I’m alive! Oh, and there was a feed tonight

Yes, I managed to ride 20 miles in the freezing rain and not fall off my bike. I did have to stop several times and clean my glasses from the precipitation that had accumulated. On the way back I had to stop at every red light and wipe or I couldn’t see the light change. You would think as bad as things were that every driver on the road would have been mad at me, but no, not until I got back in Garland. Then people started buzzing and honking and swearing at me. Even drivers going the other direction were swearing at me, but only in Garland. I live in a town full of assholes, including the one that tried to kill me back in 2001, who BTW is still driving around unless he managed to kill himself driving like an asshole.

For news other than the personality characteristics of my local drivers we had a pretty decent Feed while I was out. Most of the reports were from the UK and Oz, but there was some from the US as well.

And our top US story is about that cop that assaulted the cyclist during Critical Mass, when a tape of the assault was broadcast on YouTube. You remember this one, the cop threw a body check on the cyclist and then claimed the cyclist assaulted him. The cyclist was a war vet (Gulf 1 I believe) and the whole mess turned into a massive unguided group fornication. NYC cop seen in YouTube shove pleads not guilty He has to get the maximum sentence, too many people have seen what he lied about to find him anything but guilty, and the crime is an example, so we have to make an example of the criminal. Of course he will never be able to find work again, maybe shoveling out blocked sewers, if his co-workers could stand his smell over the sewer.

A FL cyclist was killed by a bus, that apparently someone wasn’t paying attention. Bicyclist killed in collision with Votran bus in Daytona Beach The bus passed the cyclist, who passed the bus, and then went under the rear wheels of the bus? Who writes this stuff? Get the story straight before you try to report it. Either the bus hit the cyclist or the cyclist fell, but you don’t hit a bus from the front with the back of your vehicle unless you are attempting suicide or you think your vehicle can wreck the other vehicle like that “doctor” in LA CA this Summer. The report reads like they decided from the beginning that the cyclist was at fault and then tried to make the facts fit the conclusion. That’s like the report I was told to write in Driver’s Ed back in 1975 that was supposed to make speeding the cause of most fatal wrecks. (In case you were wondering, up to 1975 the statistics were that alcohol was the number one cause of fatal wrecks and was involved in most wrecks with injuries that were not fatal, also. Speeding was 4th on the list, behind too fast for conditions but under the speed limit. And I failed Driver’s Ed that semester.) The fact that the investigating officer was the brother of the bus driver doesn’t make me suspicious, no not at all…>-P UPDATE 12/19 The web report has been changed to show the bus hit the cyclist with the right side after passing too close. Apparently the full report had not been made when I read the article the first time, because there are a couple of paragraphs in it now that were not there when I was posting this the first time.

And from Jolly Olde, an injured cyclist is recovering from his wreck, thanks to NHS. Cyclist ‘recovering well’ after crash Too bad we have no idea how he crashed because of UK media rules restricting the story…

And another cyclist was killed on the A50 highway. Cyclist Killed on A50 Why do they even bother to report it if they can’t give some real information about the wreck?

And from OZ is a report on a Canadian cyclist getting injured. Driver injured after bus runs off road The cyclist was a minor point in a story about an empty school bus driving off the road.

And that was the Feed, and a little minor ranting. A always be watching this blog for more news later. I seem to have misplaced the little girl waiting for her boobs to show up.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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