the point of impact, about 3-6″ long.

Other case, the driver that was going the wrong way on Fiesta Island and plowed into a group of cyclists leaving one permanently crippled is finally on trial. Trial begins for driver who barreled through Fiesta Island cyclists The defense attorney is doing his best to spin this as “just an accident”, but the evidence is pretty damning.

Just a few miles away a cyclist is gender profiled and accused of stealing his own bike. Coronado police officer harasses Navy Sailor for riding own bicycle See shit like this is one of the reasons why I joined the HRC. Nobody should get harassed because of the color bike he (or she) rides. NOBODY!

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: The Cannibal comes to Culver City, San Fran debates stop signs, and ride the coast with Calbike I would love to do that Calbike ride, but there are two things stopping me: Money to pay for the ride and get there, and I still can’t ride a bike more than a block without taking my helmet off so I can see where I’m riding.

I’m not the only one who thinks the bike lane NIMBYs need a shrink. Late Late Show’s James Corden Opens Fire on Coronado Bike NIMBY’s “We will ride side by side down the bike lane of Justice! Yes! Pedalling ever forward towards a glorious future, because they may take our bike lanes, but they will never take our freedom, to ride in those bike lanes.”

Still working the Stoopid in CA meme. To Tackle Anti-Bike Bias, SFPD Must Start With Knowledge of Traffic Laws Their “expert” still didn’t know the law. facepalm

Another “veering” cyclist is killed. Bicyclist dies after being struck by truck near Cuesta College The cyclist went straight but the driver felt he should have gone right, so he “veered” in front of the driver. Please reference the “facepalm” link above.

A driver gets charge with a crime for hitting a cyclist in CA? Manteca Driver Charged in Fatal Car vs. Bike Crash Misdemeanor homicide… Could you at least TRY?

Another cyclist hit near San Diego, is it something in the water? Teen bicyclist injured in Escondido crash Another cyclist is blamed for running the red, when the driver was the only one questioned at the scene. When was the last time you heard of a driver admitting to running a red light? Especially when someone (else) got hurt? /s

At first I thought this was a TX wreck, but this one was in CA also. Bicyclist injured after driving into car in Beaumont This was either a salmon cyclist, or a left cross. Since there was nothing about the cyclist being in the wrong lane I’m going to go with left cross.

Moving way to the east, more on the driver who ran over 5 pedestrians on a NYC sidewalk. Livery Cab Jumped Bronx Sidewalk This Morning, Striking Group Of PedestriansNo charges? Fuck you very much, NYPD.” and No Charges Yet For Off-Duty Uber Driver Who Jumped Curb & Ran Over Pedestrians Seriously NYPD, if you can’t find something, ANYTHING, to charge this guy with then you are not even trying. For crying out loud, he broke the left front suspension when he jumped the curb, you can see the tire pointed at the camera if you do a frame-by-frame as the car comes into frame. That takes a fair rate of knots, far in excess of the posted speed limit.

Is your commute optimal for your health, according to scientists? The Best Ways to Get to Work, According to Science I would say that from the above paragraph, Uber is not the best.

Would this work, or be legal? Make an example of Heather Cook My personal take is have her stand in front of a semi doing about 60 MPH with an armored front bumper. Let the semi miss her but be close enough for the bow wave to knock her ass over tea kettle while blowing the air horn. Rinse and repeat as required.

A pedestrian is killed and a cyclist gravely injured in IN. Woman killed, man critical after two separate crashes in Fishers In the picture of the bike wreck scene the head and tailights are both clearly visible shining on the road. This is another case of “didn’t see” = “didn’t look”.

An assumed drunk cyclist is killed the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike> Bicyclist dead after accident in Pinellas Park I still don’t see how centerpunching the cyclist with the truck was trying to avoid hitting him… but still don’t ride drunk, especially at 1600.

