Finally a Feed

Well, it’s a Feed. There were some really old links to stories I had already covered, with the same links, there was some good news and there was a report on bicycle vandalism in the UK.

Up first is the good news, but much delayed. 1:10 p.m. — Jackson sentenced to 9 years for 2006 vehicular homicide case Don’t get too excited about the 9 year sentence, it was originally 12 years and was knocked down from 12 years before he even left the courtroom, and he might only spend 4 years in prison.

From Jamaica we have another SWSS. Cyclist killed For new readers, SWSS is an acronym coined by Chip Seal, a reader when the blog was posted over on MySpace. It stands for Single Witness Suicidal Swerve, where a cyclist pulls out in front of a motor vehicle, according to the only surviving (or conscious) witness, the driver of the vehicle that hit the cyclist. For obvious reasons I strongly doubt the reports in these situations…

And finally from the UK that report of bicycle vandalism. Colchester: vandalism put bike-commuter’s life on line Yeah, that could have been really bad. This is the kind of anti-cyclist behavior that could get people killed.

And that’s all for tonight.

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One response to “Finally a Feed

  1. Good morning. I appreciate your site and thought you would appreciate a campaign I have launched to save cyclists’ lives. It’s called the “3 Feet Please” campaign and you can learn more about why I’m doing this and my goals at

    Thank you,
    Tallahassee, Florida USA


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