A strange Feed this morning

Well we had a bit of a strange Feed this morning, with no new wrecks, one report from 1890-8, a report on a safety rodeo in Miami, and a raffle to raise money for a custom bike builder that was caught in a chain reaction crash when 2 other riders touched wheels in a paceline.

First up is a report on bicycle activity in Idaho in the 19th century, when bicycles ruled the roads. Idaho History: Bicycles were all the rage in Idaho in the 1890s Yes, those were the days, prior to the dominance of the motor vehicle over the landscape. The roads pretty much sucked though. mostly dirt with some rare gravel to make it “all weather”. I think I would take gravel roads and no cars over perfect pavement covered in cars…

Kids in Miami learn “bike safety” that consisted mainly of telling the kids repeatedly to wear helmets. Kids learn safety at Miami Lakes Bike Rodeo I do wish these “safety rodeos” would place more emphasis on riding like a vehicle and less on helmet usage, because helmets only work after a wreck has already started. Prevention doesn’t get the big stories, because nobody writes about wrecks that don’t happen. Helmets that get crushed or broken in wrecks on the other hand are good stories, even if they mean that someone blew it immediately prior.

And bringing up the rear is that raffle for the bicycle builder. Cyclists plan raffle to help injured bike maker If you are in the area I strongly suggest dropping in on this and buying a ticket.

Well that was nice, and nobody got killed.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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