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The smell of fresh-baked bread

Ummm. I’m smelling the fruits of my labors, the first loaf of home-made bread I have baked in over 25 years. I used to bake bread all the time, but after a job change, and a new daughter that required moving an additional 12 miles from where I worked I no longer had the time to bake bread.

Well, now I do have the time, as baking and blogging can be multi-tasked. I can mix up the dough and let it do a first rise while I’m getting set up, then punch it down and form loaves for the second rise as I read the Feed. This gives the loaves time to get nice and fluffy, then I put them in to bake while I’m composing the post for the blog, and I’m usually half way through the post when it’s time to pull the loaves from the oven and let them cool. Of course that makes it hard to concentrate on the nastiness of dead and injured cyclists with that delicious smell wafting through the house.

As an additional cost-cutting move I’m doing a starter culture for sourdough so I don’t have to keep buying yeast every week. My expenses other than electricity for the oven are minimal, a little salt, a little sugar, a tiny amount of vegetable shortening, water from the tap, flour, and for the first batch active yeast. My biggest ongoing expense is the flour. My son insists on buying organic whole-wheat flour, and to be honest it seems to make a really good loaf of bread, and is supposed to have more nutrients than white flour, along with beneficial fiber. Also the organic is supposed to be free of harmful chemicals from pesticides and herbicides. Whatever, it makes a tasty loaf of bread.

Billed @$.02, Opus


Yuck, almost an all-sociopath Feed today

Well, today’s feed is a stomach churner. We had 5 reports, and there are 4 stories about sociopaths that killed or injured cyclists. By my math that leaves room for only one report about a killed or injured cyclist.

And out of respect we will lead off today’s report with that single story about a cyclist getting hit, in north Charlotte NC. Bicyclist hit, killed in Charlotte This was from a breaking news report, nothing yet on the mode of the wreck or if the motor vehicle driver remained at the scene. The comments section is of the usual high standards of the Internet.

Well, the 91 YO driver that hit 10 of 60 in a El Tour de Tucson peloton last month has been identified. Former A-bomb worker, 91, is ‘person of interest’ in El Tour crash Yes, this man was a key builder of not just one but 2 of the deadliest and most destructive weapons in the history of humankind, the A-bomb and the H-bomb. No wonder a few injured cyclists in the road didn’t bother him, he already has the blood of millions if not billions on his hands. Yeah, and thanks for making my childhood a living hell waiting for some crazy old man to push the button and destroy the world.

We had a double report on a woman that hit-and-run a cyclist back in September. Woman tried to disguise fatal hit-and-run damage and Woman charged in fatal crash with cyclist Well if the facts as the police are relating them are proved correct this waste of skin was so callous that she (or her lawyers) are contesting confiscating her vehicle to search it for evidence. The allegations are that after she hit the cyclist and left the scene, she then went and hit another vehicle in a parking lot to hide the damage. Incidentally I totally called this one back in September when it happened: Chrysler product and a woman driver.

Our final report is from the Toledo trial of a man accused of shooting a bicyclist execution style. Trial begins for man accused of killing Toledo cyclist Prosecutors are saying the cyclist was killed for being on gang turf as he tried to get to and from his job. The really disgusting part is that the accused bragged about the killing to friends and family. whether he did it or not bragging about killing someone because they rode a bicycle through your neighborhood is just vile.

Watch this space for further developments.

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Baby needs a new set of wheels

Well I think I found out why the rear derailler went through the back wheel about this time last year, the hub bearings are shot and there is enough play to wiggle the rim almost a half inch (1 cm) from left to right.

I haven’t taken the hub apart yet to inspect the bearings and their races, but if I’m lucky it’s just the bearings that need replacing, and not the cones and cups. If the cones need replacing I can still do that, but if the cups are shot I would be ahead just to buy a new hub and lace it to the old rim (which is still in great shape if a bit ugly with a capital UGH).

Or someone could go to Fat Cyclist, Join Team Fatty today and donate $5 repeatedly in my name at the link so that I could win the Dura Ace wheel set. Right off the bat you will be helping people live with cancer, people who are dying from cancer, and finding a cure for cancer, and also help Fatty and Susan. And if I win the wheels you will be helping me and my situation, since I’m like the barefoot shoemaker. I build bikes but I put all the best parts on my customers’ bikes, so at the moment the only 700c wheels I have are the ones installed on the bike.

You don’t have to let me have the wheels, of course. You could keep them for yourself, after all I am a bicycle mechanic (this career), and I could repair the wheel I have now.

Billed @$.02, Opus