A practically non-existant Feed

Well there ain’t much to it, but here is the Feed. I waited until mid-afternoon but this was all I got, but you watch, now that I have posted what a weak useless Feed I had today, there will be scads of links pour into my inbox in additional Feed reports, that I will have to post in additional blog entries all night long…

From Jolly Olde, Wales to be precise, a 15 YO male was giving a 12 YO female a ride on his bike and got hit by a car. Cyclist, 15, seriously injured in North Wales collision Yes I know, that’s almost half the article in the intro, but if you have read any of my blogs for any length of time you know that is just the way things are with UK media. The story won’t come out until all the court cases are done, or the coroner’s inquest if there was a fatality, by which time nobody but me will care and media coverage will be limited to some obscure back section of some obscure newspaper that is the official record for that town and which doesn’t have a web site to be linked to, much less a searchable online archive. And so lessons on how to avoid winding up in the same situation are lost. And people wonder why so many wrecks in the UK seem to have the same pattern.

Disgustedly yours,

Billed @$.02, Opus

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