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Another Weak Feed

Well I took about 3 hours to winnow and filter the Feed this morning, and all I have to show for it are three linkable articles. I also have 3 loaves of sourdough bread rising after spending most of the morning mixing and kneading and cleaning. The first loaf just kind of “disappeared” in 2 days, people seemed to really like it. This batch is sourdough, but the first batch was a regular whole-wheat. I’m really hoping this batch works out, because I won’t have to buy yeast if it works.

First up in the hit parade is a cyclist that fell trying to avoid a parked car. Bicyclist injured on East Mifflin Yeah, either way this rider was too far to the right in the lane. You really should ride in the right tire track or further left to avoid the door zone and be visible to drivers. Also not riding in slick conditions would be a help, and head protection. This was exactly the kind of wreck the CPSC helmet standard was intended for, and as I keep saying, it’s not much but it’s the best we have.

A wounded cyclist thanks blood donors and makes a plea for others to donate. North cyclist makes festive plea to donors As another cyclist whose life was saved by donated blood, I also thank blood donors, and ask you to keep donating if you can.

And a hit-and-run from behind in Oz leaves a female cyclist seriously injured. Queensland Police Thursday Morning This is a police blotter report, the cyclist was first on the list.

Well, that’s about it. The loaves are in the oven, and the smell of baking sourdough bread is permeating the house.

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Where My Mind Is

Fred confesses to Joe

Yeah, that’s where my mind is, I’m still at the wreck. You can read about that wreck on the “About Opus” page.