Nice quiet day today

Well except for one small item today’s Feed was a low level. I’ll get that one item out of the way first, my elder daughter was proposed to and accepted yesterday. This is the daughter that has been studying in Scotland for the last 3 1/2 years and was scheduled to graduate this July which appears to be on track to happen. So congratulations to Rachel in Scotland where nothing is crap.

First up is an article on dangerous infrastructure in Seattle. Bridge dangerous for bike riders To give you an idea of just how poorly thought out this was, look at the picture of the bike lane exit at the end of the bridge. To get off the bridge and back on the road a cyclist has to come to a stop and make 2 right angle turns or wait with the bike sitting crossways to oncoming bike traffic trying to get on the bridge. And after you get out of the bike lane your are dumped into a lane that has a high speed limit. And get on on the bridge requires crossing 4 lanes of traffic just to get to the bike lane. Whoever designed this bike lane never actually rode on a bike in traffic, I can say that with utter assurance.

We have another cyclist killed with “more conventional” weapons. Bike rider dead in shooting in Palmetto and Officials seek aid in death of cyclist This comes down to riding where you can be seen vs riding where the cars aren’t. Personally I don’t ride in alleys except as part of the initial ride (from my garage out to the street) or if the place I’m going has their bike parking in the alley. I have never been shot, but I have been hit by a maniac with a truck, so you pays your money and you takes your chances.

Another report on that CA rider who was hit-and-run. Reward Offered For Info On Fatal Cyclist Hit-And-Run As I posted yesterday it is becoming increasingly unlikely that they will find this driver unless somebody turns him in or he turns himself in.

And that’s all I have for you today.

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