Good news on the assaulted cyclists front, plus a buncha other stuff

Well, we had good news on the assaulted cyclists front as the man driving the car that ambushed a cyclist with a shotgun and killed him got a stiff prison sentence (but not enough) and LA CA is going to try that “doctor” that used his Infiniti as a weapon against 4 cyclists in Mandeville Canyon on 2 separate occasions. We also have news about the typical “stuff” that goes on with cars and cyclists. You might also want to check yesterday’s late reports on Glenda Rumsey (I mis-spelled it yesterday as Ramsey) being convicted of manslaughter for killing Jose Rincon on the gravel shoulder more than 8 feet from the road surface while she was more than 3 times the legal limit for BAC at .249, .08 is the legal limit and .30 is the point where most people go into a coma. Glenda should have been taken off the roads long before this point but she slipped through the cracks in the system. Anyway, I went into that in a whole lot more detail in yesterday’s blog post, check it out.

Getting back to today’s news, we have 2 reports on the “good doctor” from Mandeville Canyon being bound over for trial on charges he assaulted cyclists near his home. Christopher Thompson to be tried in confrontations with cyclists and Mandeville Canyon Road Rage Case Moves Forward I’m going to be the voice of reason here shock. I say give him a modified form of deferred adjudication here, ban him from ever driving a motor vehicle except in a life or death emergency for the rest of his life, and if he’s caught driving, or even sitting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, then he has to do the maximum sentence for all the charges he’s facing, consecutively. Unlike normal deferred adjudication this will not have an expiration date, and serving the sentences will not get him out of further punishment should he drive again after getting out of prison. If he gets caught driving after he gets out of prison then the previous terms are wiped out and he has to do the whole string all over again from the beginning. If he stays out from behind the wheel then he gets to live his life relatively unencumbered by his previous actions. it’s a win-win situation, we don’t have to pay to feed and clothe him for an extended period and he is removed from control over his weapon of choice, a motor vehicle. Also in this manner he will be able to work and pay his debts to the cyclists he injured, for their medical expenses and loss of pay from being forced to take time off from their work.

From KC MO hunting down and killing a cyclist because you’re bored apparently is only a minor crime. Man sentenced to 15 years for killing KC bicyclist Apparently murder was off the slate when they did the plea bargain, and the judge was too gutless to ignore the plea bargain and sentence appropriately. This was not manslaughter, this was cold blooded murder for fun. I’m disgusted with this, all the way around. The only thing I can do is to hope that someone who was related to the victim is already on the inside and “prison justice” is served, because 15 years is a totally inappropriate sentence for what was committed.

My only other report we have from North America is about kids falling and injuring themselves, and of course bicycles are a major source of minor injuries due to falls, and also about 8000 deaths and serious injuries were as a result of interactions with motor vehicles. Falls cause kids 2.8M injuries every year Most injuries due to falls and bicycle wrecks that did not involve motor vehicles were minor or at the worst non-life threatening. The exception to that was of course falling from trees and other high places.

A rare report from the UK where it was actually possible to come up with an at-fault from the description of the wreck. Cyclist injured in Blackpool crash If you read the article with US sensibilities it looks like the cyclist is at fault, but they drive on the wrong side of the roads in Jolly Olde so the truck driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic and therefore was at fault. This would be the UK equivalent of a left cross, i.e. a right cross.

And from Oz is a story on a hit-and-run wreck that injured a cyclist and destroyed his bike (I’m assuming that tangled lump of wreckage in the photographs accompanying the article was the bicycle, we know it wasn’t the car). Cyclist in hospital after hit and run accident hit from behind, how do you avoid becoming a victim of this rare but deadly road wreck? Keep your head on a swivel, and have and use rear view mirrors like these Beer View Mirrors. By adjusting the bends in the spoke you can use these with glasses or attach them to your helmet so that you are never without a rear view mirror when you’re on your bike. If you can find some really rare brands of bottle caps you can get a unique accessory for your cycling ensemble. I’m building 2 for my helmet visor so when I’m in one of the inside lanes as I have to do to get to church every Sunday I can see who is coming up on the right as well as the left. I know it looks really geeky, but better to look geeky and be alive than to be cool in a coffin. You can be cool somewhere else that when you’re riding your bike.

And that’s all I have so far today. As the little girl said about her chest, “Watch this space for further developments!”

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2 responses to “Good news on the assaulted cyclists front, plus a buncha other stuff

  1. Hi,

    You posted on that they caught the driver that killed Mark Pendleton. I hadn’t heard anything – can you provide more info? He was my teammate.




  2. I posted a link to that story on 12/09, under the title “I Told You I’d Be Back”. The link was: Funeral Tuesday for Bicyclist Killed in Alpine. They actually caught the guy going into a bar across the street from the wreck site.


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