Daily Archives: January 1, 2009

Updates on updates

Well we had a little Feed report come in just before I have to go out for NYE, that has some updates on earlier reports I have related to you already.

First up on that woman hit-and-run by two cars and killed they found the driver of the first car. One driver surrenders in double hit-run that killed Richmond cyclist I absolutely do not believe this lying waste of air when she says she thought she had hit a bicycle in the road but didn’t think there was a person that might have been hit, too. And check out the comments section, it’s actually worth something this time.

And speaking of comments sections, we have comments on a wreck in Oz that hit two brothers and killed one of them. Charges over cyclist’s Xmas death One person blamed the cyclists for being there, 10 others blamed the driver. I think the world is starting to change, or the thermometers in Hell just shattered from the cold. In two articles half a world apart, the majority of the people commenting on two separate bike wrecks blamed the driver of the car rather than the existence of bicycles for the wreck. One commenter actually went as far as to compare the total deaths for each mode of transport, pointing out that only about 60 people would be saved if bicycles were banned from the roads, where more that 2,000 would be saved (including the 60 riding bikes) if cars were to be banned from Australian roads. Never happen of course, but sometimes it’s nice to think about.

And that’s the works until next year. Happy New Year!

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