I’m bad at managing devices

I have been having issues with devices running out of battery power. I need to conserve the laptop for doing things that need a physical keyboard, and use my other two devices for reading Twitter and webcomics. I have my phone that only connects to the Internet via WiFi to use for web browsing and also playing Klondike solitaire, my actual phone I can call people on for that and Twitter, and this laptop for actual things involving many words with actual letters and not emojis. If I work it like that I have enough battery life to do everything, otherwise I end up missing posting to the blog because the only device I have with charge is the phone I play solitaire on, with the really crappy on-screen keyboard.

I’m still thinking about the Subaru engine installation in the Sprint-T. One thing I have been thinking about is intake packaging with the turbo not behind the engine, and setting the car to run on 87 octane regular for transit and 100 octane E85 for racing. Now if I get a junkyard 2.5 engine and rebuild it to run on 87 octane as a NA engine with a huge waste gate that basically only allows ~ 1 pound of boost when open and set it to be always open, then install a water to air intercooler with an ice reservoir for running boost then I can tune for best mileage with the regular gas. I just need to have a way to switch between the two tunes at the track so I can tune for best power at all RPM points for the E85 tune for the Goodguys autocross, then switch back to the 87 octane for the trip home after running out the E85 to prevent it from going stale in the tank. Basically I’m looking at a storage tank in the tire trailer that holds the transit gas after it gets pumped out while changing from street tires to autocross tires, then pumps the transit gas back into the transit tank to use after the race gas is burned from the race tank on the way home. Yes, this system will have two gas tanks, a big one that weighs lots when full and gives me the range to get to races even when I have to drive through I-80 in Wyoming or western Utah and eastern Nevada where there can be hundreds of miles between gas stations. Not that I expect there to be any events that require such range, but it’s good to be prepared for that and not need it rather than need it and not have it. As I was explaining this the thought came that I could use the storage tank in the trailer as a range extender if the situation arose that I was crossing vast gasless wastes. When the transit tank gets low enough pump the extra fuel stored in the trailer into the transit tank.

I just realized I never mentioned why I would use the water to air intercooler rather than the stock Subaru air to air intercooler. Well there is the ducting issue, a water to air intercooler can be installed in the manifold plenum and get fed directly from the turbo, and as I can use icewater as a coolant the possibility of having an intake charge colder than the outside air inside the manifold can be used to enhance performance, combined with the fact that water to air intercoolers flow air almost like they weren’t there to maintain unboosted airflow for better transit gas mileage. In a new installation without previous parts all of these advantages really add up. To summarize, lower weight, less restriction and colder charge temperature compared to air to air at a similar cost even including the pump and ice tank. That’s if I get a junkyard engine without all the intake stuff.

And as I was composing this post we had another mass shooting with a confirmed 4 injured and unknown number of dead, in an industrial park in MD the third mass shooting in three days. As per usual the GOP response is “Too early to talk about new laws, we are sending thoughts and prayers to the victims.” That is great guys, how about sending paid in full for their medical bills since you have been doing fuck all about preventing these events? At least that would be accomplishing something!


Yesterday was a mess

First up, the RPG session was cancelled because one player had an out-of-town relative drop in. Then something biological nailed me right in the eyes and I ended up semi-conscious most of the day and night. I woke up about 0330, very thirsty. I have no idea what it was except it really made my eyes hurt, like I had been hit in the face, and the only thing that did anything for the pain was lying down and closing my eyes.

Now why this was a mess was there were two races on TV yesterday, and I was semi-conscious for both of them.

I managed to be alert through the end of the first stage of the NASCAR Cup race in Las Vegas, then I was zoning in and out until the end, and I didn’t catch the winner. I heard some bits out of the middle of the final Indycar race of the season in Sonoma, but not the end of that one either.

Obviously I wasn’t able to get much thinking done being mostly out of it.

