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New Jersey kills cyclists at twice the rate of last year

The blog post title is a slight exaggeration, as the number of cyclists killed has only gone up 91%, and the number of cyclists has skyrocketed as economic pressures have combined to get huge numbers of noobs on wheels for the first time since childhood, so until they know the number of cyclists the actual rate is still unknown. NJ Cyclist Fatalities Double in 2008 Part of the trouble is cycling is so safe once you get rid of the cars that any additional deaths cause huge percentage changes. As a “fer’instance” citing numbers from this report, there were 10 more cyclists killed through Wednesday than the entire year before, but in percentages that was a 91% change (10/11) I think we can agree that while 21 cyclists killed is 21 too many, in the real world 21 killed is just a drop in a bucket compared to the number killed in cars by cars. Of course you have to be careful when you are doing numbers as the NHTSA numbers for pedalcyclists killed was 13 in 2007, but there were 475 people killed in cars in the same time period, and another 84 killed on motorcycles, in New Jersey, and New Jersey is a small state in land mass.

Now if you want to compare a really big state in both area and population, Texas is bigger in both than many European countries. Our 2007 numbers well, they sucked. Last year we killed 48 cyclists in TX, with 387 pedestrians and 17 people that their mode of transport could not be determined except that they were not in a motor vehicle. They might have been riding a bicycle, they might have been walking, they may have just been camping beside the road and got hit. On the other hand we managed to kill 2514 people in motor vehicles and an additional 397 riding motorcycles for a total of 2911 dead motor vehicle operators and occupants. Really given the mode share of cyclists v. pedestrians we cyclists did pretty well in TX. I tried to find the stats on gun deaths in TX as a comparison, but they aren’t posted to the Internets. Perhaps if real numbers were released then people would see how they are being manipulated on gun control laws. But that’s another blog post.

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Hit-and-run driver faces charges in Tucson

Well, it took long enough, but the AG for Pima County has finally filed charges in the case of the driver that drove into a peloton of 50 cyclists and hit 10 causing serious injuries to 6 cyclists and life-threatening injuries to one. He is facing felony charges of hit-and-run. Driver in El Tour crash faces felony charge I can’t understand why he wasn’t charged with destroying evidence and interfering with a police investigation because of washing his car between the wreck and turning himself in. I’m afraid I made more than my share of comments on this story at the paper’s web site…

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