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Another dead cyclist and what does your car really cost?

First up I had to share this guy getting killed on a bike, and then I found a link to what your car costs you every year, besides the $$ you shell out for gas oil and tires.

Dead cyclist. Bicyclist killed when run over by tractor-trailer in Sanford Sidewalk riding is bad, and can get you killed. Even if the guy had been crossing with the light cars still don’t see you on the sidewalk and right turning vehicles may hit you.

And do you know how much your car costs you? The true cost of our cars Yes, your car costs you an amazing amount of your life just keeping it on the road, and paying to run it is just the most visible part of that equation.

Well, that’s about it for the moment.

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Updates on Yesterday’s Late Feed

Well we had an update on one of the reports from yesterday’s late Feed.

It seems that traction was the problem rather than visibility as was originally reported. Crash on slippery Findlay road kills bicyclist It seems that nobody had any traction on the road at the time of the wreck, as everybody was sliding everywhere. I find it interesting the first driver was passing a cyclist who was riding on the right edge of the road, but swerved right to miss him? and then the second driver swerved right again to miss the first driver? It seems that if there is a fragile human being to your right that the only swerve you would make to avoid that person would be left.

If there is more later today you can be sure to find it here.

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The late Feed, and stupid politician tricks

Well I was checking my mail, and there was a complete Feed in there, all 4 searches. Ugly with a capital UG.

First up is a report on SF CA trying to make some desperately needed infrastructure changes in spite of a lawsuit trying to stop them. S.F. asks court to allow bike improvements I wonder how many dead cyclists can be blamed on the lawsuit from this imbecile? These were improvements that were ready to go back in 2006 when the lawsuit was started, and have been on hold since the nutcase filed lawsuit.

An OH cyclist is hit by 2 cars from behind. Findlay bicyclist killed on Bright Road Monday I mean, Wow. The bad luck of that dude, wasn’t getting hit by one car, he got hit by two. Apparently there was a visibility issue with the cyclist, but that wasn’t verified in the report. hey guys, if you ride at night you have to make yourself more visible The legal minimum is a tail light and a head light, but to be perfectly honest the legal minimums are just that, minimal. I use LED trailer lights and truck side markers, and MR16 spot lights as head lights. I have as much light as a car or motorcycle from behind and to the sides, and almost as much from the front. I get pulled over by cops that think I’m a drunk on a motorcycle sometimes, but at least I know they can see me.

Another trial for another sociopathic bicyclist killer. Driver who hit cyclist: ‘Sun blinded me’ The lieing SOB claimed the cyclist wasn’t wearing a reflective vest when he hit him, but witness testimony and crime scene photos showed the vest…As for what you can do to keep out of the same situation, well watch your six like your life depended on it. It does.

A driver fails to wait for a safe place to pass a bicyclist and he and his granddaughter pay the price. Careflight responds to injury accident The cyclist wasn’t injured, nor the driver of the vehicle that was hit. This could have been avoided with a little patience on the part of the driver that was injured, but try telling that to the Entitled American Driver.

From Jolly Olde comes a report on an injured cyclist. Teen cyclist injured in collision improving Not much except that he was hit by a Renault, at an intersection. Actually there is a lesson there, as most bicycle/car wrecks take place in or adjacent to intersections. You have threats from all directions in an intersection, so head on a swivel, don’t fixate on any one particular threat, and constant scanning. Remember you’re out there without weapons or armor, mobility and maneuverability are your only defenses.

And finally from Oz is a report on an infrastructure battle where car-heads are trying to split pedestrian advocates and bicycle advocates by deciding the two groups should share the same infrastructure. Pedestrians to share paths with bikes This makes as much sense as putting pedestrians in the same space with motor vehicles. Pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles need separate infrastructure, because of their speed and mass differences as well as the differences between traffic that is mostly on feet and traffic that runs on wheels. These politicians are just trying to be cheap. I have an idea that would be cheap, get rid of the cars and put the bicycles in the street and the pedestrians on the sidewalk. That wouldn’t cost anybody anything, and would completely stop all deaths from motor vehicles.

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