No rest for the weary; the Feed

Yes we had a small Feed with a very high signal to noise ratio today, and lots of stories about cyclists getting killed and injured. We had one report that had it not been a fatality it would have been hilarious.

Getting to the funny side first is a report on a Chinese cyclist killed by a suicidal jumper that managed to clear all the catch nets and land in the street. Chinese cyclist killed after suicidal man jumps from 35th floor “Well you see, St. Peter, I was just delivering a batch of noodles when all of a sudden this guy falls on me from over 100 meters up.” “Yeah, yeah, grab your harp and halo…”

And in sunny SoCal a cyclist was helping his friend get out of the road after falling off his bike and gets hit by a car that was trying to avoid the guy that fell. Chico bicyclist dies from Skyway crash injuries Apparently during the first crash whatever lights and/or reflectors were on the bike and/or cyclist were disarranged or non-functional and the elderly driver could not see the victim of the car wreck portion of the crash.

From the snow swept steppes of Wisconsin (J/K) is a story about the victim of a drunk driver. Bicyclist told wife days earlier he was leading fulfilling life I’m glad the victim said he had a fulfilling life just before he died, but I would rather he been fulfilled a bit longer than killed by a drunk driver.

From Oz we have a story recounting the cyclist fatalities of the holiday weekend. Two cyclists killed, holiday road toll 39 That was an overview and kind of sparse in details. This report only mentions the one wreck that killed one and injured his brother. Injured cyclist dies in hospital Yes you have to be very careful when riding this time of year when so many people consume so much alcohol, and stay alert right through the days after the New Year.

And that’s the Feed for today, keep an ocular organ peeled and pointed in this direction for more later.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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