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Majel Barrett-Roddenberry RIP

I couldn’t believe it when I read the obits page in the DMN, and there was Mrs. Roddenberry’s obit big as life. I’m deeply saddened by this, as another piece of my childhood is gone on beyond the real final frontier, the one from which there is no return.


Well now I know

And to quote that old line from the PSA “Knowing is half the battle”.

To get over my wreck I just have to die first. Fred moves on

PSA, Opus

How long has it been? Some news from the Feed

Well, finally something came in from my Feed today. I was beginning to wonder as yesterday there were no reports, and the day before only the one that didn’t have any actual bicycle safety articles. So you could say that this blog post took 3 days to edit, or I could be truthful and say the editing process on the incoming data only took about 5 minutes to read the articles and decide they were worthy of sharing.

First up is a report of a CHP triathlete who was hit a year ago by a drunk driver while on duty. The impact was with the back of a SUV he had pulled over and was standing next to but there was so much energy in the wreck that the officer was knocked out of his boots, and almost killed. The driver of the SUV was killed. Called to a new duty: Injured officer not backing down

The cyclist that was most seriously injured in that Tucson hit-and-run during elTdT has emerged from his coma. Coma-induced El Tour cyclist opens his eyes Amazingly, there still have been no arrests made in spite of the driver having been identified and discovered in the process of destroying the evidence on his vehicle. Buuuut, when you were involved in the creation of 2 of the most horrifying and deadly weapons in the history of mankind, the A- and H-bombs, what are a few injured cyclists compared to hundreds of thousands of dead civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

The LEO that left crossed a cyclist in Canuckistan is charged. Bylaw officer charged in cyclist’s death See, this is the difference between US and Canadian LEO, in the US the cyclist would have been charged with interfering with the performance of the officer’s duties, in Alberta the driver is charged with killing a cyclist.

And finally from Enn Zed a cyclist dies and a man has been charged with assault. Elderly cyclist dies after incident in Lower Hutt Aside from that there really isn’t much more to tell, but the article goes on for 7 more paragraphs, describing the man’s bicycle and the clothes he wore as well as the people that assisted the cyclist.

And that’s it. I thank my loyal readers that have been faithful to this blog even when I had to write posts like Seinfeld to have something for you to read.

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