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Nobody died in today’s Feed

There was only the one article in today’s Feed, and the victim as of the article posting was still alive. I hope the dry spell we have been having for reports will end soon because I know that cyclists are still getting hit and killed, maybe not at the same rate as during the Summer in the Northern hemisphere, but it just doesn’t make the news like it did earlier.

In Hamilton, Ontario (in Canadia) a man was hit-and-run by a drunk driver. Cyclist clings to life, Hamilton man charged in hit-and-run According to reports the price tag was still on the victim’s bike, it was so new, and the victim was not wearing a helmet or reflective gear. Given the violence of the crash it is not known if the helmet would have made any difference in the injuries sustained. The driver was still drunk when questioned by Police later in the day. If the victim dies more severe charges will be brought against the driver.

Well, ride as safely as you can out there. Head on a swivel and all that. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Intertubes for more reports for you.

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A positive post

I had a Feed report that didn’t have any stories about people getting killed or injured while riding their bicycles, just one about a guy riding his tadpole trike across the lower 48 at 3 MPH average speed. Odyssey takes Oregon man through snowy Utah – slowly It’s stories like this that give me a small ray of hope, that when I say to Hell with it and load the camping gear on the bike and just ride off that it will be possible for me to survive (although I don’t plan on riding at 3 MPH). Shhh! nobody tell my wife about this. She has this “thing” about creature comforts like hot showers, and a varied diet, and having a warm place to use the potty. Me, not so much as long as I get fed somehow, I’m fine with beans and rice 6 days out of 7, sleeping in a tent, washing out of a bucket and taking a dump behind a bush. Indeed for the majority of the history of the human race such conditions would be considered luxury, not privation. The only thing I feel a need for is this computing device I use to create this blog, those are kind of a problem to use from a primitive campsite on the side of a road in BFE.

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