I told you I’d be back

Yeah, I said there would be more in my inbox, and there was. There was also a metric buttload of motorcycle wrecks. I hate to keep harping on this theme, but about half of the motorcycle wrecks were single vehicle wrecks where excessive speed was a major factor. The other half were right hooks and left crosses just like us bicyclists.

First of a couple of updates is the funeral announcement for the SoCal rider that was killed in a hit-and-run. Funeral Tuesday for Bicyclist Killed in Alpine The good news was they caught the driver, ironically in a bar across the street from the crash site. The bad news is the funeral for the cyclist will be Tuesday.

Another report on the Bike Ninja that was hit by three cars running from robbing a Family Dollar store, with a new bit of information. Robber Hit and Killed Can you believe it, he was wearing dark glasses as well as black clothing and riding a bike with no lights or reflectors. I have a Darwin Award nomination candidate right here…

In new news is another hit-and-run on a cyclist, this time an 81 YO man in a parking lot. Naples police: SUV struck 81-year-old bicycle rider The vehicle hit the man and then left at a high rate of speed, that really sounds like it was an accident.[/sarcasm] I hope they catch the guy that was driving the car.

One more example of why you should always ride with traffic, not against it. Girl injured in car-bike accident I can’t stress enough about riding with traffic when you ride, but the people I need to reach on this one are not the people that read this blog. All my readers know enough to ride with traffic at the very minimum. Well that and the pedals go round and round to make the bike go, but I don’t want to insult your intelligence. I do want you to ride and survive.

More useless lawyer talk. Negligence Of A Bike Rider Can Cause Traumatic Injury To Another Bicyclist in Venice Beach This guy is no Bob Mionske not by a long shot. I can sum up the article thusly: “When riding your bike you have to be careful or you might injure yourself in such a manner that there’s nobody to sue and I’ll be out of work.”

And that’s a wrap, for tonight, it has been a long day and I’m tired.

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