I’m angry and I can’t talk about it

There are many things I’m angry about, and a few I can’t talk about because they involve other people I’m in a relationship with and talking about it would be a bad thing. I mean seriously, this is making me extremely angry, it’s something I need for not getting crazy (and the last time it was withheld I did get a little crazy), and it’s something I can’t talk about, just around.

So since I can’t talk about what’s making me crazy, how about that Cleveland baseball team? Cleveland Guardians, that’s an inspiring team name, right up there with Washington Football Team. TBH the “Indians” moniker was more than a little over the top for these days. And Chief Wahoo has been racist since before the turn of the century. That last remake was just terrible. Not only racist, but yugly with a capital UGH!

I’m still angry and no closer to finding resolution to the things I’m angry about. So Imma go watch some cat videos…

OMG I just spent $11k on windows

We have needed new windows since before I was killed in 2001. And not Windows the OS/GUI, the kind of windows that let you see outside. We have 12 windows in the house and 10 need replacing years ago. Seriously, of the ten windows 3 are opaque, and several more have wood rot problems. (And I keep getting ads for Windows 11, so that upgrade route also remains open.)

It was not too bad of an experience, I put it several steps up over the losing a tooth experience of a few weeks ago, but still nothing compared to pulling a baby out backwards with the other leg still pointed the wrong way and nobody even getting needing stitches, or resuscitation. I really dodged a bullet on that one. But this was still a pleasant experience. Four stars out of five, would recommend. I hope I have no needs to do this again, but if I had the funds I would.

Also I did the thing for the free engine again today, but if I don’t win either that engine or one of the lotteries, I think paying for the windows is going to deplete the budget for the Sprint-T for the next 114 months.

Something is wrong with the thermostat

It’s “only” 90°F outside but it’s 80° inside at my computer desk even though the thermostat is set for 76. And I just checked and it’s 80° at the thermostat and the AC still hasn’t come on even though the setting is 4 degrees cooler than the temperature. Something is rotten in Texas, heck with Denmark.

Something else that isn’t working according to spec is my autofill for passwords. I let Google remember all my passwords for sites that require readers be over 18 because they’re a bunch of unrememberable gibberish suggested by either Google or the website, and now I have been dead longer than that. Longer than 18 years that is. I mean seriously this latest update to Windows has messed up a bunch of things, but the thermostat is probably not among them. So I don’t know what the problem is, I mean with the thermostat.

Edit to add: The thermostat has gone out completely for a couple of hours, and my autofill for passwords works some times and not others. I’m going to call the people who installed the AC system tomorrow and have them take a look at it, but I don’t know what I can do about the autofill.

I’ve been really boring lately

I’m eating raisins and generic peanut butter cups and drinking generic diet cola and coffee, and watching YouTube videos. Well reading web comics too. Not the source of massive missives.

I’m still doing things but this video is something everyone should watch, because funny. Seriously I get a little cranked that buns are 8 to a package but hotdogs are 10, until I remember I can make my own beanie weenies with the extras.

Also I apologize to my Francophile readers for neglecting Bastille Day celebrations and I hope you fed the bourgeoisie to the guillotine by yourself. Nobody sent me any orders for tumbrels, so I don’t think anyone did.

Just hangin’ in the warm Texas summer

Nothing much going on today, woke up early, had breakfast before noon and lunch before 1400, read some funnies on the computer, and then read a magazine that came in the mail. I’m just posting to the blog because I’m bored and I have a compulsion to write something, anything.

I did a weight comparison between the kit Speedway Motors sells and what I’m building with the same body and basically their frame is two 10 foot lengths of 1.5″ by 3″ 0.120 wall tubing, not very rigid and basically just enough to keep all 4 wheels pointed in the same direction. Tube weight is roughly 84 pounds for just the rails, plus a few pounds for the crossmembers and we’re looking at about 110 pounds for the complete frame.