A little infrastructure news from AZ. PHOENIX PUSHES BICYCLISTS TO AVOID DEATH AND INJURY BY RIDING WITH TRAFFIC FLOW It was just a short time to be “official” but it’s still killing people to ride against traffic, because bicycles are not pedestrians. Pedestrians can side-step over a curb to get away from oncoming cars, cyclists just have to watch them hit.

More infrastructure news from AZ. Dangers of riding a bike in Tucson They keep blming cyclists rof not wearing helmets in wrecks that would not be survivable with one… TANJ!

Cyclist hit in NC. Cyclist struck, injured in Jacksonville Old guy in the crosswalk connecting the bike path segments on either side of a highway. As of this posting nobody was blaming the cyclist for anything, so maybe the driver failed to obey the crossing signal, or the law requiring vehicles yield to occupied crosswalks?

Moving a bit north of there a VA cyclist is injured in a hit-and-run. Cyclist hit by vehicle in Ashburn; driver flees scene I betcha had the driver been sober and remained at the scene there would have been no to minimal charges, but running from an injury wreck is a felony in VA. I wonder what the “false report” charge is about, faking a stolen car maybe?

Cyclist down in the Great White North. Amherstburg cyclist injured after getting hit by minivan Another “didn’t see” wreck of a lighted and reflectorized cyclist.

UK cyclists say it’s only a matter of time before crap infrastructure becomes killer infrastructure. Metrolink must make tram routes safer for cyclists ‘before someone dies’, say campaigners Wrecks have already caused injury when trams were not impending, at this point it’s just when instead of if a cyclist gets hit by a tram after getting stuck in the tracks and falling off.

“Hey see how great our infrastructure is?” 72 fewer killed or seriously injured on North East Lincolnshire roads “Our roads are so great we’re going to stop working to make them any safer.”

Last link is about a folding e-assist bike. Gi FlyBike: The first electric bike that folds in one second The Power Assist Yahoo group are convinced the hinge will fail on a full-sized American rider.

That’s it, I’m so tired I can barely see so I’m just going to check that the links are right and call it a night.

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Large hunks of links are from Twitter, and the rest of the Feed

It takes longer to filter, but I’m finding more and better links on Twitter than I do in my Feed Folder in my e-mail. I think that may be due to having humans directly sending me the links from the articles as they post. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I can give you better links than I used to.

Up first, LEO have found the driver who killed a cyclist earlier this week. PD: Police identify woman who struck, killed bicyclist in Pasadena They haven’t arrested her, just “talked” to her.

More on the cyclist killed in MN by a driver who crossed the entire road to hit him. UMD mourns staff member killed while bicycling in Hermantown and SUV fatally hits bicyclist in Hermantown heading other way on shoulder I’m still trying to figure out why the driver is not in jail for this.

Since we are in “old wreck” mode at the moment, more on the cyclist killed in CA during a time trial event. In the News: Cyclist killed by car in California TT race and CHP Finds a New Way to Blame the Bicycle Rider Yep, getting blamed for the driver that hit you in your lane is pretty low, even for the CHP. Seriously, what would Jon and Ponch say? More Cyclist killed in Esparto was experienced Foster City rider

Still in CA, a hit-and-run driver attempts murder when the victim catches back up to him. Driver charges at cyclist, carries him on hood and Caught On Camera: San Francisco Cyclist Ends Up On Windshield In Apparent Hit-And-Run So two hit-and-run incidents, one that might have only cost the driver a ticket for violating the 3-feet-to-pass law, and a second that might end up with assault charges.

Another AZ cyclist hit from behind in the bike lane. Bicyclist killed in northwest Tucson collision I have lost count of the number of cyclists hit from behind in the bike lanes of AZ this year, but it seems to be too common even if there were only two. The danger zone in this wreck was the mixing zone before the turn lane. The driver failed to yield to the vehicle in front (the cyclist) and killed the cyclist as a result. I know what will stop wrecks like this, but I don’t know how well it would fly in the current legislative climate. When you hit a cyclist you lose your car, 90 days if there was no or non-serious levels of injury, a year for transport to hospital wrecks, and forever if the cyclist dies from injuries or in case of hit-and-run.

