Another quick note

I got a little mini-Feed in the last hour, with another report on the hit-and-run in SC. It doesn’t add much to what we already know, but it is an extra set of eyes on the story. SC bicyclist killed in Christmas night hit-and-run What was added to what we know was he was hit from behind, and that he died before he could be transported. What we now know is he was hit from behind by a 2002-06 Silverado or a 2007 Sierra pickup truck, he hit the right front quarter and most likely hit the windshield, and that the right headlight and DRL lenses are broken, and that the truck may have been dark silver or pewter in color. Using my witchy powers of divination I have determined that the driver was a Caucasian male 30-35 YO, dark hair, brown eyes, and a scar on his left forearm, and that he was employed as a construction worker, probably a carpenter. His BAC at the time of the wreck was 0.11% and he was in a bad mood. I don’t know if he saw the cyclist before he hit him.

I have never gone this far out on a limb with one of my predictions, can somebody local to the area keep an eyeball peeled for updates to this story?

Billed @$.02, Opus

One response to “Another quick note

  1. Well I usually don’t get things this wrong, but they caught the guy. Fireman charged with fatal bicycle hit-and-run in Bluffton I was almost right on the age, but I totally blew the occupation. Still to be seen about the rest of the physical description.


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