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Small, relatively non-fatal Feed today

Well the morning Feed was relatively small, with no reports on dead motorcyclists or horseback riders, and only one new fatality for bicyclists, praise the deity of your choice. This blog is a religious act for me, but I’m really trying to not impose my religion on my readers. Now, on to the mayhem.

Our only US report is on the ride from the foot of the Queens bridge to protest the dangerous infrastructure that has created a Boulevard of Death. On a 12-Lane Road Riders With an Agenda All those lanes and no bicycle infrastructure is it any wonder that people don’t die by the ton lot on that street? The fact that they don’t die by the ton lot is mostly due to most people on bikes avoiding the street until the absolute last minute to get on the Queens bridge. The riders in this report had a police escort for part of the trip and they were still harassed and threatened during their ride. Not being able to use this street increases most bicycle commutes by at least a mile to a mile and a half each way.

For new readers to my blog, I have “pet names” for some of the Anglophone countries. I refer to Canada by two different names, from Manitoba on west I call Canuckistan, east of Manitoba I call Canadia. We had two reports from Canadia today, the first was an update on a cyclist injured by a right-hooking truck back in October. Cyclist run over by truck dies of injuries The identity of the cyclist is being withheld at the request of his family.

And our last report is also from Canadia, is about a cyclist hit by a police car on the sidewalk. SIU seeks witnesses to cyclist incident When I told my wife about this report she asked what a cop car was doing on the sidewalk in the first place, and even if he was pulling the cyclist over wasn’t hitting him with the car a bit over-reacting?

That’s all for now, but remember what the little girl said.

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Thanks to Patrick O’Grady

I really should have posted this sooner but with all the dead and injured cyclists plus having to filter the feed to get rid of the dead motorcyclists and horseback riders I’ve been a little busy lately and after posting my usual rants on the daily Feed I just didn’t feel like being creative and pulling more words from my brain.

The only reason this blog exists is because the head of Mad Dog Media went to his backup blog and created a post to be sure that it could be done with Firefox running under Linux. So you can thank (or blame) him for the dismal and voluminous news digest I have been posting every day. You can do so at his WP blog located at maddogmedia.wordpress.com or his hosted blog at Mad Blog Media where they practice “Arf for arf’s sake”.

Tell him Opus sent you.

The late Feed

We had a couple of items come in late tonight.

That girl that was hit head on by an SUV driving in the bike lane died yesterday. Young Bicycle Rider Dies 2 Days After Getting Hit Well now the stakes have been raised, the victim is dead. Now the charges start at manslaughter. From the pictures of the scene it appears the bike path was bidirectional and physically separated from the roadway by a grass verge. I know that’s not much of a barrier to an SUV, but still you would have to be willfully stupid not to notice you had left the road surface even in an SUV. Apparently taking that cell phone call was more important than a little girl’s life. The Christians have a place where the guilty suffer in torment for eternity, I think sending this driver there for a while might make her next life be a little more considerate of others instead of acting without thinking of the consequences.

A news report on what to bring on a ride after the bicycle and the ugly bike clothes. 9 items to pack on every ride While I might disagree on some items I think he has a well thought out list. As for what this list has to do with safety, obviously you have never had a breakdown along a busy highway.

And that’s the late Feed, as the little girl said about her chest watch this space for further development…

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