Now today I get to go to the bank again and find out who has been spending my money. By my calculation someone else has taken about $70 from my account since the first of the month, and I only get $100 a month. I have some actual physical money that I can use for bus fare to get to the bank, which is good because the available balance on my card is negative and I can’t use my phone to pay for bus fare until it is positive. If I get a PM pass it’s good until the last bus home and I can pretty much go wherever I want, like before when I bought a day pass, only this is cheaper than a day pass. Basically this is the same price as the old 2 hour pass only since they raised the price of the day pass it also raised the price of the AM-PM passes by the same increment over the 2 hour pass. So I will get the PM pass and go to the bank and find out who has my money without authorization. And then I will give them a new one, verbally, before I send LEO to arrest them. I don’t have much to steal, but I get really pissy about people stealing from me, especially when they clean me out. Seriously I was expecting to get the money that was stolen 9/3 back by Friday, not to have everything else plus a couple of bucks taken. Seriously, if you ever encounter a company called Just Answers on the web, shut down your browser and disconnect from the web. They never refunded my $5 trial membership, then they took $46, and I strongly suspect they are involved with the money vanishing from my account over the weekend. I will make another post later once I verify that one way or the other.

Changing Internet provider

The week-long outage and the failure to deduct that week from the bill, combined with a WiFi router limited to 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps through the RJ-45 jack, pushed me to check out Spectrum for our internet, phone, and TV service. Part of the problem I have been having has been with the router bottleneck, and part of the problem was the old equipment not working with my new laptop, but the biggest problem was not refunding money when there was no service. There have been 4 service interruptions of longer than 24 hours and not one adjustment of the bill to reflect that. What really made me decide to change was losing everything for a week, 25% of the service period, and no adjustment of the bill. That is theft and fraud in my eyes.

And of course my mind has been wandering around the place thinking about various vehicle projects I could be doing if I had money. Besides the Sprint-T I have been thinking about a SCCA A-Mod Solo racer, with several variations for powerplant and drive train. I looked at everything from a 670cc Predator V-Twin to the LS1 from the Dale Truck, with a couple of other motorcycle engines thrown in for good measure. I only do that when I’m bored or upset, and Thursday night I was both.

And I’m back, sorry. The battery on the laptop doesn’t last very long and it shut down in the middle of composing this and then I had to leave for meeting a family friend for dinner that turned into an overnight stay with my daughter and her family. Dinner was a cheeseburger with enough meat to feed an Ethiopian family of 4 plus two orders of fries and all the Diet Coke I could drink, while Mrs. the Poet had the quesadillas and tea. I’m slightly embarrassed at the size of the burger, but anything smaller was on the kids only menu, or like Mrs. the Poet’s dinner on the appetizer menu. I really wanted a burger, so that’s what I got. And in a few more days I’m going to get a similar one for free for my birthday. Where’s that eye-bulging emoji when you need it?

Role playing is fun

Well yesterday we finally managed to get a game in. We finished up dropping the toxic shaman off for the reward and picked up a Chicago style pizza for a late lunch/early dinner before flying back to the Metromess. Before we could even get through customs we got notice that there was another job waiting for us. The team is going to retrieve a magical artifact from a dugout in Egypt, without our regular weapons…

Now getting to the game was a bit of a laugh. Just as I got to the bus stop I got a text that someone was coming to take me to the game. Fortunately I hadn’t bought my pass and saved $1.50 because I only had to pay for a PM pass. Like I said, getting there was easy, but getting home was a tiny bit dicey as I was a bit slow off the line on the way home and just got to the bus stop at the scheduled arrival time, but then I got really worried as the bus was about 5 minutes late. Fortunately the bus caught up to schedule and I caught the last bus home without problem.

Backing up from the trip home to the actual game session my sleep schedule was screwed up all weekend long, extending back to Thursday. Basically I had one good solid sleep from Thursday through Sunday with no sleep at all Saturday night, and I was fighting to stay awake during the game, and sometimes I lost that fight. But I had time to upgrade my armor that let me down during the KillDeer arc. I’m thinking I have enough money to get some serious armor after this arc, but since we were literally given enough time to shower and do laundry all I realistically had time to do was buy an armor jacket that was higher rated than my old lined duster. In game time there has only been 3 days since I got killed by the KillDeer.

I’m seriously looking forward to this arc as a place my character can shine, as it was built as a melee fighter and we are doing an old-fashioned dungeon crawl in what has been described as either a buried pyramid or a dugout tomb complex, with multiple burial sites inside the site. I’m using borrowed weapons except for the Cybershot and my katana.

