A big Feed with high signal to noise ratio

Yes we had a big Feed today, and the high signal to noise ratio means there are a lot of links today. So hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Up first is an update on the trial of the man that executed a cyclist for riding in his gang’s turf. Man guilty of fatal July shooting of South Toledo cyclist Yes there wasn’t much question about the verdict, the idiot had bragged about shooting the victim to several people. Now we have to wait for the sentencing phase of the trial to find out how many years he’s going to get. There is a possiblility he caould get life without parole.

An update on that wreck in SoCal. Bicyclist killed in hit-run ID’d as Alpine resident The video of the wreck indicates this may have been a deliberate action on the part of the driver.

Update on a wreck reported on earlier, it appears that truck didn’t actually hit the cyclist, just passed too close and startled him into falling. Injured cyclist may not have been hit by truck Still an at-fault wreck for the truck driver in my book. But then I usually don’t get to call these.

This report was so rushed about all it has to say is there was a bicyclist killed> Bicyclist killed in collision with vehicle in Dade City Yes, the driver of the car was not injured, shocking isn’t it?

An IL rider gets hit and can’t speak for himself, but drivers say he was wandering from the shoulder to the lane. updated 12/5: Cyclist killed in Palatine crash Not much more to say about this one unless the rider gets a chance to tell his side.

Yet another cyclist gets hit-and-run. Southern Pines police release name of cyclist killed I don’t know if the driver was a stripper, but she was coming home from work at a strip club. That indicates a possible drunk driver, who left the scene of the wreck and wasn’t tested until later.

“I was there” testimony of the survivor of a drunk driver hit-and-run that killed his friend. Bicyclist tells about wreck that killed pal If you haven’t been following this, the kids were on their bikes on the gravel shoulder about 8 feet from the road surface when they got hit. The driver was tested about 2 or 3 hours after the wreck and had a .249 BAC, which is more than 3 times the legal limit. Defense is trying to claim that confusing road markings caused her to hit the cyclists, and that she would have hit them even if she had been sober. I say if she would have been so confused as to drive 8 feet off the road even if she was sober, then she should just turn in her license and shoot herself and save us the cost of giving her the needle.

Another WP blog has an article on keeping score on good drivers VS bad drivers. Keeping Score One cyclist kept count of all the cars that he interacted with (passed, passed by, met at intersections) and also kept track of “naughty” and “nice”, and came up with a .01% naughty ratio. That’s all well and good, but that means that every 2 or 3 days a frequent rider may run across a homicidal maniac. Them’s not good numbers…

From Jolly Olde a kid trying to cross the road through a gap in a hedge gets hit and hurt. Cyclist injured on Braywick Road slip road Yeah, that wasn’t very smart. Popping out of a hedge into a road with a relatively high speed limit gives almost zip reaction time for oncoming drivers.

Also from the UK is a wreck where the driver claimed the cyclist came off the sidewalk and into the lane. Cyclist injured after collision with lorry on A43 Police are asking for other witnesses to the wreck to come forward and say what happened, because the cyclist was unconscious after the wreck.

That was the Feed for the day. Keep an ocular organ pointed in this direction for more information.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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