APB on this

This is a bicyclist APB for a total douche in a car. No I mean worse than usual douche in a car.

I had this in my earlier blog but this follow up is new. Car that hit cyclist sought This is as bad a sociopath as the driver that drove through the peloton in Tucson, and did pretty much the same thing, except this waste of human skin only hit the one cyclist, not the 10 of 60 the Tucson driver hit. Yes she got out of the car and looked at the cyclist (and presumably at her car) and then got back in and drove away. If you live in suburban Chi-town you need to keep an eye peeled for a white 2 door with front end damage and a waste of life shaped like a female human driving it. If you see the vehicle call Glen Ellyn police at 630-469-1187. Don’t blow it up, they need the vehicle intact as evidence. Feel free to blow up the driver, if it confesses to being the driver that hit the woman.

On a related note, does anybody know how much thermite on the hood of a car is needed to melt through the engine and render it useless? I’m brainstorming an idea for what to do with cars taken from drunk drivers to keep the drunks from ever driving them again. Thermite is good because the fire department can dump as much water as they want on it to keep any flammable liquids fires from getting out of control, without extinguishing the thermite reaction, so the rest of the car can still be sold for parts.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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