Not a bicycle wreck, but indicative of what you could expect as a cyclist if you get hit. NYPD: “No Criminality” as Cab Driver Runs Over Kids on Bronx Sidewalk and TLC: Driver Who Hit Children on Bronx Sidewalk Works for Uber [Updated] The car went completely across the sidewalk and bounced off the building that a commenter stated was 20-25 feet away from the curb, and in the video I thought I saw the left front wheel pointed towards the camera which means the suspension was broken when it hit the curb. I estimate the vehicle speed at 40-50 MPH. But the NYPD doesn’t suspect any criminality for driving 40-50 MPH on the sidewalk full of kids… TANJ!

Our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Cedillo condemns calls for safer streets, Coronado madness round 3, and more bighearted people Cedillo needs to be charged as an accessory for all the people killed and maimed since he stopped the North Figueroa project literally days before it was to begin for no apparent reason. I still say follow the money.

A restaurant named after the great Eddy Merckx. The Cannibal, a restaurant and butcher shop coming to Culver City, with bike valet Free beer when you wear your bike kit into the establishment.

A CT cyclist gets injured and he’s the guy responsible for getting other people to live more healthy. Norwalk Director of Public Health injured in bicycle accident over weekend This sounds like a buzz job to me. Or maybe a “punishment pass” for daring to ride in the street.

There are good people in this world. Woman injured riding bike wants to thank stranger who helped her Fortunately they filled the pothole but unfortunately not until after her wreck.

Another buzz job in NC kills another NC cyclist. Cyclist dies in road accident Another driver driving too fast to stop in the distance he could see clearly blames the victim for not wearing a glow-in-the-dark clown suit with body armor.

If you are going to carry cocaine on your person, know that you don’t have to submit to a search until after you get arrested, and put some lights on your bike. Bicycle stop leads to cocaine arrestThe pill bottle contained 0.2 grams of powder cocaine” or not enough to get a chihuahua high, much less an adult human being.

Another Wounded Warrior ride north of WoaB. Injured Service Members Ride toward Recovery in Oklahoma’s Capital City If you’re in the area give these guys a cheer when they ride by.

A wreck in Oz involving two cyclists and a car and they can’t figure out who was where and which way they were going. Cyclists injured in Monaro Highway crash How crazy is that?

Also in Oz they have another wreck they are trying to decipher. Police appeal for witnesses after cyclist injured – Dora Creek

Last link, I’m sure you are the kind of person who always makes sure the quick releases on your bike are done up tight, but you brother-in-law hasn’t checked his since Clinton was in office so he might want to check this out. Thirteen bike companies recall models over disc brake/QR concern This is the same QR as the Trek recall only on other manufacturer’s bikes.

And I’m out of links again for the day. Grocery day tomorrow.

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It’s Bean Day again, and the Feed.

Yep, I’m slaving over a hot slow-cooker, stirring and adding spices and seasonings, to make the perfect pot of beans and rice. Still working on that, but I’m getting closer. Now it just so happens that I’m making beans because I like this particular dish, not because I can make 3 dinners for 2 people for about $0.75, but the fact that I can make this for that small amount of money is a good thing right now… As in there was only $5 to spend for groceries last week and the pantry is getting mighty bare, and we are dipping into the Strategic Ramen Reserves… I will be so glad when the check comes in and we have a positive bank balance.

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Up first are updates on fatal wrecks, this one recent. Driver charged in deadly cyclist crash and Driver charged in Brecksville crash that killed two cyclists It’s a pity that those are all misdemeanor charge in OH, and that this is about as severely as a driver driving on the wrong side of the road and hitting 5 people can be charged.

The older wreck is at trial. Cyclist’s fatal injuries in hit-run detailed in court That sounds about right for a cyclist hit head-on by a car driving on the wrong side of the road in excess of the speed limit. I sincerely hope this driver is sentenced to the maximum permitted by law.

