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Another hit-and-run, and Bob Mionske

Well, the Feeds have been much smaller the last few days, thank the deity of your choice (I’m going to thank Lady Ghisallo). But while there are fewer dead and injured cyclists so far this week, that doesn’t make the news any less tragic for the ones that were hurt or killed.

The list of the dead and wounded has been amended by this report. CHP asking for public’s help in finding hit-and-run driver Another hit-and-run, what can be done about this? Well as I have posted before, one thing we can do is to make the penalty for leaving a wreck as bad as the worst possible penalty for staying. As it stands now all you have to do to avoid DUI or intoxication manslaughter charges is to leave the wreck site and stay away long enough to sober up, thereby destroying the evidence needed to prove DUI or intoxication manslaughter. I say raise the minimum sentence for hit-and-run to the minimum sentence for intoxication manslaughter, or even the maximum sentence for IM. Make the worst you can get staying at the wreck less costly than running, and people will stop running, because all you have to prove to convict on hit-and-run is the hitting part, and the running part. In legal terms you would have to prove they were driving the car that hit the victim(s), and then you would have to prove they didn’t stay at the scene of the wreck, given the limitations of the laws of physics. Obviously you are not going to prosecute someone that hits a pedestrian on a road with a 60 or 70 MPH speed limit, but stops within a quarter mile, but someone that stops a half mile away from a wreck on a 30 MPH speed limit street was probably trying to hide. I’m not a lawyer, I don’t even play one on TV, and I have never slept in any Holiday Inn Express, so I’m going to suggest this to the lawyers as a broad plan and let them sort out the details.

And speaking of lawyers sorting out the details, that’s exactly what Bob Mionske is doing in this installment of Legally Speaking. Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske – The real daily distraction We need to get this guy speaking to legislatures and police groups, when he’s talking to us it’s just preaching to the choir. Bob, if you read this you need to speak with groups that can make changes, not just groups of bicyclists.

And that’s all I have this morning. Keep an ocular organ pointed in this direction for further updates as they reach me.

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Another Weak Feed, Pt. ?

Yes, I got another short Feed, actually a single search report. There was some good news in it that I thought I should share with you right away instead of waiting until the morning. I like to share good news even though I normally have only bad news to share.

The good news is this report of another bicyclist finding a bike cop unconscious in the street and managing to summon aid on the officer’s radio. S.L. police honor cyclist for aiding unconscious officer Evidently the cop was riding on the sidewalk (as bike cops tend to do) and hit a garbage can and ended up in the street where the other cyclist found him.

And the stuff I usually get to show you from a new place, the Cayman Islands. Cyclist injured The car hit the cyclist’s rear wheel? Yeah that sounds like an accident, “Officer I never saw him” with the cyclist’s blood all over the front of the car. Actually that part I’m just making up because I’m mad I had to report an injured cyclist right after the good news about the bike cop.

And that’s all so far, and like the little girl said, watch this space for further developments.

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