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Huge Feed today

Well we had a huge Feed today with a pretty good signal to noise ratio. That means that his is going to be a large post and have many links, and we have some stories with multiple links.

Our first story is an update on the El Tour de Tucson hit-and-run wreck.Driver who hit bike riders identified The authorities are not naming the perp because of fears for his safety? What about the safety of the people this sociopath almost killed? Or don’t they count just being bicyclists and all? I say give the man a choice, life in prison going out the back door of the courthouse, or let him walk out the front door into a mob of angry cyclists with U-locks and chains and frame pumps…It’s not like we have a shortage of used bicycle chains.

We also have a Big Story with lots of links from SoCal. Martinez cycling team member killed in hit-run and Martinez bicyclist killed in hit and run aaand Cyclist killed in Port Costa hit-and-run Yeah it looks like we have another sociopath on our hands… As for how to not get hit in the same situation, it appears you can’t. This person apparently deliberately took a human life and then left the dying body lying in the road.

Another update on that Broward county FL wreck from last week has the perp driving off the road to hit the cyclist. Bicyclist who died in accident west of Boynton Beach identified The original report had the cyclist in the middle of the lane, now they are saying the driver went into the bike lane and took out the cyclist.

And another FL wreck has a guy on a BMX bike making a beer run and getting hit crossing a busy highway. Bicyclist killed at CR 42 and U.S. 441 I didn’t see any lights on the bike in the pictures, probably a contributing factor. LEO stated there was an alcohol smell on the cyclist but it could have been the beer he was carrying spilled on him. As for how you can avoid ending up like this guy, well light up your bike, have a rack to carry your beer, and be the designated rider until you get home when you can consume alcoholic beverages.

More on that OR rider that was hit in the fog. Bicyclist killed in crash with Portland driver in heavy fog From other reports I have seen but can’t link to said this might be another case of crossing the center line rather than a wrong way cyclist, but since those reports have been removed then it seems like the rider was riding on the wrong side of the road. I don’t think I need to tell you how to avoid this situation on your own.

From down the roads in San Antonio another cyclist is hit, this time by two SUVs. Bicyclist Killed Along Austin Highway I still don’t know if there was a traffic light controlling the intersection and if there was could it be triggered by a bicycle. To avoid finding yourself in the same situation, assuming that the light wouldn’t change, you have to wait until you can see that you can get at least to the median on a divided highway or all the way across a multilane city street. In TX if the light won’t change then you can treat it as a stop sign and cross when you can see a gap.

From Northern CA is a colorful protest against a busy street with inadequate bicycle accommodations. Bicyclists on parade ride for new alternatives With all the people that have been killed or injured on this street something needs to be done, but IMHO it would be a whole bunch cheaper to give big fines to motor vehicles that don’t share the road with bicycles and use the money to run education programs that teach drivers and cyclists how everyone can share the roads safely.

In a bicycle related story a KS man is planning a 7000 mile trip down the eastern side of Africa. Hutch High graduate embarking on a bicycle journey through Africa I wonder who the math genius was that said Mr. Becker would average 62 miles a day for 100 days to go 7000 miles. I applaud Mr. Becker’s courage and daring in this endeavor.

In another big ride is a man riding 24 hours for charity on World AIDS Day. WORLD AIDS DAY 24-HOUR BIKE RIDE Again a worthy cause, one that I would be participating in if there was an event nearby.

From Canadia is a report on a Ghost Bike. ‘Ghost bike’ honours cyclist I reported on this wreck a day after it happened, as soon as I could find a link. The cyclist had filtered up alongside the truck that hit him, and was right crossed.

From Jolly Olde is a report on a BMX rider found unconscious and bleeding in the street. Police need help after BMX bike rider found dead Police don’t know if this was a hit-and-run or just a stupid stunt gone hideously bad.

And that’s the Feed for today, finally.

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