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No rest for the weary; the Feed

Yes we had a small Feed with a very high signal to noise ratio today, and lots of stories about cyclists getting killed and injured. We had one report that had it not been a fatality it would have been hilarious.

Getting to the funny side first is a report on a Chinese cyclist killed by a suicidal jumper that managed to clear all the catch nets and land in the street. Chinese cyclist killed after suicidal man jumps from 35th floor “Well you see, St. Peter, I was just delivering a batch of noodles when all of a sudden this guy falls on me from over 100 meters up.” “Yeah, yeah, grab your harp and halo…”

And in sunny SoCal a cyclist was helping his friend get out of the road after falling off his bike and gets hit by a car that was trying to avoid the guy that fell. Chico bicyclist dies from Skyway crash injuries Apparently during the first crash whatever lights and/or reflectors were on the bike and/or cyclist were disarranged or non-functional and the elderly driver could not see the victim of the car wreck portion of the crash.

From the snow swept steppes of Wisconsin (J/K) is a story about the victim of a drunk driver. Bicyclist told wife days earlier he was leading fulfilling life I’m glad the victim said he had a fulfilling life just before he died, but I would rather he been fulfilled a bit longer than killed by a drunk driver.

From Oz we have a story recounting the cyclist fatalities of the holiday weekend. Two cyclists killed, holiday road toll 39 That was an overview and kind of sparse in details. This report only mentions the one wreck that killed one and injured his brother. Injured cyclist dies in hospital Yes you have to be very careful when riding this time of year when so many people consume so much alcohol, and stay alert right through the days after the New Year.

And that’s the Feed for today, keep an ocular organ peeled and pointed in this direction for more later.

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Another quick note

I got a little mini-Feed in the last hour, with another report on the hit-and-run in SC. It doesn’t add much to what we already know, but it is an extra set of eyes on the story. SC bicyclist killed in Christmas night hit-and-run What was added to what we know was he was hit from behind, and that he died before he could be transported. What we now know is he was hit from behind by a 2002-06 Silverado or a 2007 Sierra pickup truck, he hit the right front quarter and most likely hit the windshield, and that the right headlight and DRL lenses are broken, and that the truck may have been dark silver or pewter in color. Using my witchy powers of divination I have determined that the driver was a Caucasian male 30-35 YO, dark hair, brown eyes, and a scar on his left forearm, and that he was employed as a construction worker, probably a carpenter. His BAC at the time of the wreck was 0.11% and he was in a bad mood. I don’t know if he saw the cyclist before he hit him.

I have never gone this far out on a limb with one of my predictions, can somebody local to the area keep an eyeball peeled for updates to this story?

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Post-Christmas wrecks

One of the sad parts about giving bikes as gifts is there will be a portion of the recipients killed the next day, which then make it into my inbox the day after.

First up among the noobs killed on their new bikes is a 7 YO boy killed at the intersection of a bike path and a major highway. Boy, 7, Killed When Bicycle Is Hit By Pickup The comments section is pretty much equally divided among those who blame the kid, the kid’s mother who was with him and witnessed the wreck, the elderly driver of the pickup truck, and whoever decided that having a bike path cross a busy highway several times on blind turns was a good idea. Personally I think the intersections need warning signs and 4 way stops so that everyone has a chance to see what is coming on the other thoroughfare, but then I’m just a guy with more than 40 years experience riding a bicycle on the roads with an engineering background, what would I know?

And in the same paper is a report on a 13 YO that also got hit in an intersection. 13-Year-Old Bicyclist Hit By Car In Largo, Survives The question on this wreck was did the cyclist enter on a green light that changed before he could clear the intersection? That is what’s known as a “pale green”, as light timings seldom take bicyclists speeds into account. It is known that the driver had a green light at the moment of impact, but LEO are still investigating this wreck.

Another report on that SC hit-and-run I related in this morning’s post. Cyclist killed in hit-and-run accident on Christmas Day Except that this report is from a different news outlet there isn’t much different from the morning report.

And last on the list is an infrastructure report from AZ. Arizona helps develop national interstate routes for bicyclists They are participating in a Federal program to identify routes that are relatively bike friendly, or at least not totally unsafe for bicycles to use, using existing roads and highways. Unfortunately the people adding comments to the report mostly failed to read the it, leading to some unintentionally hilarious comments.

That’s all for this Feed, there may be more later.

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