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The Sunday Feed

This is my first attempt at creating a post with links with this blog software, so I hope it works. For my new readers what I’m doing here is linking to reports on the Web of bicycle wrecks or issues pertaining to bicycle safety. After I show the link I make comments about the report, and if there was any way to avoid the incident I hindsight it for you, so that in a similar situation you can do whatever is needed to keep you safe or not do what creates or puts you into a dangerous situation. I usually hand code links, because when I used the MySpace linkerator I still had to hand code it to open in a new tab or window, depending on your browser. Since I was already hand coding part of the link I just went ahead and did the whole thing by hand. edit 14:13 I tried to use the linkerator here, but I couldn’t get it to work, so I just went back to hand coding the links.

Up first from Canadia is a double report on an assault with a deadly weapon against a cyclist with blunt trauma amputation. Injured cyclist focuses on survival and a dryer less sensational report Driver facing charges after cyclist seriously injured Notice that in the Star report they were mostly basing their report on interviewing the victim in the hospital, where the CP24 report was based on what was at the scene of the crime. Notice the picture of the remaining portion of the amputated leg in the Star report, and the picture of the blood stained concrete pole the cyclist was crushed against in the CP24 report. Now, how can you avoid becoming like the cyclist in this story? Carry an Uzi in open carry? Don’t argue with armed idiots? Immediately call police when struck by a vehicle? I really don’t know how to protect yourself from someone like the cabbie in this story, except to not be where he is, which when you get right down to it is not an option either. If we avoid having to deal with people like the cabbie we end up ceding the streets to armed thugs with cars. I won’t have the streets I paid for with my taxes being overrun with idiots, so that is not an option for me.

From Jolly Olde is a report on the “other” problem faced by bicyclists, that of sidewalk riding. Pensioner injured by cyclist backs campaign to stop people riding on the pavements Can’t ride on the sidewalks, get killed on the roads, Hobsen had a plethora of choices compared to this situation. My take is not to ride on the sidewalks, then charge the governing authority with negligence if you get hit riding in the roads. Actually I’m on the don’t ride your bike on the sidewalks (or pavements as they are called in the UK) side of the story, bikes belong on the roads.

And that’s the Feed for this cool and blustery Sunday.

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Welcome to the blog

Welcome to my blog. This is the third home for my blog which has moved from an adult dating site, to MySpace, to WordPress. The major theme of this blog will be bicycle safety, how not to get hit riding a bike on the roads. I will be linking to many news items from all over the world, but mostly from the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.
Right now I’m going to let you know a bit about how I think. First of all I’m not one of those car-hating bike people. I love cars and always have. It’s the mess people make with cars that I’m having a problem with. Motor vehicles create lots of problems even when nobody gets hit with one, like pollution, obesity, vast chucks of land being paved over to give people a place to put their cars when they aren’t using them (parking lots) &tc. Let’s face it, cars are a mess when not used properly, and our culture is extremely car-abusive. How many people do you know who drive on trips of less than a mile? Most of the people I know do, and that includes a lot of people who should know better.

There is a major supermarket just under a mile from here (0.99 miles, but that is still less than a mile) and all my neighbors take their cars even just to pick up a loaf of bread or quart of milk. I walk. Now this doesn’t mean I’m running for some kind of ecological sainthood, after all I could ride my bike. But I like walking, walking is good for me as long as I don’t try to carry the entire store home in my reusable canvas tote, and it’s free. I’m making modifications to my wife’s bike to carry large amounts of groceries home from the store because otherwise it makes our backs hurt to carry them on our backs. I have my own bike that I’m doing pretty much the same to. except I’m also making it capable of carrying my camping gear for a week. This way we can carry bulk items that are too heavy to carry in the totes or in backpacks.

When I don’t walk I usually ride a bike, except when I have to take a bus to get somewhere and not be out of breath and sweaty, like when I visit the lab rat keeper AKA as my doctor. I’m one of those people who tests medication to make sure it’s safe for you to take. It’s a heck of a deal, I take meds that could kill or injure me, but I get treated for free. Otherwise my hypertension (fancy word for high blood pressure), would go untreated and I might be dead from a stroke or aneurysm by now. The drug companies get something, and I get something. I think it’s a fair trade.

Anyway, starting tomorrow I’m going to be giving you the Feed, a digest of all the bicycle wrecks I can find, or rather that Google Alerts can find. I present each story with it’s link(s), and then tell you how to avoid a similar wreck if possible. When I report stories from the UK it mostly isn’t possible to tell you how to avoid a similar wreck because they don’t tell what happened in the wreck, they leave out one of the “W’s”, you know “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How” that you learn in basic journalism classes.