Baby needs a new set of wheels

Well I think I found out why the rear derailler went through the back wheel about this time last year, the hub bearings are shot and there is enough play to wiggle the rim almost a half inch (1 cm) from left to right.

I haven’t taken the hub apart yet to inspect the bearings and their races, but if I’m lucky it’s just the bearings that need replacing, and not the cones and cups. If the cones need replacing I can still do that, but if the cups are shot I would be ahead just to buy a new hub and lace it to the old rim (which is still in great shape if a bit ugly with a capital UGH).

Or someone could go to Fat Cyclist, Join Team Fatty today and donate $5 repeatedly in my name at the link so that I could win the Dura Ace wheel set. Right off the bat you will be helping people live with cancer, people who are dying from cancer, and finding a cure for cancer, and also help Fatty and Susan. And if I win the wheels you will be helping me and my situation, since I’m like the barefoot shoemaker. I build bikes but I put all the best parts on my customers’ bikes, so at the moment the only 700c wheels I have are the ones installed on the bike.

You don’t have to let me have the wheels, of course. You could keep them for yourself, after all I am a bicycle mechanic (this career), and I could repair the wheel I have now.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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