Daily Archives: November 24, 2008

Pictures have been added, and I finally have a Feed

I haven’t actually seen my blog page with the pictures yet, I may have some serious HTML editing to do as I don’t do this very often. But I have a Feed to disseminate now, so Onward!

First up is a report on someone getting hit on a bike while crossing a busy road near San Antonio TX. Cyclist Killed on Austin Highway and Bicyclist killed crossing Austin Highway Apparently from comments that accompanied the article this was a light controlled intersection, but it is unclear at this time if there is any way for cyclists and pedestrians to activate the light to cross the road. There are a large number of intersections where the light will only change for a motor vehicle and there is no option to push a button to change the light for pedestrians or cyclists.

From Jolly Olde comes a report on another Scottish cyclist getting hit. Cyclist Killed After Collision This is a typical UK wreck report, in that while we know the victim had recent facial reconstruction surgery after a brutal mugging, we don’t know which direction he was traveling when he was hit by a blue Ford Transit van.

And finally from Oz we have a report that the number of cyclists getting hit has doubled, but the number of cyclists in the streets and on the roads has more than doubled. Number of cyclists killed doubles in year This is another example of the “Safety in numbers” theory, which states that as more cyclists and pedestrians take to the streets and roads, the less likely that any one pedestrian or cyclist will get killed by motor vehicles.

And that’s the Feed for today, watch for further developments as they are sent to me by Google.

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