The frame (latest iteration) for my car is a bit more complex than that and while it uses lighter tubing it uses more of it. The latest iteration has a few inches less front hoop for the cage, but a couple inches more rear hoop to keep the driver’s head and hands inside the cage. The previous iteration had both hoops at the same height and just over the driver’s head but the required bracing around the inside combined with my hip injuries made for a car I couldn’t get out of after I got in. I could have dropped in no problem, but getting back out requires contortions I can’t do anymore. Anywho, rounding up on the weight calculator gets me 1.77 pounds per foot, and a quick and dirty calculation of how many feet I have gets me, 86 feet or about 152 pounds for the Sprint-T frame. A little heavier, but orders of magnitude more rigid in just about every direction, x,y,z, and θ (torsion).

I’m still checking in every day to increase my chances of winning the 0.060″ overbored 302 that Power Nation is giving away, but I’m still noticing that I am still 10 friends short of the maximum 10 friends entering on my page. C’mon people, I know I have at least 10 people reading this blog that want to help me win this engine.

I bought another e-book, but this one came with a dead tree edition too. Or maybe I should say I bought a dead tree book that came with an e-book. A web comic I read has decided to do an art book for the last 10 years. They posted the first page February 11 2010 and the art book goes through 2020 with lots of erotic side stories (shows boobs). I donated to the Kickstarter and now I get a copy of the art book in dead tree and electronic formats. The dead tree edition is due sometime in December. I’ll share some pictures when I get it.

Still hot but bearable

I knocked the thermostat down a couple of degrees F and it is much better. The current temperature in the office is 77°F which feels much better than the temperature of 79°F from before. It’s amazing how much just 2° makes in comfort level.

I’m still mostly on a daywalker sleep schedule. I say mostly because I need to be up before noon, but I haven’t been. I need to get up earlier to go to sleep earlier. Also, I need to take my sleep meds earlier to fall asleep earlier. But things are still not working up to tolerances, never mind working up to specifications, and I don’t know how to get up to tolerances.

The end of next month is the 20th anniversary of my death by murder by motor vehicle. It is weird for me to think about it, but I was dead 20 years ago. I still have nightmares about it that I didn’t have right after the wreck because I was still having nightmares about the horrible abuse I had growing up. But the statute of limitations expired a long time ago on that and on the guy trying to kill me (because it was a misdemeanor when it happened and the SoL was only 4 years) basically the ship on that one sailed and sank before Obama’s first administration. Hell Obama hadn’t even run when the SoL expired at the beginning of the second Bush term. Not right at the beginning, the wreck was 12 days before Bush was interrupted reading an age-appropriate book to elementary school children to get told about the first plane striking the Twin Towers so the SoL expired well into the first year of the second term of the Bush administration.

But in less than 60 days it will be two decades since one life ended and a different life started and I’m still trying to grasp the significance of the event.

Trying to Out-Crazy the GOP

They’re still trying to pass that voter suppression bill here in TX, so I thought I would help toss a couple of extra-large monkey wrenches in the works. Specifically, things that are fatal to mythical humanoid monsters but are harmless to “normal” humans.

I would suggest amendments to require these harmless to humans tests be applied at every election to prevent vampires and werewolves from voting. My research on the subject is limited because of the divergent mythos of the various creatures that walk among us, but from what I have been able to determine blessing colloidal silver by a priest every 24 hours makes it both a vampire and werewolf detector. It will cause burning on both vamps and weres, not as in “burst into flame”, more like char and blister the skin touched by the fluid. Obviously it would do nothing to humans, because both holy water and colloidal silver can be applied in massive amounts to almost no effect. I have sent this to both my state rep and state Senator, emphasizing that I don’t believe this, but if the GOP is going to go after mythical creatures and keep them from voting then why can’t we?

In other news I’m still entering the drawing for that 311 Ford with the Holley HiRam intake and EFI as many times as they will let me in my quest to have something to stick in front of the firewall of the Sprint-T, or something that I can swap for something to stick in front of the firewall and inside the transmission tunnel. But I don’t have to make up my mind until I actually win the engine. BTW my entry page is showing I’m missing 10 friends from my allowed 10 friends.

