And a Merry Christmas Eve to you, too

I have been trying to come up with a coherent post now for over an hour, and I’m still not having much luck at it. Every time I try it just comes out as a mindless ramble, so this time I’m going to try putting some mind in my ramble.

First up is a wreck I can’t explain. Every time I see a cyclist hit by a train, I wonder about it. Trains are big, noisy, and as they are forced to run on train tracks they are easy to avoid. So why do I see 4 or 5 of these wrecks every year? Public Safety: Bicyclist, 23, dies after hit by Sprinter in Oceanside There were visual signals, audible signals, plus train tracks, what else did the cyclist need to not get hit by the train?

A cyclist is recovering in the UK, thanks to the tireless efforts of the NHS. Injured Bristol cyclist thanks those who helped him see Christmas You have to admire the NHS, I had similar but not quite as severe injuries and I ended up with a final bill of almost a quarter million dollars, and all they did was just get me walking again.

One of the tricks I have learned in the year and a half that I have been doing this in various places is you have to read the entire article and the sidebars. That’s where I found this article about infrastructure. New Bristol cycle path plan ‘dangerous’ Apparently the locals want the bike path, just not where the Council are putting it, because of crime fears if the path is too well hidden.

From Oz, we have a story about a cyclist that struck a car. Other than an inventory of injuries there isn’t much more than this, as the LEO have not released further information. Wannamal cyclist hit by car in critical condition

And that’s what I have today.

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One response to “And a Merry Christmas Eve to you, too

  1. Don’t read too much into those stories from Bristol. In the case of the cyclist recovering from serious injuries, I don’t think the therapy is covered by the NHS. I suspect that level of care is only available to those with private health care insurance, or lots of money. In the case of the opposition to a proposed cycle path, this is being overplayed as part of a natural knee-jerk reaction to perceived interference in local matters.


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