Another Weak Feed, Pt. ?

Yes, I got another short Feed, actually a single search report. There was some good news in it that I thought I should share with you right away instead of waiting until the morning. I like to share good news even though I normally have only bad news to share.

The good news is this report of another bicyclist finding a bike cop unconscious in the street and managing to summon aid on the officer’s radio. S.L. police honor cyclist for aiding unconscious officer Evidently the cop was riding on the sidewalk (as bike cops tend to do) and hit a garbage can and ended up in the street where the other cyclist found him.

And the stuff I usually get to show you from a new place, the Cayman Islands. Cyclist injured The car hit the cyclist’s rear wheel? Yeah that sounds like an accident, “Officer I never saw him” with the cyclist’s blood all over the front of the car. Actually that part I’m just making up because I’m mad I had to report an injured cyclist right after the good news about the bike cop.

And that’s all so far, and like the little girl said, watch this space for further developments.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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