Speaking of drivers on the wrong side of the road, here’s a third. Cyclist killed after being hit by SUV and Superior man struck, killed while riding bicycle another one Cyclist Dies After Being Hit by Vehicle I’m sure there was no other meaning for the second headline than identifying the cyclist’s town of residence, but IMHO it also described the stature of the victim. Why the driver was not arrested and taken to jail at the scene is still up for question.

And refreshed and ready to go after taking a Mental Health Day it’s our Daily Ted. Morning Links: Gov. Brown signs hit-and-run alert law, bike park meeting Wed night, and SCAG says Go Human

Also in CA. Cyclist hit, killed in Mira Mesa “They” say the cyclist ran a red, but the only two people there were the cyclist and the driver that killed him.

LEO “proving” they are limited in IQ in the big city. Lee says he’ll veto legislation OKing rolling stops for cyclists Whoops, sorry that’s the mayor, Lee, not LEO.

Still in CA, in the same city as Duh Mayer up there. Mother Credits Police With Spending Time, and Money, to Help Injured Son Thus proving not all LEO are heartless. And if it seems like I’m a little hard on LEO most of the time, there is a reason for that: my son-in-law was recently promoted to chief of police in the town he serves.

More information about that cyclist killed during a time trial event in CA. Spoiler alert, it was the driver’s fault for making an unsafe pass. Cyclist Hit, Killed By Car During Time Trial Near Esparto The driver moved to pass a cyclist going one way, and ran head on into the cyclist going the opposite direction in the other lane.

Update on the ID kid hit and dragged riding home from school with his Dad. Boise 5-year-old boy injured in minivan-bike crash, slowly recovering after surgeries I’m still waiting to hear about at least a ticket for hitting a little boy riding legally with his father. Buehler?

And I’m with Maus on this one. Let’s find these tricycles stolen from a 65-year old wheelchair user The hand bike at least should have tipped the thieves that this was not a person that should get ripped off…

Another KY cyclist gets hit. Man injured in bicycle accident in Philpot Dogs are a constant problem in the rural South. And almost impossible to avoid.

Back in MI. Longtime physician at Bronson killed while riding bicycle Nothing on what happened, just who it happened to.

Back in Portland, infrastructure news. TriMet adjusts Orange Line crossing plans after community opposition – UPDATED Still planning on using the trailer-trapping gates at one crossing, but that is somewhat of an improvement. They had been planning on all three crossings having the bike traps installed. I still don’t see what the problem is with using the regular train crossing guards that have been in use for decades.

Still in PDX, I’m not certain how to classify this link. Portland company’s “Pot Tour” by bike includes free joint My brain chemistry won’t handle pot, I get a headache and then go to sleep since the wreck (even on the “contact high”).

Two links to a wreck in far West Canuckistan. Kelowna Cyclist Killed After Collision with Car and Cyclist killed in Kelowna car crash Some serious questions here, as they claim the deceased cyclist ran the stop sign, which can’t be proven or disproven after the wreck, but at the same time “don’t know” if the cyclist was wearing a helmet, which is easy to prove or disprove by just looking for the helmet at the scene. And for the sake of this particular wreck I’m going to go by the “car” version of running a stop sign, which is come to a stop then go.

A little infrastructure news from Oz. Cycling lane dividers have little impact on safety: government report

Also from Oz, the true story of how VW was brought down by 4 college researchers. The who, what and why of Volkswagen’s diesel scandal Yep, one of the drawbacks of the diesel engine is the high compression ratio and initial burn temperatures cause much more NOx emissions than spark ignition engines. There are catalysts that break up the NOx back into N2 and O2 but they can only do so much, which is where the delicate mixture control of the computer feedback controlled injection came in. It is my understanding that turbocharging is actually beneficial to this process by reducing the CR required to maintain the compression ignition and reducing that contribution to NOx production.

And those were all the links I had today.

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