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No Feed again this morning

Sorry dudes, it looks like instead of reading about cyclists getting hurt, and how not to be like them you’re stuck with just me.

On the positive side I got a note from the LAB about asking our Congresscritters to include bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in the economic stimulus bill. I think there in a button to click on the LAB website to get in on this one. Hang on and I’ll check (opens new window) Yes, here is the link. Change, vote for bicycle infrastructure This is a “Good Thing”. No, really. I also suggest contacting your Congresscritter directly via land line, as one call is worth 10 e-mails. Unfortunately as my verbal communication skills are limited by my brain damage (for an excellent example of what I’m going through see the current story arc in Doonesbury I’m not as bad as Toggle, but the effect is similar, except I don’t keep babbling) I don’t do phone calls. I do sometimes compose and print out letters that I mail in, which experts say is even higher impact.

So, contact your Congresscritter, and ride your bike. And spread cheer and good will towards men (and women, but that should go without saying).

Billed @$.02, Opus


My Yule list

I’m going to make my list in 3 parts this year. I don’t usually post this stuff on my blog, but things are a little tight this year, because of a shortfall in revenues for the school district my wife works for. We used to count on a Christmas bonus that ain’t going to be there this year. I don’t expect anything from my readers unless you are a member of my family.

First part of the list is things I want to change. These are things that are wrong in the world that need to be changed to make the world a better place.

1. There needs to be a drunk driving law that confiscates the cars of drunks and also makes it a felony for a convicted drunk driver to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle for a period of time after the second offense, or for the rest of their lives after the third offense.

2. We need a law that passing closer than 3 feet from a cyclist or pedestrian is an assault with a deadly weapon. I don’t see much actual prosecution on this one except where someone gets hit, but having such a law on the books would make prosecution of drivers that hit pedestrians or cyclists much easier.

3. We need better education about the laws that are pertinent to cyclists and how to drive in the presence of cyclists. Way too many people don’t know what the laws are, and that includes local LEO unfortunately. I have actually had local cops tell me that if a car has to change lanes because of a bicycle then the cyclist is impeding traffic, which is not true.

4. I’m going to include this as a community gift even though it has personal benefit for me. They need to arrest and prosecute the guy that tried to kill me back in 2001, ditto the cops that covered up for him. The threat to cyclist safety having this guy on the loose cannot be estimated, but the threat to cyclists caused by having cops that cover up for people that try to kill cyclists is unmeasurable.

This is stuff that would be nice for me, but which I never expect to see.

I need a new oxy-fuel welding outfit, mine was stolen a couple years ago and was never replaced. I have needs for a TIG unit some times as well, but I only get to use one when I take a welding specialty class at a community college that is over 2 hours away by public transit. And it would be absolutely fantastic to be able to find my workbench in the garage that is now buried under a mattress and behind stacks of knocked down furniture.

Now for my friends and relatives that don’t know what I want/need for Xmas/Yule, I have a few things I need, mostly replacing things that have worn out or that I robbed from one bike to get another bike on he road.

1. I need a couple of these Moisture-Wick Tshirts to replace some bike jerseys that are getting a bit ragged. Pocket T-Shirt I need a couple of these, in Orange and in Lime. I also need a couple of these. Long sleeve Pocket T-Shirt All those need to be XL size, I’ll tailor the waist down to keep the excess fabric from flapping in the breeze.

2. I need to replace the ancient brake pads that neither stop too well nor are very quiet. Kool-Stop Thinline Shoes, Threaded Post for Linear Pull, Black I need 2 sets of 2 pads.

3. I had to rob the crank bolts off the Stratus to make Gigi ridable so I need to replace them to make the Stratus ridable again after I fix the Stratus frame. Truvativ M12 Capless Steel Crank Bolts

4. I need some tubing and bar stock for the tailbox mount on the Stratus. Metals4U

PSA, Opus