Not a good day, but not a bad day

This is a bad weather day, pretty much rained all day with a small pond in the back yard. The cats had interesting reactions, Clyde went out and played in the rain and mud, while Clint moped around the house and complained about the rain like an old man. Whatever, it never got above 80°F all day between rain pulling cold air from the upper atmosphere, clouds blocking the sun, and a weak cold front passing through.

Now the circle on the Sprint-T has come back around to the LS engine with the possibility of winning the LS1 engine from the Dale Truck Pulling the engine on the Dale Truck From reliable sources on the internet (assuming the scale in that YouTube video was accurate) the engine weighs 400 pounds ± with fluids and exhaust headers. This is a scoshi bit more than the Subie with the T5 transmission, and does not include the fact that because of the weight I can’t offset the engine far enough to the right to make room for a clutch pedal, so I will have to use an automatic transmission which adds 162 pounds with fluids for one designed to mate to an LS engine, or if I can find a bellhousing that will fit an LS they make 70 pound Powerglides. That would require running a ridiculously high final drive, and basically result in a car that never gets out of first gear in town, or on the autocross course, but I could make it work. Running the numbers though I think I could get better race times with the 162 pound transmission as well as better gas mileage. Also going back to the V8 means a slightly heavier frame to support the larger engine because the engine mounts are wider apart than on the Subaru.

We also went grocery shopping today, and as Mrs. the Poet keeps saying, we need to stop eating. We bought a few things we could probably do without but still including feeding the cats for the month we spent $70 this week for just two people. But if we limit just to the cats and poor people food we still spent over $50 this week on essentials, and the cheapest essentials at that. Food has gotten stupid expensive around here, no kidding. Both the discount groceries on this side of town shut down a few years back, but at least we aren’t stuck with a Whole Paycheck as the only close option, just a Neighborhood WalMart and a Tom Thumb that are close enough for the ice cream not to melt before we could get home on the bus, and the WalMart is pushing very hard on that time limit depending on the time of day.

Something interesting I have noticed is all my earbuds have frequency response that changes with the volume setting on my phone, I get more bass the higher I crank it, and when I have just enough volume to hear I get mostly midrange and higher. Very odd, that. I don’t know if the phenomenon is because of the earbuds physical size, or because of the fact I have 60 YO ears and I spent a lot of time around unmuffled racing engines and machine guns in addition to getting my bell permanently rung in 2001. It could be a mix of the two. Anyway current writing jam is a little heavy metal Grieg by Apocalyptica, Hall of the Mountain King, on YTM. It’s on my public playlist Violent Songs, and short of using actual people as percussion instruments it doesn’t get more violent than this performance.

Not very productive day today

Actually I could say that about any and every day since I stopped reporting on bicycle safety in this blog. What used to be my work and contribution to society was making me crazy depressed, and adversely effecting my health physically and I’m better off for having quit, but sometimes I miss that contribution to society.

Well today (Wednesday, actually yesterday by the time this gets published) I got an early start because I couldn’t get to sleep from Tuesday. I took care of as much as I could before noon because I needed to go to the bank to deposit a payment to Mrs. the Poet, go next door to the bank to pay the utility bill, and then pick up my pulls from the local comic store since they sent me a notice that they were expecting then this Tuesday. Did this after noon because I was taking advantage of a change in the local transit fare structure which has a PM Pass that basically is a day pass for my sleep patterns that costs me $1.50 from Noon to the cessation of services for the day. Well no such luck. I did get the check deposited, and the utility bill paid, but when I got to the comic book shop I was informed that both my comics had been delayed from shipping for a week and I needed to come back next week.

Then I went and had lunch at the Jack in the Box across the parking lot and had the thing where they poured white cheese sauce over hash brown patties with meat and (a) veggie. I had the jalapeño bacon version of the dish, the pepper doing duty as the vegetable this time, with the bacon coming in as bigger than bits, but much smaller than full strips, about bite sized. Overall I think that as a light snack with a drink this is pretty good, or as a hearty side dish even. It’s a little on the greasy side, but what do you expect from a place that puts butter in their burgers? If I was having a big meal this or one of the other two versions and their Jumbo Jack and a drink would be a huge meal. Not an “every day” meal, but a good “special occasion” meal. Seriously, don’t have that combination every day, you’ll take years off your life.

