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Well until I can find the link posting problem and fix it on WordPress, I’m experimenting with formatting here. The Feed was only mildly aggravating today, with a very high signal to noise ratio.

One report hat had my blood at a low simmer was this one on a wreck during El Tour de Tucson. Search continues for motorist who hit pack of El Tour cyclists Yes he hit 10 out of a group of 60 cyclists, got out of his car, checked it for damage, then got back in his car and left the scene. Some people are just a waste of human skin, one wonders what other atrocities this man has committed recently. Now as to what you can do to avoid becoming a victim in a similar situation? Keep your head on a swivel and your fingers on the brakes, because people like this guy don’t give a tinker’s dam about you and your life or property. Having an Uzi set to full auto might help catch the guy, but then you would have to have been one of the riders that was missed by the car, and shot to stop his escape. I don’t advocate going Spike Bike on his posterior, no matter how much he needs the experience.

And another report on a similar incident has a man getting more than 6 year in prison for assaulting riders on a paid group ride using his motor vehicle. Man who struck cyclist gets 6.5 years in prison Slight correction to the headline, he didn’t strike one cyclist but 3, sending one to hospital. The other 2 only had injuries requiring first aid at the scene. Your best options for avoidance? Same as before, head on a swivel and fingers on the brake levers. In this case the cyclists weren’t even on the road, they were hit on the shoulder of the road. As the judge ruled this was nothing more than a case of assault with a deadly weapon.

Another OR incident has a man riding the wrong way on a highway, Ore. cyclist dies after collision with car What can I say? Ride with the flow of traffic as the law states. Riding against the flow places you in a position where drivers are not looking for you, and your speed is added to their speed resulting in reduced reaction time and a more deadly impact. In a city street collision a rider going just 10 MPH and a driver doing 20, going the same direction as traffic and getting hit from behind gives an impact speed of only 10 MPH which is within the design and certification specs of all helmets sold in the USA, and for unprotected impact (no helmets) still has a 90% survival rate. Riding against traffic raises that impact to 30 MPH more than twice the impact speed bike helmets are certified at in the US, and which has a survival rate of just 20%. I don’t know about you but a 90% survival rate is a whole lot better than a 20% survival rate.

And our final report is from South Africa where a cyclist was hit from behind on his bike and the driver actually talked to the injured man and then drove off. Cyclist in a rage after trucker breaks word Yeah, scum. What should you do? Well don’t trust any driver that says he’s going to go up the road to turn around and get help without getting his driver’s license first. Have some means of finding the driver if he absconds from the scene if at all possible.

And that’s all for today, more later.

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Disappearing links

I don’t know what’s going on but all my links have been removed from my blog posts. I write the posts, then save them and hit the button to make the post visible on the front page of the blog, then when I test the links there is nothing there. The text looks like a link, but there is nothing to click on when I mouse over them. I checked the FAQ to make sure WP doesn’t use some off flavor of HTML, but the FAQ instructions look exactly like the way I coded my links before I hit the button to let you guys see it. So can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, or am I just getting screwed by WP like I did from MySpace?