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Things could be worse

Yes, things could be worse. Police are still investigating some wrecks involving cyclists, prosecutors are still charging people that deliberately hit cyclists, and most people who drive are willing to live and let live. We don’t live in Spike Bike’s world.

Nearest to my home but still a long way away is this story from the Valley in S TX. Fallen Brothers: Cyclists return to riding after tragic accidents This was one of the teams that had been riding in that race in Matamoros Mexico, the one where the drunk driver went around the cop cars blocking the road and head on into the peloton. The memorial service was for one of those riders who was killed on his first group ride after recovering from the wreck. Have I mentioned that TX drivers as a group are assholes? I don’t know what it is about TX, individually and out of their cars most people are nice and friendly and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but put them behind the wheel and they become Mr. Hyde with gasoline. The drunk driver that hit the bike race was from TX. I assume the driver that hit me was also from TX as he was driving a city vehicle. I don’t think there’s anything in the water…

In suburban Pittsburgh a cyclist that won the door prize, with a leg broken in two places, gets a new bike. Injured cyclist back on 2 wheels This was a nice story, except for the door prize and the broken leg. Unfortunately the article doesn’t state whether the driver that caused the wreck was even given a ticket. They did say that bikes belong in the road, and that Gov’t has a responsibility to educate roads users about that law, both of which are true statements.

And finally we have a feel-good article about a man riding a bicycle through every country on Earth. Denogean: Bicycle odyssey sends S. Korean to 169 nations I wonder what he will do after he completes his mission? That’s the kind of lifestyle that gets, umm, addictive? I’ll tell you that if it hadn’t been for the skin over my tailbone getting rubbed off on my bike tour I would have never quit riding…

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Finally a Feed

Well, it’s a Feed. There were some really old links to stories I had already covered, with the same links, there was some good news and there was a report on bicycle vandalism in the UK.

Up first is the good news, but much delayed. 1:10 p.m. — Jackson sentenced to 9 years for 2006 vehicular homicide case Don’t get too excited about the 9 year sentence, it was originally 12 years and was knocked down from 12 years before he even left the courtroom, and he might only spend 4 years in prison.

From Jamaica we have another SWSS. Cyclist killed For new readers, SWSS is an acronym coined by Chip Seal, a reader when the blog was posted over on MySpace. It stands for Single Witness Suicidal Swerve, where a cyclist pulls out in front of a motor vehicle, according to the only surviving (or conscious) witness, the driver of the vehicle that hit the cyclist. For obvious reasons I strongly doubt the reports in these situations…

And finally from the UK that report of bicycle vandalism. Colchester: vandalism put bike-commuter’s life on line Yeah, that could have been really bad. This is the kind of anti-cyclist behavior that could get people killed.

And that’s all for tonight.

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