I then got home a bit before 1600 and talked with Mrs. the Poet about the lack of success for the mission before collapsing in the bed for a bit, not getting much sleep again because I just couldn’t get comfortable. I really need to get a new mattress or futon for this bed. Also I have some bug bites that also contribute to not being able to get restful sleep, because they itch and are in places I can’t reach to scratch. I played around a bit on my phone reading Twitter and stuff as I tried to get some sleep after dinner but not much success in that, and then I got up and took care of e-mail and composed this blog post. I spent a lot of time not asleep when I should have been sleeping, and I’m still in heavy sleep deficit. So it’s now 0515 as I finish this up and make another attempt at sleeping.

Another short post

I had an interesting message from the book of faces today asking what I had planned for my birthday. This will be a milestone birthday for me as I turn 60 this year. And Mrs. the Poet turns 65 this December, so she’s wanting to do something big. Big as in trip to Vegas or Hawaii big. What she’s having the problem with is the budget for the trip is almost the same as the budget for putting the central AC back on line, and the time for the trip is also the perfect time to fix the AC.

So maybe this would be a good time to get the AC fixed? And make Mrs. the Poet happy. Comments please.

It was an “Interesting” weekend

This weekend I celebrated not getting killed, my grandson’s birthday, and a memorial for a dear friend all in the space of three days.

The plan for Friday was to get burgers from the local king of burgers with coupons we get in the newspaper, but first Mrs. the Poet decided it was too hot for her to stand out in the sun and I should get one of the specials that had two burgers and bring her back one, then I waited until 2 buses should have passed before it got too late to get back home and admitted defeat and returned to Casa de El Poeta minus burgers, so we had breakfast for dinner instead.

Saturday we celebrated the grandson’s 6th birthday with a bowling party, pizza, and of course cake and ice cream. The grandson asked for an “Ice Cream Flavored” cake, which his mother decided was chocolate marble. He got lots of presents. Because nobody told me what he’s into this year he got a card with money instead of a present.

Then we had the memorial service for my friend who died suddenly while in a nursing home, her condition went from “not bad” to “dead” in about 2 hours. There was an underlying condition that was the reason she was in the nursing home, but that wasn’t what killed her, she died from cellulitis, but was in care because of complications from an amputation. The service was very nice, with our religion’s sharing of bread and wine and a sharing of memories of her life.

And then this morning I woke up with fingers that didn’t quite work right. I managed to get breakfast and this blog post but it was uncomfortable to do it. I don’t get many bad days from my arthritis that I have had all my adult life, but today is one of the really bad ones. It’s really fun (not fun) trying to type as moving the fingers side to side just ain’t working.

Seventeen years dead, let’s partaaaayyyyy!!

As I type this it is exactly 17 years to the minute that I died from getting hit by a truck going 60 MPH. The fact that 2 minutes later I was complaining to the people scraping me off the street that the upper end of my femur was broken is why I celebrate that.

Mrs. the Poet thinks I’m way too morbid about getting killed, but I keep trying to explain I’m celebrating the coming back, not the getting killed, but also you can’t have Easter without Good Friday, so why not have a party for the day I got killed. And since we be p’ (can’t buy a vowel poor) the party is coupon burgers at the Burger King. The rest of you celebrate however you like, don’t mind what I do.

Also I’m taking a shot at the LS1 engine that Cleetus McFarland is giving away so I have an engine for the Sprint-T. FYI Cleetus is a YouTube channel that defies description beyond “rednecks having too much fun with cars”. Garret Mitchel is the guy playing Cleetus and he’s a decent drag racer and project manager and the current project is re-engining the Dale Truck, an old Craftsman Truck Series (Cabella’s Truck series starting next year) race truck painted to resemble Dale Sr.’s #3 race car he was driving when he was killed. Anyway he’s swapping the LS1 that replaced the small block race engine when the truck was converted for street use to an LS7 with about 50% more HP. The LS1 would be a great engine for the T, first and foremost because it would be an engine I would have in my hot little fist(s) and I could build the rest of the chassis around it. I need to buy something off the web site to qualify for it but I really need another hat so that’s not a problem.

And that pretty much covers it.

I’m in pain

My toes are purple and my leg and foot hurt any time I’m not lying down. I’m going back to bed and hoping the pain goes away on its own, because my digestive system can’t handle any more ibuprofen for a while.