Daily Archives: December 30, 2008

Still no rest for the weary, the Feed never sleeps

BLEARGH!! it never ends. Those sadistic drivers are bent on killing us each and every one not driving a car on “their” roads. 😉 I’m going to shut my computer down for the night and watch Discovery or Animal Planet, or maybe the Funimation Channel, and then Leno for Headlines tonight.

First up is news that the driver that ran over a drunk that fell off his bike was caught and is going to be charged. Charges laid after teen cyclist hit, killed by alleged drunk and Charges laid in cyclist’s death

And in Richmond CA it took 2 cars to kill a cyclist. 2 drivers sought in fatal Richmond hit-and-run The stupid thing about this report is the second driver would not have been charged if they had just stopped the car and waited until the cops showed, but now they are facing a felony hit-and-run charge.

And to finish up is a report on another cyclist that has been riding around the world since 1998 trying to bring peace. Cyclist for peace makes Saipan his 139th stop I am sympathetic to the cause, but we can’t even get people driving cars to stop killing cyclists, how is riding a bike going to get people to stop having wars?

And that’s the late Feed, as soon as I get this posted I’m going to shut this thing down and watch some TV. Peace out.

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