Is no news really good news?

Well if your stock in trade is news about people getting killed or injured while riding bicycles, I guess a slow day is a good day. Today is such a good day that I have nothing to write about. I already did my “Fair taxes for road users” post once this week, and I really don’t want to re-do the “Transportation in a post-oil economy” post on WP so soon after I did it on MS. I did get a Feed this morning, but all that was in it was articles about people crashing motorcycles and one guy that got hit while riding his horse. I can’t do a blog post about some guy that got hit riding his horse, well I suppose I could but really there isn’t anything applicable to bicycle riders in the article, the car that hit him went out of control on a highway and slid into an equestrian trail adjacent to the highway and the guy and his horse happened to be there to be hit. The driver had nothing against horses as far as I know and the horse wasn’t using a road or highway, it was just a freak accident caused by the driver going too fast for conditions and losing control of the car. Oh yes, the horse had to be destroyed because of the injuries, but the rider was only shaken up, and the car was totaled. That part about the car was no surprise to me as 2 of the 3 motor vehicles that have hit me were totaled, and I’m nowhere near as heavy as a horse.

I’m kinda stuck in my house today as there is ice everywhere and my cold weather gear is not up to conditions we have today. I suppose if I put everything on I could ride without danger of frostbite but hypothermia would still be a possibility. See that’s the problem with living in N TX, we get cold enough to need really warm clothes, but only for 2 or 3 days at a time with maybe 2 weeks of really cold weather. I have seen daytime highs in the teens F, but that is such a rare situation that it made front page headlines in the newspapers back when the Dallas area had more than one daily paper. That should give you an idea of how long ago that was. Most of the time it is so mild here that there was one winter I went the entire season without having to wear long pants, and I didn’t get cold.

I will have to be riding the last 3 days of this week, as I have events at my church that require my attendance. Tomorrow we have Full Moon, Drum Jam is Friday, and our long range planning meeting is Saturday, to be followed by the Altar Swap Meet, and cleansing and consecration ritual for the newly acquired altar pieces. So I’m probably going to get at least 21 miles this week on the bike.

Also I have to do some baking in the next couple of days as we are out of bread. Unfortunately we are also out of flour, which is going to make baking bread a little tricky, until someone either gives me money to go buy flour or buys the flour themselves. I hate being broke, I hate being unemployed. I like this gig, but to be brutally honest the pay sucks. There ain’t any pay here but I’m hoping I can get a gig with the local paper. If you know someone with the Dallas Morning News could you point them at this blog?

Billed @$.02, Opus

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