No Feed again this morning

Sorry dudes, it looks like instead of reading about cyclists getting hurt, and how not to be like them you’re stuck with just me.

On the positive side I got a note from the LAB about asking our Congresscritters to include bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in the economic stimulus bill. I think there in a button to click on the LAB website to get in on this one. Hang on and I’ll check (opens new window) Yes, here is the link. Change, vote for bicycle infrastructure This is a “Good Thing”. No, really. I also suggest contacting your Congresscritter directly via land line, as one call is worth 10 e-mails. Unfortunately as my verbal communication skills are limited by my brain damage (for an excellent example of what I’m going through see the current story arc in Doonesbury I’m not as bad as Toggle, but the effect is similar, except I don’t keep babbling) I don’t do phone calls. I do sometimes compose and print out letters that I mail in, which experts say is even higher impact.

So, contact your Congresscritter, and ride your bike. And spread cheer and good will towards men (and women, but that should go without saying).

Billed @$.02, Opus

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