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More dead and injured cyclists, plus a little stupidity for your enjoyment

Well I guess it was too good to last, we had a batch of dead and/or injured cyclists in the Feed this morning. There were also a large number of safety related stories that didn’t involve dead or injured cyclists, which is a good thing I guess. Improved safety that doesn’t involve killing or injuring cyclists first is always a good thing, improved safety that doesn’t involve killing or injuring anybody is even better but our human inability to exercise foresight is the issue there.

One of those safety articles that is not cyclist-specific but was cyclist inspired is this one from Colorado. Cyclists want phones out of cars This is an issue that affects everyone on the roads, but since it appears that cyclists are getting the brunt of the deaths and injuries from this condition we have been the vanguard of the movement. For those who have not been regular watchers of the show MythBusters it has been proven by repeated studies (and TV shows) that you actually drive better when legally drunk than while talking on a cell phone Killer Brace Position the cell phone experiment was considered secondary to whether or not the brace position will kill you in an airplane crash. A listing of other studies can be found in Wikipedia Mobile phones and driving safety What is surprising was in the comments to the initial article how many people were resistant to calls for restricting cell phone use while driving, saying that they had used a cell phone while driving and nobody had been hurt, as if their experience would cover the entire population.

In PA there was another hit-and-run against a cyclist. Bicyclist Injured in Hit and Run I’m going to make one of my predictions here, that the car was a 1969 or ’70 Ford Falcon driven by a white male around 30 YO. If we get any followup on this story I’ll let you know how close I was to getting it right. So far I’m batting about .500 on my predictions where the crime has been solved, which is well above what I would get by pure chance. As far as the mental state of the driver prior to the crash I’m getting a blank, which may have been the state of the driver, mentally blank. To avoid this the best you can do is keep the old head on a swivel, and keep one eye peeled on your six o’clock. Rear view mirrors help considerably.

Unless you can outrun a bullet I don’t see any way to avoid becoming involved in a situation like this one. West Palm Beach: Bike rider, 24, shot and killed Yeah, when the shooting starts it’s already too late for a cyclist to do anything except dive for cover, and maybe return fire if you have the capacity.

From Jolly Olde another cyclist is hit by a semi, or as they call it an HGV. Cyclist injured in HGV crash I keep saying this because it’s true, give as wide a berth as you can to semis and other large vehicles like buses. They have huge blind spots that can hide whole fleets of bicycles, small buildings, low flying aircraft… and their sheer mass makes them dangerous to vehicles smaller than them. No kidding one of my truck driving friends knocked down a small out building, and never knew it until he was asked about what happened. He was loaded to just under the max weight limit of 80,000 pounds at the time, so his vehicle out weighed the building by about 2-1, and he never felt a thing.

Also in the UK was this wreck at rush hour. Cyclist seriously injured in rush hour crash What is fortunate in both these wrecks was the cyclist was not killed.

Finally (and not a moment too soon for me) in the African country of Tanzania is a police blotter report of a killed cyclist. Home News The initial report states this wreck was the cyclist’s fault, but the driver leaving the scene has me questioning that.

And that’s all I have for you today. I hope this was an enlightening post for you.

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Finally a Feed

Well I finally got a Feed in that had stories about bicycles. Actually “story”, it was the same story word for word in two different newspapers. I’m including both links because the comments sections were different. Neither was worth a flying fickle finger of fate, but I don’t censor (I edit, there’s a difference). The article itself was good, but after reading somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 Ghost Bike stories just in the last 9 months there isn’t much you can say about Ghost Bikes that I haven’t already read at least once and more likely ten or fifteen times. After all, there is just so much you can truthfully say about monuments to fallen cyclists. The comments section will take care of the untruthful things.

The links; Bike crashes a grim reminder that death lurks at every intersection and the same title at a different newspaper Bike crashes a grim reminder that death lurks at every intersection Not much more I can say about this, but I am starting to get a little tired of seeing the same old hateful comments.

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