The heat is still here in my office but I avoid it by taking frequent breaks under the fan in the living room. I basically leave whenever I start feeling moist around the edges, which is basically almost sweating, but not quite. It tells me I need to shed some heat, but not enough to get all sweaty. The thing that annoys me the most is my melted candy because it’s hard to eat like that and gets everywhere.

And just to reiterate I want my TX readers to call or write their reps and senators about checking for vampires and werewolves at the polls, to emphasize how the GOP is chasing mythical creatures. Also because technically under TX laws vamps and weres are not allowed to vote.

I’m still uncomfortable, but at least I know why now

Turns out the room I spend most of my time in is hotter than the rest of the house because it doesn’t get the same amount of AC, and that same thing means there is no airflow over my body to take away excess heat. Basically I’m sitting on top of a giant heat source and no airflow to remove the heat. Also, all my chocolate has been melting because the temperature has been regularly exceeding the lower melting point of chocolate.

The temperature in the office has been rising to just under 80°F with the digital thermometer just flipping back and forth between 79 and 80 for a few seconds in the heat of the day. This is just about the melting point of milk chocolate. This is a temperature that is the top of my comfort level, not where I actually start sweating, but right where I get damp. Without a fan to make a breeze I’m not a happy camper.

I’m kinda fixating on this because it is interfering with thinking…

Edit to add that as I was composing that sentence I got really ill and had to go take a laydown under the ceiling fan not in the office and not really eat very much for dinner and went to bed early and missed Stephen Colbert. So yeah got hot, don’t know why it affected me so much but it did, and I had to cut the post short.

Happy Independence Day (observed)

Another day of weird sleep patterns, waking up before the buttcrack of dawn. Seriously getting tired of waking up the chickens to remind the rooster to crow. The good news is because I have all the ingredients to a safe and effective sleepytime cocktail I can pretty much decide when I want to go to bed now, and be able to shut my brain down to get some decent sleep. Decent sleep with weird dreams, but I’ll take weird dreams as the price of getting decent sleep.

On my music streaming app right now is Stranglehold by Ted Nugent. He’s pretty much an asshole now but he was a good musician then. And the back-and-forth between the guitar and the bass and swiping the theme from Bolero is what makes Stranglehold Classic Rock. The lyrics, not so much, but given the ratio between lyrics and instrumental passages we can pretty much ignore the lyrics as just something to break up the instrumentals. And while I was writing the critique of Stranglehold we moved on to Tom Sawyer, a song that demands you pay attention to the lyrics. And Imma stop writing about music now.

My son has purchased a home ice cream maker, and he brought over samples when he came over to do his laundry on the washer and drier he bought. Make no mistake, they stay here, but he paid for them so he has a place to do his laundry, and also an excuse to check up on his parents every week. But anywho, ice cream. He made some regular ice cream to test out the machine and have experience with how it works, but the main reason he bought it was to make sugar-free ice cream so he can have ice cream even though he has diabetes. He brought a small sample of the sugar-free recipe, and larger samples of the regular recipes. Part of what he has learned is sugar controls the formation of ice crystals in the finished product, and his first attempt at sugar-free had some crystal formation that was larger than he wanted, and the technique to reduce the crystals was churning the whee out of the ice cream before letting it set up. Basically it takes about twice as long to churn the sugar-free stuff as it does to make regular ice cream. And this machine does a heck of a job with the regular recipes.

Also, my son is a culinary genius who delights in sharing his creations with others. He made a coffee ice cream that was heavenly, because he steeped the coffee beans in the custard while it was cooking. He also made a peanut butter ice cream that was so smooth and creamy because the peanut oils synergized with the milk fat to make something impossible. The TL;DR for this is basically one word: yummy.

On the Sprint-T front, I’m beginning to think the fan shroud I got was in the wrong box, because it is nowhere near as big as the part description in the catalog. That’s why the 14″ fans had so much overlap when I checked how they would fit. Now I have to see if I can get an exchange for the right parts.

And I think I am about out of words I can put in the right order, as there is a lady on Messenger wanting to know about how I got killed in ’01. >sigh<

What I was thinking about last night

I have this “problem” with thinking, especially when I’m trying to sleep. This is especially true when I have a niggling design/fabrication issue that won’t let me go until I solve it.

