The Late Feed Pt. MYXPKLYX

That blog title was supposed to be the name of one of Superman’s foes but I couldn’t remember how to spell a name with all consonants.

The late Feed had a couple of reports on the same wreck in Seattle, a typical left cross wreck with an experienced and well lighted cyclist. Bicyclist killed in Renton crash with comments (for what they’re worth) and Bicyclist struck by car, dies in morning traffic collision without the comments. What can I tell you about the left cross? Some idiot waits until there’s no way for you to avoid getting hit and then turns in front of you, or waits a little longer and turns into you directly. There’s no way to avoid this, except be extra vigilant with your head on the swivel. You might try a helmet cam on a 1 hour recording loop to catch the wreck as it happens so your survivors have a video record to use as evidence in your wrongful death trial.

And in the good news but really bad news department they convicted that woman that was 3 times over the legal limit for intoxication when she killed Jose Rincon in Tucson over 8 feet from the road pavement surface on the gravel shoulder. Tucson woman convicted in crash that killed teen bicyclist Yes, this is another no-win situation. Sure we got a dangerous drunk driver off the roads, but we lost a really great kid in the process. In the long run we lost, big time. What would have been better was a law that would have kept Glenda Ramsey from getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle a few ounces of alcohol short of a coma and attempting to drive that motor vehicle. The only way this could be a winner would be to pass a law that prevents drunks like Glenda Ramsey from getting behind the wheel of a multi-ton killing machine. Not that just makes driving drunk illegal, because we already have a law like that and Jose can tell you it doesn’t do diddly, drunks don’t care that they’re drunk and might kill someone. I don’t know what to do that will still pass Constitutional muster, I’m not a lawyer. But I do know that something has to be done to keep habitual drunks like Glenda Ramsey from getting behind the wheel.

And in another farce, a man who was driving on a suspended license (which means you aren’t supposed to be driving a car) gets 30 days in jail for killing a cyclist. Man who hit and killed bicyclist with car gets 30 days in jail Thirty days in jail! You get more for killing a dog than you do for killing a cyclist. Where’s the humanity, where’s the justice? TANJ!

Keep an ocular peeled in this direction, something may happen.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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