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A practically non-existant Feed

Well there ain’t much to it, but here is the Feed. I waited until mid-afternoon but this was all I got, but you watch, now that I have posted what a weak useless Feed I had today, there will be scads of links pour into my inbox in additional Feed reports, that I will have to post in additional blog entries all night long…

From Jolly Olde, Wales to be precise, a 15 YO male was giving a 12 YO female a ride on his bike and got hit by a car. Cyclist, 15, seriously injured in North Wales collision Yes I know, that’s almost half the article in the intro, but if you have read any of my blogs for any length of time you know that is just the way things are with UK media. The story won’t come out until all the court cases are done, or the coroner’s inquest if there was a fatality, by which time nobody but me will care and media coverage will be limited to some obscure back section of some obscure newspaper that is the official record for that town and which doesn’t have a web site to be linked to, much less a searchable online archive. And so lessons on how to avoid winding up in the same situation are lost. And people wonder why so many wrecks in the UK seem to have the same pattern.

Disgustedly yours,

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What’s going on here?!

No Feed yet today, but I always check my blog stats before I do my posts. It’s kind of a feedback thing. I see what you like, and by my search terms I see what you’re looking for. And then I do what I damn well feel like anyway. You’ll be happy to know that, I’m sure. But one of the search strings that you have been using to find this blog has me puzzled, a “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?” kind of puzzled. That’s a search for “nudity”. Not naked people, but the word nudity. Up until this post where have I ever used the word “nudity”? I have no pictures in my blog, and I don’t recall ever linking to a report that had nudity or the word “nudity” in it, so “Wassup?” And why would search engines send people looking for “nudity” to my blog?

One thing I’m glad to see is that people are looking for specific wrecks when they come to my blog, and those are always wrecks that I have at least one link to and sometimes multiple links from several days. In that situation I’m glad to be serving my audience, because that’s what I would be doing anyway. More of that “do what I damn well please” attitude that has garnered my small but very loyal core following NOW RISE MY MINIONS! [ahem] excuse me, delusions of grandeur.

So I have established that I don’t do requests, but I do appreciate feedback. What do you like about this blog? What do you hate? And besides never having stories about dead cyclists because there are no more dead cyclists (other than by natural causes) what would you like to see? My majick does not extend to making all the cyclists and all the drivers smart enough to stop killing cyclists. I wish it did, that would make things so much easier. I would just cast a huge spell that would make everyone smart enough to not kill or get killed while just getting to and from where they need to go. I can’t begin to imagine the resources needed to cast such a spell, or the ethical implications inherent in casting such a spell, as it would be so far beyond my abilities to do such a spell, but it’s nice to contemplate the results.

One other thing, I don’t do love spells, so don’t even ask. It is another thing that falls under that “ethics” umbrella of things not to do. Love either happens or it doesn’t, but using majick to force someone to love you is just as wrong as any other form of slavery. So, I don’t do love spells. No, and stop thinking about it. Yes that means you, too. You know who you are, so stop.

I guess the above writings answer the question “Are you a real witch?” Yes I am a real witch. I have been Generic Pagan since 1989, and a dedicated witch since 1995. There are limitations to the use of majick that include making me rich. Majick cannot make you rich, or happy, or in love. It can help satisfy a few basic needs like food and shelter, but only you can make you happy. Rich is another kettle of fish, as far as I have been able to find out being a happy ethical majician and being rich are mutually impossible. The ethics of being rich in money are diametrically opposed to being happy. I would rather be happy. It is possible to not be poor and be happy, which would make me very happy, but let’s be honest. The very fact that you can read these words that I’m setting down makes me richer than 80% of the world’s population, I’m only poor by comparison to my neighbors and the federal poverty line. I miss very few meals, and I’m usually as clothed as I desire to be. And when I’m riding my bicycle I’m very happy, until the lack of a proper cushion on the seat makes my butt hurt, then I’m unhappy for a while, until I ride my bike again.

I have discovered the secret of life, for what it’s worth, and I’m willing to tell you what it is. THE SECRET OF LIFE IS TO FIND WORK THAT YOU ENJOY DOING Now I guess I’ll be drummed out of the guru union, but really that’s the whole thing right there. Make a living doing something you enjoy doing and you will be happy.

Now help me do something about all these dead and injured bicyclists, will you?
Billed @$.02, Opus

A partial Feed, but we have dead bicyclists

So far I only have the one search report (of four) in but it was a very deadly report. This one had a perfect signal to noise ratio, and every article was about a cyclist getting killed. Talk about your basic downer, there are days when I really hate my job. Welcome to one of them.

First up is an update and a coroner’s report on that left cross in Seattle. Bicyclist killed in collision identified The comments section is actually not too bad, which was a relief to my weary eyes.

Next we had a report on a wreck that I had read the comments to, but could not read the article when it was first sent to me, but now the article is readable. Hit-and-run victim was kind-hearted, hardworking The really hard thing was in the video, the little blinky light on the back of the bike, still weakly flashing to warn drivers that a bicycle was in front of them and to pass safely… with the back of the bike crushed almost to that little light. Hit-and-run, from behind. What can you do, besides install video cameras front and rear on your bike? Watch behind, check your six and make sure it’s clear, and watch your shadow from the headlights. If your shadow moves right then you are OK, but if your shadow doesn’t move, or moves left then dive for the ditch, that driver is trying to hit you. The comments for this article are kinda sad, too. Way too many people just don’t understand the law, and don’t care.

And finally, we have the cyclist crossing the highway. It seems that the Single Witness Suicidal Swerve isn’t good enough, too many people were catching that what was said and the mechanics of the wreck didn’t match up, so now we have the Single Witness Crossing Cyclist, where the only surviving witness claims the cyclist was crossing the highway in front of them. Funny how many times this happens, when there isn’t an intersection nearby or any reason to go from one side of the road to the other, like a store or any kind of building. Unfortunately in this wreck all we really know is the cyclist was killed. Bicyclist killed on southwest Missouri highway There was no mention of what intersection the cyclist was crossing at, or any nearby landmarks that a cyclist would have stopped at and then crossed the road to go home, or crossed the road to get to. There’s just nothing in the report, and nothing makes me more suspicious than no information other than from a UK report. For those of you not familiar, UK reports are forbidden from giving the details about the actual wreck as it may influence a jury that might be called to a trial about the wreck.

OK that’s all I have for this report, I’ll post more if I get it.

Billed @$.02, Opus