The issue that kept waking me up last night was there will be zero clearance for the oil and transmission pans when the belly pan is installed on the Sprint-T. That also means there will be zero clearance for the drain plugs with the belly pan is installed.

Since the Sprint-T is going to be raced frequently this is a serious problem because racing requires frequent fluid changes to maintain the performance of the drive train, especially since it will be driven to and from the races. Now transmission fluid is not as critical as engine oil, but it will still need to be changed during the racing season and at the beginning of the season. Cars that are not raced then driven on the streets or highways can usually go their entire lives without a transmission fluid change, but even street only engines need oil changes regularly because oil doesn’t last forever and oil filters don’t catch all the contaminants that get into engine oil. And race engines usually get fresh oil every race meet, sometimes during the race meet if there is a lot of dust and dirt in the air, even if the engine is using an air filter on every engine orifice exposed to atmosphere.

Now there are two problems to be solved here, the first is since transmissions don’t normally get fluid changes they don’t have drain plugs, and the second is having drain plugs that are flush with the bottom of the pan but still drain completely dry with a tolerance for cling to the sides and bottom. The solution is to install the drain on an edge with the hole being flush to the inside bottom surface of the pan, and to contour that surface to direct the draining fluid to the hole. This is obviously easier on a pan that is being fabricated from scratch, but since the vast majority of transmission pans are stamped out of thin sheet metal it can be accomplished with a little hammer and dolly work, or a ball peen hammer and a soft 2 by 4.

The first thing to do is decide where the drain is going to be, and then “massage” the bottom of the pan with the hammer and whatever you choose to back it up to make that the lowest place in the pan so the fluids accumulate there. Then drill your drain hole flush with the bottom through the side of the pan. That’s the easy part, the hard part is making a plug that doesn’t hang below the bottom of the pan.

The next step is to pick a bolt that will fit the hole you drilled, ideally that will fit snugly in said hole because it will be used to locate the part that holds it to the pan. This is going to be a nut that is compatible with being welded to the pan. You will thread the nut over the bolt you chose as the plug, then stick the bolt through the hole in the side of the pan and rest it against the bottom of the pan with the nut flat against the side of the pan, and tack weld the nut in place so you can let go of the bolt. Finish weld the nut and make sure you can thread the bolt in and out of the pan. Then comes the part that lets the pan sit flat against the bellypan of the car. Using a cutoff wheel against the bottom of the oil or transmission pan slice off the part of the bolt and nut that stick out past the bottom surface of the pan. Just for insurance you might want to run an extra bead of weld on the part of the nut that was cut where it joins the pan if there is no weld showing, to prevent seepage. Then grind the weld flush with the bottom of the pan.

Now the design of the pan for the engine oil is going to be a little tricky, since it is two pieces that bolt together on the engine and the drain will have to somehow not interfere with the function of the bottom flange that holds the bottom of the pan after the pan is bolted to the bottom of the engine, since the bolts that hold the pan to the engine are inside the oil pan when it is installed. Somehow I have to get the bottom of the nut flush and the bolt resting against the inside of the pan, with the bottom being bolted to a flange around the bottom. Or I can move that flange to the top, the part that bolts against the engine, and do the drill the hole in the side routine like it was a regular oil pan that bolted up from the outside of the engine. The bottom will have to be built like a regular oil pan instead of just a flat plate that bolts to the bottom of the pan. Still easier than welding tubes for access to the bolts that hold the pan to the block on a pan with huge kick-outs to give the engine oil room to be flung from the crankshaft. There was an episode of Engine Masters that used a pan that had the mounting bolts on the inside and that pan actually made more horsepower than a deep sump pan without kick-outs but was way deeper than the pan with the kick-outs. I would link to it but unless you have a subscription to Motor Trend On-Demand you won’t be able to see it.

So anyway, that’s the kind of stuff that sometimes keeps me awake at night, or haunts my dreams (yes I have dreams of making car parts, and no I don’t know what that means if anything). Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate it.