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After doing other things, A Feed

Yes, I had other things to do today, including a trip to PCF to get a new sensor harness for my cyclocomputer, so this post is a bit late getting posted. On top of that we had a huge Feed with a middlin’ good signal to noise ratio, which took a while to get through. I hope someone can learn something from what I have written and refined and left for you here.

First up is a repeat of a favorite, from another source, the old man that ran into all those cyclists in Tucson is indicted on charges of hit-and-run. Driver, 91, who hit bike riders in Ariz. indicted Some may not have seen this before, but it was the result of a long and arduous process. The indictment was handed down more than a month after the wreck, in spite of the perp having been caught destroying the evidence by washing his car.

A 5 year study of bicycle wrecks in and around Boise ID brings some major surprises. 5-year traffic study shows where bicycles and cars collide in Ada County One of the surprises was that the places with the highest number of bike wrecks were not the places that had the most bike traffic, but places that had moderate traffic. The comments section was priceless in the classic sense of the word, without value.

Lawyers weigh in on the cyclist hit by a train story. Bicyclist Killed By Train The lawyer-speak has so many qualifications as to be generally useless. I’m only including it as an example of how lawyers get in the way of justice, when they are supposed to help find justice.

Police are still trying to solve that hit-and-run in the Richmond district of San Francisco. Richmond police still seek witnesses in fatal hit-and-run crash As I pointed out when this story first broke, if the second driver had just stopped then even if they were DUI the worst they could get would have been the DUI. But now they are facing felony charges for fleeing the scene of a wreck, and failing to render aid.

Also in SoCal is another drunk driver taking out another cyclist. Hemet bicyclist killed in collision, alcohol a possible factor Yes, a drunk running a red light in a pickup truck, I would say there was alcohol involved. As for how you can avoid finding yourself in the same situation, first don’t cross a street in a crosswalk, take the lane like a vehicle; second keep that head on a swivel, intersections are the most common place for fatal wrecks involving bicycles. In an intersection you have threats coming from 4 or more directions, and have to see and avoid in any direction to stay alive.

A cyclist dies after being hit by a police car exceeding the speed limit. Bicyclist Killed in Crash with Police Cruiser What are you supposed to do when there’s a cop car behind you without a siren but the flashing lights on? I know, head on a swivel and watch your six between intersections. And always leave yourself an escape route.

From Canadia is the sad news of a cyclist in an induced coma to try to prevent permanent brain damage. Praying for his son’s recovery The drunk driver was driving on a suspended license when he drove on the shoulder and hit the cyclist. Dead ain’t good enough for that guy.

A commentary with notes on FL bike laws. Guest Commentary: Ride safely In spite of an over dependence on helmet usage as wreck prevention, most of the advice is pretty good, and is an accurate recounting of FL laws.

From Jolly Olde, a report on multiple cyclists getting killed on Christmas Eve. 16-year-old cyclist is killed in Christmas Eve collision Typical UK reportage, due to UK media laws.

In this story it appears that the cyclist survived a hit-and-run with a huge semi. Cyclist hurt in lorry collision I’m assuming an “articulated lorry” is some kind of huge semi. If it isn’t I’m sorry and post a link to what it really is, please?

And from Oz is a report on 2 cyclists getting hit on Christmas Eve and one succumbing to injuries. Driver charged over cyclist’s death At least they caught the driver and put him in jail for the time being.

And that’s the Feed for today. If anything else comes in I’m not even going to pull up the link.

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